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The 'Supernatural' Season Finale was Fantastic!

The best season finale of the year, by far.

by Angels.... falling!reply 11105/21/2014


by Angels.... falling!reply 105/17/2013

And Jensen must have something in his contract that guarantees that he look hot in every scene.

by Angels.... falling!reply 205/17/2013

"Supernatural" is rumored to have this song as their new theme song next season:

by Angels.... falling!reply 305/17/2013

It was pretty fucking awesome!!

That last scene was beautiful.

All those angels!

by Angels.... falling!reply 405/17/2013

Who went to hell this time?

by Angels.... falling!reply 505/17/2013

Mercifully, no one.

The useless angel will now be a useless human.

Sammy and Dean are intact and together.


by Angels.... falling!reply 605/17/2013

I agree. The end scene with the falling angels was beautiful. I thought it was cool that when the one hit the lake in near the guys it caused a tremor - very cool.

by Angels.... falling!reply 705/17/2013

Just watched the episode again.

So all those angels fell, sort of like Lucifer or did they have their powers stripped away first?

It will be hella interesting to see if they do or do not have their powers.

by Angels.... falling!reply 805/17/2013

That's a good question. They won't be human because they have to have their whatever they call it removed but I could see their powers being blocked. I was really tired of the demon/angel stuff but this made me excited to see what happens.

If Castiel did go make babies would that be a new race of Nephilim?

by Angels.... falling!reply 905/17/2013

That final scene was incredibly beautiful and the way Jensen was lit was excellent.

R8, I assume that they will still have their powers, just not the ability to get back into heaven.

by Angels.... falling!reply 1005/17/2013

Castiel and Dean can now make babies as metatron implied to Castiel. They just need a surrogate special guest star.

by Angels.... falling!reply 1105/17/2013

And I would like to see Castiel, Dean & Sam all gang bang Kevin Tran is season 9. It would be a Datalounge hit.

by Angels.... falling!reply 1205/17/2013

Castiel had his "grace" taken away. So he is human.

Wouldn't the angels end up in hell, though, just like Lucifer? He didn't get sent to Earth. He got sent straight to hell, LOL.

When he fell.

by Angels.... falling!reply 1305/17/2013

Dean asked the lesbian head angel if the angels would fall to hell and she said no, that Megatron set it up so that they would walk the earth after falling.

by Angels.... falling!reply 1405/17/2013

Will Cass still be 'Cass' next season or will he be the guy who Cass inhabited?

by Angels.... falling!reply 1505/18/2013

The "Transformer"? R14?


Jimmy somerhing or another.

by Angels.... falling!reply 1605/18/2013

I stopped watching after season 6. I just couldn't deal with Sam's gross sideburns that went out to the middle of his face. Did he ever get rid of those things?

by Angels.... falling!reply 1705/18/2013

Sam's sideburns and Jensen's being a Republican did it for me. I turned it off and haven't regretted it. I might could've gotten used to Sam's sideburns, but Jensen being a conservative . . . no way.

by Angels.... falling!reply 1805/18/2013

He did get rid of them and got a haircut, too.

by Angels.... falling!reply 1905/18/2013

People keep saying that thank god no one went to hell in this episode but i say its all a matter of perspective. I mean hell is our sewer but we are heaven's sewer. We are kinda like hell for angels.

On another topic i think metatron know more about god s actual status because if it was me, i would be afraid of what big daddy will do to me if he knew i threw all my brother to earth without caring about the possible war they can start in the middle of the human world he created.

by Angels.... falling!reply 2005/18/2013

I can't find anything about Jensen Ackes being a Republican.

by Angels.... falling!reply 2105/18/2013

Dean and Cas need to fuck in season 9.

by Angels.... falling!reply 2205/18/2013

And you need to fuck off, R22.

by Angels.... falling!reply 2305/18/2013

I will stay right here, Pimply Fangirl at R23!

by Angels.... falling!reply 2405/19/2013

Now get naked.

by Angels.... falling!reply 2505/19/2013

Then you are inept at even the most basic internet tasks, R21, because it is all over the place, even on Datalounge. Go to the LA Clerk's site. You can see it there.

