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SMASH Season 2 - The FINAL chapter

Will it be Bombshell or Hit List?

Will it be Ivy or Karen?

Will it be Derek or Tom?

Only Bellhop knows.

by Lil Debbiereply 1105/20/2013

Tee hee, Lil Debbie! Thanks. But of course I'm not the only one who knows, huh, NotMarc?

I'll be back here Sunday before the finale airs with my Bernadette Peters story. And I repeat-it reflects well on her but not so much on somebody else with the show.

by Lil Debbiereply 105/20/2013

Will we see Bernie without that mop of frizz?

by Lil Debbiereply 205/20/2013

[quote]Will we see Bernie without that mop of frizz?

You mean bald? No, thanks.

by Lil Debbiereply 305/20/2013

The spirit of Kyle will appear and lead the rest of the cast through the Pearly Gates.

by Lil Debbiereply 405/20/2013

I am so sad that this show has been canceled. It was so crazily bad it approached Showgirls territory. I looked forward to Kat's Children of the Corn eyes, Anjelica's squadron commander helmet hair and Jeremy's Pu-Pu platter of character choices. Add in the most spectacular array of faux hipster extras going wild for a musical straight out of the glory years of Solid Gold and well my life will be bereft and empty without this Mulligan stew of awesomeness. Go gently into the night little nugget of joy.

by Lil Debbiereply 505/20/2013

Not to mention all the Broadway luminaries in cameo roles.

by Lil Debbiereply 605/20/2013

Me too, R5....I will be sad not to have a DL thread to run to every time en episode airs...and what will become of Bellhop?! NotMarc!

I will even miss Dead Eyes McPhee...I loved to watch her and TRY to figure out what Spielberg ever saw in her...she is so BLANK! Can't blame her for the show's failure my opinion it was a combination of idiot suits who know nothing of the "Creative," and creatives who think they are soooo important that they don't listen to the suits. I think the blame goes all around. The Good Wife is a fine example of making adjustments in the new season without ruining the show...Smash is what would have happened if Matthew Weiner had added an adorable Ted McGinley to the cast, or sent the principals to Hawaii on a stunt trip...oh wait.

by Lil Debbiereply 705/20/2013

I can't even bear to watch the final episode without tearing up...

by Lil Debbiereply 805/20/2013

Future jeopardy question: This production was Lindsay Mendez' only flop.

by Lil Debbiereply 905/20/2013

Will DL explode when Karen wins Best Actress?

by Lil Debbiereply 1005/20/2013

[quote]Not to mention all the Broadway luminaries in cameo roles.

Some of us were otherwise occupied.

by Lil Debbiereply 1105/20/2013
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