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I could watch "Murder, She Wrote" every damn day, all day, until the day I die

Favorite episodes?

I just watched the one where Angela plays Emma McGill. This is not the episode where she plays dual roles. There's no explanation as to why the show chose to use the character instead of Jessica. She says at the end when she solves the mystery, "It runs in the family." Alrighty...

The episode I seem to always land on is "Reflections of the Mind"....

[quote]Scott Lodge thinks his wife Francesca is going crazy and trying to kill him. But when a phone call from her supposedly dead first husband precedes the fatal incident, Jessica must unravel fact from hysteria to find a killer.

This is the one where the woman keeps hearing a music box playing. Esther Rolle in it as... the maid. lmao

Does anyone remember the episode where Jessica goes to the Islands under an assumed identity, playing a rich bitch while wearing a turban?

by Anonymousreply 005/18/2013
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