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Anderson Cooper planning joint birthday bash w/ Andy Cohen

Anyone been to his boyfriend's bar?

by Sounds funreply 51806/16/2013

Its about the size of a closet

by Sounds funreply 105/14/2013

Andy Cohen did a cleanse and stopped alcohol for two weeks....yet he looks fatter! How the hell could that happen?

by Sounds funreply 205/14/2013

From FYB:

Anderson Cooper‘s 46th birthday is going to be a ball.

According to the New York Post, the CNN anchor is throwing a joint early birthday party at his boyfriend’s bar, Eastern Bloc, this weekend for himself and BFF Andy Cohen.

The invite says “no cameras, no plus ones.”

CLICK HERE to check out Anderson’s boyfriend’s bar. Viewer’s discretion is highly advised.

by Sounds funreply 305/14/2013

I hope someone ordered a double-sided dildo.

by Sounds funreply 405/14/2013

How did the NY Post find out about the party since AC and Ben seem to be aware that info about their previous parties made it to the internet (no plus ones or cameras allowed). Someone connected to the party had to have given that info to the Post, so maybe AC and Ben's privacy security system isn't as fool-proof as they're hoping. I hope someone can sneak in and get pics or at least details, but it's not likely.

by Sounds funreply 505/14/2013

gayest party ever.

by Sounds funreply 605/14/2013

Eastern Bloc's walls are covered with naked men with huge cocks. AC has to be careful what he's photographed in front of. I bet the party is at Bedlam but they're saying EB to throw people off.

by Sounds funreply 705/14/2013

Ewww. Eastern Bloc is such a dirty, nasty hole.

OTOH, that's probably fitting for the two Andys.

by Sounds funreply 805/14/2013

If they're really having the party there I suppose they'll clean it up.

by Sounds funreply 905/14/2013

Andy looked awful last night on WWHL. His new haircut looks ridiculous. Does he want to screw Anderson? Wouldn't that be a case of dueling bottoms.

by Sounds funreply 1005/14/2013

[quote]Does he want to screw Anderson?

Anderson said Andy is not his type, plus I don't think he'd risk getting his ass kicked by Anderson's bf Ben if he tried to go after him.

by Sounds funreply 1105/14/2013

Will Mark Consuelos be the featured stripper?

by Sounds funreply 1205/14/2013

Two huge gaping bottoms ISO of anything hard to fill the void within.

by Sounds funreply 1305/14/2013

It's the old Wunderbar, on East 6th, if I recall correctly. It's just a bar, nothing unusual about it, except yes, it's small.

by Sounds funreply 1405/14/2013

[quote]Andy Cohen does likes joints, that's for sure.

You know there's going to be tons of hot naked guys and go-go boys, strippers and lap dances, mainly for Andy Cohen since he's single and an admitted horn-dog. That's why pics are absolutely forbidden.

by Sounds funreply 1505/14/2013

R11 Give me a break. He's not pissing off the gravy train.

Meanwhile, who throws a 46th birthday party? Anderson is becoming the epitome of vapid and mindless. And then you wonder why no one takes him seriously.

by Sounds funreply 1605/14/2013

I hope someone sneaks in and gets pics or some details.

by Sounds funreply 1705/14/2013

R16, you must be from Boston, where there are no bathhouses.

by Sounds funreply 1805/14/2013

Andy Cohen's birthday is on June 2 and Anderson's birthday is June 3, I wonder why they are having this party so soon, they're schedules can't be that out of whack.

by Sounds funreply 1905/14/2013

Is Eastern Bloc hygenic? It looks so sleazy and filthy. I'd be afraid to sit on a toilet seat there.

by Sounds funreply 2005/14/2013

Here a link to the bad EB reviews on Yelp, of course there are some good reviews as well. I remember hearing EB smelled like piss.

by Sounds funreply 2105/14/2013

Why is Andy such a third wheel? Does he have no life of his own?

by Sounds funreply 2205/14/2013

One of those Yelp comments said that an EB bartender was racist, so I guess there won't be any black people at Anderson and Andy's party.

Andy Cohen is just a part of that circle that hangs with AC and they all hang out frequently together. I'm sure he knows other people and parties with them too.

by Sounds funreply 2305/14/2013

R23,Excuse me, I've been invited to perform the dying swan en pointe

by Sounds funreply 2405/14/2013

Yelp is a scam. They plant negative comments then contact a business advising that advertising with them will get the negative reviews deleted.

by Sounds funreply 2505/14/2013 the east village, wonder if Daniel Craig will show up, he lives in that hood.

by Sounds funreply 2605/14/2013

Why do all these British/Australians (Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, Kate Winslet) get to live in NYC but I can't?!! I hate them!

LOL R24.

by Sounds funreply 2705/14/2013

[quote]One of those Yelp comments said that an EB bartender was racist, so I guess there won't be any black people at Anderson and Andy's party.

Not surprising. Most white gays are racist.

by Sounds funreply 2805/14/2013

[quote] but I enjoyed the dinge & Obama disco ball.

The Obama disco ball will have to be removed before Anderson sets foot in the bar since he hates the president.

by Sounds funreply 2905/14/2013

"Not surprising. Most white gays are racist"

AC and Ben's inner circle of friends are all white and Ben is following some guy on Twitter who tweeted that blacks were nicer before they got their civil rights. It's not the first time I've heard that EB had racist bartenders.

by Sounds funreply 3005/14/2013

R30, link please.

As much as the Benderson haters on DL have been busy trying to spread yet another false rumor, there's not a shred of evidence that either AC or Ben are racists.

by Sounds funreply 3105/14/2013

Why is Anderson throwing himself a birthday party - guess Ben didn't want to bother? And why have it at Eastern Bloc and not the fire house? It all sounds a little odd to me. Must be nice to have "friends" who run to the Post with gossip about you.

by Sounds funreply 3205/14/2013

Sponsored by Sustiva

by Sounds funreply 3305/14/2013

Anderson dates a bar owner and befriends a fame whore like Cohen.

Peter Jennings he is not.

by Sounds funreply 3405/14/2013

Maybe they're having it outside of the firehouse because they don't want any additional info about the interior of the house to get out there. Someone went into quite a lot of detail here once about the firehouse and its decor.

[quote] Must be nice to have "friends" who run to the Post with gossip about you.

It may not have been anyone in their circle of friends, it might have been a caterer or someone who's doing something for the party and they managed to get a look at the invites. I think that's the last news out of the party that anyone will get. I'm sure someone will try to sneak in but I think they will be found out and done away with.

by Sounds funreply 3505/14/2013

Maybe they're having it outside of the firehouse because they don't want any additional info about the interior of the house to get out there. Someone went into quite a lot of detail here once about the firehouse and its decor.

Or maybe they are into S&M and they have a leather swing ,and they have leather equipment through out the firehouse.

by Sounds funreply 3605/15/2013

If they had all that lying around in plain sight, someone would've spotted it by now. I think if they're into S&M they keep it hidden.

by Sounds funreply 3705/15/2013

Anderson probably leaked it himself r5

by Sounds funreply 3805/15/2013

The casts of the moronic Housewives will attend, there will be a brawl and they will beat the shit out of all the fags in attendence.

by Sounds funreply 3905/15/2013

Since this is a joint party with Andy Cohen, he has input for the guest list. Would you want his skeevy friends in your home?

Was the joint party the choice of Anderson and Ben, or did Andy Cohen push them into it? Anderson Cooper moves in a world that Andy Cohen would be watching from a distance if he didn't push his way in.

by Sounds funreply 4005/15/2013

R34, he's also not Truman Capote or Andy Warhol or Elton John. And frankly, when you look at the lives of those three, who would aspire to be so personally miserable?

Capote, of course, betrayed his friendships, and died alone, a deserved outcast among outcasts.

I think Elton, on the other hand, is immensely talented and he seems like a very good person, but he recently gave interviews that he spent most of his adult life stoned, and regrettably can't remember most of it. What kind of a life is that (no, thanks, but thanks for all the lovely music, Sir John).

Meanwhile, Cooper has covered events in war zones, famine-stricken states in Africa, sensitive bio-diverse micro-environments, when he probably could have just been a playboy, a kind of American aristocrat.

So now he throws a party for himself, and this marks the end of his career as a serious journalist. Oh, Mary, please.

by Sounds funreply 4105/15/2013

Leave it to the AC and Ben hater/ Cesarfrau to bring up the racist bullshit and throw a hissyfit over Anderson having a *GASP* birthday party with one of his good friends at one of his partner's bars. What a scandal! Who does he think he is?

by Sounds funreply 4205/15/2013

[quote]So now he throws a party for himself,

You don't know that. Just because it was in the NY Post doesn't mean Anderson is throwing the party. The whole thing could be another social-climbing event staged by Andy Cohen. It's probably the only way he can get Anderson's friends to party with him.

by Sounds funreply 4305/15/2013

I'm black and have made Eastern Bloc a stop on my usual Friday night bar crawl for years now. I've never experienced anything slightly racist there and there are several other people of color when I go. It's just a dive bar like any other. The person who wrote that review sounds like they either have a major chip on their shoulder or they're the type that sees racism everywhere.

by Sounds funreply 4405/15/2013

Like most men of his background, Anderson inhabits several worlds and keeps them distinct.

It's fun to party down with the hawt, whorish party boys at his BF's bar. (And even fuck around with them, perchance.) But he'd never allow such trash to visit the firehouse. (They might steal something.)

Cohen is also pretty trashy and empty, but a useful and powerful media ally. Anderson will socialize and even travel with Andy, but you can bet Andy's never met Gloria, and probably never will. N.O.C.D.

The people closest to Cooper are not celebrities or gay gym bunnies, and those are the people who get dinner party invites to the firehouse.

by Sounds funreply 4505/15/2013

Thank you R44 for your input, interesting comment.

I love it when people like r45 who have never met Anderson nor Ben make bold proclamations about who gets invited to the firehouse and who doesn't. FYI, Andy Cohen had his book party at the firehouse last year, so it's not like he's never been allowed inside those sacred halls. Same goes for celebrities (a lot of them are close friends of AC) and gay gym bunnies (Ben celebrated his birthday party at the firehouse a couple of times already and I'm sure he invited a few of those).

by Sounds funreply 4605/15/2013

It's at the bar (or a bar) because...

Anderson had Andy's book party at his firehouse...and yes he was not happy with the guests, since cellphone/cameras were there. (this was before he came out).

Anderson and Andy go way back. Andy was a senior producer at CBS this morning so he has ties to NYC news people and he is (as most know) a huge psycofant fame whore...the fact that Anderson was gay and a Vanderbilt made him instant bff material. Anderson enjoys the housewives but at a distance. If you ever notice Andy insists he is not friends with any of the housewives, they do not socialize (he admitted Bethanny but only after she left the show..oh and got 150 million dollars and became Ellen's bff). Andy does not want the stigma of being one of "those" people but rather the "genius" who figured out how to exploit them. (truth be told his actual involvement in the creation of the franchise is little to none).

He has positioned himself as the face of bravo and his WWHL does very well in the ratings. He got what he always wanted. To be famous.

All that being said - Andy and andy want it to be a super manly gay fest - all their male friends, some high profile drag queens and go go boys. No cameras, no housewives.

by Sounds funreply 4705/15/2013


And thus a new, and quite useful, word is born!

by Sounds funreply 4805/15/2013

[quote]he is (as most know) a huge psycofant fame whore..

I believe you mean sycophant.

by Sounds funreply 4905/15/2013

How much money does a bar like Eastern Bloc make?

by Sounds funreply 5005/15/2013

R45 & R47 Well well, Skully, you are not obsessed with Andy, AC and Ben at all, are you? So much disdain expressed for Andy and the Housewives, but at the same to oh so well informed about the whole circus......

