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Worst Jodie Foster film?

Which is the WORST Jodie Forster film?

(Excluding THE BEAVER because of Mel Gibson, and because it's too easy.)

by Laura Dern reply 12208/18/2013

I'll go with Little Man Tate. Blech.

by Laura Dern reply 105/17/2013

Well, you have bad taste, r1.

by Laura Dern reply 205/17/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Laura Dern reply 305/17/2013


by Laura Dern reply 405/17/2013

none of the above

Jodie made a lot of stinkers in the eighties before "The Accused" brought her adult stardom

by Laura Dern reply 505/17/2013

The Brave One is honest to God one of the worst films I've ever seen in my life.

by Laura Dern reply 605/17/2013

Siesta (Jodie herself hates this....although it does have Gabriel Bryne frontal nudity)

by Laura Dern reply 705/17/2013

Why, R6 (never watched it, though I almost did)

by Laura Dern reply 805/17/2013

Sommersby sucks monkey balls.

What about Nim's Island? I haven't seen it, but it sure seems like it might be a stinker.

by Laura Dern reply 905/17/2013

Carnage sure isn't a great one. Not even Foster can make some of her lines sound convincing.

by Laura Dern reply 1005/17/2013

I think The Brave One is one of her better performances.

by Laura Dern reply 1105/17/2013

The Mel Gibson flick - The Gambler - sucked cankerous balls.

by Laura Dern reply 1205/17/2013

I actually liked "Siesta". And "Hotel New Hampshire"

by Laura Dern reply 1305/17/2013

Why is Contact even an option?

by Laura Dern reply 1405/17/2013

What about the puppet movie? She directed it. I think it should be included as an option.

by Laura Dern reply 1505/17/2013

Contact is an okay movie. All the others on the list are awful.

Foster's only done a few good movies. She has terrible taste choosing roles.

by Laura Dern reply 1605/17/2013

Why did Cydney eat so much beaver?

Because Jodie Forster.

by Laura Dern reply 1705/17/2013

I went with Panic Room, it needed another twist to the plot.

by Laura Dern reply 1805/17/2013

I watched "Nim's Island" with my nephews. It wasn't bad at all, R9.

by Laura Dern reply 1905/17/2013

"The Brave One" was OKish except for the hokey feel good ending which was obviously the result of audience testing.

by Laura Dern reply 2005/17/2013

Judith Sheindlin biopic, "Judge Jodie"

by Laura Dern reply 2105/17/2013

Apparently all film endings are supposed to be "bad" so that pretentious twats like r20 will approve.

by Laura Dern reply 2205/17/2013

Flightplan was kind of outlandish.

by Laura Dern reply 2305/17/2013

I caught "Siesta" years ago on late night cable and I only remember it was really bizarre, like a fever dream. I don't even remember Jodie in it. Wasn't Ellen Barkin the main character? I'd love to see it again but it's not on DVD. Great score by Miles Davis - I do own the soundtrack.

by Laura Dern reply 2405/17/2013

Little Man Tate is pretty excruciating.

by Laura Dern reply 2505/17/2013

[quote]The Mel Gibson flick - The Gambler - sucked cankerous balls.

It was called "Maverick," sugartits.

by Laura Dern reply 2605/17/2013

I really liked Little Man Tate. I thought it was an interesting subject and the little boy reminded me of my nephew. I wonder if making the movie fucked up his life, enhanced it or neither?

by Laura Dern reply 2705/17/2013

Well it could be because you're an idiot r25.

by Laura Dern reply 2805/17/2013

Can you read, R15?

by Laura Dern reply 2905/17/2013

Leave my cankerous balls out of this, you sugar-titted matza ball Jewess cunt!

by Laura Dern reply 3005/17/2013

Five Corners

by Laura Dern reply 3105/17/2013

Why is that the question? You must be a hater. Jodie has made a number of wonderful movies. And no, I am not she. Why on Earth would you pinpoint her? The fact that she appeared in Taxi Driver, The Accused, Carny, Foxes, Five Corners, and Stealing Home ... all before 1989 ... should exclude her from such an obnoxious survey question.

