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Dolly Gallagher Levi: a psychopath, right?

Otherwise it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever: "Pressure with the thumbs/ Matrimony comes!"

Besides, everyone's a psychopath or a sociopath.

by Carol "Sociopath" Channingreply 905/21/2013

Don't even start on Mame Dennis--textbook case sociopath if I ever saw one.

by Carol "Sociopath" Channingreply 105/21/2013

Dolly screwed up her poor son Zachary.

by Carol "Sociopath" Channingreply 205/21/2013

Miss Jean Brodie fucked me with a hairbrush and sent me off to die in Spain.

by Carol "Sociopath" Channingreply 305/21/2013

Nellie Forbush - racist cunt.

by Carol "Sociopath" Channingreply 405/21/2013


by Carol "Sociopath" Channingreply 505/21/2013

Even if I had murdered my husband and sister, I wouldn't be a psychopath because, after all, they had it coming.

Roxie Hart, on the other hand....

by Carol "Sociopath" Channingreply 605/21/2013

Link please. Nothing about her on CNN or MSNBC.

by Carol "Sociopath" Channingreply 705/21/2013

Actually, Dolly was a textbook narcissist. You know that big song-and-dance she did with the chefs and waiters? It only took place in her mind.

by Carol "Sociopath" Channingreply 805/21/2013

I caught Dolly munching on Mrs. Molloy's muff one afternoon. Mrs. Molloy kept screaming "Cherries and feathers! Cherries and feathers!"

It was so hocking I completely blacked out. It wasn't till later, when I was washing the blood off my hands, that I even knew they were dead.

by Carol "Sociopath" Channingreply 905/21/2013
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