It's always fun to see you acting as if you know what AC thinks, wants and will be doing.

by Sounds funreply 5105/15/2013

[quote]Anderson had Andy's book party at his firehouse...and yes he was not happy with the guests, since cellphone/cameras were there.

Did you talk with Anderson about that? Were you a guest or did you make this up as usual? Where are the pictures from this party if it was such a problem? So many parties at the firehouse and never any private pictures. Looks like AC's guests are generally trustworthy.

[quote]but you can bet Andy's never met Gloria, and probably never will. N.O.C.D.

Bet lost. He attended one of her book publication events.

by Sounds funreply 5205/15/2013

R43, I was just running with the prior claim here - I don't know or care if he does or doesn't intend to help plan his own party - more power to him, either way.

by Sounds funreply 5305/15/2013

[quote]Where are the pictures from this party

There have been party pictures from the Firehouse, though I don't know if it's the one for Cohen's book mentioned at R47. The photos were linked in one of the hundreds of AC threads.

by Sounds funreply 5405/15/2013

R54 I know of some formal pictures from Andy's book party at the firehouse and there is nothing revealing about them nor do they show much of the house. They look like pictures that got an okay to be posted on the internet and there has been at least two more parties at the firehouse since then, a holiday party for the AC360 crew and Ben's birthday party. Once again a certain person just makes shit up about what AC alleged motivations and thoughts.

by Sounds funreply 5505/15/2013

[quote]Once again a certain person just makes shit up about what AC alleged motivations and thoughts.

I totally agree. I don't think R45 nor R47 (probably posted by the same person) knows anything about how Anderson feels about having parties at the firehouse. When Andy Cohen had his book party there last year, the only pics I saw online were of famous guests like SJP, Liam Neeson and Jimmy Fallon. Was Anderson Cooper really "not happy with the guests, since cellphone/cameras were there", as R47 claims? I doubt it. I find it hard to imagine that SJP would be snapping pics of the firehouse on her iPhone and then putting them online, don't you think?

by Sounds funreply 5605/15/2013

Indeed. The pictures were taken by a professional photographer and meant to be published. It was a publicity party. So AC obviously doesn't have a problem with pictures taken inside his house being published. They were not jumping up and down on his bed after all.

Now if that party is really going to take place at EB I would understand why he wouldn't want any pictures of himself or his guests in front of that wallpaper posted on the internet.

by Sounds funreply 5705/15/2013

One would think that Bedlam would be a better venue than Eastern Bloc. OTOH, EB fits an Andy Cohen party better than Bedlam.

by Sounds funreply 5805/15/2013

There's no way that Andy Cohen hasn't met Gloria Vanderbilt.

It is strange that they want the party at Eastern Bloc, it seems cramped, grimy, smelly and small. If the AC's planted the Post story, it's probably just to throw them off of where they're really going to have the party. Maybe at Bedlam or somewhere else. I can't imagine that no one will talk after it's over and that no word will get out about what happened.

by Sounds funreply 5905/15/2013

The A-gays in NYC must be killing each other to get an invite to this party.

by Sounds funreply 6005/15/2013

[quote]Andy and andy want it to be a super manly gay fest

So does that mean neither of them will be showing up?

by Sounds funreply 6105/15/2013

I also find it surprising that the party will be held at Eastern Bloc, as it's pretty small for a big joint birthday bash. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes place somewhere else. It would make more sense at Bedlam, which is much bigger. Maybe that's where the party will really be, and they told the NYPost it was at Eastern Bloc to throw them off?

by Sounds funreply 6205/15/2013

R62, that's what I've been saying all along, they may be trying to keep people away from Bedlam. I'm sure AC's an expert at manipulating the media, he knows what to throw out there to make them bite.

by Sounds funreply 6305/15/2013


The actual party will NOT be at Eastern Bloc. It's a ruse.

by Sounds funreply 6405/15/2013

I guess the only way to know is if EB or Bedlam are closed when they are normally open for business or if no one tweets about being at either club that night because someone usually tweets something about being at EB or Bedlam with friends or whatever on Saturday nights.

by Sounds funreply 6505/15/2013

The party will be either at Bedlam or at the firehouse. Mark my words.

by Sounds funreply 6605/15/2013

I believe R64 and R66.

by Sounds funreply 6705/15/2013

What would an A-lister like Kelly Ripa or SJP do if they had to go to the bathroom?

by Sounds funreply 6805/15/2013

[quote]The people closest to Cooper are not celebrities or gay gym bunnies

The 2nd part is not true. AC has a cadre of muscle guys he hangs out with. Only one of which you may have seen pics of.

by Sounds funreply 6905/15/2013

There was a professional photog at Cohen's book party...but There were more than a few +one's who had cellphone snaps out. That is what pissed of AC. Not at Andy oer se but at the guest's choice of +1 (hence the no +1 to the b-day bash).

I think psycophant is a much better word for Cohen lol. Having seen him in action. I have seen him be so open and friendly to celebs and treat a common person like they shit on his shoe..unless you are at his book signing of course. Then he loves to hear how much you love him lol.

by Sounds funreply 7005/15/2013

I'm sure Ben has a group of friends he hands out with together with Anderson. And these guys go to the gym. If you want to call them 'gay gym bunnies'......

And how can anyone claim he's not close to Kelly and Andy? He's spending his vacation and some free time with them.

by Sounds funreply 7105/15/2013

[quote]There were more than a few +one's who had cellphone snaps out.

Stop making shit up, r70. Please post a link backing up your claims.

by Sounds funreply 7205/15/2013

Whenever Cohen rings the doorbell at the firehouse the reaction is probably, "Oh god, it's him again. Hide the vacation brochures."

by Sounds funreply 7305/15/2013

Lol @ r73!

by Sounds funreply 7405/15/2013

What R70 says about the plus ones sounds perfectly legit. Why else wouldn't the privacy obsessed AC make that rule for the party? I've noticed that whenever someone posts something that sounds like they have some actual knowledge of what's going on with AC and we're getting some interesting posts and info, there's always this hysterical person jumping in and demanding that it be stopped and accusing the commenters of making it all up. That hysterical person needs to STFU since they don't know what's what either. There are some things that have been posted here that have been accurate.

AC is now following his female twin Tilda Swinton on Twitter. Maybe she's coming to the party? She lives in NY I think.

by Sounds funreply 7505/15/2013

Not surprised that Cohen is an above it all snob and probably proud of it.

by Sounds funreply 7605/15/2013

[quote]That is what pissed of AC.

You just can't stop making shit up.

by Sounds funreply 7705/15/2013

R75 'No plus ones' is a perfectly common rule for parties with restricted space or of higher cost. AC has had many parties at his house, some or all of which might have been 'no plus ones'. Where are the pictures taken by non-professional photographers? Anyone? R70 just keeps making shit up she can't possibly know without being close to AC. Do you think R70/Skully/Cesarfrau is close to AC? Maybe in her mind she is.

by Sounds funreply 7805/15/2013

In ACs case with his penchant for total privacy, I think the plus one request is all about keeping word about what happens at the party from getting out to the public and stopping gossip about him, Ben and their friends.

by Sounds funreply 7905/15/2013

R79 Yes, they want a private party, that's it. People need to stop making shit up. If AC decided to talk about the party later or show some pictures then so be it. It's like the crazy woman and maybe a queen, if they are not all the same person anyway, feel personally offended because they are not invited.

by Sounds funreply 8005/15/2013

Anderson Cooper hosted a book party for Bravo executive and “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen, at Cooper’s famously rehabbed firehouse home in Greenwich Village, Saturday night. Guests at the bash for Cohen’s “Most Talkative: Stories From the Front Lines of Pop Culture,” included Jimmy Fallon, Kelly Ripa, Gayle King and Harry Smith, spies said. Sarah Jessica Parker arrived solo while her husband Matthew Broderick performed in “Nice Work If You Can Get It” on Broadway. “[Guest] Wendy Williams was loving the photo booth,” a spy said of one of the prime party attractions. Also at the bash were Barry Diller, Liam Neeson, Rashida Jones, Isla Fisher, “3rd Rock From the Sun” comedienne Kristen Johnston, “White Collar” star Matt Bomer and CAA’s Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane.

A source close to Andy Cohen and the Real Housewives franchise tells us the Bravo executive and “Watch What Happens Live” anchor “has been trying to distance himself from ‘Housewives’ because he wants to be taken seriously as a talk-show host” and because the catfight-causing ladies are too declassé for the high-powered social scene in which he now moves.

“He wants to have his fancy celebrity friends, and the girls don’t fit,” says the insider.

As evidence the source notes that with the exception of Cohen’s BFF, former “Real” housewife of NYC Bethenny Frankel, none of the franchise’s other cast members were invited to the swanky party CNN’s Anderson Cooper threw for the publication of Cohen’s memoir, “Most Talkative: Stories From the Front Lines of Pop Culture,” on Saturday night.

by Sounds funreply 8105/15/2013

I don't see a link for R81's post, but I definitely believe that Andy Cohen wouldn't spend a second with the majority of the Housewives and that his connection to them is an embarrassment and doesn't sit well with his celeb friends. So he made his money off of them and sits back with AC/Kelly/SJP and mocks the Housewives and their fans for being beneath him. There are a lot of people out there who think HE'S kind of a joke in case he wasn't aware of that.

by Sounds funreply 8205/16/2013

Is SJP still considered a celebrity?

by Sounds funreply 8305/16/2013

I guess R83.

by Sounds funreply 8405/16/2013

R82 He would be considered a joke if he hang out with those trashy people.

by Sounds funreply 8505/16/2013

Not for nothing his WWHL pulls in better ratings in key demos than Chelsea Handler.

His obsession with One Direction and others who are barely 21 is a lil skeevy since he is pushing 50 (46 my ass). I find it funny all the "why can't I find a man" schtick with him. Everyone knows he is a whore lol...he does not want one BF.

by Sounds funreply 8605/16/2013

R86 Yet you are obsessed with him. It's like you hate everyone close to Anderson.

by Sounds funreply 8705/16/2013

People really think r44 is black?

by Sounds funreply 8805/16/2013

I hate everyone close to Anderson, I will cook them and eat the so he can still be near them. I am a psycophant.

by Sounds funreply 8905/16/2013

r89 seems to have finally lost it.

by Sounds funreply 9005/16/2013

Anthony Bourdain started a twitter fight with Andy over the fact that Bravo's Top Chef is taking money from a BP fund to film in New Orleans next season. Anthony suggested Bravo should donate the 200K to local charities.

Andy responded with a snotty reference to Treme and in comes David Simon who ripped into Bravo on his blog.

by Sounds funreply 9105/16/2013

R91 You really ARE obsessed with Andy. Who follows this irrelevant crap?

by Sounds funreply 9205/16/2013

This is funny. Any time someone makes an "obsessed" accusation, hit troll-dar on their post and see who's obsessed. My mention of this will probably earn a cesarfrau or Ben hater or Cohen obsessed accusation.

