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If you died in your house/apt., how long would it take for someone to miss you? A long time?

I'm single, retired, outlived my partners and yes I have cats and relatives 1000 miles away. If I were to die tomorrow and the mail piling up didn't give me away, I could be dead and unmissed for over 6 months. Yet, I don't feel tragic about it.

Of course my DL friends would miss me, wouldn't you?

by Happy And Alonereply 5605/28/2013

Your cats would probably eat you and the neighbors might call the cops in about a week to report a smell.

by Happy And Alonereply 105/24/2013

What does it matter? You'll be dead. It won't make a difference to you.

by Happy And Alonereply 205/24/2013

So, it would kinda be like a Holy Communion, R1? Is that what you are saying? What if the cats never made it to cat-confession?

by Happy And Alonereply 305/24/2013

I'm single and like my solitude. My job wouldn't call, just send letters. My friends and family would not think it odd for me not to return calls and emails for a while. I think my advanced stage of decomposition would alert people to my death. That doesn't bother me but it bothers me that it would bother others.

by Happy And Alonereply 405/24/2013

I work in an animal shelter where quite a few cats end up there because their owners died. More than I expected. I've witnessed one cat that committed suicide...was in the shelter after the owner died and refused to eat or drink and the shelter vet could find for no discernable reason. Right now we have a new cat with the same committing suicide, it's hard to witness. I don't know why I'm posting this...I guess just to let you out there know that you matter to your small ones. I had no idea this happens..but they know when you're gone. I'm told by the shelter workers they see it alot.

by Happy And Alonereply 505/24/2013

R5, that is so sad.

by Happy And Alonereply 605/24/2013

If I died right now, it'd be well into Tuesday before anyone would notice I think.

by Happy And Alonereply 705/24/2013

I just broke a CFL light bulb in a small unventilated room. Am I a walking corpse?

by Happy And Alonereply 805/24/2013

Is there some kind of app where elderly or infirm people who live alone may receive an automated email prompt to "check in" every day or once a week or something? that way authorities could be alerted if you're unresponsive/potentially dead. If I were elderly and doing OK living by myself I think I'd feel alright about dying alone but I'd worry that my pets would starve to death. I'd want to know that someone would be alerted in time to save them before dehydration set in.

by Happy And Alonereply 905/24/2013

My grown kids would know immediately. They live with me and are up my ass all day every day.

by Happy And Alonereply 1005/24/2013

My nieces and nephews are always coming over for something or food. They would notice right away. Plus my boss would be pissed and call someone else that knows me.

by Happy And Alonereply 1105/24/2013

OP, I just retired but I still have my partner. If it weren't for her it would be a long time before I was found. My family is 2,000 miles a way and it would take a long while before they noticed my FB entries stopped.

by Happy And Alonereply 1205/24/2013

I'm with R9 about the pets. That would be my only concern about no one finding me until I stunk up the place. As long as my babies are taken care of I don't care about anything else at all.

by Happy And Alonereply 1305/24/2013

"Of course my DL friends would miss me, wouldn't you?"

No, not really.

by Happy And Alonereply 1405/24/2013

I used to work with a friend on some assignments for my bachelors degree. One day we came back from Uni into her apartment and a very distinct smell was all over her place. We both did not know where the smell came from, opened all the doors and windows for some fresh air. The next day my friend told me one guy in her apartment building was found after he died in his apartment. The guy was estimated to have died more than a months ago. The smell finally found its way through the doors and up the A/C ducts.

I don't think I will ever forget that smell.

Lots of stories of older people who die unnoticed unfortunately.

by Happy And Alonereply 1505/24/2013

A relative recently died alone in his home and it took about 4 days. It was during the college basketball finals and his son, living several states away, was tipped off when his dad abruptly stopped posting about it on Facebook.

When he couldn't get his dad by phone, he called the police.

by Happy And Alonereply 1605/24/2013

Me missy you a long time.

by Happy And Alonereply 1705/24/2013

Within say 15 minutes depending on how much porn my partner doesn't think I know about him downloading in the other room.

