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Perry Mason IN COLOR!

MeTV started airing the first color episodes last night from what what must be the final season of the show. Did anyone catch it? It was full of gay subtext. Victor Bueno guest-starred as some queeny benefactor of a bunch of really cute juvenile delinquents. The characters were supposed to be 17/18, but the actors looked like they were pushing 35. There were a couple of scenes where Bueno, obviously having fun playinh his predatory best, lasciviously intructed a boy that he wanted to talk to him privately, and then the scene would abruptly end and fade to the next one. Also, Perry took one of these juveniles under his wing and attempted to "mentor: him. And of course, there was good old Della hagging all over the place with Perry.

by Gertiereply 705/22/2013

Victor Buono playing a gay character? What a stretch!

by Gertiereply 105/21/2013

1. Victor BUONO, not Bueno.

2. This was supposed to be a riff on "Oliver Twist." (The title was "The Case of the Twice-Told Twist.")

3. The main "delinquent" was played by Kevin O'Neal, Ryan's younger brother.

4. This was the ONLY episode filmed in color.

by Gertiereply 205/21/2013

Was the color thing an experiment? The color was actually very drab.

by Gertiereply 305/21/2013

I'm surprised the entire series hasn't been colorized. It's far less expensive these days, and it can look pretty good.

by Gertiereply 405/21/2013

This post is useless with out link!

by Gertiereply 505/21/2013

Perry Mason and Twilight Zone look best in b&W.

by Gertiereply 605/22/2013

It was known by late 1965 that this was going to be Perry Mason's last season.The producers wanted to see how the show would've looked had the show had entered a 10th season as all shows in the fall of 1966 were going to be in color on the networks,At least in prime-time.

by Gertiereply 705/22/2013
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