In looking at the people mostly seen with Anderson and Ben, they seem like almost-ordinary fun-loving people except Cohen. There's a line in "My Fair Lady" that fits Andy - "a social-climbing heiress from New York." He just doesn't fit in with Ripa, Consuelos, SJP, and all the rest. They're well-established at their own level and don't feel a need to look down on others. Cohen is climbing while spitting on those at a lower level. You don't have to be obsessed to see that because you can read it in the media.

by Sounds funreply 9305/16/2013

R93 You have to be obsessed to follow everything he does. Why would you do that otherwise if you dislike him so much?

by Sounds funreply 9405/16/2013

Listen, you whack-a-doodle accusation-obsessed creep. One can have ZERO interest in Andy Cohen yet can easily come across things like: [italic]A source close to Andy Cohen and the Real Housewives franchise tells us the Bravo executive and “Watch What Happens Live” anchor “has been trying to distance himself from ‘Housewives’ because he wants to be taken seriously as a talk-show host” and because the catfight-causing ladies are too déclassé for the high-powered social scene in which he now moves.[/italic]

Are you unable to comprehend that people NOT obsessed with Cohen have the ability to read: [italic]As evidence the source notes that with the exception of Cohen’s BFF, former “Real” housewife of NYC Bethenny Frankel, none of the franchise’s other cast members were invited to the swanky party CNN’s Anderson Cooper threw for the publication of Cohen’s memoir, “Most Talkative: Stories From the Front Lines of Pop Culture,” on Saturday night.[/italic]

You obviously can't deal with people happening across mentions of Cohen in print media. Why is it you don't want this discussed here? Why are you so intent on controlling what is said about Anderson Cooper and his friends while painting other posters with an "obsessed" label when troll-dar shows YOU to be beyond obsessed, bordering on totally deranged.

by Sounds funreply 9505/16/2013

You always freak out when someone hits bullseye.

[quote]You obviously can't deal with people happening across mentions of Cohen in print media.

Of course you just "happen" to come across all those mentions of Cohen in print media and just accidentally "happen" to know everything about him and what he does, the housewives, the people he is friends with or not and all that gossip.

You despise him so you've got to be obsessed to search for, read, collect and memorize or at least look up all this crap about him.

by Sounds funreply 9605/16/2013

Any DLers in the vicinity of Eastern Bloc, Bedlam, or the firehouse need to post updates over the weekend, all weekend. Let's mobilize, ladies.

Which night is Andy's B-day, Friday or Saturday?

by Sounds funreply 9705/16/2013

[quote]Of course you just "happen" to come across all those mentions of Cohen in print media

No, I don't "just "happen" to come across all those mentions of Cohen in print media"

They're right in this thread you accusation-obsessed moron. Are you unable to comprehend what's written at R81?

Why would we have to see them in the media when they will be copied and pasted at DL?

Note your control obsession at R96, R94, R92, R87, R85, R80, R78, R77, R71, R57, R55, R52, R51, R42

You started out in this thread with your name calling accusations: [italic]AC and Ben hater/ Cesarfrau [/italic]. Why are you so intent on controlling what is said about Anderson Cooper and his friends while painting other posters with an "obsessed" label. DL's troll-dar shows you to be beyond obsessed, bordering on totally deranged, snookums.

by Sounds funreply 9805/16/2013

r95 sounds completely unhinged. It's ok dear, you can admit that you follow Andy Cohen and everyone else that happens to be somewhat connected to Anderson Cooper, we know all about your obsessive love/hate relationship with your precious Coopie around here.

by Sounds funreply 9905/16/2013

LOOOOOOOOL at R98 aka Cesarfrau claiming all the Cohen obsessed posts were not done by one single person: herself.

by Sounds funreply 10005/16/2013

R99 She gave herself away with "snookums". I wonder why she even bothers to delete her cookies.

by Sounds funreply 10105/16/2013

There will be no true gossip on DL anymore. All the people that have insider information have been run off by the fraus and queens acting like they are still in Jr. High.


by Sounds funreply 10205/16/2013

[quote]She gave herself away with "snookums". I wonder why she even bothers to delete her cookies.

OMG, I thought the exact same thing when I read that. The other tell-tale sign is her over-use of the sentence "Are you unable to comprehend..." She's always using the same stock sentences, thus reflecting how limited her vocabulary is.

by Sounds funreply 10305/16/2013

Andy Cohen and Julie Chen were interns together at CBS News

by Sounds funreply 10405/16/2013

R91, that's funny, Andy Cohen's not smart enough to go after Bourdain and Simon and he got his ass handed to him.

by Sounds funreply 10505/16/2013

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been found out. Yes, I'm the Cesarfrau troll, Skully, Ben-hater, angel-88, the one and only Cohen hater, jealous of all AC's friends, and I'm the only one at DL to ever use snookums.

Note your control obsession at R101, R100, R96, R94, R92, R87, R85, R80, R78, R77,[R71, R57, R55, R52, R51, R42 --- DL's troll-dar shows you to be beyond obsessed, bordering on totally deranged, missy.

by Sounds funreply 10605/16/2013

[quote]Which night is Andy's B-day, Friday or Saturday?

His actual birthday is on June 2 but the party is this Saturday.

by Sounds funreply 10705/16/2013

[quote]I'm the only one at DL to ever use snookums.

Actually, yes R106. But keep on denying it, it's so entertaining to watch you get all worked up and defensive.

by Sounds funreply 10805/16/2013

I sense one of these threads will be deleted soon, too many AC threads going at once enrages the webby.

by Sounds funreply 10905/16/2013

[quote]OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been found out. Yes, I'm the Cesarfrau troll, Skully, Ben-hater, angel-88, the one and only Cohen hater, jealous of all AC's friends, and I'm the only one at DL to ever use snookums.

Correct on all accounts.

by Sounds funreply 11005/16/2013

We're getting close to party time so let's focus on that. Will Ben and Anderson wear matching outfits?

by Sounds funreply 11105/17/2013

Ben should be wearing a dog collar.

Anderson will be holding the leash.

by Sounds funreply 11205/17/2013

The Ceasarfrau troll is back at R112. We knew you would be posting again.

by Sounds funreply 11305/17/2013

I bet there will be a lot of mocking and teasing and good natured ribbing all around at the party. And probably a lot of trashing of other celebs and colleagues.

by Sounds funreply 11405/17/2013

Tonight! Tonight, won't be just any night!

by Sounds funreply 11505/18/2013

Andy Cohen re-tweeted this from Bedlam:

[quote]@BedlamNYC: Join us tonight for a very special birthday party. Everybody is welcome. #bettercomeearly

by Sounds funreply 11605/18/2013

So it's at Bedlam like some of us thought. So they are letting anyone in? I thought it was exclusive and restricted. So maybe someone WILL talk about what happened.

by Sounds funreply 11705/18/2013

Doesn't sound like a "no cameras, no plus ones." thing. I hope everyone who's going will have a great time. And it's just another party, not a gay mass orgy. The only reason the restrictions would have made sense would have been limited space and recources and the wallpaper at EB and Bedlam is a more suitable location anyway. Even though I doubt they will just let anyone in or close to AC.

by Sounds funreply 11805/18/2013

The NY Post sure struck out on this one with the location and their tale of ultra-exclusive invites. Andy is inviting all the riff-raff bridge and tunnel crowd to flock into the city for this non-exclusive birthday bash. It should be fabulously festive. Let's hope Ben hired some extra bartenders and waiters to handle the crowds. It's obvious that Andy knows how to plan a tremendous event.

by Sounds funreply 11905/18/2013

LOL If they really let everyone in Ben better "bodyguard" Anderson for real.

by Sounds funreply 12005/18/2013

I don't know, the AC's may have planted the story and the Post just got it wrong.

by Sounds funreply 12105/18/2013

[quote]Anderson Cooper planning joint birthday bash w/ Andy Cohen

The only thing enjoyable in this is a joint.

by Sounds funreply 12205/18/2013

Andy Cohen once said how attracted he was to John Katehis, the gay Craigslist Killer--that Katehis was exactly the sort of rentboy he'd normally hire.

Let's hope they find him, or his equivalent, and take him home for a post-birthday orgy.

And before the lunatic Snookems-accuser pipes in, there are many DLers (the majority?) who are sick of the obsessive AC stalkers.

by Sounds funreply 12305/18/2013

R123 You are not even trying anymore, are you? No, there is actually just one crazy troll that always spouts the same rhetorics and deletes the cookies: you.

by Sounds funreply 12405/18/2013

@easternblocny The party tonight is not private. Everybody can come. Xo

by Sounds funreply 12505/18/2013

[quote]@easternblocny 1h Mopping up before the big party.

So the party IS at Eastern Bloc.

by Sounds funreply 12605/18/2013

I bet they'll have the TV on wherever it is and they'll be watching Stefon on SNL. Just sayin'.

by Sounds funreply 12705/18/2013

AC hinted at that last night R127.

The party must be at both places because both Bedlam and EB have tweeted that it's happening.

by Sounds funreply 12805/18/2013

"there is actually just one crazy troll"

Thank you for proving my point, yet again: The AC stalkers are so delusional that they imagine he's universally adored, despite all evidence to the contrary.

BTW, you erotomanic nut case, I haven't deleted any cookies. I'm also R499 (and a couple of other posts) from the other AC thread.

by Sounds funreply 12905/18/2013

So it looks like they're going from EB to Bedlam? Here's Darren cleaning up EB before the party.

by Sounds funreply 13005/18/2013

I'm surprised they're letting everyone in, I figured they're so private that they wouldn't allow that sort of thing, but that's cool that they are welcoming everyone.

by Sounds funreply 13105/18/2013

R129 You can't even be bothered to vary your rhetorics when you pretend to be someone else to defend yourself? Lazy. The exact same thing can be found in a whole bunch of other AC/Ben threads you started or spammed with your tired old crazy claims. Always the same bullshit, always the same defense.

by Sounds funreply 13205/18/2013

There's a LOT of confusion about where this party is happening. Both Bedlam and EB are saying that they're having the party.

by Sounds funreply 13305/18/2013

On my way to meet friends at EB now!

I'll report back.

by Sounds funreply 13405/18/2013

[quote]You can't even be bothered to vary your rhetorics when you pretend to be someone else to defend yourself

You continually repeat this mantra as a way of assuring yourself you're right.

I said you're erotomanic, halfway as a joke. Now, I'm not so sure.

You simply cannot accept that many posters find the AC stalkers odious.

I'll bet Anderson Cooper finds you disturbing, too.

by Sounds funreply 13505/18/2013

Was there ever any doubt that the Cesarfrau/Ben hater wouldn't be posting in this thread tonight? As usual, playing all kinds of tricks but it won't work. Anderson is long over Cesar and Ben has been a solid partner for many years.

by Sounds funreply 13605/18/2013

R136 It's so funny how she desperately tries to pretend there a several of her kind and all that by using the same phrases and tactics over and over again.

by Sounds funreply 13705/18/2013

Anderson and Ben have decided to invite their respective side-pieces to the party, so Pablo will be there!

by Sounds funreply 13805/18/2013

There are no side pieces.

I wonder will there be pics now that it's an open house party or will iPhones be confiscated at the door?

by Sounds funreply 13905/18/2013

[quote]There are no side pieces.

Yeah right.

by Sounds funreply 14005/18/2013

There aren't.

by Sounds funreply 14105/18/2013

Nobody's going to talk about the party after what happened on SNL and that's probably exactly how AC planned it all along.

by Sounds funreply 14205/18/2013

aGEED r142 it was a perfect Anderson cameo as well.

by Sounds funreply 14305/18/2013

R139 The poor troll. First her 'Ben bodyguard' theory doesn't work out, then her 'Ben and Anderson separated' schtick failed. Trashtalking Ben also doesn't work. And now she desperately tries to make the Pablo thing happening.

The SNL cameo was indeed a perfect distraction.

by Sounds funreply 14405/19/2013

Of the thousands of venues in NYC, hundreds of them being adequate for a party, why would they limit themselves to two queer bars and their house?

by Sounds funreply 14505/19/2013

Because it's AC's house and his partner co-owns the two bars and probably organized the whole thing. Isn't that a no-brainer?

by Sounds funreply 14605/19/2013

Not really. Sounds like on is a shithole and the other is marginal. And the "house" gets a big meh

by Sounds funreply 14705/19/2013

R147 Whatever you say, Cesarfrau, whatever you say. Anderson with his hot not-Cesar parter he publicly acknowledges, his popularity, success, wealth, beautiful house and strolls through tv history (SNL, The Muppets, The Simpsons, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Jeopardy!) must teart you apart. Bitter jealousy is such an ugly emotion.

