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Jodi Hairyass' Plea For A Life Sentence

Did anyone watch this yesterday? The bitch actually came up with a PowerPoint presentation as to what she shouldn't be put to death.

One of them was: Locks of Love (I shit you not). She's donated her hair for children with cancer. She also showed her shitty paintings of celebrities. She then said that she could teach people sign language (one of the jurors is hard of hearing, or has a deaf person in the family). She then pulled out a "Survivor" t-shirt, something she made and is currently selling to raise money for domestic abuse survivors (no one knows where the money raised has gone to yet). What a slap in the face to the man she murdered. She's still pretending he hit her. She didn't apologize once to killing him.

She went on television last week saying that she wanted to be put to death. Now she wants to live (she was trying to manipulate the jury ahead of time AGAIN). Her attorneys went to the judge and said that they want off the case. The judge is now allowing her to do interviews again.

I love true crime, and this woman is batshit insane. Her Lifetime made-for-tv movie is on next month. yes, it's already done.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 5705/24/2013

Oh brother...

1 hour ago

"Jodi Arias Jury Can't Agree on Death Sentence"

The jury in the Jodi Arias murder trial cannot agree on whether to sentence Arias to death or life in prison.

The jury, which began deliberating at 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday, sent a note to Judge Sherry Stephens shortly before 3 p.m. ET today saying they could not come to an agreement.

They are tasked with deciding whether Arias will get the death penalty or a sentence of life in prison.

The same jury convicted Arias, 32, earlier this month of first-degree murder for killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in a bloody attack in 2008. Prosecutor Juan Martinez has argued that the cruelty of the murder warrants the death penalty.

Arias and her attorneys begged the jury on Tuesday to spare her life and sentence her to prison rather than death.

Arias, with her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, listened calmly as Judge Sherry Stephens told the jury to go back to their deliberation room and try once again to come to an agreement this afternoon.

The family of Travis Alexander, seated in the gallery of the courtroom, began to cry as they heard the jury's note read aloud by Stephens.

"Each juror has a duty to consult with one another, (and) to try to reach agreement without violence to individual judgment. You may want to identify areas of agreement and disagreement. If you still disagree, you may wish to tell the attorneys and me what issues, questions or law or facts on which we can possibly help," Stephens told the jurors.

"At this time please go back to the jury room and continue deliberating," she said.

If the jury cannot agree on a sentence for Arias, new jurors will be selected and the penalty phase will begin again. If a second jury cannot decide unanimously on a penalty, Arias would be sentenced to either life in prison without parole, or life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

The jury currently deliberating has been listening to testimony in the case since the beginning of January.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 105/22/2013

isn't anyone going to bitch and whine about this being a 'frau tv' post and how it doesn't deserve its own thread!? Christ on a Crutch!

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 205/22/2013

Arias probably wants life so she can keep getting on TV and talking about how persecuted she is. She loves doing interviews, she's VERY scary.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 305/22/2013

She will be a fine piece of lez ass in prison

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 405/22/2013

If there ever was someone who deserved to be called a cunt on DL Jody Arias is the one.Hopefully she'll get the death penalty, I can't stand seeing her skank ass on TV. As for R3, I agree with your assertion that's why I hope she gets put down, I stand one more moment of that crazy cunt's bullshit.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 505/22/2013

Can she write a book and make profit on it in prison?

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 605/22/2013

Maybe she can but there would be a huge outcry and I don't know who would want to be associated with publishing it.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 705/22/2013

Zero remorse, empathy, feeling or sincerity from her.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 805/22/2013

And that's why she's so scary R8 and why she should be put away for life.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 905/22/2013

Punch her in the vagina and throw her down the stairs.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 1005/23/2013

How did she get First Degree Murder, premeditation? How did they prove that she premeditated it? They didn't find the gun.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 1105/23/2013

r11, I'm not sure you understand what premeditated means.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 1205/23/2013

I shudder that we live in a country where someone has to plea to the State not to kill them.

And people like the OP are so ignorant and devoid of humanity that they get their jollies watching a human being plead for their life.

What she did is wrong but it doesn't justify the State killing her.

The death penalty is always wrong and those who support it are the lowest scum on earth.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 1305/23/2013

If she gets life there's still a chance she could pose nude for Playboy. I'm just sayin'

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 1405/23/2013

Cry me a river, R13.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 1505/23/2013

I actually think that she belongs in a psychiatric institution. Bitch is clearly crazy.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 1605/23/2013

The jury was deadlocked and their verdict was that they could not reach a unanimous decision. There will be a new penalty phase of the trial in July.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 1705/23/2013

[quote]I'm not sure you understand what premeditated means.

