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Happy birthday Janet Jackson

Janbot, I wish you the happiest of days!

by Alright with mereply 6305/17/2013

What is this thing you called "Janet Jackson"?

by Alright with mereply 105/16/2013

What is she, 80 now?

by Alright with mereply 205/16/2013

[quote]What is she, 80 now?

If she's 80, how old are Vadgedonna, Mick Jagger, and Cher?

by Alright with mereply 305/16/2013

Little fun fact: Janet has never had a #1 single in the UK. She must be an acquired taste.

by Alright with mereply 405/16/2013

Fuck off and die Janet.

by Alright with mereply 505/16/2013

F&F for R5. You are fucking sick and twisted.

by Alright with mereply 605/16/2013

Make fun of her and then defend her? F&f for talking to yourself.

by Alright with mereply 705/16/2013

That is a fun fact r4!

Good thing she married that billionaire, lord knows she didn't have MJs..Er.. I mean Paris' money to count on.

by Alright with mereply 805/16/2013

R4 Who cares about the little UK? The American market is the most important for music sales.

Little fun fact: In the US (the most important market), Janet has spent a total of 33 weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Vadge unfortunately has only spent 28 weeks at number one on that chart, showing how her songs have no longevity.

by Alright with mereply 905/16/2013

Bitch never learned how to spell her name right. Now I see why her momma assaulted her with that iron.

by Alright with mereply 1005/16/2013

Happy 20th birthday to her tits, happy 30th birthday to her nose.

by Alright with mereply 1105/16/2013

Happy Birthday-----> MISS JACKSON!!

(Well, everybody knows I'm nasty.)

by Alright with mereply 1205/16/2013

Janbot here. I created a thread about this MONUMENTAL EVENT last night, but I'll happily contribute to this one as well.

Janet Jackson (Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty) has been a driving force in popular music for over three decades. Her dynamic dance moves, powerhouse stage persona, and sensuality has made her an inspiration to a slew of artists, including Britney Spears, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Aaliyah, TLC, Mya, Usher and countless others.

With over 100 million albums sold worldwide, countless awards, and a laundry list of hits–Janet is an icon.

by Alright with mereply 1305/16/2013

Her beauty is timeless

by Alright with mereply 1405/16/2013

Britney's Tweet for Janet

by Alright with mereply 1505/16/2013

Janbot, my apologies...did not see the original thread.

by Alright with mereply 1605/16/2013

She's always sucked and like many, her over zealous nose scraping is distracting.

by Alright with mereply 1705/16/2013

Happy Day Janbot!

by Alright with mereply 1805/16/2013

Janet grew up JW and was longtime JW - they do not celebrate birthdays.

Janet (allegedly) converted to Islam - true Muslims do not celebrate birthdays.


by Alright with mereply 1905/16/2013

How can that family tell Janet and LaToya apart? With all the surgery they've both had, they look the same now.

by Alright with mereply 2005/16/2013

How did she celebrate Mother's Day this year? I imagine it's kind of hard when you've recently kidnapped your own mother and refused to acknowledge your own child for a couple of decades.

by Alright with mereply 2105/16/2013

R20, you're an idiot. R21, she didn't kidnap her mother and she has no children. Get with it.

by Alright with mereply 2205/17/2013

After all she has done for us, she is treated like this. I just don't understand.

by Alright with mereply 2305/17/2013

I wonder if that child Janet abandoned has a decent self-image, or if the poor thing's been irreparably damaged by her rejection by her birth mother?

Well, at least Janet was off doing life-saving work instead of raising her child. Oh, wait, no she wasn't. She was making flavor-of-the-minute pop music in order to enrich herself, having cosmetic surgery and getting secret-married during her daughter's childhood.

Wow. Turns out that Janet's scum.

by Alright with mereply 2405/17/2013

P.S. I hear she's fucked up on benzos the 6 hours/day she's conscious, so maybe all of Janet's mistakes are catching up to her. Well, benzos are marginally better than the food Janet enthusiastically medicated herself with for the past 30 years.

by Alright with mereply 2505/17/2013

Rhythm Nation sounds like a stereotypical album title. There's some decent tracks on the album, but why adhere to the racist assumption that black people have an innate sense of rhythm and focus on that in music.

by Alright with mereply 2605/17/2013

[quote]She was making flavor-of-the-minute pop music

Surely you jest. Janet's iconic hits have stood the test of time, and are still consistently sampled and remade. Now have a fucking seat.