And since it has become such a lovely tradition, here is that video again of Anderson being affectionate with his man that is not Cesar.

by Sounds funreply 14805/19/2013

Kelly Ripa ‏@KellyRipa 7h I loved it MORE! RT @MrSamuelColt: @KellyRipa sarsaparilla! Loved dancing with you tonight.

by Sounds funreply 14905/19/2013

Is Ben still having an affair with that guy he was having sex with in the park?

by Sounds funreply 15005/19/2013

R149 Sounds like they had a lot of fun!

R150 Lame even for your low standards, Cesarfrau.

by Sounds funreply 15105/19/2013

Does anyone have actual gossip from the party? AC and Ben being affectionate?

by Sounds funreply 15205/19/2013

R152 That would be nice but we don't want Cesarfrau to have a meltdown again or being put on suicide watch now, do we?

by Sounds funreply 15305/19/2013

[quote]You simply cannot accept that many posters find the AC stalkers odious.

Anderson has great respect for his faithful fans. He appreciates the fact that they're looking out for his image.

by Sounds funreply 15405/19/2013

R154 The "many posters" are the voices in her head.

by Sounds funreply 15505/19/2013

I know Andy Cohen was dancing with some porn dudes, maybe Anderson too, but we'll never know.

by Sounds funreply 15605/19/2013

Samuel Colt ‏@MrSamuelColt 1h What an epic night. Damn last night was amazing!

by Sounds funreply 15705/19/2013

That SNL thing had a distinct lack of whelm.

by Sounds funreply 15805/19/2013

The party may not have been at Bedlam or EB and I think that guy Darren was faking that pic. Both Bedlam and EB had other things going on.

Here's a pic from the party. Apparently Madonna was there.

by Sounds funreply 15905/19/2013

I take it that no one here was able to crash this open house party. Maybe people showed up to Bedlam and EB when it wasn't really there and didn't know where to go.

by Sounds funreply 16005/19/2013

I suspect that was the goal of this scheme. The Andys are cheekey monkeys.

by Sounds funreply 16105/19/2013

Anderson and Andy probably both knew that people from DL planned on crashing and decided to throw out a red herring

by Sounds funreply 16205/19/2013

And not only that but they had the distraction of AC's appearance on SNL the same night that prevented talk about the party from getting out there. Less than a handful of people have even mentioned the party so I guess not even the gossips have info on it. This was all well planned.

by Sounds funreply 16305/19/2013

Derek Blasberg! OMG. Everyone who is ANYONE was there.

It's our generations Black & White Ball, and Anderson is our Truman Capote.

Beyond fabulous.

by Sounds funreply 16405/19/2013

Were you there, R164?

by Sounds funreply 16505/19/2013

So it looks like they planted the story in the New York Post, gave out the wrong bar and then tweeted deceptive information on their Twitter pages. As a result Eastern Bloc and Bedlam may have gotten more traffic and business from people who thought they were going to see some stars. Meanwhile the REAL party location was kept secret and private with no one who they didn't want in getting in.

by Sounds funreply 16605/19/2013

R166 That's brilliant and hilarious at the same time. The Andys sure know how the media works. Didn't one of Anderson's neighbors tweet that his party was very loud? So the real thing was probably at his house.

by Sounds funreply 16705/19/2013

I think R164 is being sarcastic.

by Sounds funreply 16805/19/2013

R168 I think we all know who R164 is.......

by Sounds funreply 16905/19/2013

Some woman tweeted this:

[quote]Maddy Cross ‏Dear @andersoncooper your party is very loud. I'm trying to study keep it down a little please? Thanks! Your neighbor Maddy.

Maybe the party was at the firehouse.

by Sounds funreply 17005/19/2013

R170 Thanks, that is the tweet I was referring to.

by Sounds funreply 17105/19/2013

Exactly R164.

[quote]The Andys sure know how the media works.

True and naturally they have connections in media who probably give them tips on how to manipulate the system to their own advantage.

by Sounds funreply 17205/19/2013

[quote]I think we all know who [R164] is.......

I'm lost r169. Do we now have a Truman Capote troll? I thought he was dead but I guess not. How does he get involved with these parties?

by Sounds funreply 17305/19/2013

R173 No, but we've got this one troll that likes her over the top sarcasm and Capote references.

by Sounds funreply 17405/19/2013

Thanks. If you don't check in every day there's no way to keep track. I never saw a Capote reference before.

by Sounds funreply 17505/19/2013

If any of those people give too many details, they'll most likely never be invited to another AC party and since the parties are apparently epic, no one dares to say anything - the details are pretty much non-existent AC must not have allowed anyone to take a pic with him but Cohen did.

by Sounds funreply 17605/19/2013

R176 And good for them. They are entitled to have a private party without details being posted all over the internet.

by Sounds funreply 17705/20/2013

No photos of Anderson and Ben. Andy Cohen can't resist a camera so he showed up online.

by Sounds funreply 17805/20/2013

I think that because AC and Ben have some class, and Andy has none, r178.

by Sounds funreply 17905/20/2013

R177, no one would have given a shit in the first place if they hadn't sent out the fake tweets/info.

by Sounds funreply 18005/20/2013

The info was initially leaked by Page Six, r180. I doubt that it came from AC, Ben, or Andy. Maybe they initially planned the birthday party at Ben's bar and once it was leaked, they decided to change the venue? As to the tweets, maybe they were just fucking with everyone who thought that the party was at EB. I always thought that it was an odd choice for a big party, given the small size of that space. Bedlam would have made more sense.

by Sounds funreply 18105/20/2013

Andy takes pics because he loves the attention. He has always wanted to be famous. Now that the spotlight is on him they are going to have to pull him away kicking and screaming. You can tell on his show and in interviews that he is loving every moment of his fame.

I wonder what Andy is like in real life? How much of a put on is his public persona?

by Sounds funreply 18205/20/2013

R181 I would bet anything they leaked it for attention. Maybe not Anderson, but Cohen for sure.

by Sounds funreply 18305/20/2013

They're all so disgusting. But that's true of all rich people really.

by Sounds funreply 18405/20/2013

Looks like it was at the firehouse judging by the decor unless that's some part of Bedlam.

by Sounds funreply 18505/20/2013

I think it was leaked deliberately by them, how would they have had to change plans and set everything up at the firehouse all of a sudden? They intended all along for the party to be at the firehouse because they knew they could keep out the undesirables (I don't see any black folks there, btw) and it gave EB and Bedlam more customers because they thought they were going to that big party. That's kind of dirty actually.

by Sounds funreply 18605/20/2013

R186 Cesarfrau is back with her racist schtick. Boring. Can't you come up with something new?

by Sounds funreply 18705/20/2013

R186 you idoit. AC has had wendy williams a BLACK woman at his party before. Stop race baiting you nutjob!

by Sounds funreply 18805/20/2013

AC is NOT a racist neither is Andy Cohen. Andy deals with black cast members he does for his shows. Some people need to let the race thing go... damn.

by Sounds funreply 18905/20/2013

He made it clear that Wendy Williams wasn't invited when he was on WWHL, she crashed the party, he didn't want her there.

by Sounds funreply 19005/20/2013

They may work with blacks but that doesn't mean they socialize with them. I'm sure there were no blacks invited to their party, Latin and Asians were probably welcome.

by Sounds funreply 19105/20/2013

R188 But don't you remember? Some time ago she came up with this rubbish about Ben being racist and Anderson as well of course and if Cesarfrau says it it is true.

by Sounds funreply 19205/20/2013

R189, R186 is just a morally bankrupt crazy person who will say anything to trash talk Anderson, Ben and their friends.

by Sounds funreply 19305/20/2013

[quote]I'm sure there were no blacks invited to their party, Latin and Asians were probably welcome.

You are sure about that. Phew, then it must be a fact. Honey, don't confuse the voices of hatred in your head with reality.

by Sounds funreply 19405/20/2013

You all don't realize that there's a lot of racism in those A-gay circles and certain types don't socialize with each other. You think there's a lot of blacks in that artsy-hipster crowd that Ben hangs around? And in AC's media circle those types of exclusive parties are usually dominated by rich, well-connected whites/Latins/Asians and no one else can even get near an invite.

by Sounds funreply 19505/20/2013

Jason Collins: "I turned down a birthday party invite from Anderson Cooper to be here tonight. Things like that didn't happen a month ago."

by Sounds funreply 19605/20/2013

Now the AC loonies have two threads bumped up to page 1 simultaneously.

It's the same couple of posters talking to themselves. You can tell because they hallucinate that there is only anti-AC poster.

They've become the current Prancing Ponies, a lot worse than the Grimmy freaks. Hopefully, they'll go the same way.

WM, help!

by Sounds funreply 19705/20/2013

Another pic from the party. Definitely was held at the firehouse. There's a bear (animal kind).

by Sounds funreply 19805/20/2013

Jason Collins said that the night after the party. If that was true, what could've stopped him from going to the party and then to his event the following night? He was just saying something for effect. He wasn't invited.

by Sounds funreply 19905/20/2013

That guy with the bear looks like the guy in the portrait behind him on R198's link.

by Sounds funreply 20005/20/2013

Anderson doesn't even know Jason Collins.

by Sounds funreply 20105/20/2013

Who is Alex Lundquist, this famewhore?

Who let HER in to the firehouse?


by Sounds funreply 20205/20/2013

R202 Seriousy? Even I know that face from ads and I don't give a fuck about fashion.

by Sounds funreply 20305/20/2013

So she's some male model?

Okay, nobody of any importance, then.

by Sounds funreply 20405/20/2013

R204 And yet she gets to spend time with Anderson at his birthday party in his amazing house. Eat your heart out.

by Sounds funreply 20505/20/2013

They must have parties all of the time that aren't publicized - I guess it was mainly because of the double birthday thing happening.

I wonder what kind of gifts did Anderson get from Ben? One of the male models/porn stars. The EB boys know a lot of porn stars.

by Sounds funreply 20605/20/2013

R205...oh DEAR.

Cuntface, not all of us want to cuddle up with rich, sleazy, Republicans. Gay or otherwise.

by Sounds funreply 20705/20/2013

I hope there was a moment of silence at the party for the poor gay guy who was shot dead by a crazed homophobe near where AC and Ben live. But since the dead guy was black, I'm sure no one gave a shit.

by Sounds funreply 20805/20/2013

R207 / R208 I see, now you are back to the good old 'Anderson is a republican' and 'A & B are racists' schtick. It never fails to amaze how unoriginal you are. Sleazy? Sounds familiar. You'll never convince anyone that there is more than one of you crazy haters if you keep deleting cookies and use the same rhetorics over and over again.

by Sounds funreply 20905/20/2013

R208 needs to let go with her insane racist shit. Talk about a bitch with a chip on her shoulder!

Here's another pic of the party, with that model Alex, and Sean Patterson (who runs a big model agency). It looks like it was taken in the library, which is dark, masculine, old world and classy. It reminds me of the decor at Bedlam.

by Sounds funreply 21005/20/2013

Say what you like but still no one has posted a single pic of a black person at that party.

by Sounds funreply 21105/20/2013

R210 I want that house! LOL

And poor Cesarfrau keeps lashing out in desperation lately. It's really pitiful actually.

by Sounds funreply 21205/20/2013

The decor reminds me of a place where men in three piece suits sit around smoking cigars. It's like that men's club that Jimmy Stewart was in when he was talking to Kim Novak's fake husband in Vertigo. I bet they have portraits of handsome young men all over the house.

by Sounds funreply 21305/20/2013

The firehouse is just like a stately Edwardian-era gentleman's club.