Okay, then what did they base premeditation upon? What did she do?

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 1805/23/2013

R15, if you agree killing is wrong. Why would you let the government, a institution we trust the least, to kill?

What she did is heinous and somehow if the government does similar heinous act to her, that is not wrong?

Did humanity in your soul dry up or you still live in the dark ages mentally?

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 1905/23/2013

[quote]And people like the OP are so ignorant and devoid of humanity that they get their jollies watching a human being plead for their life.

Jollie Ranchers!

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 2005/23/2013

I hope this crazy ho fries.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 2105/23/2013

Who is the arbiter of who deserves to die and who isn't? When our govt sends soldiers to indiscriminately kill innocent civilians we are brainwashed to believe they deserve medals of honor! Please.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 2205/23/2013

Again, those who support the death penalty are absolute low trash. Lowest of the low.

Any country that still supports the death penalty is a country that doesn't deserve to live on this earth and should be destroyed.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 2305/23/2013

R15, there was extensive evidence of the lengths she went to in order to cover her tracks before she even left to visit him, which suggests it was not spontaneous.

Among other things, she bought several gas cans so she wouldn't have to stop for gas and possibly leave a record of her being in Arizona. She turned her license plates upside down and dyed her hair. She turned off her cell phone so it could not be tracked. All of which would help her support a story that she was never there--which is what she initially claimed.

The caliber of the gun used in the attack was not particularly common. A gun with these characteristics was stolen from her grandparents house. Travis was not known to have a gun.

Taken together, the jury was convinced she had a plan when she went to see Travis.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 2405/23/2013

Sorry, that was meant for R18, not R15.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 2505/23/2013

[quote]Any country that still supports the death penalty is a country that doesn't deserve to live on this earth and should be destroyed.

Was that statement supposed to be ironic?

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 2605/23/2013

R23, that was brilliant. Thank you, R23.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 2705/23/2013

r24, did she do that stuff (sans the gas) post-killing?

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 2805/23/2013

I had WAY more sympathy for Aileen Wuornos that I do this psycho bitch. Clearly a nut job. I say "Thumbs down"!

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 2905/23/2013

The way she smirked when they announced a hung jury was disgusting.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 3005/23/2013

r30, we all smirk when we hear the word "hung".

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 3105/23/2013

I think she should get life in prison with both her hands cut off.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 3205/23/2013

I think she really wants to die. I mean, to know WHEN you are going to die...that seems good to me. The rest of us are just waiting and guessing.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 3305/23/2013

[quote]I think she should get life in prison with both her hands cut off.

Hello Saudi Arabia!

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 3405/23/2013

This dumb cunt judge started crying when dismissing the jurors. What a fucktard. She's like that nut who presided over the Anna Nicole fiasco.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 3505/23/2013

Several weeks ago, the judge from the Casey Anthony trial said the State had proved their case. Too bad the jury was filled with stupid people.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 3605/23/2013

R23, you're hilarious. You don't believe in the death penalty but believe those that do need to be put to death. Kind of psycho reasoning, doncha think?

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 3705/23/2013

R28, are you dense? How would she steal her grandparents' gun (she was staying with them at the time) to kill him AFTER she killed him?

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 3805/23/2013

Lol, I would give her a medal for taking out a mormom hypocrite out of this World.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 3905/23/2013

R28, all those things were prior to the killing.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 4005/23/2013

She killed a Mor(m)on. No harm, no foul. I'll buy her a fucking drink.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 4105/23/2013

Anyone who believes in the death penalty is a sad excuse for a human being.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 4205/24/2013

r42, your post makes no sense. The death penalty is REAL and is legal.. "Believing" in it is irrelevant. It's not like a sky fairy or magic. It already exists. The key is whether one supports it as a constitutionally allowed and protected exercise of the government. It is a punitive measure enacted by the legislature as an exercise of the executive (police) branch and doled out by the judicial branch. The Supreme Court has flip flopped about it over the decades. It has not been found to be "cruel and unusual punishment," per se, though. Whenever the S.C. has found it to be unconstitutional, it has been for other due process reasons.

I struggle with it, finding it barbaric, generally, but my visceral over some convicted murderers is so repugnant that it is harder to argue for their lives to be spared in a small cell. Then again, as many others have stated, that could be a worse punishment than the mercy of death. Death row inmates spend years on death row as it IS and have plenty of time to think about their demise.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 4305/24/2013

r43, it's the one issue that is actually black and white. Either you support State sponsored murder or you don't. There's no grey area no matter how much you want to equivocate support for murdering people.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 4405/24/2013

R44, define murder. And define right and wrong. It's just YOUR opinion, n'est pas?

