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Break from the sociopath/criminal/captive women threads...The Very Attractive and Sometimes Naked Men of HBO’s New Gay Series

HBO announced they’d greenlit a new as-yet-untitled “dramedy” from writer/producer Michael Lannan, which is hella exciting! The show “revolves around three friends in San Francisco who explore the fun and sometimes overwhelming options available to a new generation of gay men.” It’s gonna star Jonathan Groff (Glee, Boss, Broadway’s Hair & Spring Awakening), foxy Murray Bartlett (Guiding Light, Sex and the City) and Frankie J. Alvarez (lots of theater) and a peek on IMDB shows that crazy-hot/talented Matthew Wilkas (Gayby) also appears.

The show — can we call it “Man Francisco?” “Tails of the City?” — will premiere sometime in 2014, and the buzz suggests that’s it’s kind of like a gay Girls. And inside word also has it that the pilot/first episode features lots of man sex. (Duh… Didn’t San Francisco invent anal?) So far, it’s being directed by Andrew Haigh, who helmed the sexy homo indie flick, Weekend. THIS ALL BODES WELL. So, for a preview of what you’ll see when the boys get frisky…

by Anonymousreply 405/17/2013

Sounds like more stereotypical pablum for broadcast television's idea of the gay community: Big city "fabulous" queers, all will be built or thin, below the age of 30, have either great jobs or fabulous lofts and be nelly and/or snappy and/or 'edgy' metrosexual queens.

This is 'Girls' for gay guys in Hell's Kitchen, Chicago and WeHo.

Real gay men, the ones with lives who don't live or follow or idolize stereotypes will never watch it.

The demographic will be Glee watching, soap opera and theater queens along with a few herds of lonely fat chicks. Nothing more, nothing less.

by Anonymousreply 105/17/2013

Huh, had no idea Bartlett was gay.

As to the show....don't have HBO and this won't change that.

by Anonymousreply 205/17/2013

Oh yay, another shill....

by Anonymousreply 305/17/2013

L-word light.

by Anonymousreply 405/17/2013
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