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The Galloping Gourmet here, planning a huge dinner party tomorrow night

Dinner at 8pm for 10 people. I am going all out with scallop sausage, tuna belly and sea urchin crostini, eggplant ravioli with homemade pomodoro, squid ink pasta with hot garlic snails, roasted red pepper and feta puffs, and tapioca pudding for dessert. I am incredibly excited because the puffs recipe was developed solely by me. The kitchen is already beginning to smell amazing!!!!!

by GGreply 2106/06/2013

You're making your own tomatoes?

Does Monsanto know?

by GGreply 105/24/2013

Can you post the recipes here?

by GGreply 205/24/2013

GG, I always make a beeline to your posts and I always write the same thing: RESTRAINT IS GOOD. I like your apps and sides, but I'd choose one pasta entree. Everything is so rich and spicy and I think the eggplant ravioli would be a great entree. Save the squid/ink and snails for another time. You are so full of energy that maybe you can make them at the same time but serve them for lunch or dinner the next day. I'd add a green vegetable (or what about seaweed salad with your scallop sausage?) and serve a more refreshing tiramisu or gelato for dessert.

I must say, I covet your food budget. And I'd love the recipe for feta-roast pepper puffs.

by GGreply 305/24/2013

GG, your menus wear me out. I can't imagine what it must be like to eat all that pretentious food.

by GGreply 405/24/2013

Don't forget the Clarified Butter, which he used every show but still have no idea what it is.

by GGreply 505/24/2013

It's butter that's heated until the milkfat separates out and is removed. What remains is a clear liquid that is also known as ghee.

by GGreply 605/24/2013

And there's another of my own dinners that wouldn't stay down after my being confronted yet again with the bad taste and clueless egotism of this dabbler.

Oh, God, please let it be a troll. Although the effect on any refined palate and sensibility is the same.

by GGreply 705/24/2013

How did the adobo-drizzled veal tartare on eggplant slices work out, GG?

by GGreply 805/24/2013

Apropos of nothing, I made a great dinner for two friends the other night: crab cakes, tartar sauce (homemade), collard slaw and fresh sweet corn. Apple crisp with bourbon ice cream for dessert. What surprised me was how good it was for such simple, traditional fare. Also very reasonable--the only real expense was a pound of fresh crabmeat and the bourbon.

I didn't bother with an appetizer although I could have served one. The most important thing was that everything was fresh from the market, which made a big difference.

A menu like GG's doesn't appeal to me. It screams: I've just learned to cook.

by GGreply 905/24/2013

Usually GG's ramblings at least sound good. This all sounds disgusting.

by GGreply 1005/24/2013

This is OP.

by GGreply 1105/24/2013

There are starving people in Bangladesh who have never had eggplant ravioli with homemade pomodoro, you slut.

by GGreply 1205/24/2013

Think OP is a GG impostor.

Something about this post doesn't ring true. It seems to lack the feverish neediness barely hidden under his histrionic claims "dinner for 10" and preposterous menus.

by GGreply 1305/24/2013

I smell a great big shitball here OP, and it ain't your alleged ravioli.

by GGreply 1405/24/2013

Why so much seafood stuff? Why so much pasta? Why so little vegetables/salads? Why only one (questionable) desert?

by GGreply 1505/24/2013

If I had been promised dessert, and the only thing brought out was tapioca pudding, shit would get real.

by GGreply 1605/25/2013

What? No mutton?

by GGreply 1705/25/2013

Maybe it's the Xanax & Pinot, but I keep reading homemade as homeboy. Homeboy Pomedoro.

Anyway...I don't think this is the real GG either. I smell shellfish & it's gay!

by GGreply 1805/25/2013

[quote]If I had been promised dessert, and the only thing brought out was tapioca pudding, shit would get real.

Even if he grew his own tapioca? That's what makes the difference from what you get in a box.

by GGreply 1906/05/2013

Where is GG these days?

by GGreply 2006/06/2013

I wish OP wouldn't call himself GG -- it's an insult to Graham Kerr, the real Galloping Gourmet.

And I do think that OP's stuff are parody posts because the menus are so extreme, though some of the dishes do sound good. If this one is real, OP must be a rich man to afford so many expensive ingredients.

by GGreply 2106/06/2013
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