And in case you Dean/Cas fans haven't heard, Jensen has put a moratorium on any questions regarding his character's sexuality at those dreadful supernatural conventions. (Yes, the same conventions that have made him quite rich because we all know that it sure wasn't the CW that bought his new Malibu pad.)

According to Creation, whose representatives had to comfort a young bisexual girl who deigned to ask such a question in New Jersey, questions are screened prior to the event. This girl however couched her question in a way so that it somehow made it under the radar. She asked Jensen if Dean could possibly be bisexual and not have known it until Cas came along. The girl claimed she had only just come to terms with her own bisexuality so she knew that such a thing was possible. As soon as the girl admitted to being bisexual, though, the fucktards at the convention, knowing where her question was going, began to boo her. Ackles bodyguard then came out and told her she couldn't ask her question. Ackles played as if he didn't hear her when she first asked him but those there claimed he couldn't have missed it. He even said, "I'm going to play like I didn't hear that."

I personally think Ackles is a typical evangelical Rethug who is about as gay friendly toward men as Sarah Palin...but that's just me. Since he was running a close second to Jesus Christ in the "What Star has the craziest fans" poll, I'm sure others will have a differing opinion.

by Angels.... falling!reply 2605/19/2013

And I'm glad she was booed.

That stupid girl had a very clear agenda when she began her question the way she did.

She wanted to be able to pin Jensen down to either admitting that yes, Dean was bi, or else have him come across as a homophobe.

Which, guess what, he did.

Fuck those stupid, stupid Destiel fans for trying to give that "relationship" any sort of validation. Dean only uses Castiel when he needs something.

Jensen said that to Dean, Sam was everything. Dean said as much during the finale.

The con in Rome had everybody write down their questions and they could not deviate from that.

by Angels.... falling!reply 2705/19/2013

Jensen had no problem draping himself all over Misha Collins in Rome (and more, if the rumors are correct.) He may not be able to articulate his feelings on the Dean/Castiel relationship but he has NO trouble flirting up a storm onstage.

(Supernatural Secret: Guest stars only return when Jensen wants them to. He's the Big Dog on that set.)

by Angels.... falling!reply 2805/19/2013

R28 That isn't a big secret.

by Angels.... falling!reply 2905/19/2013

He was forced to interact with Collins more than usual when Jared was called away unexpectedly.

by Angels.... falling!reply 3005/19/2013

Cass is really cute out of his Cass costume. Jensen is a 30something white guy from Texas, a lot of them are republicans, but who cares. Who he votes for has nothing to do with the show.

by Angels.... falling!reply 3105/19/2013

Who cares. Jensen is still DELICIOUS!

by Angels.... falling!reply 3205/19/2013

I for one care. I think he's a fundie who like somebody else said just keeps his mouth shut for a paycheck.

He's a perfect example of how people, especially gay men, are willing to over look ANYTHING because someone is good looking.

He's a Republican who votes against equality.

He's also a celebrity who is making bank on those conventions so for that girl to get booed is awful. He should have just answered her question.

He and people like him really get under my skin.

by Angels.... falling!reply 3305/20/2013


Read post 58 from the Jensen Ackles is a Homomphobic Douche thread

by Angels.... falling!reply 3405/20/2013

You think he's a fundie, but you don't know. Believe it or not, not all republicans are evil,Jesus lovers.

Look at it this way. Many gay actors stay in the closet because they don't think people will be able to separate their personal lives from the characters they play. This is kind of the same thing. I could understand if Jensen was going around saying death to gays, be he's not. He's just doing his job and living a very low key personal life. How is that bothering you?

by Angels.... falling!reply 3505/20/2013

Misha and Jensen saw "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" together - a DL poster in Vancouver spotted them. Gay, Bi or Not, their friendship is sweet.

Jensen dances to Singing in the Rain.

by Angels.... falling!reply 3605/20/2013

Jensen is a Rethug and that's proven. Just because he keeps his mouth shut doesn't cancel his vote AGAINST equality at the voting booth.

He's had ample opportunity to come out in support of LGBT issues. He doesn't.

