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HBO, FX Lead Critics' Choice TV Awards Nominations

No Mad Men or Modern Family:

by Miareply 7306/12/2013

Everyone's favorite TV homosexual Adam Pally got a nomination for "Happy Endings." Casey Wilson, too.

by Miareply 105/22/2013

Good that Regina King and Michael Cudlitz got nominations for SOUTHLAND

by Miareply 205/22/2013

Mad Men is as stale as an ice melted Old Fashioned. Put a fork in it, it's done.

by Miareply 305/22/2013

As for Modern Family, the Jesse Tyler Ferguson backlash has begun.

I think that show is now officially past its expiration date. I loved it initially also, but grew tired of the same shtick and the gay stereotyping. Haven't watched it in over a year now.

by Miareply 405/22/2013

That's a much better list than the typical Emmy slate.

by Miareply 505/22/2013

Why should we care about these people and their awards?

by Miareply 605/22/2013

Small Town Security is nominated for Best Reality Series? I thought it was a parody.

by Miareply 705/22/2013

I like more shows from the Animated Series category than either Comedy or Drama Series slate.

by Miareply 805/22/2013

This is a nice surprise:

[quote]Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead) – AMC

by Miareply 905/22/2013

There are a lot of nice surprises, including Eden Sher (The Middle), Jake Johnson (New Girl), Sutton Foster (Bunheads), Adam Pally (Happy Endings) and Timothy Olyphant (Justified).

by Miareply 1005/22/2013

MAD MEN has become so repetitive that it really needs to close up shop. Don Draper, and to a lesser degree Pete Campbell, used to be both repellent and interesting (add charismatic for Draper), but now they're just repellent.

Megan has become an airhead and a doormat - I can't believe she doesn't suspect Don of cheating. Roger is just smarmy now - his cynical sense of humor has calcified. Betty is barely in the show at this point, and she stopped being interesting when she divorced Don.

Peggy and Joan are now the only characters left woth caring about (though I still enjoy seeing hot daddy Henry, Alison Brie, and Julia Ormond as Megan's mother in their brief appearances).

R4 is 100% right about MODERN FAMILY - only the Ty Burrell family scenes are remotely funny... and then only on occasion.

by Miareply 1105/22/2013

I disliked NEW GIRL when I first watched it, but I tried again this season and it has improved a lot.

by Miareply 1205/22/2013

Adorable that Ru Paul was nominated for competition host.

Can I get a Amen! up in here?!?!

by Miareply 1305/22/2013

R12 - IMO, it's the guys who make NEW GIRL funny and as soon as the producers figured that out and focused on them instead, that's when the show got funny.

by Miareply 1405/22/2013

[quote]I like more shows from the Animated Series category than either Comedy or Drama Series slate.

Adventure Time is the best show on TV!

by Miareply 1505/22/2013

Glad to see all the Louie and American Horror Story love. Hard to imagine anyone beating Melissa Leo in her category.

by Miareply 1605/22/2013

The amount of Big Bang Theory nominations makes me distrust this.

by Miareply 1705/22/2013

Since when is Cuoco supporting in Big Bang? She's the lead.

by Miareply 1805/22/2013

The girl from The Middle, Eden Sher, is really, really good. I hope she wins just because I think that particular show doesn't get the attention it deserves. Yeah, Patty Heaton is in it, but it's still a fun show. And I'm a big ol gay New Yorker. If I can find something in it entertaining, I bet a lot of other people could also.

Wish Modern Family and Mad Men would fade away with some dignity, although I still watch Mad Men.

by Miareply 1905/22/2013

Who? What awards?

by Miareply 2005/22/2013

Eden Sher didn't have such a good season on The Middle this year. She had better material last year.

