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Jennifer Hudson's American Idol Deal May Be Done

Well, that was fast: Barely a day after Vulture broke the news that Fox was mulling an all-alumni panel of judges for American Idol, with Jennifer Hudson among the names being discussed, there may be already be some movement on that front. There's buzz around Hollywood that Hudson and Fox may have already started talks about her joining the show; one source tells us the deal is essentially "done." As always, Fox won't comment. And buzz even from people familiar with the situation does not always lead to deals, as we noted yesterday. But the idea of Idol alumni as judges may not be a dream after all.

by Miareply 305/23/2013

Changing deck chairs on the Titanic that is Idol isn't going to save the show. We are tired of it, and we are tired of the format. Period.

by Miareply 105/23/2013

What a great idea!

by Miareply 205/23/2013

Oh dear, step down for JHud. She always had bittersweet feelings about AI.. she doesn't need it, but maybe going back will be good for her. Explains why she was on the finale.

I really think Mariah should stay. She has more right to be on that show than anyone, she basically invented Idol with that style of oversinging melisma - she had the skill to do it though.

Harry Connick Jr would be fun if he was telling them to stop with the gratuitous runs.

by Miareply 305/23/2013
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