by Laura Dern reply 3205/17/2013

r32 = John Hinckley, Jr.

by Laura Dern reply 3305/17/2013

Well then I guess Hinckley is an honest person r33.

by Laura Dern reply 3405/17/2013

[quote]isn't Ellen Barkin the main character?


by Laura Dern reply 3505/17/2013

I think it's that film she directed with Robert Downey and Holly Hunter and the incomparable Geraldine Chaplin as a farting old ninny.

by Laura Dern reply 3605/17/2013

[quote]I think it's that film she directed with Robert Downey and Holly Hunter and the incomparable Geraldine Chaplin as a farting old ninny.

Home for the Holidays.

I didn't like it much the first time I saw it (I expected more of a comedy), but my partner loves it. I now think it's a pretty good movie.

by Laura Dern reply 3705/17/2013

"Little Man Tate" has to be one of the movie film TITLES ever

by Laura Dern reply 3805/18/2013

[quote]"Little Man Tate" has to be one of the movie film TITLES ever

Yes, it's a movie TITLE!!!

by Laura Dern reply 3905/18/2013

A gem with a killer stare” — tJodie Foster about Jennifer Lawrence

So Jodie is impressed with Jennifer...

by Laura Dern reply 4005/18/2013

Panic Room was one of those movies that had a great trailer. Dang, I was excited to see it...

But the movie itself was a huge disappointment.

by Laura Dern reply 4105/18/2013

Though some of the films on the list were disappointing at best, none should be on the Worst list. I'll watch Jodie Foster in just about anything (even enjoyed Siesta which has an eerie David Lynch dreamlike quality and a killer soundtrack by Miles Davis). However one of her worst movies, by her own admission, has to be the French comedy "Moi Fleur Bleue" ("Stop Calling Me Baby") which she did at 15 and even that has some value as bizarre period piece of its times (Jodie gets her cherry popped by an adult friend of the family and nobody bats an eyelid). The one that is beyond all kind of redemption has to be Dennis Hopper's "Backtrack".

by Laura Dern reply 4205/18/2013

No one saw Moi Fleur Bleue, R42

I tried to watch Backtrack, but there was an earthquake and the power went out, so I only got to see a few minutes of it.

by Laura Dern reply 4305/18/2013

Ha Ha. She was in The Beaver.

by Laura Dern reply 4405/18/2013

I actually did, r43, but you're right "Moi Fleur Bleue" is better left unseen. As for "Backtrack" all I can say is you got yourself a new 90 minutes lease on life. I know I'll never get mine back.

by Laura Dern reply 4505/18/2013

Chikka-be. Chikka-be gon' puttin' poll resulta-be. Chikka-be appraisin' Nell-be. Nell-be no rotten tomatoes-be. Chikka. Gon' fishin'-be

by Laura Dern reply 4605/18/2013

Do people actually like CONTACT? What was the message of that film - SCIENCE = FAITH?

by Laura Dern reply 4705/18/2013

flightplan was horrible.

i like contact.

by Laura Dern reply 4805/18/2013

No mention of BUGSY MALONE?

by Laura Dern reply 4905/18/2013

I liked the Brave One. I love movies with women kicking ass.

by Laura Dern reply 5005/18/2013

Panic Room was an excellent action film.

by Laura Dern reply 5105/18/2013

The Beaver without a shadow of a doubt, one of the worst films I've ever seen.

Interesting that JLaw was in it, I can barely remember her. JLaw was also with Anton Yelchin as a cameo in Like Crazy but stuck out more there. And I didn't know theatre legend Cherry Jones was too - she'd be one of those "know the face people)

I liked Flight Plan (Sarsgaard creepy sexiness) and the female Death Wish The Brave One.

Jodie gold: Taxi Driver, Bugsy Malone, The Accused, TSOTL

Jodie duds: Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (though it's just about average)

by Laura Dern reply 5205/18/2013

Her chemistry with men is non-existent.

Are there any films in which she has a love scene with another woman?

by Laura Dern reply 5305/18/2013

"Well then I guess Hinckley is an honest person"

You forgot to take your meds, John.

by Laura Dern reply 5405/18/2013

[quote]Nell, however, was fantastic.