You fan-fraus taking up for the man because he's good looking make me puke.

by Angels.... falling!reply 3705/20/2013

even after i heard alot of stuff in the fandom about jensen being less than cool with gay dudes, i cut him some slack. but then about a yr ago i saw him cover up the mike at a convention and say 'your such a fucking fagot" to Jared who was talking about getting ready for a emotional scene. i met jensen at another con before that and he just doesn't seem cool with gay guys. not the ones like me who don't try to hide that we're gay. i'm out and proud! his attitude bothered me b/c i was a fan, but I'm not gonna waste my time admiring someone who votes to take my rights away.

by Angels.... falling!reply 3805/20/2013

R38, there are rumors they're involved with each other. Credible or not, I don't know.

by Angels.... falling!reply 3905/20/2013

I thought Jensen being a Republican was just a rumor, that's how it was presented in the "homophobic douche" thread. But now even his defenders seem to be conceding that he is a Republican, but they want to convince us it doesn't make him evil. Yes he is, anyone who votes for the Repugs' evil agenda is evil themselves.

by Angels.... falling!reply 4005/20/2013

If he is, who cares? Is going around saying kill all the gays? Does his voting history have anything to do with a role he plays on a tv show?

by Angels.... falling!reply 4105/20/2013

How gives a shit about the "role he plays on tv." He's on a cheesy CW show, it's not like it's high art. His "talent" is his looks, and there are plenty more where he came from, that aren't Republicans.

by Angels.... falling!reply 4205/20/2013

R40, Even I can tell you he is a Republican. I have seen it on the Los Angeles Clerk's sight. Investigate the info in R34's comment and you can see it too. You can type in his date of birth and stuff and it will pop up. R39, I think those rumors were just speculation on the part of hopeful gays. I personally believe they are both straight. I was a fan of Jensen's for a long time but then things started snowballing with his mouth.

by Angels.... falling!reply 4305/20/2013

R27...fuck off and die in a grease fire, homophobic asshole.

by Angels.... falling!reply 4405/20/2013

I agree, R27! And fuck off and die too, Jensen Ackles. Why any gay man would waste any time on him is beyond me. Sad, really really sad.

by Angels.... falling!reply 4505/20/2013

I meant I agree with R44 about R27!

by Angels.... falling!reply 4605/20/2013

r38 how did Jared react to what Jensen said?

by Angels.... falling!reply 4705/20/2013

Good God. Most of us just wanna fuck or be fucked by him. You all make out like we wanna be his best friend or spend the rest of our lives with him. WE DONT CARE ABOUT HIS POLITICAL LEANINGS! We just wanna get down and dirty with him.

by Angels.... falling!reply 4805/20/2013

Amen, R48! I'd fuck the Red State right outta him given the chance and maybe his hot costars are trying just that.

by Angels.... falling!reply 4905/20/2013

How did anyone from the show let him get away with it?? It's incredibly offensive.

by Angels.... falling!reply 5005/20/2013

Then don't defend his personality, or "talent" or anything else, just say he's physically appealing to you. And don't buy the show's dvds, let his fellow redneck cretins support the show. It's geared for rednecks and they must be at least as big a part of the audience as gays.

by Angels.... falling!reply 5105/20/2013

You're right R51. Thank you. And R48 and R49 I feel sorry for you both. I’ll bet you probably still fantasize about the hot football players in high school who beat you up and called you “sissy,” don’t you?

I bet you’re still eating at Chick-fil-a, too.

People like you make me really sad.

And embarrassed.

I gave Ackles a chance because, I mean, come on, he *is* hot as all hell; however, he just kept digging himself in deeper and deeper. He’s incontrovertibly a Republican and maybe you’re cool with that—and the things that continually fall out of his mouth—but I’m not. As far as whether or not he’s a homophobe, well, there’s this thing called a “preponderance of the evidence,” and I’m just not going to lust after people like him.

My self-respect won’t let me go there. But hey, if yours will then by all means, carry on.

Just don’t put any money in his pocket. You're going to need it for Chick-fil-a.

by Angels.... falling!reply 5205/21/2013

R51, the audience for Supernatural breaks down thusly: 95% fangirls, 5% gays, 0% rednecks.

R52, bring forth some of this incontrovertible evidence, by all means.

