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Cats and dogs are traitors

My husband I own a gorgeous cat. At first, the cat liked my husband more than me. I didn't really care as long as I got along with it.

Then I bought him some whiskas treats and now he's completely ignoring my husband and being very affectionate with me.

Same with dogs. My family and I used to own a dog. The previous dog owner spent a lot of time with the dog and us before letting him go. As the owner was getting ready to leave, he thought the dog would exhibit a dramatic display of sadness.

But the dog did not. The dog was actually fine spending the night with us. No mourning, no crying, nada.

Aren't they opportunistic traitors?

by Anonymousreply 205/17/2013

Dogs seem to take life as it comes, but all breeds are different. I gave a dog away once, to a family with kids when my BF and I broke up. It was necessary and sad. We knew she was going to a good home. A few years later, I happened to see the young boy playing with the dog in a field. I called the dog, she came running over, happy to see me, and then ran back to be with the little boy. Just as it is supposed to be.

by Anonymousreply 105/17/2013

Humans invest so much emotional excess in their conscious understanding of the world. Animals go by instinct. It's not that they cannot love or feel deep attachment/emotion; they just don't think that's the only reason they are on this earth for. Animals just exist and never question their purpose in doing so.

by Anonymousreply 205/17/2013
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