Nell's saving grace was the skinny-dipping scene with Liam Neeson.

by Laura Dern reply 5505/18/2013

[quote]Her chemistry with men is non-existent.

Severely limited actress. If gay male actors of all stripes can do it, why can't she?

by Laura Dern reply 5605/18/2013

It's a good thing her directorial effort "Flora Plum" never got made. Russell Crowe as a "circus beast" and Claire Danes as the trapeze artist he falls in love with...yes, that certainly would have gotten on a few "worst of" lists.

by Laura Dern reply 5705/18/2013

My favorite character was Clarice, my second favorite was Madeline White (Inside Man).

I'm guessing Madeline is close to how professional Jodie is mannerism wise.

by Laura Dern reply 5805/18/2013

Sometimes I talk like Nell just for fun.

by Laura Dern reply 5905/18/2013

I liked a lot of her films but the one with Lithgow was worst1

by Laura Dern reply 6005/18/2013

Ridiculous r56. You say this every time yet never back it up.

She's had great chemistry with Terrance Howard and full romantic chemistry with the French actor in A Very Long Engagement.

by Laura Dern reply 6105/18/2013

The "chemistry" criticism is just lying from the usual scum who want to arbitrarily trash someone.

by Laura Dern reply 6205/18/2013

This is the first time I've commented on Jodie's lack of chemistry with her leading men, R61. You may have read similar comments here because many people have trouble picturing Foster in a romantic pairing with any man, and her movies haven't exactly changed that.

by Laura Dern reply 6305/18/2013

Bullshit r63, same writing pattern. And it's not usual, even on DL, surprisingly.

It's always that one poster who happens to write word for word.

by Laura Dern reply 6405/18/2013

[quote]full romantic chemistry with the French actor in A Very Long Engagement.

I forgot she was in that. I knew I saw her in something French and wondered why she hadn't been in more French stuff. Sandra Bullock should be in a German film as well.

by Laura Dern reply 6505/18/2013

Actually, I wonder how she would do in a lesbian role showing affection? Maybe she has a hard time showing affection whether with men or women?

In an interview of yester year she mentioned that she has to remind her friends that she doesn't feel cold even if that is what she shows, or something to that affect.

That quote made me think she might be an aspie. Or, maybe it was the result of a tough childhood with little time to be a kid.

by Laura Dern reply 6605/18/2013

There's always trolldar, R64. If you could ever be bothered, you'd see I have barely ever posted in any Foster threads. You have no idea who I am.

by Laura Dern reply 6705/18/2013

[quote]Bullshit [R63], same writing pattern. And it's not usual, even on DL, surprisingly.

When you've tracked down these repeat posters, be sure and alert the New York Times and the Washington Post. The public needs to know what shocking things are going on at DL.

by Laura Dern reply 6805/18/2013

Lord, r68 please don't try to be witty.

Right, r67 cause no one here knows how to erase cookies.

Shut up all of you.

by Laura Dern reply 6905/18/2013

[quote] Do people actually like CONTACT? What was the message of that film - SCIENCE = FAITH?

As someone who teaches science for a living, I have to say that Contact portrayed the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life fairly realistically and based on actual scientific speculations and theories (it's Sagan, after all.) I certainly did not get the impression that it was trying to equate science and faith. The movie has its flaws but not for those reasons.

by Laura Dern reply 7005/18/2013

The lesbian at R69 just doesn't give up.

by Laura Dern reply 7105/18/2013

Contact is a dated snooze. I voted for Nell though.

by Laura Dern reply 7205/18/2013

Another one who likes The Brave One, though the beginning, with all the unconvincing romance, is cringe-worthy. The second time I watched the film I skipped to the point where the fiance is dead.

I was surprised at the chemistry Foster had with Howard in that film (she had none with the guy playing her lover).