Only with ass fucking, cock sucking, and rentboys all around.

by Sounds funreply 21405/20/2013

Yep, so far that soiree looks lily white!

by Sounds funreply 21505/20/2013

R215 Cesarfrau still pushing her racist and rentboy schtick. Boring.

by Sounds funreply 21605/20/2013

[quote]Say what you like but still no one has posted a single pic of a black person at that party.

And you'll be lucky if you see ONE. Most white gays are RACIST (lets be honest) and don't even want to hang around black gays.

I have no doubt that if white gays were straight, they'd be part of the Republican party...then again, some already are *cough* AC *cough*.

by Sounds funreply 21705/20/2013

I knew Andy back when he worked at CBS this Morning with Julie Chen...he was a nice guy but he sucked up to the talent. He was that guy in the office who laughes at the bosses jokes harder than anyone else. Seems like a nice guy but is a real suck up. If you asked him to do something he would say "oh I have to do this for so and so" to let you know he was doing something for the talent.

by Sounds funreply 21805/20/2013

How many of those guests would have gone to a party given by Andy Cohen for Andy Cohen's birthday -- with Anderson and Ben away on vacation? Could it be that Andy needed the other two involved in order to get some A-listers at the party?

by Sounds funreply 21905/20/2013

Do you honestly think folks are losing sleep because they weren't invited to some stupid ass party? Gorgeous black gay guys wouldn't give AC the time of day (unless they were getting something out of it). He's an ugly shriveled OLD pale white man with probably a small dick to boot. Ceasar didn't want him.

One of the problems... A disappointment in the sack maybe? I'm sure Cesar has moved on to to BIGGER and BETTER things?

by Sounds funreply 22005/20/2013

[quote]Andy deals with black cast members he does for his shows.

You mean the ones he portrays as buffoons for entertainment value?

by Sounds funreply 22105/20/2013

AC may not socialize with any black men, but it's not true that they don't find him attractive. Black men and women tend to make a lot of comments on Twitter about how they think he's hot.

by Sounds funreply 22205/20/2013

[quote] I'm sure Cesar has moved on to to BIGGER and BETTER things?

Well considering how Ben is rumored to posses a MONSTER COCK, so has Anderson.

by Sounds funreply 22305/20/2013

R220, can you please explain to us all your bizarre obsession with making it all about Cesar (or as you spell it, "Ceasar")? It's really strange that you keep harping about a nobody who disappeared from AC's life several years ago.

by Sounds funreply 22405/20/2013

Anderson's voice was giving out on him a little during 360. He must've done a lot of laughing and hollering at the party.

by Sounds funreply 22505/20/2013

For the record Anderson and Andy both have dated black guys before. Ben is not racist and both of them have friends of all different races in their inner circle of friends. It's sad how so many of you spend your time analyzing their personal lives when the majority of you have never seen or spoke to either of them in person.

by Sounds funreply 22605/20/2013

and you have r226?

apparently this is your first time visiting datalounge ...

by Sounds funreply 22705/20/2013

[quote]For the record Anderson and Andy both have dated black guys before.


by Sounds funreply 22805/20/2013

Was THIS guy invited?

by Sounds funreply 22905/20/2013

[quote]Ben is not racist and both of them have friends of all different races in their inner circle of friends

I've never seen or heard of either of them with any black people in a social situation. You DO see them frequently with SJP and Matthew Broderick, the Seinfelds, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos and white people who aren't celebrities. I do not believe for a second that their "inner circle" of friends include black people, don't you think just ONCE we would've seen evidence of it? We've even seen them in Brazil with friends who live there in pics, if there were all these black people here around them, we should've been able to see them together by now.

by Sounds funreply 23005/20/2013

Is this Ben with AC? I can't tell. If it is and AC's going to Oklahoma (I don't know for certain if he is) why bring Ben into a situation like that? Maybe it's not Ben, but it kind of looks like him from behind.

by Sounds funreply 23105/21/2013

R226 There is really just one person, the Cesarfrau, constantly spouting her hatred for Anderson and Ben and their friends here. She has this unhealthy love/hate thing going on for Anderson and can't get over the fact that he ditched Cesar, a former boyfriend seen on only a handful of pictures in the course of three years, and is now with Ben. And because she hates Ben she came to hate Anderson as well. Problem is she is obsessed and in love with him at the same time so needless to say that inner conflict results in a lot of crazy talk.

She's also known as Skully_2 on twitter. On DL you will instantly recognize her because she keeps posting and pushing the same bullshit since Anderson ditched Cesar:

Ben is ugly, a rentboy, has HIV, is a drug addict, intellectually below Anderson's standards, a racist. Thus Anderson is also a racist, a republican, everything he does sucks and is irrelevant and he is ugly, which stands in stark contrast to reality of course.

She usually brings up Cesar at some point and also constantly makes her dislike for Andy Cohen known, someone she pretends to regard as insignificant even though it is clear she knows everything about what he does, his shows and the latest gossip. She usually has an epic meltdown here whenever new pictures of Anderson and Ben together turn up. She always deletes her cookies so she won't show up on trolldar and can talk to herself and defend herself to make it look there is more than one crazy person.

by Sounds funreply 23205/21/2013

[quote]Anderson's voice was giving out on him a little during 360. He must've done a lot of giggling and screeching at the party.

Fixed it for you.

by Sounds funreply 23305/21/2013

R226 One more thing that is an instant giveaway: Since years Cesarfrau keeps posting threads announcing the immediate end of Anderson's career. Whatever he does, he's over and his career will end. And everytime she ends up with egg on her face when AC360 remains the CNN show with the highest ratings, even beating MSNBC lately, and people throw a tantrum when Anderson was on his way from Texas to Boston last month and Chris Cuomo was on air instead for two dreadful hours.

Her problem is that Anderson is extemely well liked, desired, respected, iconic, wealthy, gets all the fun cameos in legendary tv shows and in a relationship with a guy that is not Cesar.

by Sounds funreply 23405/21/2013

The Ceasarfrau might be nuts, but you Cooperfraus are MUCH crazier. All this adoration of a bunch of vapid, wealthy men is pretty obnoxious. It's sickening. You deserve the Caesarfrau, frankly.

by Sounds funreply 23505/21/2013

R235 Nice try to distract from your insanity, Cesarfrau. It's funny how you have just given yourself away with a couple of words again.

by Sounds funreply 23605/21/2013

How tall is Cooper? I know Andy Cohen is like 5'2" IRL - (he wears lifts in his shoes and his official bio says 5'9" lol).

by Sounds funreply 23705/21/2013

Clicking on "troll-dar" on R236 shows us how you're a true champion of the reputations of Anderson, Ben and all their friends in hundreds of posts on various AC threads. I wonder if they even realize that they have such a staunch supporter. Have you ever contacted them to explain how you've been so successful in fighting off the advances of the Cesarfrau? Do they realize all the time and engergy you've invested in their protection?

There are days that you must feel like Bruce Wayne protecting men from the evils of Catwoman and the Joker. Here, Catwoman and the Joker are combined to form Cesarfrau/Skully_2.

by Sounds funreply 23805/21/2013

R238, one doesn't need to click on trolldar to figure out that you probably posted more comments than r236 on this thread. At least R236 isn't frantically deleting her cookies in a desperate attempt to cover her tracks like you do and pretend to be posting here for the first time. Unfortunately for you, all your efforts are rather pointless as your tone, style, and line of argument are always the same.

by Sounds funreply 23905/21/2013

Neither Andy not Anderson have ever dated black men. Ever.

The fiction here is breathtaking.

by Sounds funreply 24005/21/2013

[quote]Neither Andy not Anderson have ever dated black men. Ever.

That very well may be so, but it doesn't make either of them a racist, as some people here are trying to argue.

by Sounds funreply 24105/21/2013

R239 Cesarfrau is really getting desperate. This week it's the racist schtick, what will it be next week? Whatever it is, it will be one of her old recycled broken records she has spammed DL, twitter and other websites with for the past few years.

by Sounds funreply 24205/21/2013

[quote]That very well may be so, but it doesn't make either of them a racist, as some people here are trying to argue.

Not "some people", it's just one deranged person obsessed with Anderson, Ben, their friends and everything they do, stuck in an unhealthy love/hate thing. She keeps deleting cookies so she doesn't show up on trolldar and has been doing the same thing since years. She also started a whole bunch of anti-AC and Ben threads.

Anyway, you shouldn't even react to her racist schtick. She makes this bullshit about Anderson and Co. up all the time and then acts as if it was reality. You should have seen her melting down in some older threads when she declared Ben a racist and kept talking to herself.

by Sounds funreply 24305/21/2013

[quote]Neither Andy not Anderson have ever dated black men. Ever.

Now THIS I believe.

by Sounds funreply 24405/21/2013

R244 Stop talking to yourself, you psycho.

by Sounds funreply 24505/21/2013

Besides Cesar and no one knows for certain what their status was, Anderson has never been pictured with an African-American man in any candid shots like the ones he always has with Ben. There have been photos of him with other guys, but not black, that's why I believe R240.

by Sounds funreply 24605/21/2013

R236...I'M R235, and I'm not the Ceasarfrau, cunt. I'm sure most of the people reading this thread think you're ALL completely nuts. I sure do.

by Sounds funreply 24705/21/2013

R246, still pretending your are not Cesarfrau? Anderson has also never been pictured with other longterm boyfriends other than Ben and Cesar and that one picture of a guy. I guess that means Anderson only had two boyfriends in his life? I guess it also means that everyone who didn't date one of every race is a racist. That's crazy Cesarfrau logic for you.

by Sounds funreply 24805/21/2013

R247 You would be more convincing of you stopped deleting cookies and wouldn't use the same rhetorics again and again.

by Sounds funreply 24905/21/2013

Ac black cohost, His hero he said was Gordon Parks, a black man. He has spoken out against racism. He has no problem going to Africa among the native AFRICANS. You know what? How about the blacks who are racist against own blacks? Black on black crime? What about reverse racism, instead of attacking whites all the time. There is alot more racism in black communities being displayed everyday then among other races....

by Sounds funreply 25005/21/2013

[quote]There is alot more racism in black communities being displayed everyday then among other races....

This may hold the distinction of being the craziest statement of bullshit EVER in the history of the AC threads. More bullshit than Benderfrau/Cesarfrau/Benderfrau combined.

by Sounds funreply 25105/21/2013

[quote]and I'm not the Ceasarfrau, cunt.

Don't deny it R247. We all know you're the Cesarfrau and that you used to post as the Galloping Gourmet. When you use the same rhetorics again and again, we know it's you.

by Sounds funreply 25205/21/2013

There were rumors that Anderson had a "preference" for black men years ago here, but that was never true. Having a black "hero" doesn't mean you're attracted to them and want to date them. I don't know why Anderson was singled out for liking black men when he clearly does not and never has.

by Sounds funreply 25305/21/2013

[quote]There is alot more racism in black communities being displayed everyday then among other races....

Congrats, you took Cesarfrau's race bait. Why do you even bother trying to defend AC from her insane bullshit fantasies? She has already done this in a whole bunch of threads. Just made up that Ben and Anderson are racists, spammed the thread with it by talking to herself, pretending there were several posters pushing that bullshit and sooner or later someone takes the bait and defends AC and Ben from something that is nothing but the product of a crazy hateful mind.

by Sounds funreply 25405/21/2013

R254 is absolutely right. Best thing is to ignore the crazy Cesar troll who's resorting to using the race card to get a reaction. She thrives on the attention she gets.

by Sounds funreply 25505/21/2013

Ignore it all you want but R250 is the racist here. Anyone who comes up with the "blacks are more racist than whites" crap needs to be called out and set straight, because that is BULLSHIT and history has proven it a million times over.

by Sounds funreply 25605/21/2013

R255 She does, but only when people take the bait. When she get mocked she freaks out and tries to defend herself which is always amusing.

by Sounds funreply 25705/21/2013

I thought Anderson mostly cared about really enormous penises--black, brown, white, yellow.