These nominations are very middlebrow, even more so than the Emmys themselves.

by Miareply 2105/22/2013

I am so happy that my love, Andrew Lincoln was finally nominated for something.

by Miareply 2205/22/2013

Modern Family has been mediocre from the very beginning. I never got the love for this by-the-book, setup-punchline sitcom. Awful.

by Miareply 2305/22/2013

Too bad Robin Wright got overlooked for HOUSE OF CARDS. Also surprised that it didn't get a Best Drama nod, but hooray for Corey Stoll.

by Miareply 2405/22/2013

Glad to see some love for "The Americans" (four noms.) But Marie Osmond nominated for talk show over Katie Couric and other? That show has no buzz at all. And no nom for perennial Emmy winner "The Amazing Race"? (Plus the person who wrote the article misspelled Elisabeth Moss' first name, and called the series "DOWNTOWN" Abbey.)

by Miareply 2505/22/2013

Happy to see Tatiana Maslany get a nod for the little-seen BBC America series "Orphan Black." She has to juggle multiple characters (and accents)--often playing against herself. It's not a great show, but she does tremendous work in a demanding role.

by Miareply 2605/22/2013

A little love for Bates Motel.

by Miareply 2705/22/2013

WTF!! No Honey Boo Boo in BEST REALITY SERIES????

by Miareply 2805/22/2013

Here's hoping that Andrew Lincoln finally gets the recognition he deserves. I would like to see Simon Helberg and Kaley Cuoco win, too. Why they don't get more respect for their comedic chops is baffling. Diana Rigg as Lady Olenna and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jamie Lannister have been stand outs on this season of GoT. I love Lilly Rabe but Sarah Paulson had a more complex and difficult role on American Horror and completely sold it. I would love to see Zach Quinto win, too. He plays a psychopath with such ease that it is unnerving. Jennifer Carpenter's Deb is the emotional center of Dexter and she did some great work last season. She's due for some industry love. Jessica and Claire should win in their categories and I would like Patrick Wilson to win if for no other reason than the fact that he has been the only likable character on Girls. Ever. Big Bang for best comedy. Game of Thrones for best drama. American Horror for best mini-series.

by Miareply 2905/22/2013

I love New Girl, Louie, Veep, Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, The Good Wife and yes, Mad Men.

by Miareply 3005/22/2013

Jimmy Smits is a fantastic nom. His presence kicked Sons of Anarchy into brilliant overdrive last season.

Cudlitz and Goggins leave me torn. But , since it's the end of the line for them, I'm hoping Cudlitz and Southland finally get just a tiny bit of the public acclaim they've deserved all along. Glad my girl Regina King got a nod. Gerald McRaney was robbed.

by Miareply 3105/22/2013

Southland better get SOMETHING. That show was brilliant.

by Miareply 3205/22/2013

The BEST part of this?

"Hosted by Parks & Recs' Retta." Love her!

I love Mad Men, but the current season is making my teeth itch. I would assume the eligibility is for last season, which was great, so I think it should have gotten more nominations. I still like Modern Family, too.

BEst Comedy: Love Parks & Rec and Veep, but Louie deserves this hands down. I also like The Middle, odious Patty Heaton aside. Comedy Actor: Love Suburgatory, but do not care for Sisto. Would like Adam Scott to win. Comedy Actress: Surprised, but not unpleasantly, by Sutton Foster's nom. Julia Louis Dreyfus is awesome on Veep, but it's time for Poehler to win something. Supp. Actor, Comedy: Can't STAND the Happy Endings guy. Pratt or Greenfield for me. Supp. Actress, Comedy: Eden Sher is brilliant, but Chaikin from Suburgatory has crafted quite a character in Dahlia. My vote. Guest, Comedy: Ohh..tough one. Wilson and Shannon were great, but Leo was...beyond. DRAMA series: I don't watch Breaking Bad or The Americans, sorry. Game of Thrones...takes forever for something to happen. Downton Abbey I love, but BEST? I don't know. Homeland faltered, for me. The Good Wife, despite them thinking we cared about Kalinda and her ex husband, was the best for me. Drama, actor: I only watch Homeland and Walking Dead of these nominees. I don't think Lincoln is that great. So, Lewis, I guess. Though I know Cranston is always excellent, from what I hear. Drama, actress: What, no Emily Van Camp? Just kidding. Danes will probably win again, but I would love Margulies to win. 2nd choice--Farmigia. Supp. Actor, Drama: Have only ever watched Game of Thrones--surprised Dinklage isn't here--but my sister in law loves Goggins, so that's my vote. Supp. Actress, drama: Monica Potter, all the way--even though she is more "lead"--I guess Lauren Graham is lead on Parenthood? Guest, drama: Diana Rigg!! Mini series: Has Behind the Candelabra aired yet?? Weird. I love the camp of American Horror Story, but Top of the Lake was strange and moving. Actor, miniseries: Matt Damon's butt. Actress, mini series: Love La Lange, but it will be a crime if Moss doesn't win. She was fantastic in Top of the Lake. Supp. Actor, mini: Creepy Quinto! Supp. Actress, mini: Sarah Paulson, in the first role that I didn't hate her in. She ran the gamut. Reality series: Never seen any of them. Reality competition: Survivor, still managing to keep fresh. Reality host: Go Ru! Talk show: Marie?? Really? Where does that even air? Jon Stewart, I guess. Poor Kathy Griffin. Animated: Archer, even though it has dropped in quality.