And where the hell is the Joanne Krupa Orgasm troll, much missed in this thread?

by Angels.... falling!reply 5305/21/2013

yes and i suspect there are some fangurls on this thread incognito taking up for jensen. i swear to god - that fandom is comprised of all psychotics. it's a prerequisite. they would kill their first born if jensen even hinted that it would please him.

r53, follow the directions at r34. he's a rethug, seen it myself lots of times. he's updated it almost every year.

agree with r51 & 52 for what it's worth. i don't do republican. no siree. not even the good looking ones. the good looking ones vote too, just like the ugly ones, so no thanks.

by Angels.... falling!reply 5405/21/2013

R48 and R49 you both strike me as so stupid that I don't even feel sorry for you.

Jensen Ackles is a fucktard Republican who proves it time and time again.


Yeah, he's fine but so the fuck what? He's a Rethug. I was into him until I found that out. His wife's brother is Gino Graul who does nothing but complain about Obama and the democrats on his Twitter. He says douchey fucktard suff like, "You SIR should be ashamed" when ever someone criticizes the Right. It's like he thinks saying "Sir" makes him all respectful and cool. Ackles is tight with him and all those other Republicans who are on the downlow so to keep the cash comin.

You got a autographed photo of Palin in your wallet then go ahead with your Jensen love. Not this gay boy tho.

by Angels.... falling!reply 5505/21/2013

R52 & R55 are hilarious. Those of us who want to do him think about it for 2 minutes while we watch the show and then forget about it till next ep. Meanwhile you two go to infinite internet research to study up on his history, even relatives of his spouse! What an obsession and waste of time. Please tell us again who are the ones consumed with Jensen?

by Angels.... falling!reply 5605/21/2013

i dunno, r56, you seem pretty sad to me, grooving on someone who thinks you're less than equal to him. i don't know jenny personally but i get the notion that he is lauging all the way to the bank. he keeps his mouth shut, yeah, but he's pretty loud in the voting booth. anyone voting a Republican ticket isn't going to show up in my fantasies, but that's just me.

by Angels.... falling!reply 5705/22/2013

R56 YOU'RE the one who's hilarious AND pathetic. Jensen Ackles has proven that he's a homophobic dickhead time and time again. R48 & R49, you're both just as bad as R56.

I used to be a fan of Supernatural but I kept hearing things about Jensen. Then I saw his information on the LA Elections Bureau and that was it for me. He just can't keep his foot out of his mouth, and I think that's his true colors showing through. It became impossible for me to watch the show without all the stuff I heard about him affecting my enjoyment of it, so I turned it off.

He's a piece of shit Repug who's the type of D List actor who will end up on Splash or I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

by Angels.... falling!reply 5805/22/2013

Poor R57 & R58, trawling through voting records etc about someone they don't even personally know. You're both totally obsessed by the guy to the point of being unhinged. We just wanna fuck him. Finished.I'd gladly blow him in the voting booth as he puts that big tick for Republican whoever.I bet that upsets you. Then again those most stridently vocal are usually the ones who would fall to their kness at Jensen's finger click-like you two.

by Angels.... falling!reply 5905/23/2013

You're an embarrassment, R59. People like you think they're soooooo pragmatic, but you're not. I can't help but wonder what kind of wretched life you lead.

by Angels.... falling!reply 6005/23/2013

A life R60 not obsessed by some celebrity where I need to delve into their voting records and trawl the internet looking for info on their background, family etc like the unhinged lot in here like yourself. I can say JENSEN IS HOT and move on. You can't.

by Angels.... falling!reply 6105/23/2013

And fuck you, R44 and R45.

What part of my post was homophobic???

I was just repeating information that I had read elsewhere.

They did boo the girl, and it was because she was fishing for a response from Jensen that wanted him to validate some people's idea of romantic relationship where NONE exists.

Dean and Castiel are NOT a couple, they never have been a couple and never will be a couple.

To quote Dean: "What show you been watching?"

by Angels.... falling!reply 6205/23/2013

To answer Dean: This is the show I've been watching.

by Angels.... falling!reply 6305/23/2013

Now Castiel will be able to get a woman.

by Angels.... falling!reply 6405/23/2013

Yeah, R63, that's the blooper reel.