He's not a racist, he's a raging size queen and an equal opportunity bottom.

by Sounds funreply 25805/21/2013

R231 I don't think that's Ben in the photo. His hair looks too long for Ben's and not being mean, but his ears don't stick out as much as Ben's do. Anderson is in Moore, OK.

by Sounds funreply 25905/21/2013

You know, instead of planning joint birthday parties and all this other nonsense, he should really focus on saving his CNN job. Watch how quickly all of his so-called friends dry up when he's no longer on CNN. Also watch that boyfriend disappear when the CNN money dries up.

by Sounds funreply 26005/21/2013

So no one's allowed to have a good time AND focus on their career? AC's money ain't drying up in his, yours, Ben's or anyone else's lifetime.

R259, it's probably not, you're right.

by Sounds funreply 26105/21/2013

R260 Switching from racist schtick to your 'Anderson's career is over' and Ben's a leech schtick, Cesarfrau? Boooooring! For goodness' sake woman, think of something new for a change.

by Sounds funreply 26205/21/2013

[quote]For goodness' sake woman, think of something new for a change.

I don't think she's even capable of coming up with something new. She's more tedious than a broken record, repeating the same stupid hateful shit over and over.

by Sounds funreply 26305/21/2013

Without the Cesarfraus, this thread would have ended on May 15.

The Cesarfraus posts over and over just to watch the Bendersonfrau post over and over telling the Cesarfraus the same thing over and over and over and over. The Cesarfraus know for a fact that the Bendersonfrau will take the bait every time, over and over and over and over and over.

The Cesarfraus, along with the immediate World, know Cesar is long gone, but they also know the Bendersonfrau loses complete control of her faculties any time Cesar's name comes up.

Meanwhile, did anyone notice in the party picture with Alex Lundqvist and friends, how the one guy resembles Cesar's cousin. I'm just sayin!

by Sounds funreply 26405/21/2013

We're about to come up on the 1 year anniversary of the photos that proved what a cheap skank Ben is. I remember when those photos broke. The Benderfraus were radio silents for weeks, it was joyous. Do you remember where you were when the truth was revealed? the sky was so blue that day in Central Park. It was the perfect day for cheating. I wonder what Ben will do for an encore? Will new pictures be revealed? Will his current side piece sell his story to the tabloids. Stay tuned.

by Sounds funreply 26505/21/2013

[quote]We're about to come up on the 1 year anniversary of the photos that proved what a cheap skank Ben is.

Thanks for that reminder, R265. Are you Cesarfrau #183 or Cesarfrau #227? You both look very similar.

by Sounds funreply 26605/21/2013

R265, the thing I remember the most from that momentous period a year ago was how deeply disappointed you were that those photos didn't end AC and Ben's relationship, as you so desperately hoped. It was quite apparent that it really almost killed you when a week after those "scandalous" pics, a new set of photos taken outside the firehouse showed that AC and Ben were still very much together, after having returned from a relaxing vacation on a luxury yacht in Croatia. You really thought that the nightmare of Benderson was over for good, and when your dream of a quick and irreversible break up was brutally squashed, you had no other recourse but to go into a month-long semi comatose state of withdrawal followed by many weeks of mourning, as evidenced by your subsequent silence. Glad to see that you've bounced back since those miserable days and that you're now posting your usual wishful fantasies focused on the demise of Benderson. Good luck with that!

by Sounds funreply 26705/21/2013

I wonder how much "blacks are inferior intellectually" nonsense has Anderson been exposed to over the years from his good friend Andrew Sullivan who still believes that shit (and probably many on DL and in this thread do too).

by Sounds funreply 26805/21/2013

R267 That. And since that time she's all about racist, rentboy, HIV, druggy, republican and 'his career is over'. I wonder why she does this to herself? Everything she claims, the directy opposite seems to be the case.

Maybe it's time for the video again? The video of Anderson and Ben being affectionate with each other. Taken after her epic breakup fantasy fell to pieces.

by Sounds funreply 26905/22/2013

[quote]Maybe it's time for the video again?

Oh, yes, Bendersonfrau R269, it's time for the video again so that you can post the same tired stuff over and over and over and over and over.

by Sounds funreply 27005/22/2013

R270 You are welcome! We all know how much you appreciate images and videos of Anderson and Ben together now that you are totally over Anderson ditching Cesar and A & B never breaking up.

by Sounds funreply 27105/22/2013

Lol @R269/r271!

Nothing gets a rise out of the angry Cesarfrau like those videos of AC and Ben being affectionate in public.

by Sounds funreply 27205/22/2013

R271 Bendersonfrau, there's little doubt that it is you who is posting constant mentions of Cesar, so you can pretend to rush in to remind everyone that Anderson ditched Cesar. Just think what a public service you perform. We didn't know AC is dating Ben. Luckily, we have you to spread that news over and over and over and over and over.

by Sounds funreply 27305/22/2013

Poor R273 sounds really upset that her precious Cesar was unceremoniously dumped by AC as soon as he as that big-dicked hunk of a man Ben.

by Sounds funreply 27405/22/2013

Too bad there's no actual gossip about AC and Ben here instead of all of this boring Benderfrau/Cesarfrau baloney.

by Sounds funreply 27505/22/2013

What's the latest on Ac and Ben?

by Sounds funreply 27605/22/2013

I guess they've removed the dregs of the fabulous party at the firehouse by now.

And by dregs I mean all those tweaking boys from David Barton and trashy hangers-on.

I hope all the furniture was Scotch-guarded.

by Sounds funreply 27705/22/2013

Exactly, R275.

Just a bunch of losers pulling shit out of their ass and posting it as fact.

95% of any thread about AC is pure bullshit conjured up by batshit crazy basement dwellers.

by Sounds funreply 27805/22/2013

R277 How large is your stomach ulcer from all that bitter hatred and jealousy?

by Sounds funreply 27905/22/2013

Not a word about the party got out to anyone. If you want an invite to their next bash, you have to keep quiet. There were probably a lot of things that can't be discussed that went on, not salacious things, but maybe AC and Ben were more demonstrative and affectionate and were talking about their relationship and what they mean to each other, especially when they got to the gifts and whatnot.

by Sounds funreply 28005/22/2013

My friend knew Ben during Ben's rent boy days. Always said nice things about him. He went by 'Toine' (Twan) his specialty was ripping. He got out of the business when one of his regulars set him up.

by Sounds funreply 28105/22/2013

What is ripping?

by Sounds funreply 28205/22/2013

it's that thing where a guy sits on your chest and spreads his cheeks and farts really loud so it sounds like ripping.

by Sounds funreply 28305/22/2013

Ok. I don't believe he was a rent boy and I don't believe he was ripping either, sounds totally implausible.

by Sounds funreply 28405/22/2013

I think male scissoring is hotter than ripping.

by Sounds funreply 28505/22/2013

R281 Cesarfrau is back to her rent boy fantasy after a short but passionate trip to racist land.

by Sounds funreply 28605/22/2013

R284, there is nothing wrong with being a rent boy. Nothing at all. A lot of people have gotten their start by selling it. Get your head out of the dark ages, for Christ sake.

by Sounds funreply 28705/22/2013

Seems like Ben's a pretty smart and creative guy, valedictorian in his graduating class, it doesn't seem to me that he would need to go into the rent boy business to get anything started in his life/career.

by Sounds funreply 28805/22/2013

I see R281 is really running out of ideas and is now back to her old "Ben is a former rent boy" bullshit. I guess she didn't hear R262's call to come up with new material. What else will she dig out now that she already has used her racism card and her rent boy joker? My bet is on the drug user accusation, as she hasn't used that one in a while. Funny how predictable she is in her craziness: you would think that a loony like her would have a better imagination than that!

by Sounds funreply 28905/22/2013

R289 Yes, probably the drug story or HIV or if there are no pictures of Anderson and Ben for a while she will claim they have broken up. And because Anderson's ratings are getting better and better she might also dig out the good old 'his career is over' schtick soon.

by Sounds funreply 29005/22/2013

AC said he doesn't know a lot of people so Andy and Ben must've come up with the guest list for the party. AC tends to downplay and exaggerate at the same time so he probably was just saying that for effect.

by Sounds funreply 29105/22/2013

[quote]if there are no pictures of Anderson and Ben for a while she will claim they have broken up.

That's actually her favorite trick: if there's not a new pic within the next couple of weeks, she'll post pretending to be an insider claiming that they broke up or are about to. She can't resist doing this, even though there are less and less gullible people foolish enough to believe her crap stories since she's done this so many times already.

by Sounds funreply 29205/22/2013

I'm guessing the lastest posters on this thread conveniently skipped over R275 and R277 since they detest dealing with reality.

You crazy bitches should become imagineers at Disney World. You could breath new life into Fantasy Land.

by Sounds funreply 29305/22/2013

[quote]Cesarfrau is back to her rent boy fantasy after a short but passionate trip to racist land... Yes, probably the drug story or HIV or if there are no pictures of Anderson and Ben for a while she will claim they have broken up. And because Anderson's ratings are getting better and better she might also dig out the good old 'his career is over' schtick soon.

Cesarfrau will say this - She'll do that -- She'll try to yada, yada, yada -- She's going to yada, yada, yada - She'll want to yada, yada, yada - Cesarfrau might also yada, yada, yada - She'll say yada, yada, yada - She can't yada, yada, yada -- Cesarfrau claims ...

Anderson and Ben's psycho stalker has created hundreds of "Cesarfrau" fantasies in order give people ideas for negative things they can post about the two men. Their psycho stalker then rushes to their defense and announces the next thing the Cesarfrau will post. The psycho sits here hoping someone, anyone, will latch on to one of her Cesarfrau ideas and post it so she can announce "THE CESARFRAU IS BACK! I SEE SHE IS GOING TO yada, yada, yada"

How many people in dozens of threads have been given the Cesarfrau label by this psycho stalker? If all the Cesarfraus decided to have a convention, it would fill Eastern Bloc, Bedlam, and the firehouse, while spilling out into Bryant Park, CP Ramble, and Staten Island.

I'm already laughing at the possible reasons the pyscho stalker will give for my posting this - hates Ben, jealous of Anderson, sent by Jerry Springer, doesn't like people who live in a fire house...

by Sounds funreply 29405/23/2013

Cesar has been known to resort to turning a trick or two to support himself while he lived in HK. Nothing wrong with that except that he blew through all the settlement money AC gave him so fast that he had to move out to a cheaper neighborhood. He now lives in Brooklyn.

This is one of the reasons Anderson wants nothing to do with him. Cesar is a loose canon and the best way AC has found to avoid any collateral damage has been to put as much distance between them as possible.

by Sounds funreply 29505/23/2013

When is AC going to Wear just a black tee out on the field again? He hasnt done that in while. Lately button up shirts when he reports outside. Think people making too much attention of it that's why he dosen't wear a tee shirt out on the field. That or his reduced muscle size has detered him too.

by Sounds funreply 29605/23/2013

R296, baby it's cold outside in Oklahoma.

Why would AC need to give Cesar settlement money? They didn't seem to have much of a relationship, it wasn't stable like now with Ben, they seemed to be off and on and not really serious.

by Sounds funreply 29705/23/2013

Cesar is gone and forgotten from Anderson Cooper's life for half a decade. He will never be gone from DL as long as Anderson's psycho stalker keeps posting suggestions for people to give negative reviews to AC and friends so she can rush in to defend them from "[bold]the[/bold] Cesarfrau."

by Sounds funreply 29805/23/2013

R298 Cesarfrau, good to see you are trying something new. It's till not working.

by Sounds funreply 29905/23/2013

[quote]Cesar is a loose canon and the best way AC has found to avoid any collateral damage has been to put as much distance between them as possible.