But without him, hmm, Id say more then a month. I dont use face book, talk to family only every few weeks or so, and friends are spotty. Lots of couples but no best friend to notice I am missing.

Probably the dogs walking by from the neighbors would notice first.

by Happy And Alonereply 1805/24/2013

5-6 hours max since I live with my parents by that time my dad would have come to check on me. Without my dad, up to a day or two because my mother doesn't check up on me as often.

Without them, who knows. I have two room mates, but we don't really interact with each other, the three of us, so perhaps a week or so when my dead body starts to smell.

Hopefully, 10 years down the road, I'll have a lot of friends and a partner and my death would be discovered within an hour or so. Not that I want to die young though. It's just a comforting thought that you have a lot of people who care about you or need you.

by Happy And Alonereply 1905/25/2013

I travel a lot for work and since my boss is in another location, the coworkers that I interact with in person don't know or care about my schedule. If I'm not in the office, they assume I'm on vacation, traveling, or working from home, just like I do about them. It would take those people weeks to notice that I was "missing."

I don't interact with my neighbors and I have my windows open with a fan running year-round which means it might take longer for the stench of death to be noticeable.

In all, I'm guessing it would take at least 10 days for someone to wonder where I am.

by Happy And Alonereply 2005/25/2013

This service calls you once a day to see if you are still alive.

by Happy And Alonereply 2105/25/2013

Life360, R9.

by Happy And Alonereply 2205/25/2013

also try

by Happy And Alonereply 2305/25/2013

Theoretically as long as 30 days or so. I pay my rent scrupulously at the beginning of the month, so the building manager might wonder what was going on, thinking, "I haven't seen him around at all in a while ..."

by Happy And Alonereply 2405/25/2013

Maybe two weeks.

by Happy And Alonereply 2505/25/2013

If you had suspicions about someone being dead in their home would you go investigate? I don't think I could do it and would have to call the authorities instead.

by Happy And Alonereply 2605/25/2013

Years ago, a friend of mine lived next door to an old queen with four cats. The hallway and doorway perpetually smelled of cat shit.

During the summer the stink got so bad that he left notes on the door, telling him he had to clean up the cat shit. As he was writing the third note, it occurred to him that all might not be well, and he called the police.

They found his neighbor inside - he'd been dead for over a week and decomposing near the door.

by Happy And Alonereply 2705/25/2013

Wait, R19 lives with his parents AND has 2 roommates?

by Happy And Alonereply 2805/25/2013

I wondered about the same thing, R28.

It depends on my schedule but I think it could take a few days for anyone to realize something was wrong.

by Happy And Alonereply 2905/25/2013

This almost did happen to me. Thankfully, I'm ok now, but I have cats and it would have been disastrous for them as I am a hermit.

by Happy And Alonereply 3005/25/2013

"A relative recently died alone in his home and it took about 4 days. It was during the college basketball finals and his son, living several states away, was tipped off when his dad abruptly stopped posting about it on Facebook.

When he couldn't get his dad by phone, he called the police."

4 days and abruptly do not go together.

by Happy And Alonereply 3105/25/2013

About 15 mins. Not because someone cares, but because my boss would be pissed I was late to work.

by Happy And Alonereply 3205/25/2013

About a day. My dad texts me every single day. My mom calls every single day.

by Happy And Alonereply 3305/25/2013

I would be fully mummified. I keep my house at 60 degrees year round, and no one ever expects to hear from me. Sometimes I don't walk out to my mailbox for 4 weeks, since all of my bills are handled by an accountant, therefore there's nothing I need or want to see that comes via USPS. My dealer would probably come looking after a month or so, but only because he'd miss the money. But like another poster said, who really cares? I won't know about it.

by Happy And Alonereply 3405/25/2013

In all honesty, maybe 2-3weeks.

by Happy And Alonereply 3505/25/2013

I would be found within 10 hours. Husband would find me when he got home from work.