Nobody sees that except the people who have way too much time on their hands and watch the DVDs and on YouTube links.

by Angels.... falling!reply 6505/23/2013

you're crazy R62! I had a friend at that Jersey con and she said there was no way Jensen didn't hear that question. He's a homophobic ass and I'm done with him. All you others fantasizing about him, I bet when you see someone drink water you get hard. Bet it drums up images of Rubio.

by Angels.... falling!reply 6605/24/2013

And saying that that girl SHOULD have got booed WAS homophobic. Jensen brings out craziness in people. What were you thinking?

by Angels.... falling!reply 6705/24/2013

I never said he didn't hear the question.

I'm pretty sure he did hear it but pretended not to.

Again, he was not going to go "there".

The conventions are all about a television show. Interestingly enough, a lot of people are there to see the interactions of Jensen and Jared. They are the main draw.

Nobody gives a rats ass what your sexual preferences are in that convention setting. They DON'T talk about sex, of any kind. Sexual questions are not a subject that comes up. Sometimes there are kids, even little kids and babies present. It's all kept very PG. The guys don't even use curse words.

by Angels.... falling!reply 6805/24/2013

Ackles is a Republican homophobe. He's shown that over and over. To each his own and all that; I just don't get guys who fantasize about men like him. It's cool tho. Who am I to tell someone else who to fantasize about.

by Angels.... falling!reply 6905/24/2013

People fantasize like we all do but we don't obsess on it like the ones who detest him. It's funny that we are condemned for thinking he's hot but it's the critics who are the one's most obsessed. Who in their right mind would waste their time looking up a celebrities voting records, who he is related to, what he said at what convention etc. That is obsession for you. We just think he's hot, we get a tingle in the groin and forget about ittill another ep pops up. Likely none of us we think on it till next season. The I hate Jensen brigade will rant on regardless. Jensen's wjhatevers consuming their every thought. It's hysterical if it weren't so hypocritical.

by Angels.... falling!reply 7005/24/2013

R65 Jensen miming a blow job from Misha is just fine too. And Dean and Benny was hot this year too. Love those big bear types. No wonder Jensen said the purgatory scenes were his favorites.

Dean & Cas exchange yearning glances.

by Angels.... falling!reply 7105/24/2013

Any recent pics of Jared or Jensen in flip-flops?

by Angels.... falling!reply 7205/24/2013

I've loved Jensen since he was Eric on Days. I don't give a fuck about how he votes. I like the show. The finale was outstanding.

by Angels.... falling!reply 7305/24/2013

R70, I can't speak for others, and this is my first post on this thread, but I’ve never spent any time looking for Republican dirt on Jensen. Supernatural has crummy ratings but it has a huge online presence. It was impossible not to hear all that stuff about him. No one really had to go looking for it.

Time after time he either said or did homophobic things and they were all over the net. That's when I, like a lot of others I think, moved on.

When the link to the voter’s registration showed up, yeah, I clicked on it and confirmed what people were saying, but you're trying to cast those actions in a different light.

Some ARE obsessed but I think most here are just saying that the Republican thing bothers them.

I understand that you feel differently, but some of us aren't going to support someone who isn't in favor of equality. I'm not sitting around sending out "I Hate Jensen" telepathic waves, hoping to see him end up in a fiery crash, but neither am I going to yap online about how hot he is.

I don’t mind you wanting the guy . . . I do, however, mind you casting me in the part of odd for not wanting him.

by Angels.... falling!reply 7405/25/2013

You gotta remember where you are, R74. This is DL. You're not going to win any battles by being logical. For alot of guys, if someone is good looking it overshadows everything else. Jensen Ackles brings out the freaks around here.

by Angels.... falling!reply 7505/25/2013

This is where I'm coming from and please feel free to throw shade.

An actor's personal life is an actor's personal life. Which shouldn't inform your enjoyment of a character that actor plays or the tv show or movie that particular character is on.

Isn't it just as wrong for people to not watch that Matt Bomer show because he's gay and playing a straight character? What about the special needs people who are upset with Blair Underwood for playing a wheelchair guy in that new Ironside show, when Blair Underwood is not a wheelchair guy? What about all the queen DL who went ballistic when Lifetime remade Steel Magnolia's with an all black cast?

I guess my point is, I think it's weird when people can't separate character from actor. And I also think it's weird when people let one little thing affect the whole.