This would explain why Cesar has been completely cut off from Anderson's life since they broke up.

by Sounds funreply 30005/23/2013

It is hard to believe that Anderson Cooper parties with porn stars considering he always acts so prudish and bashful on TV.

We always knew it was an act though.

I bet he is really kinky.

by Sounds funreply 30105/23/2013

No R301, Anderson's not prudish or bashful and has a dirty mind. There were MANY times on the daytime show where he'd throw out double entendres. For example when a woman asked what she should do with his life-sized cardboard cut-out, he said "it depends on how stiff it is" and once he was with Lisa Rinna and they were demonstrating some toy you had to pump with your hand in order to get it to work and he started saying in this kind of sleazy manner "keep pumping, keep pumping, I've never said that to a woman before" or something like that. This woman on Good Day L.A. said she was surprised that he was so dirty and he said he was "a little dirty". That was after talking about "pleasuring himself". Even on 360, he's said many racy things. He's not a prude at all.

by Sounds funreply 30205/23/2013

[quote]I bet he is really kinky.

AC is a Gemini and they are known for being into very kinky sex, so are Aquarians (Ben). They both like experimenting and trying new things. Even AC's mom created some very elaborate S&M stories in one of her books. I'm sure AC and Ben keep it interesting in the boudoir.

by Sounds funreply 30305/23/2013

Disturbing news regarding Ben tomorrow.

by Sounds funreply 30405/23/2013

If you say so R304 but we know how these things go....

by Sounds funreply 30505/23/2013

How much do you want to bet that when such "disturbing news" will fail to materialize tomorrow, R304 will be nowhere to be found?

by Sounds funreply 30605/23/2013

Cooper may have a "boyfriend" who has a bar but he's not going to marry him since he's a Vandy and will marry someone with money if he actually gives his gaping hole that takes loads a rest.

by Sounds funreply 30705/23/2013

R15 pics will get out, people will take them with their cellphones and they'll get put online probably on here.

by Sounds funreply 30805/23/2013

Why do you think the porn stars are there strictly for Cohen? We know that Ben at the very least has make-out in Central Park with other men proclivities.

by Sounds funreply 30905/23/2013

On the EB Twitter, all they seem to follow are porn stars but that's run by Ben's business partner. Bedlam doesn't follow any porn stars, their taste is a bit more sophisticated but at the same time I'm sure Ben knows a lot of porn stars being connected to EB. If Kelly Ripa hadn't tweeted that she was dancing with that porn dude, no one would've known.

by Sounds funreply 31005/23/2013

What's wrong with porn stars? Many gay bars have them performing in live shows.

R304 Not again. Didn't you promise new cheating pics for the first week of May and as always: crickets.

by Sounds funreply 31105/24/2013

I'm not sure if CNN wants it out there that one of their main anchors is palin' around with porn stars.

by Sounds funreply 31205/24/2013

R312 They didn't make a secret out of the fact that there was a former porn star at their party so if anyone would have been interested to write about that, they could have done so by now. They've got nothing on Anderson "playing around" with porn stars. No new cheating pics in the first week of May as promised, no pics with other men in the last couple of years, no nothing.

by Sounds funreply 31305/24/2013

Once again, we have people on this thread making false claims of doom to come for AC and Ben (see r304), who as r306 predicts, will go in total hiding once their stories are shown to be complete fabrications. I guess some things never change on the AC threads...

by Sounds funreply 31405/24/2013

It's called trolling, R314, and you idiots fall for it every time.

by Sounds funreply 31505/24/2013

Calling out other people's trolling isn't falling for it, r315.

by Sounds funreply 31605/24/2013

Yeah, it is, R316.

Making up fake stories to get a rise out of people is trolling. I know. I've done it, and it's such fun.

by Sounds funreply 31705/24/2013

R315/R317 doesn't seem to comprehend very well.

by Sounds funreply 31805/24/2013's this supposedly "disturbing" news about Ben now?

by Sounds funreply 31905/24/2013

I guess the only disturbing news about Ben for some people is that he and AC are still together.

by Sounds funreply 32005/24/2013

Really, r303? You think astrology bullshit determines how people are in bed? Get a grip.

by Sounds funreply 32105/25/2013

Horoscopes are fake but usually people line up pretty closely with the traits of their zodiac sign.

by Sounds funreply 32205/25/2013

What horseshit

by Sounds funreply 32305/25/2013

You know what's really horseshit? All the lies about AC and Ben that are posted here. Astrology has more truth to it than THAT shit.

by Sounds funreply 32405/25/2013

I wonder what the disturbing news is? I bet it has something to do with Ben and his 'past'. Maybe how he has dragged AC into a life of pornstars and trash.

by Sounds funreply 32505/25/2013

AC and Ben probably aren't judgemental types who would look down on porn stars or ban them from their home. That's not a bad thing, but I think that's why they wanted to keep a lid on the party because AC can't be seen with porn stars.

by Sounds funreply 32605/25/2013

Maybe AC and Ben are in Canada?

aureliovalente Guess who was at the movies with us in Montreal? Anderson Cooper, that's who! #Starstruck

by Sounds funreply 32705/25/2013

Any new upsdates, sightings?

by Sounds funreply 32805/28/2013

Nothing's happening, AC's back in NY at work. Some people saw him walking around NYC yesterday and took pictures. Ben may be with him but he doesn't pose with AC. Ben also stopped putting up pics on Instagram. He used to take pics of stuff in the firehouse and pics of some of the places they traveled and post them but now he doesn't. Maybe he found out they were being discussed and didn't like that.

by Sounds funreply 32905/28/2013

R329 be cool. Reading too much into it. Ben and AC took pics together a few weeks back supporting aln cummings. And the paps got them few weeks too when Ben was walking Molly. So they pic and choose when to take pics together. Sometimes they are spotted sometimes. not

by Sounds funreply 33005/28/2013

No plus ones at the party and Ben stops posting pics on Instagram seemed to say to me that he/they were just trying to keep as much of their life off the internet as possible and more private. Or maybe he's just very busy with the new bar.

by Sounds funreply 33105/28/2013

There was a black guy on Twitter saying he tried to say hello twice to AC when he saw him in Columbus Circle yesterday but AC ignored him and walked away. He did manage to take pics with that white couple. Another guy either Spanish or blatino said AC ignored him when he spoke to him. There was a black guy who took a pic of him in Ohio who said AC was pissed about it. I don't think he likes black men, maybe he sees them all as criminals and doesn't trust them.

by Sounds funreply 33205/28/2013

Still trying to push the racist angle, r332? Wow, you are nothing if not determined.

by Sounds funreply 33305/28/2013

[quote]masonmedina22 @BlueJay_Lu @andersoncooper Looked at us like we were lepers. Didn't even crack a smile. That's a stone cold honky.

Just pointing out what others experienced. I hope he's NOT a racist, but I'm starting to wonder.

by Sounds funreply 33405/28/2013

It's funny because I've noticed that most white gay men in America are racist, but the white gay men in Europe seem to like black people.

Doesn't matter to me either way though because gay white men seem stuck up and bitchy.

by Sounds funreply 33505/28/2013

[quote]I've noticed that most white gay men in America are racist

I think AC is a part of this group now. Add in how much he seems to dislike President Obama and the pieces fit.

by Sounds funreply 33605/28/2013

After all the black cock that's been up in AC? I doubt he's racist.

by Sounds funreply 33705/28/2013

R337, those were just rumors posted here and other sites, but there's no evidence that any of that was ever true.

by Sounds funreply 33805/28/2013

[quote]those were just rumors posted here and other sites, but there's no evidence that any of that was ever true.

You mean like the unsubstantiated rumor that Anderson is a racist that you've been so busy pushing on DL, r338? Yes, I agree, there's no evidence that he's a racist, aside from all your dedicated efforts to prove otherwise.

by Sounds funreply 33905/28/2013

Have no more fear. Anderson's psycho-stalker returns at R339 to defend him from the onslaught.

by Sounds funreply 34005/28/2013

It is true that a lot of white gays are prejudiced against black men and women. One need only peruse this site for a few hours to see.

by Sounds funreply 34105/28/2013

I love how r339 tripped r338's obvious lies by using her own arguments! Well played, sir.

by Sounds funreply 34205/29/2013

There is evidence and proof but you want to pretend it's not happening.

by Sounds funreply 34305/29/2013

And it is also true that he has only had LTR's with white/Latino men, so the rumor of him being into black men is just that a rumor.

by Sounds funreply 34405/29/2013

I agree that the rumor that AC is into black guys is probably just a rumor, and that his alleged predilection for all Latinos is a bit of an exaggeration (based on his dating history), but it doesn't make him a racist. A lot of people tend to date within their own ethnic group, yet that's no ground for throwing accusations of racism. It seems to me that some people are quite determined to call Anderson a racist without any real evidence other than their own agenda.

by Sounds funreply 34505/29/2013

There is definitely no evidence that he was ever in to black men, the times I've seen him he looked uncomfortable around them.

by Sounds funreply 34605/29/2013

[quote]Andy Cohen ‏Excited to host an event for @FLOTUS tonight. I have six hours to get m'act together.

Newly out Jason Collins will be at this Democratic fundraiser. Meanwhile, Anderson will be indulging in more Obama-bashing as he interviews John McCain AGAIN.

by Sounds funreply 34705/29/2013

Can't someone ban these race-baiters

by Sounds funreply 34805/29/2013

I agree, r348. R346 is so obviously a troll.

by Sounds funreply 34905/29/2013

R348, can you even ban someone who constantly deletes her cookies?

That person is just pathetic. She is basically saying that everyone who has never dated one of each ethnicity is a racist. Which would make most people racists. Has AC ever dated an Asian man? I don't think so. OMG, Anderson is racist towards Asians! And here is further proof: he spend so much time in countries with mainly black populations, went there on his vacations, told so many of their stories, gave them so much airtime on CNN, asked to go to Congo in his time off, said he loves Haiti, admires a black photographer. But he only reported from Asian countries twice. Come on, the evidence and proof couldn't be more damning!

by Sounds funreply 35005/30/2013

Lol @ r350! Yes, you pretty much summed up the racist baiter's MO right there.

by Sounds funreply 35105/30/2013

Oh dear the AC is a racist rumor again. Here's a guy who left high school early to tour africa... to be surrounded by africans. But he's a racist. AC said his hero is Gordon Parks a BLACK man but he's a racist. Here's a man who has reported on black issues in Chicago, new york and new orleans but he's a racist. He has black cohost but he's a racist. He called a kkk man a moron for his views but he's a racisit. Will you all shut the fuck up?

by Sounds funreply 35205/30/2013

The people who were tweeting about AC being nasty to them were black and Latino and it's not the first time that has happened. Maybe AC was just in a bad mood in each incident. When AC was on Kathy Griffin's show, she said he is a nice guy but he is a VERY moody person, I think she said he can be a "fucking moody bastard" and he said he's not a people person. I suppose when people encounter AC on the streets of NYC, he's going to be himself and that may be good or bad. Those black/Latino guys were calling him all kinds of motherfucker after he dissed them.

by Sounds funreply 35305/30/2013

I can imgaine he doesnt want to be bothered all of the time. Him being so famous at all. AC did the daytime show but he is detached from big crowds. He ignored most of the audience memebers, you can tell he's not a "showman" or a person who cares to perform infront of people, he lacks charisma in front of an audience.

by Sounds funreply 35405/30/2013

R353 And during the Boston coverage white people also tweeted about Anderson not having time to take a picture with them. Guess that makes him racist towards white people as well. Or maybe just someone who takes pictures with and is lovely to people 99% of the time and is in a hurry, not in the mood or just a cranky human being 1% of the time.

by Sounds funreply 35505/30/2013

Did those white folks say he stared at them angrily as though they were trash though? Because that's what the black and Latino dudes said. I remember seeing a comment on Oh No They Didn't and someone said that they were in Costa Rica at some hotel, AC was there and they said he was being rude and kind of an asshole to the staff and the ONTD commenter said they were really surprised by his attitude. I also saw a comment about 3 or 4 years ago from an African American woman who worked in some kind of public relations firm in L.A. who said that AC came to the office but that he was kind of an asshole too. Seems to be a pattern. Maybe he's not racist, but he's not the most friendly person either all of the time. It MUST be a pain to get accosted every time you go out in the street. I thought in NYC they were more jaded about celebs and didn't approach them much, but AC seems to always have people after him. Being rich and successful may not always take the sting out of the loss of privacy and quiet moments to yourself.

by Sounds funreply 35605/30/2013

R356 No, they just said he was in a hurry and not too friendly. White people usually don't grow up in an atmosphere that constantly suggests to them they are trash so they wouldn't even think of that, even of AC really thought that of them. Which he doesn't. Unless he's a 24/7 brilliant actor, what with his interest in people and their stories and the way he conducts interviews.