by Miareply 3305/22/2013

Oh yes all of those shows nominated for Best Comedy are better than Enlightened, RIGHT.

by Miareply 3405/22/2013

Sarah Paulson should win every award this season because she kicked ass in what was probably the most difficult character arc all year, and this comes from someone who has HATED everything else I have ever seen her in.

by Miareply 3505/22/2013

Tatiana Maslany is un-fucking-believable in Orphan Black.

Extremely difficult technical acting and she pulls it off beautifully and is a tour de force. She actually steals scenes from herself.

I was so worried the fact that it was a genre show would mean that she was overlooked.

I promise you, even if sci-fi isn't your thing, go and watch. The writing is also fantastic.

by Miareply 3605/22/2013

I love Louis CK but I wouldn't call him the best actor of anything. He is just doing his stand up routine.

Also, disappointed on some of the mergers of categories. I think Matthew Broderick should have gotten a nod for his guest appearance on Modern Family. That was one of the best moments this past season. Love Melissa Leo and Molly Shannon but they should be actor and actress categories separately.

by Miareply 3705/22/2013

[quote]I love Louis CK but I wouldn't call him the best actor of anything. He is just doing his stand up routine.

Really? I thought he really went deep this last season, and the Late Show stuff, along with the Parker Posey storyline, was fucking superb.

by Miareply 3805/22/2013

I also want to give a shout out to Jordan Gavaris who plays Tatiana's gay adoptive brother on the show. He's also fantastic.

by Miareply 3905/22/2013

Why does Andrew Lincoln deserve an award? His character is one-note.

HBO hasn't been so good lately. Perhaps the late 90s-oughts was their Golden Age.

by Miareply 4005/22/2013

Louie and American Horror Story should sweep.

by Miareply 4105/22/2013

Yes! "The Americans" got some recognition. Imo, the best drama series of this TV season. Surprised Margo Martindale didn't get a supporting nom though!

So glad the award shows are starting to face that "Mad Men" is soooo over. I loved that series for several years but really can't be bothered to watch it any more after seeing a few episodes this season.

by Miareply 4205/22/2013

Carly Chaikin on Suburgatory is an inspired nomination. She is hilarious. It's nice to see some young female comedy talent getting some recognition.

by Miareply 4305/23/2013

The best scripted show "Justified" gets ignored again. The dialogue alone should put it ahead of others.

At least Olyphant and the other two got nominations. Like The Americans but it's still not as good or consistent as Justified.

by Miareply 4405/23/2013

I agree that "Justified" is a well-written and acted series and there are others that are equally good -- the truth is that best acting and best scripts being written these days are on TV (mainly cable) and NOT feature films.

Why I think "The Americans" is superior to just about everything else on TV right now is because it is a "study" in having two leading characters on a series who are not what they pretend to be (Americans while secretly Russian spies) and still you care about them and are intrigued by them and are concerned on what the outcome will be. On top of that, you can't really be sure that even the American characters are going to be who you think they are from episode to episode. That's an amazing thing to bring off in American TV!! The writing, the directing, the acting --it all works because of the high quality of those contributors. Rare in TV.

by Miareply 4505/23/2013

Andrew Lincoln'c acting on TWD is a joke, he is terrible.

by Miareply 4605/23/2013

Who the hell are these people who love The Big Bang Theory? For all the awards and ratings it's gotten over the years, the only person I've met who actually likes the show is my 55 year old uncle.