We have all the legal hoo ha to make sure the husband gets (just about) everything.

by Happy And Alonereply 3605/25/2013

It depends if it was planned or not. I have one person I speak with each day. If I thought ahead, I'd tell him I was going away for a few weeks, so that's how long it would take.

I only speak with my family about once per two months or longer. Overall, I'm guessing it would take about three weeks for someone to notice.

I've obviously thought about this. Also, I probably wouldn't do the deed in my house, so that's another factor as to when I would be found.

by Happy And Alonereply 3705/25/2013

What happened r30? Did you have an attack of some sort?

by Happy And Alonereply 3805/25/2013

If you take out a policy on yourself what is the suicide clause? One year or for the entire period of the policy?

by Happy And Alonereply 3905/25/2013

R39 I believe it's the same on most policies as the contestability period (two years) but some states specify one year. It depends.

by Happy And Alonereply 4005/25/2013

Maybe two months later when the apartment manager starts wondering where two months of rent checks are and opens my apartment door with her set of keys.

I do have a friend I talk with a couple of times per week, but he might just think that I'm taking a break from the friendship, got tired of talking with him, or that I'm mad at him for something and keeping quiet.

My parents are dead so no one to wonder about me there.

by Happy And Alonereply 4105/25/2013

Why are so many of you mentioning suicide as the framework for this question.

One could easily die accidentally or naturally from a heart attack, stroke, a fall where you hit your head, etc.

by Happy And Alonereply 4205/25/2013

No one gives a fuck about me, so I'm guessing 2020.

by Happy And Alonereply 4305/25/2013

I guess just morbid curiousity, R42. Your point is true.

by Happy And Alonereply 4405/25/2013

R44, I don't understand your reply.

One can easily die in one's home or apartment accidentally or naturally from heart attack, stroke, a fall hitting one's head, all kinds of medical natural causes.

One certainly does not need to commit suicide in the home to be found dead in the home. Death comes in many different forms in one's home or apartment.

by Happy And Alonereply 4505/25/2013

r12, no one calls you?

by Happy And Alonereply 4605/25/2013

R46, even if a person has one specific person who calls them, that person might think there are a myriad of reasons why the other person is not answering.

by Happy And Alonereply 4705/25/2013

It is easy to become isolated in retirement.

by Happy And Alonereply 4805/25/2013

Sick all day for no reason that I know...makes me wonder how long I would go, before being missed.

by Happy And Alonereply 4905/25/2013

M husband yaks and yaks and yaks day and night. I can't get a word in edgewise. It would probably be about 3 days before he noticed that I hadn't grunted in a while.

by Happy And Alonereply 5005/25/2013

A few hours, during the work week. My coworkers and I used to have this thing we'd do. When someone was really late, we would start saying, "somebody needs to check on so-and-so, make sure he's not dead in a ditch."

We had to stop saying that when a coworker's son ended up dead in a ditch. But we still check up on each other. Can't be too careful these days.

by Happy And Alonereply 5105/25/2013

That's why you whores need to invest in Life Alert. So when you lonely heifers finally fall on over and croak the proper authorities will be notified immediately. Have you seen a human body in advance decomposition? Not pretty. You still want an open casket, don't you? Invest, invest, invest.

by Happy And Alonereply 5205/28/2013

I have a full life with people in it. You're life must suck.

by Happy And Alonereply 5305/28/2013

R52, Life Alert doesn't notify anybody if you keel over and die. You have to push the button for anybody to be alerted/

by Happy And Alonereply 5405/28/2013

Probably only a few hours. I have roommates and a dog, and if I went 24 hours without texting my sister, she'd probably assume something was horribly wrong.

by Happy And Alonereply 5505/28/2013

LifeAlert thinks only grandparents are worthy of getting LifeAlert.

by Happy And Alonereply 5605/28/2013
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