[quote]P.S. I hear she's fucked up on benzos the 6 hours/day

Where did you hear that? Did it come down the wire to that dilapidated trailer you call a home?

Oh, and she has no children, shithead. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about your parents.

by Alright with mereply 2705/17/2013

You don't get it, R26. She wanted to marry music and dance with the topic of social injustice--hence the multicultural cast of dancers in her videos at the time, and the album artwork and music video's black and white tones. They were to reflect that in a "Rhythm Nation", we are all one.

by Alright with mereply 2805/17/2013

Janbot, Janbot, Janbot. The daughter with DeBarge, and Janet's shameful treatment of her, can hardly even be called an open secret anymore--you make yourself less credible when you try to deny it. Or are you being legalistic when you say she has no children because she signed over parental rights so that she could sing other peoples' words and have a career in her brother's shadow?

by Alright with mereply 2905/17/2013

Oh sorry, forgot the quotation marks around "sing" in my last post.

by Alright with mereply 3005/17/2013

Nobody on the Jeopardy! college tournament knew who she was. What are they teaching our young folks these days?

by Alright with mereply 3105/17/2013

[quote]The daughter with DeBarge

A longstanding debunked urban legend. She took birth control pills when she was on Fame in '85, hence the weight gain. Besides, when she left Fame she pretty much went right to work on "Control", which would have been impossible if she was in the last stages of a pregnancy. Sounds to me like you're taking the word of that shady, broke Young DeBarge dude, which says a lot about you, starting with you will believe anything.

[quote]sing other peoples' words and have a career in her brother's shadow?

She wrote or co-wrote the majority of her hits, and she was in no one's shadow at the apex of her career. Hell, Michael was coming to HER for help at one point. Now have another seat.

by Alright with mereply 3205/17/2013

R15 She should be wishing her a happy birthday since she's spent her entire career ripping off her dance moves.

by Alright with mereply 3305/17/2013

Face it, Janet sucked and her career flamed out. No one fucking remembers a single song.

by Alright with mereply 3405/17/2013

LOL R33, you can say that again...

by Alright with mereply 3505/17/2013

[quote]Face it, Janet sucked and her career flamed out. No one fucking remembers a single song.

Really? She sucked? Is that why she was at one time the highest paid entertainer of all time, twice in one decade? Is that why she is considered the blueprint for the majority of the pop acts out today? Is that why she's won award after award for multiplatinum albums, world tours and films? No one remembers a single song? Is that why RN was remade by P!nk a couple of years ago for that Happy Feet movie, why Janet's "Come Back To Me", "Any Time, Any Place" and "Got 'til It's Gone" have been recently successfully sampled by other artists, and why everyone from Kelly Clarkson to Robyn cover Janet songs in concert? You really need to know what the fuck you're talking about before you put finger to keyboard.

by Alright with mereply 3605/17/2013

Janbot, she was briefly successful because she had the right people backing her and a famous name. She'll always be a disgrace of a person because she abandoned her child.

by Alright with mereply 3705/17/2013

Tell me more about her abandoning of a child, I didn't know that one but she looks the type.

by Alright with mereply 3805/17/2013

You still owe me that nipple clip back, bitch. I need it to keep my chips bags shut better so the bugs don't get in.

Now, bitch.

by Alright with mereply 3905/17/2013

[quote]she was briefly successful

What a fool. Briefly? Ha! Janet dominated from 1986-2001. In that fifteen year period (hardly brief), she put out hit album after hit album, broke box office records all over with her tours, made films that debuted at #1 at the US box office, created and smashed many music industry records, won a trunkful of awards, put out 10 Hot 100 #1 hits, was the first female to have a #1 hit in the '80s, '90s and 2000s, released groundbreaking, still-emulated videos, inspired the current pop artists occupying the Billboard charts and signed two of the biggest record deals in history. Get a clue.