I have friends who are republican. We don't agree on anything politically. But that one thing doesn't destroy the friendship, it makes it richer and stronger because we're still friends in spite of our differences.

by Angels.... falling!reply 7605/25/2013

The fact that people can't separate a character from the actor is the reason why bearding is still rife in Hollywood.

by Angels.... falling!reply 7705/25/2013

I get where you're coming from r76, and I completely respect your opinion. I'm even somewhat in awe of it. It's just that I'm 41 and have 2 kids, and my consumption (what I watch on tv, who treats my kids' medical needs, who does my taxes, etc.) is, for better or worse, informed by politics.

That's intentional on my part, and I actually want it that way.

See, I just don't have anything in common with those who would view McCain/Palin and Romney/Ryan as the right choice. I would never be disrespectful to them in any way, and I do have a few friends who have voted Republican in the past...but it would be very difficult for me to have any kind of meaningful friendship with someone who saw McCain/Palin or Romney/Ryan as the better choice.

Even though there are gay-friendly Republicans, their vote, to my mind anyway, eclipses their good intentions when it comes to equality.

Our differences aside, I really do admire your philosophy. I don't know much about this actor, but if he's a Republican (and someone who has made unfavorable comments toward our community) I wouldn't watch his show, and I sure wouldn't give him a starring role in my fantasies, no matter how good looking he is.

I wouldn't use the services of a Republican doctor or accountant, either.

This isn't out of spite. It's just that I'm not going to give anyone money so that they can use it to fight against my rights.

That's just me though. You rock on, R76.

by Angels.... falling!reply 7805/25/2013

It doesn't seem to me that people are having a har d time sperating Jensen from Dean. I think people are saying-me included-that they just aren't gonna watch some homophobe's show!

I think Jensen's a fucking piece of shit.

He's a rethug who says the same shit all the time. Why should we increase his ratings??? It's the same as putting money in his pocket.

by Angels.... falling!reply 7905/25/2013

Hysterical, over the top fan reaction to finale.

by Angels.... falling!reply 8005/25/2013

Maybe fatherhood will wisen him up. He is reportedly somewhat immature still in his behaviors.

by Angels.... falling!reply 8105/25/2013

Goddamn, this isn't about separating an actor from his personal life. This is about not lending gay support to an actor who is a) a Republican and b) a homophobe!

What's so hard about that???

All you folks talking about character and actor "separation" might as well be bitching at someone for not being able to spearate the delcious taste of a Chick Fila sandwich from the owner's politics - - and then throwing shade on them for their shortcomings!

This just goes to show that gay men (I'm a lesbian) will toss ANYTING aside for a pretty face.

JFC, but that is really sad.

by Angels.... falling!reply 8205/25/2013

But do you want to deny support to a Democratic actor, Jared Padalecki?

by Angels.... falling!reply 8305/25/2013

It is so odd to come unhinged over a TV show and one actor's politics.

by Angels.... falling!reply 8405/25/2013

Who's coming unhinged, R84? Most are just saying that they don't support this guy b/c he's a ReThug. What's so hard about that?

Some are saying they watch but that they disagree with this dude's politics and wouldn't lust after him.

Only on Datalounge would you see gay men taking up for a good looking ReThug just b/c said ReThug is good looking.

by Angels.... falling!reply 8505/25/2013

I'm in the Jensen is hot and I don't care about his politics camp. The thing is I had no idea who he voted for, no idea about his family background, no idea about who said what at whichever convention. I only get this info from the unhinged Jensen haters. Those creepy people who stalk the internet and whatever looking for all the vital info and stats on him. Just tell me who are the ones truely obsessed by him? To go to all that trouble to delve into the background of someone you don't know and never likely ever meet, tells me who truely has a thing for Jensen and it's the haters. Is there no doubt the lot of them would fall to their knees to service him? Why wouldn't they since they're so obsessed by him.

by Angels.... falling!reply 8605/25/2013

This thread seems pretty de-railed...personally, I think there's a difference between watching and enjoying a show vs. "supporting" an individual actor (whatever the hell that means) in a cast of many. I'm not going to agree with the politics of every single actor in every single TV show and movie I watch, though I admit that if their politics are particularly awful it dampens my enthusiasm as a fan of their show / movie.

