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"I like blue." - Joey Luft speaks!

Gay voice?

by Mike Wallacereply 2008/14/2013

Not very articulate, but he was cute in his early 20s.

by Mike Wallacereply 105/18/2013

Reloading Mother's pills! What a childhood!

by Mike Wallacereply 205/18/2013

So all those Datalounge posters who were claiming he was mentally handicapped were lying?

by Mike Wallacereply 305/18/2013

So, listening to him, you think he's all there, r3?

by Mike Wallacereply 405/18/2013


by Mike Wallacereply 505/18/2013

Joey is mildly intellectually disabled. I would dare say he has a borderline i.q. by just a wee bit and nothing more.

He sounds like an absolute dear, though. Very gentle and honest.

by Mike Wallacereply 605/18/2013


by Mike Wallacereply 708/13/2013

Are there nude photos of Joey Luft? We have heard he has sizemeat, but we must see pictures for verificatia.

by Mike Wallacereply 808/13/2013

Joey sounds like a nice young man. It's not easy being interviewed by Mike Wallace about your famous mother.

by Mike Wallacereply 908/13/2013

Joey was a cute kid, good-looking boy.

by Mike Wallacereply 1008/13/2013

I still like the blue pills.

by Mike Wallacereply 1108/13/2013

Is he smoking a cigarette in that one picture? He looks like he's ten years old!

by Mike Wallacereply 1208/13/2013

"Hushhh Joey.... you've shaid enough... I'll shhing you to shhleep... howssh about 'Babysh Boatshhh a Shhilver Moon?' "

by Mike Wallacereply 1308/13/2013

I HATE those songs! I wanna sing "I was DRUNK last night dear mother!"

by Mike Wallacereply 1408/13/2013

Joey has FAS because of his mother's drug use when she was pregnant with him. In Judy's defense, the effects of drugs on a fetus were not fully understood in her day.

by Mike Wallacereply 1508/13/2013

Lavender blue...dilly dilly ....

by Mike Wallacereply 1608/13/2013

Is blue alive?

by Mike Wallacereply 1708/14/2013

Do I like cock?

by Mike Wallacereply 1808/14/2013

I think mean sister bedazzled my ass. Nice sister buys me smurf dolls. They are blue. I like blue.

by Mike Wallacereply 1908/14/2013

Joey: I'd adsker to sing, and she'd sing. I really loved her a lot.

Mike Wallace: There was a time, your dad told me, when you used to have to reload some of her pills?

Joey: We would try to, um, not give her so much, you know, so we'd load them with sugar, and sometimes she wouldn't notice it, you know.

by Mike Wallacereply 2008/14/2013
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