This was one of her last great performances, too. Hollywood must not like her since they completely skipped her during the awards season that year.

by Laura Dern reply 7305/18/2013

shut it r71. So far you are the only one still continuing.

by Laura Dern reply 7405/19/2013

She was nominated r73 for a GG and another award for that role. If Hollywood didn't like her, she wouldn't have a nearly 50 year career, seriously.

by Laura Dern reply 7505/19/2013

r61 is right. Her scene in A Very Long Engagement is bubbling with unspoken sexual tension and one of the finest acting she's ever done. She did have a sort of "lesbian love moment" with Nastassja Kinski in Hotel New Hampshire but nothing to write home about: just a shot of the two of them snuggling in bed followed by a shot of a very shocked Rob Lowe. Come to think of it, that movie is one of the worst adaptations of a novel I've ever seen.

Love her campy 'Joan Collins meets Maggie Thatcher' turn in Inside Man. It was refreshing to see her playing a villain (at least not a saintly heroin for a change) and a feminine one at that - even if she looked like a drag queen in progress trying to walk on those high heels.

by Laura Dern reply 7605/19/2013

Voted for Contact because I saw it from start to finish. Didn't make it past the first few minutes of the Panic Room or The Brave One, and I am willing to bet The Brave One is the absolute worst.

It saddens me because I've enjoyed several Neil Jordan's movies

by Laura Dern reply 7705/19/2013

I find it hard to believe that she's won two Oscars with her mannered and wooden performances.

by Laura Dern reply 7805/19/2013

R61 yes that storyline with personal favourite Jérôme Kircher

Before he started making movies I saw him as Konstantin in The Seagull on stage. He was fantastic and I went to see him in other productions after that. He has tremendous chemistry with any woman.

He is Irène Jacob's man btw, or was a few years ago. They have kids together.

by Laura Dern reply 7905/19/2013

She has good chemistry with Nastassjia Kinski. (They had an affair in real life)

by Laura Dern reply 8005/19/2013

Nastassja Kinski is stunning.

by Laura Dern reply 8105/19/2013

An IKEA chair would have good chemistry with Nastassja Kinski.

by Laura Dern reply 8205/19/2013

Any movie where she clenches her jaw and her forehead vein pops out in righteous indignation. Oh...that's her entire film oeuvre.

by Laura Dern reply 8305/19/2013

I agree that I'm unimpressed by Foster's career in general, but she was the supreme child actress in the 70s. The best of those movies still hold up great too.

by Laura Dern reply 8405/19/2013

"Backtrack" (also called "Catchfire") needs to be on that poll. It's hard to believe a movie with such a stellar cast could be so incredibly bad. Jodie looked great, though.

by Laura Dern reply 8505/19/2013

I'll say my favorite Jodie Foster performance is THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE.

by Laura Dern reply 8605/19/2013

I forgot about "Hotel New Hampshire". That had to be one of the weirdest movies I've seen.

by Laura Dern reply 8705/19/2013

Everybody wants a piece of Jodie.

by Laura Dern reply 8805/19/2013

Hotel New Hampshire was weird but fun. The only reason Kinski got offered the part was because of her affair with Foster

by Laura Dern reply 8905/19/2013

Wow, OP. This is a difficult poll. I had no idea she's made so many bad movies. And yes, there are a few you haven't listed. I saw Nim's Island when I babysat my nieces and it was pretty terrible. Gerard Butler and Jodie as romantic interests.

by Laura Dern reply 9005/19/2013

There was this show on circa 90s long before any of her coming outs about lesbian subtext in films with lesbians talking about their favourite cinema moments.

Jodie was singled out heavily as pinging their gaydar and this seemingly innocuous scene from one of her teenaged films where she was at the stall at a fairground or something was singled out as bubbling with lesbian sexual tension.

In another similar show of lesbians discussing their faves, Darlene of Roseanne was picked a lot. They never said she was gay, but this was long before she announced it.

by Laura Dern reply 9105/19/2013

Agree she was an outstanding kid actor: "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore," the original "Freaky Friday," and the TV series of "Paper Moon" were all excellent. I'd like to see her as one of the idiosyncratic guest-lawyers on The Good Wife.

by Laura Dern reply 9205/19/2013

Looks like we have a winner: Anna and the King

by Laura Dern reply 9305/21/2013

I'm surprised Catchfire isn't on the list. It is an Alan Smittee oeuvre.

by Laura Dern reply 9407/30/2013

The only good thing about Flightplan was Matt Bomer in a flight attendant uniform. Probably his gayest role so far!

by Laura Dern reply 9507/31/2013

I don't like her acting, she is always trying so hard. I never forget seeing Jodie Foster.

by Laura Dern reply 9607/31/2013

Maverick, Silence of the Lambs and Accused are her best to me. And I'd give extra points to maverick for being so unlike everything else she usually does.