But I mean, if you're going to have a problem with Supernatural why not discuss the occasional misogyny and queer-baiting rather than the private politics of one of its actors.

I've just started getting into the show and watching older episodes on Netflix, as well as the tail end of the current season on Hulu. Any recommendations on particularly good episodes / seasons? So far I've been liking what I've been seeing of Seasons 4 and 5 (Castiel / Misha Collins is great), though I've heard there's a little less enthusiasm for Season 6 and especially Season 7. The "Ghostfacers" episode in Season 3 with the "dead gay intern" was surprisingly touching, as was the "Rapture" episode in Season 4 (with Castiel's vessel).

by Angels.... falling!reply 8705/25/2013

Weekend At Bobby's is good. All of Season 2. The End you probably watched already but I think it's top 5 of the series, maybe even #1.

by Angels.... falling!reply 8805/25/2013

R87 Season 4 is the best. Season 5 is good but variable. Season 6 & 7 are awful under new showrunner Sera Gamble. Thankfully she was shafted and we got a mixed bag season 8 but better than her godawful attempts.

by Angels.... falling!reply 8905/25/2013

Seasons 1-4 are the best. Even season 5.

6 and 7 were kind of hit-and-miss.

Season 8 was completely different.

The beginning seasons were the scariest. Like, shit, did that just happen? Sort of stuff.

Then they got all big, mythological and shit and it just lost something.

by Angels.... falling!reply 9005/25/2013

Misha Collins said he hopes Dean will teach Castiel to cook in season 8.

I hope Dean, Sam and Castiel will walk around naked a lot in season 8.

by Angels.... falling!reply 9105/25/2013

Seasons I-V were the best, and in my opinion the show should have ended with "Swan Song." It's just gotten progressively worse since then.

I found this thread because I was at a party tonight with a bunch of college professors and academics, and what Jensen did at the convention where he ignored the bisexual girl was a topic of discussion. I don’t watch Supernatural any more so I hadn't heard about it.

One professor there said she had a student who was actually at that convention who told her that she was shocked by the horrible treatment the bisexual girl got. She told her professor that it was common knowledge among fans that Creation, the company that puts on the conventions, will not allow ANY sexual orientation questions because Jensen has specifically disallowed them. No gay marriage questions, no politics, no "What do you think about" questions. Absolutely nothing outside the scope of Supernatural.

And there are absolutely no Sam/Dean questions and no Cas/Dean questions. None.

So when the girl started her question by standing up and saying that she had only recently discovered her own bisexuality, Jensen fans began to immediately boo her because they knew Jensen would be unhappy.

They essentially booed her for admitting that she was bisexual! At that point, no one even knew what her question was going to be. Then, Jensen’s bodyguard came out and took her away! The girl later wrote an open letter to Jensen, which is supposed to be published online.

I haven’t watched Supernatural in a long time, and I understand that a lot of you don’t seem to think Jensen’s politics are a big deal, but all I can say to that is ‘wow.” You know, just ‘wow.’ Sorry, but I think it’s really sad that some of you can just sweep all that under the carpet.

by Angels.... falling!reply 9205/27/2013

She was booed because NO ONE CARES ABOUT HER AND HER STORY! It's annoying and I don't know about Jensen 100% but he is a nice guy by all accounts and by some he's gay as gay can be so it's more to do with what he wants to talk about. He doesn't want to talk about the stoopid Dean/Cas shit.

by Angels.... falling!reply 9305/27/2013

JFC you're an idiot, R93. Goddam, now we've got fuckin freepers in a Jensen Ackles thread. You can dream all you want but Jensen isn't gay. He's married, you imbecile, to a Republican just like he is. AND SHE'S PREGNANT YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT.

by Angels.... falling!reply 9405/27/2013

JFC you're an idiot, R93. Goddam, now we've got fuckin freepers in a Jensen Ackles thread. You can dream all you want but Jensen isn't gay. He's married, you imbecile, to a Republican just like he is. AND SHE'S PREGNANT YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT.

by Angels.... falling!reply 9505/27/2013

You’re ridiculous, R93. Jensen Ackles is a Republican who’s on the other side of your rights.

If you want to watch his show, fine. If you want to drool over him, I guess that’s fine too. But have enough sense to understand that just because someone is good looking, it doesn’t mean that they are “nice.”

