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I never fail to be amazed by how stupid people reveal themselves to be on the Internet


"I'm a bit confused now... there seems to be two movies of gypsy, one with rosalind russel as the mother and then there are these clips with bette? how can it be? wich is the original?"

by Kavyareply 505/22/2013

Bette Davis was in "Gypsy"?

by Kavyareply 105/22/2013

Yes, R1, didn't you ever see the sequel, Whatever Happened to Baby June?

by Kavyareply 205/22/2013

I'm amazed by how much personal information people reveal on the internet - including really intelligent people.

I knew someone who had a mystery illness. At one stage they thought it was pancreatic cancer - so she started a dying blog, including details of her coffin. Then it turned out just to be something out of allignment in her back, which was generating referred pain.

by Kavyareply 305/22/2013

WW for R2

Whenever I read something truly ignorant or idiotic, I always remind myself that these people can vote, have children, drive, and own guns. And that's why this country is such a mess.

by Kavyareply 405/22/2013

And yet it's not R4. It's your belief in the stupidity of others which has enabled the crooks.

by Kavyareply 505/22/2013
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