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Michele Bachmann’s Scandal Could Be Turning Criminal As The FBI Is Now Investigating

While she continues to call for President Obama to be impeached, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is being investigated by the FBI for campaign finance violations.

According to the MinnPost, the FBI has joined the growing list of agencies that are investigating campaign violations associated with Bachmann’s 2012 presidential campaign, “Andy Parrish, former Bachmann chief of staff and one of the directors of Bachmann’s Iowa GOP presidential campaign, will be interviewed by the FBI, according to his attorney, John Gilmore. ‘I can confirm that Andy Parrish has been contacted by the FBI for a scheduled interview next week,” Gilmore said. ‘He will cooperate fully.’”

So far, the Office of Congressional Ethics, the FEC, and the Iowa state senate ethics committee, and a special prosecutor are investigating a series of potential violations that include possible improper payments to an Iowa state senator, using campaign resources to promote her book, the theft of an email list of Iowa homeschoolers, and money laundering.

The entry of the FBI signals that the investigation has expanded into a potential criminal probe of Bachmann’s 2012 presidential campaign. It is important to note that being investigated for a crime is not the same thing as being charged or convicted of a crime, but with Bachmann herself being the focus of other investigations the FBI will likely be taking a look at her role in the campaign’s decision making process.

A new PPP poll released today found Jim Graves leading Bachmann 47%-45% in a potential rematch of their close 2012 matchup. Bachmann barely beat Graves by less than 5,000 votes last year, and that was before she became the focus of up to six probes and investigations.

Bachmann is trying to change the conversation by claiming that the IRS will be personally handling conservatives’ medical records. (Not true.) However, at some point all of these investigations are going to start piling up.

The media has jumped on the Republican conspiracy theory fueled Obama scandal bandwagon, but they are ignoring the very real Bachmann scandal.

by HAH!reply 705/20/2013

Finally the Democrats are thinking like the Republicans!

by HAH!reply 105/20/2013

I do worry about turning this bitch into a martyr. YOU KNOW she will play that role. I'd rather her just lose the next election and slither away.

by HAH!reply 205/20/2013

If God was real he'd just give the bitch a terminal illness and be done with her.

by HAH!reply 305/20/2013

If there's any prison time involved, Marcus has already volunteered to serve the sentence on her behalf! And please drop the soap!

by HAH!reply 405/20/2013

Bad timing. With the IRS and Bengazi thing, the Republicans will say this is a counterattack to put up a smokescreen on those two stories. Bachmann will become a martyr.

by HAH!reply 505/20/2013

[quote]Finally the Democrats are thinking like the Republicans!


If a Democrat were being investigated, the Rethugs would have it on the front page of papers across the nation on a daily basis. The ONLY place I've seen this is right here at DL. I don't know a single Democrat who knows this is happening. Not a single mention in our daily paper. Nothing on the evening news.

Democrats = Total FAIL... again!

by HAH!reply 605/20/2013

It's a Fascist Communist Muslim conspiracy, I tell ya!

by HAH!reply 705/20/2013
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