Is assisted suicide murder, then? Simply because the person chooses to die? So, even killers who caused horrific pain and trauma should still get to live because..why? Because that is "humane?" Don't bring religion into it. At ALL. It's not about God or heaven or hell. The laws are secular. Are you coming from a place of "basic human decency" in that all convicted killers should be allowed to live because it is the "right" thing to do? When they, themselves, killed people? What was humane about what THEY did? We can't "play God?" Well, the laws don't either. It's a pretty balanced equation: you kill someone intentionally and you get killed as your legal punishment.

Murder is defined by a mens rea, a mental state of depraved heart or premeditation or some form of intent to kill. Murder is a crime of intent. The carrying out of a death penalty is the administration of what the law determines to be justice. It is intentional, too, of course, but under the directive of a legal law.

I know, "an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."

Or are you just coming from a place of the "sacredness of life, the sanctity of life must be preserved and we must never kill anyone, even horrific serial murders who would kill YOU if they could?" Do you eat meat? Do you squash bugs? Do you step on ants?

Just wonder where the bleeding heart anti-death penalty people are coming from. Is it because "human life is the most precious thing there is?" Would you have set Adolph Hitler up in a country club prison, then?

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 4505/24/2013

"bleeding heart anti-death penalty people are coming from"

I think we know where you're coming from with this little wording.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 4605/24/2013

R13, would you feel differently if she'd killed your loved one?

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 4705/24/2013

My feeling on the death penalt is go ahead and kill convicted murderers where there's absolutely no possible hint of innocence.

They could always escape and kill again.

Then it's all: ah, crap. Shoulda fried 'em.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 4805/24/2013

No, r47. That's the power of having principles. You do know what principles are, right? All civilized countries on this planet have adopted the principle against State sanctioned murder.

The US is not a civilized country I guess.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 4905/24/2013

I read comments on the interwebs by people freaking out at the thought Jodi won't get fried and then I think to myself "and Charlie Manson still sits rotting in a California jail."

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 5005/24/2013

r49, how civilized is what Jodi did to her victim? Define civilized country. The government must keep her locked up for the rest of her life...WHY? No one posting will explain why they are so adamantly against the death penalty. If it is because you believe that human life is sacred and must be what extent? It is "uncivil" to exact the death penalty upon a convicted murderer who certainly did not hold life sacred? How If someone doesn't want the death penalty, then DON"T INTENTIONALLY KILL OTHER PEOPLE. It's really simple. It's easy to avoid it!

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 5105/24/2013

The United States has the death penalty and also a murder rate quadruple that of Canada.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 5205/24/2013

Two wrongs don't make a right r51. Killing is wrong.

Yes, keep her locked up or rehabilitate her but murder is wrong.

It's a universal law.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 5305/24/2013

So far no one has figured out how to rehabilitate a psychopath.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 5405/24/2013

R53, what is this "universal law" that you speak of? What are some others? Where are you getting this from? What is your source material? Killing WHAT, then? Only humans killing other humans is "wrong? Because humans kill an awful lot of species of animals and EAT them. Is that also a breach of your "universal law?" Killing is pretty much a law of nature. Animals kill OTHER animals for food. Been that way since the dawn of time. So nature is wrong, then? Says who? It's called the FOOD CHAIN.

If anything, KILLING is a universal law. And killing is not "murder." Murder is a defined concept involving intentional killing with malice aforethought. Where is the malice aforethought in the death penalty? It is exacting justice, not meted out with anger or intent to injure for injury's sake. The punishment is not the crime.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 5505/24/2013

Are you for real, r55? You sound like a psychopath.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 5605/24/2013

Not at all. Just wanted an intelligent discussion as to why the death penalty is wrong. I certainly could not flip the switch to electrocute someone but that's just me. I also could not abort a baby (if I were a woman) but, again, just me. Doesn't mean I could make that decision for another person. Life is precious, yes, but it is more complicated than that for many people.

Hey, the death penalty is legal in many places so there are plenty of others out there who don't think the death penalty is violating some universal law, including the Supreme Court justices who applied the law and found it constitutional.

So far, the only thing anyone has said in argument for doing away with the penalty is that killing violates a universal law. I was playing a bit of devil's advocate, I suppose. Not many are willing to argue the point, though.

by Jane Valezbian Mitchellreply 5705/24/2013
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