And give up the “Every Actor is Gay” bullshit. It makes you look even more ridiculously pathetic.

The man seems about as far from gay as you can get.

by Angels.... falling!reply 9605/27/2013

And some people have met him and know some of his friends and coworkers. Keep on keeping on though.

by Angels.... falling!reply 9705/27/2013

It took me a minute, but I finally figured out what's going on in this thread. Okay, here goes. The angry person is some former superfan who went to conventions and comiccon and all of that nonsense. Jensen did something or said something to hurt the superfan's feelings and now the superfan is antiJensen and antiSupernatural. The superfan has now dedicated his or her life to finding out everything he/she can about Jensen and putting a negative spin on it. Going so far as to searching voting records and a bunch of other nonsense to turn people against Jensen and this show.

Meanwhile, the rest of us just who watch the show, but don't go to conventions and join clubs and post on Supernatural fanboards and don't get into the personal lives of two actors on a low rated CW show are called self loathing and Jensen worshippers because we don't join in the hate.

Well, I'm sorry that Jensen was mean to you. I'm sorry that he hurt your feelings. It's a silly little, fun show. Don't take it so seriously.

by Angels.... falling!reply 9805/27/2013

What have you seen or heard, R93??

Agree with R98, too.

"They essentially booed her for admitting that she was bisexual! At that point, no one even knew what her question was going to be."

See, R92, they did know where her question was going. She is a "destiel" fan, she wanted to work her way around to getting Jensen to say, one way or another, that Dean was bi.

No one cared about her situation. The convention is not therapy where one goes to talk about themselves. They go to discuss the show.

I've read elsewhere that those same fans had actual talking points. Ways to phrase their questions so that Jensen would answer and that would not violate the rules about what questions could be asked.

by Angels.... falling!reply 9905/28/2013

R98 is spot on. The most obsessed Jensen folk are the haters who go through voting records and the crazy like. Us Jensen is hot don't give it all much thought beyond the end of whatever ep we are watcing. As for the girl at the Con, well who in their right mind would go to one of those. It's full of no life freaks. I have an actor friend who does/did the Scif cons and he even said they're all a pretty sad bunch of lunatics for the most part.

by Angels.... falling!reply 10005/30/2013

Jensen Ackles is a Republican homophobe. You guys are idiots.

by Angels.... falling!reply 10105/31/2013

Nobody is saying that they hate him; they are saying they don't like his politics.

If you want to watch his dumb show then watch. But for Christ's sake don't put money in his hand by buying his shit.

He may be good looking, but he votes against your civil rights.

by Angels.... falling!reply 10205/31/2013

i hated the finale.

once again hell is open and crowley is alive.

castiel is just eye candy.

no one died.

don't want to watch s9.

by Angels.... falling!reply 10309/04/2013

I'm in it for the long haul r103. Although I did stop buying the DVD boxed sets after Season 5.

by Angels.... falling!reply 10409/04/2013

The S9 gag reel is out and it's full of J2 and Destiel goodness. The GIF I linked to is delicious.

by Angels.... falling!reply 10509/06/2013

OMG!! That gif is delicious!!

How completely adorable.

Love those 2.

by Angels.... falling!reply 10609/06/2013

I didn't think I could love these guys more, but this gif just pushed it to a new level. That Jensen Ackles is one sexy bastard.

by Angels.... falling!reply 10709/08/2013

Oh Lawd!!! What has Crowley done to my Dean?

by Angels.... falling!reply 10805/20/2014

None of you watched?

by Angels.... falling!reply 10905/21/2014

I watched R109. Enjoyed all the hot men. Castiel needs to kiss the soul back into Dean. Sam needs to take his shirt off. Tahmoh Penikket need to come back from the dead to just stand there and look beautiful.

by Angels.... falling!reply 11005/21/2014

Excited for S10 - I want to see demon!Dean getting up to shenanigans with his BFF Crowley. Plus, who else thinks that BAMF demon!Dean will be hot as an inferno.

I want Megatron off my screen forever - he's a scene killer and zzzzzz; I zone out during his dialogue. Let Sam and Cas team up to get darling Dean back with the living.

by Angels.... falling!reply 11105/21/2014
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