by Alright with mereply 4005/17/2013

I honestly couldn't tell you the name of ANY of her songs. I don't remember the last time I heard her on the radio.

by Alright with mereply 4105/17/2013

Billboard Record For Most cumulative weeks at number one:

79 – Elvis Presley (tie)

79 – Mariah Carey (tie)

59 – The Beatles

50 – Boyz II Men

47 – Rihanna (tie)

47 – Usher (tie)

37 – Michael Jackson

36 – Beyoncé

34 – Elton John

33 – Janet Jackson

31 - Whitney Houston

by Alright with mereply 4205/17/2013

How sad to abandon your kid that way.

by Alright with mereply 4305/17/2013

It is what you would expect from a fat pill popping talentless dreg that she was. She's dead, right?

by Alright with mereply 4405/17/2013

I think so r44. At least I know her career is.

by Alright with mereply 4505/17/2013

Her relationship with her daughter sure is.

by Alright with mereply 4605/17/2013

Are we sure she didn't eat the daughter?

by Alright with mereply 4705/17/2013

I didn't know she died. You would think the media would make a huge deal out of it.

by Alright with mereply 4805/17/2013

[quote]I honestly couldn't tell you the name of ANY of her songs. I don't remember the last time I heard her on the radio

Liar. I actually hear her all the time. And on her birthday the other day, she was on non-stop on various stations.

by Alright with mereply 4905/17/2013

Thanks for posting that R42. Janet also has more R&B #1s than Whitney and her late brother. Aretha is the only female with more R&B #1s than Janet. She is also the first and only artist in history to produce seven top five hits from one album (Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814).

Oh, and she just tweeted today: "Thank u for all the birthday wishes! I loved reading them. Love u! MYM (Miss You Much)."

by Alright with mereply 5005/17/2013

By "various stations", do you mean your iPod r49? And by " non stop", do you mean on repeat on your iPod?

Just clarifying.

by Alright with mereply 5105/17/2013

I heard she died in a most unfortunate grease fire...and nobody bothered to call the fire department.

by Alright with mereply 5205/17/2013

Ooh look, it's the tired "giggle, Edit!" troll. I look forward to your smelly presence in every Janet thread. It's clear you worship her.

And no, my dear. I mean she was on various urban and 80s/90s/2000s terrestrial radio stations. They did birthday tributes to her throughout the day on May 16th. Don't they let you have a radio in the psych ward?

by Alright with mereply 5305/17/2013

Funny, R52, I heard the exact same thing about your mother.

by Alright with mereply 5405/17/2013

JANBOT is reminiscing over her favorite imaginary BFForever! Let's just turn out the light and close the door...she'll fall asleep soon.

by Alright with mereply 5505/17/2013

Yay! I've been dubbed the *giggle* edit troll! First time I post that and first time called a troll!

Oh DL, after so many years, I'm accepted. Anderson Cooper thread here I come!

by Alright with mereply 5605/17/2013

Aww, poor thing @R55. LMAO!

by Alright with mereply 5705/17/2013

LOL@ the MTV Awards! My GOD! Move over Oscars, Peabody and Pulitzers....Here come the MTV AWARDS! OP, you must still be in 5th grade.

by Alright with mereply 5805/17/2013

Janet's daughter is by all accounts very troubled and resentful. She's close to her father's family, though who can say if that's a good or bad thing, as Janet has terrible taste in men and the DeBarges have inconsistent characters.

by Alright with mereply 5905/17/2013

Most desirable = Oscar

by Alright with mereply 6005/17/2013

[quote]MTV Awards! My GOD! Move over Oscars, Peabody and Pulitzers....Here come the MTV AWARDS!

Oh don't worry, honey. Other than receiving Grammys, NAACP awards, an Emmy and winning more Billboard Awards than any other singer in history, Janet also has an Oscar nomination.

by Alright with mereply 6105/17/2013

Janet had a baby by that drug addled DeBarge fellow? HOw old is the kid now?

by Alright with mereply 6205/17/2013

On this night, Janet set a record for most Billboard award wins in a single night. It also helped to make her the artist with the most Billboard awards in history, an achievement she still holds.

by Alright with mereply 6305/17/2013
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