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Amanda Bines here.

Any questions?

by Amanda Bynesreply 705/24/2013

Yes, if I were to date you and then fuck you when one of your other personalities was dominate, would that be cheating?

by Amanda Bynesreply 105/24/2013

Not cool. Not funny.

by Amanda Bynesreply 205/24/2013

Aqre you researchihn a role as tabloid fodder?

by Amanda Bynesreply 305/24/2013

R1, learn the difference between "dominate" and "dominant" before you imagine that you're superior to anyone else.

by Amanda Bynesreply 405/24/2013

Have you met Brandon Davis?

by Amanda Bynesreply 505/24/2013

Can you spell your own name?

by Amanda Bynesreply 605/24/2013


by Amanda Bynesreply 705/24/2013
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