Like others, I'm surprised and happy to see Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black. It's so outside the mainstream, but what she's doing on that show is amazing, and even moreso that she's doing such amazing work opposite tennis balls and stand-ins.

by Miareply 4705/23/2013

Agreed. Andrew Lincoln is a terrible actor.

by Miareply 4805/23/2013

R18 - Cuoco is supporting.

Keri Russell deserves it for The Americans.

I'm surprised that Hamm was not nominated.

by Miareply 4905/23/2013

[quote] I still like Modern Family, too.

Same here.

by Miareply 5005/23/2013

I like Modern Family too, though I do think it's undeserving of its more recent Best Comedy Emmy wins (Curb, Louie and Parks & Rec are all better shows).

by Miareply 5105/23/2013

That's true about Parks & Rec and Louie, I'm unfamiliar with Curb.

by Miareply 5205/23/2013

I still like Modern Family, but it's gotten stale and doesn't deserve the awards it's still been getting.

by Miareply 5305/23/2013

Corey Stoll (House of Cards) – Netflix

Regina King (Southland) – TNT

Carrie Preston (The Good Wife) – CBS

Matt Damon (Behind the Candelabra) – HBO

by Miareply 5405/23/2013

I love the Americans but the last few episodes were a bit inconsistent. Matthew Rhys is the stand out and I also love the character of Nina. If this was a film she would only be eyecandy while her character is so good in the series.

Justified on the other hand is so funny that I think people don't take serious as drama though it deals with many tough topics far better than other shows that take themselves far too serious. I think the father-son theme that runs through the show was the dominating motive this season and it was done greatly.

by Miareply 5505/24/2013

Just saw the Orphan Black finale.

jfc if Tatiana Maslany doesn't win it would be a travesty. One of the best new actresses on tv.

by Miareply 5606/01/2013

Should I watch The Americans?!?!?!?!

by Miareply 5706/01/2013

R57, couldn't you rephrase that as an ethical question?

by Miareply 5806/01/2013

R57 - Yes.

by Miareply 5906/01/2013

Sebastian Stan gets a nomination for Political Animals? Are we sure it wasn't more for his high profile torso obsession by the media for his PICNIC role on Broadway>

by Miareply 6006/02/2013

Farmiga gives the breakout performance of the year in Bates Motel. She's brilliant.

by Miareply 6106/02/2013

Tatiana Maslany is giving a jaw-dropping, career-making performance in Orphan Black.

by Miareply 6206/02/2013

Tatiana Maslany won best actress, she dethroned Claire Danes and it was awesome to watch the shock filter the room.

Totally deserved by the way, she is an incredible actress, and I predict an Emmy nom next. Golden Globe too.

by Miareply 6306/10/2013

modern family is overrated.

by Miareply 6406/11/2013

No nod for Lady Stark? An OUTRAGE!

by Miareply 6506/11/2013

I like Farmiga but in order to play a crazy person you have to lose your vanity, her makeup is always perfect. I think Freddy who underplays is much better still he got nothing. Bates Motel needs to show any remaining Lost writers the door...

I shocked House of Cards didn't get more even though in my opinion its overrated. Robin Wright is much better than Spacey which makes me wonder if she's not well liked.

Best Actress is very competitive with Orphan Black (I can't wait to see it) Keri Russell and don't forget that bitch Claire Danes. If Michelle Fairley doesn't win I will cut off all my hair....

by Miareply 6606/11/2013

Here's the full list of winners:

by Miareply 6706/11/2013

Terrible winners. Wow.

by Miareply 6806/11/2013

Who exactly are these critics?

by Miareply 6906/11/2013

Big "YEAH!" and fist pump for Michael Cudlitz. Well deserved win.

Love Jane Fonda, but Jimmy Smits was totally robbed. He was amazing (and so playing against type) in Sons of Anarchy. And this from someone who'd never got his appeal going back to LA Law.

by Miareply 7006/11/2013

"The Big Bang Theory" won so many awards because the critics are all basically just as nerdy and socially awkward.

by Miareply 7106/11/2013

Melissa Leo not winning for Luoie invalidates the whole thing.

by Miareply 7206/11/2013

I was disappointed in seeing some of he winners, and then I read that Duck Dynasty won an award, which basically invalidates the awards, so it's not worth getting upset about.

by Miareply 7306/12/2013
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