She was terrible in Inside Man.

by Laura Dern reply 9707/31/2013

I thought Panic Room was one of her best.

by Laura Dern reply 9807/31/2013

You're crazy R97. She was so fun in Inside Man. I still remember my friends and I saying we wish there was more Jodie and less (very dull) Denzel as we walked out of the movie theater.

by Laura Dern reply 9907/31/2013

If Inside Man is a comedy, then yes. To me she was just so fake. Her tone clashed with the whole movie as far as I was concerned. Hated, hated, hated her performance. Difference of perceptions./

by Laura Dern reply 10007/31/2013

Inside Men is a heist film. I thought Jodie was quite good in it.

by Laura Dern reply 10107/31/2013

Jodie's calves should have won an Oscar in, "Inside Man".

by Laura Dern reply 10207/31/2013

I thought Jodie looked amazing in Panic Room. I think she was a couple months pregnant when filming,

by Laura Dern reply 10307/31/2013

Elysium - She played her role like a cartoon character. ( with an utterly ridiculous accent I may add )

by Laura Dern reply 10408/11/2013

IMO she did the same on Inside Man, Gazo.

by Laura Dern reply 10508/18/2013

Silence of the Lambs is Foster's Boys Don't Cry - good actress with limited range who got the role of her lifetime and made the most of it.

by Laura Dern reply 10608/18/2013

As any actor should, R106. I'm all for it.

by Laura Dern reply 10708/18/2013

I didn't care for her performance in Inside Man. She doesn't do over the top well, because she has no sense of humor.

by Laura Dern reply 10808/18/2013

Actually she does have a sense of humour, if you pay attention to her interviews.

by Laura Dern reply 10908/18/2013

R109 is right.

by Laura Dern reply 11008/18/2013

As an actress she doesn't have a sense of humor.

by Laura Dern reply 11108/18/2013

Chicka, chicka, chickabee.

T'ee an me an t'ee an me.

Ressa, ressa, ressa me,

Chicka, chicka, chickabee.

by Laura Dern reply 11208/18/2013

This is a hard one because she has never done a bad film so have to go on least best which to me is Sommersby by my taste in films but she did a great job in it and panic room, she was director and had an actor to play the part who got sick so Jodie stepped in and did both act and direct and it came out great. Not easy to do a film based only in one house like that and pull it off or one plane like she did.

She takes on hard roles and makes them great. Best actor of anyone her age or younger.

by Laura Dern reply 11308/18/2013

"All of the above."

by Laura Dern reply 11408/18/2013

r113 = John W. Hinckley, Jr.

by Laura Dern reply 11508/18/2013

She did a great job directing Panic Room.

by Laura Dern reply 11608/18/2013

Hotel New Hampshire is one of the dullest films I have ever seen.

by Laura Dern reply 11708/18/2013

Her films are fine, but she has to be one of the most wooden, coldest film actresses I've ever seen.

by Laura Dern reply 11808/18/2013

"Carnage sure isn't a great one. Not even Foster can make some of her lines sound convincing."

Marcia Gay Harden had no problem making those lines convincing every night on Broadway, and, incidentally walked away with a Tony.

by Laura Dern reply 11908/18/2013

Can anybody compare the casts of Carnage of the film vs the play? I have not seen either. Wish I had seen the stage version.

by Laura Dern reply 12008/18/2013

R117 - I haven't seen it in years, but I recall Jodie being very good in Hotel New Hampshire.

by Laura Dern reply 12108/18/2013

This has nothing to do with Jodie, but I thought "Hotel New Hampshire" was the strangest film I have ever seen.

by Laura Dern reply 12208/18/2013
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