Note how you had to dig up some incident from 3 or 4 years ago. For every rare occasion someone said AC was not too nice to them we have 100 saying he was absolutely lovely and made their week, month or year.

by Sounds funreply 35705/30/2013

I feel sorry for his fans who encounter him when he's in one of his bad moods, for him it's a temporary nuisance and an irritant but that impression of him being mean is something they probably won't be able to forget.

by Sounds funreply 35805/30/2013

I feel sorry for you r358, as you clearly spends waaaaaaaay too much time worrying about how Anderson Cooper interacts with complete strangers. I mean, digging up some random comment from 3 or 4 years ago that you read online? You need to find yourself a better purpose in life, sweetie! It must suck to have a fucked-up love-hate relationship with a celebrity that you will never meet. Poor thing, I pity you.

by Sounds funreply 35905/30/2013

I've been on DL for a long time and have watched AC for many years and since he interests me, I do remember certain things that have been posted about him. I don't have a love-hate thing with him, I like him, always have, but I also know he is a real person with flaws and may do things that I think are wrong or disagree with. If you want to worship celebs and think they're perfect, that's you R359, but the reality is something else. Don't need, want or care about your "pity" either.

by Sounds funreply 36005/30/2013

Eastern Block is a shithole. Don't go unless you like grungy queens and grungy twinks. Haven't met Anderson Cooper so I can't comment on him personally.

by Sounds funreply 36105/30/2013

Wait, did R360 also post R358? Because troll-dar indicates otherwise.

In any case, R358's insistence that AC is a racist based on a couple of second-hand reports from interactions that may or may not have happened over a period of several years is very odd to me. It sounds like someone is trying too hard to convince everyone that he's a racist.

by Sounds funreply 36205/30/2013

An uppity gay white man. Who would've thought!

by Sounds funreply 36305/30/2013

Ben might be the longest relationship AC has ever had, even longer than Steve Elzy. They look good for the long haul but it's possible they might break up, some couples do, even after 10 or more years together.

by Sounds funreply 36405/30/2013

You can tell he is a very miserable, unhappy person just by the way he acts. He probably has a superiority complex because of they way he looks (short, small, grey, white man). Racist no..Bigot yes..I think he may be jealous of certain groups of people because he's so stale and has been a failure with a lot of his professional endeavours.

He probably wonders why people like Wendy Williams and Steve Harvey are so well respected and celebrated with very successful shows but his was not.

He seems very unhappy and extremely resentful but he' s too dumb to realize the type of energy you put out turns people off. He also gets intimidated and will coward very easily. Very unattractive when you are on tv.

by Sounds funreply 36505/30/2013

No you can't tell that R365. He's happy, he's got a good career, he's in love, he's got good friends and a lot of money. Since most people think he's good looking, I doubt he's insecure about that. A failure? Yes, that's how he made his money and gotten all his awards and reputation, by being a "failure". Honey hush. Wendy Williams well respected?? Wha?? Steve Harvey is successful but I don't hear anyone talking about how much they respect him. He doesn't seem resentful or intimidated. YOU however sound dumb, miserable and VERY unattractive R365.

by Sounds funreply 36605/31/2013

R366 The Cesarfrau is talking to herself again, alternating between anger, insults, plain old batshit crazy bullshit and the attempt to be subtle and act as if she was worried about Anderson's moods, trying to plant the idea that he is somehow difficult. Which is funny considering how very few negative things you hear about him. Ever.

by Sounds funreply 36705/31/2013

Who's invited to brunch at the Firehouse this weekend? I'm baking some pecan orange muffins.

It's such a stitch when Andy and Ben both wear their "Kiss The Cook" aprons... and nothing underneath! Quel hoot.

by Sounds funreply 36805/31/2013

Anderson's psycho stalker is back again at R367 to push the name of Anderson's ex-boyfriend of years ago. The demented bitch is determined that nobody will ever forget the ex-boyfriend's name even though AC is very happy with Ben for five years. No doubt, the psycho stalker wants to replace Ben in Anderson's bed. Let's hope the firehouse security cameras stay on 24/7. There's no telling what she'll attempt to gain access to AC.

by Sounds funreply 36905/31/2013

Alot of racisit folks on here so to say sad, That society continues to make race a big deal. Then try to draw some fantasy, rumor that AC is a racist when he's openly shared his personal hero was a BLACK man name Gordon Parks. Some miserable and sick people on online social sites. AC the racist the guy who at 17 went to africa by himself to be around Africans. Black africans. You guys are trash who stir this race shit up. Far from truth to drag AC into your own personal prejudice against whites or blacks or latinos.

by Sounds funreply 37005/31/2013

R369 Cesarfrau, at least now you are trying a new spin. We are all very proud of you here, but it's still not working. Maybe if you stopped deleting cookies? No, actually, whatever you do, your style and shenanigans are too easy to identify.

by Sounds funreply 37105/31/2013

Lol @371, I thought the same thing when I read R369! She aint' foolin' nobody around here.

by Sounds funreply 37205/31/2013

Ok, he's not into black men and he's not a racist, so we're all clear I guess.

by Sounds funreply 37305/31/2013

I wonder what he'll do for his birthday today since he's already done the big b-day party thing.

by Sounds funreply 37406/03/2013

AC was spotted walking yesterday around the area where Ben's new bar is going to be. It's called The Real Deal.

by Sounds funreply 37506/03/2013

The name of the website link is The Real Deal I mean.

by Sounds funreply 37606/03/2013

Andy Cohen's birthday was yesterday, but he was actually hosting WWH. How old is he?

by Sounds funreply 37706/03/2013

He's 45.

by Sounds funreply 37806/03/2013

Another article about Ben's new bar in Hell's Kitchen. The space sounds pretty big:

[quote]He's not only lucky in love, however: Maisani has been successful with his two previous bars in New York City's East Village: Eastern Bloc and Bedlam. The first is a tiny Soviet-era-themed gay spot (that has become very popular with party gals) and the second is a more lavish, overtly straight-friendly nightspot far from public transportation (or prying eyes). Now it seems he's decided to head west and open a big-deal bar in Hell's Kitchen, which is the gayest place in Manhattan at the moment. Maisani, 40, took possession of a 5,000-square-foot watering hole at 753 Ninth Avenue, between 50th and 51st streets, this weekend after being approved for a liquor license at the property in April under the name Oxido Corp., sources said. The location was once home to wine bar Vintage and is opposite Boxer’s HK, a three-level, gay sports bar recently opened at 742 Ninth Avenue.

by Sounds funreply 37906/03/2013

I wonder how much money AC put into it? Ben's made some money from his other bars, but since they're practically married I'm sure AC must've contributed something to getting this bigger space. I guess he'll be giving that gay sports bar some big competition.

by Sounds funreply 38006/03/2013

When Bedlam opened, there were some DL posts saying Anderson had invested in the bar, so it's possible he's putting money into this one, too. It seems like a natural thing for two men who share so much of their lives.

by Sounds funreply 38106/03/2013

Maybe AC pitches ideas about the bars decor and helps Ben, it's probably fun for him.

Strange that these websites think those pictures of Ben kissing someone else were current. They may have been released in 2012, but I don't think they were taken in 2012. Definitely pre-AC.

by Sounds funreply 38206/03/2013

R375 Actually Anderson was spotted on 57th and 9th. The 60 Minutes offices/studios are on 57th street and since he was just in Nashville for 60 Minutes it seems more likely that's where he was headed or had been. The bar is a good 6 blocks south, but maybe he stopped in to see Ben on his way to/from.

Earlier rumors were that Ben had a new partner for this bar, but I don't remember the name of the guy. I think it was here on DL. Anyone remember?

by Sounds funreply 38306/03/2013

AC bought the new bar for Ben as a "keep quiet" gift. Can't say any more, sorry.

by Sounds funreply 38406/03/2013

Whatever, R384.

Now if only there was a way to keep the crazy voices in your head quiet...

by Sounds funreply 38506/03/2013

Thanks for the clarification R382.

I don't recall the thing about a possible new partner for Ben for this bar either. The lease is for 15 years - Ben and AC will probably still be together and by that time Ben may own bars all over NYC and beyond.

by Sounds funreply 38606/03/2013

Ben probably didn't need AC to pay for the new bar. He makes enough money as it is.

by Sounds funreply 38706/03/2013

R387 This is going to make the Cesarfrau really mad. With Ben expanding his business and being a successful business man she will have to put more desperate effort into her Ben is just being payed off by AC schtick.

Or maybe she will just stick with her newest attempt to defend herself and keep claiming that all the hateful and insane comments and threads she posts on AC, Ben and her Bravo love/hate obsession are written by AC fans. Which still doesn't work because she has to delete cookies in order to avoid trolldar.

by Sounds funreply 38806/04/2013

[quote]This is going to make the Cesarfrau really mad. With Ben expanding his business and being a successful business man she will have to put more desperate effort into her Ben is just being payed off by AC schtick.

I thought the same thing too when I read those articles about Ben's new bar, I bet she's getting really pissed off at the thought of him being so successful. I expect a lot more fake insider bs like R384 in the coming days in a desperate attempt to denigrate his new business venture.

I'm curious to see what decor Ben will come up for his new bar, his other two are so cool and different.

by Sounds funreply 38906/04/2013

Kee-rist! Here we go again! Anderson's stalker is injecting Cesar into the thread again. I read that she sends Anderson a weekly report on how she's saving him from a Cesarfrau. No doubt he's got the sicko bitch on the same danger list with 88angel.

by Sounds funreply 39006/04/2013

Who cares about Cesar R390, let's talk about Ben and his new bar instead.

by Sounds funreply 39106/04/2013

[quote]Who cares about Cesar R390, let's talk about Ben and his new bar instead.

I agree. That's why I posted about the new bar and Bedlam at R381 -- but AC's stalker won't leave Cesar out of any of these thread.

by Sounds funreply 39206/04/2013

[quote]This is going to make the Cesarfrau really mad.

Another invitation for people to discuss Cesar. Don't you ever quit r388?

by Sounds funreply 39306/04/2013

R393 This will never work out for you as long as you keep deleting cookies, Cesarfrau. A little tip for you. Write a couple of posts, then delete cookies and pretend to be a different poster. But don't melt down as soon as you are found it again or pictures of AC and Ben surface. Keep calm and don't make the mistake you always make: posting in the exact same style, using the same rhetorics, lies, insane accusations, hateful ramblings and desperate attempts to defend yourself.

by Sounds funreply 39406/04/2013

Notice how nobody has said anything against Anderson but the AC stalker is trying to make it happen when we would rather talk about Ben's new bar.

by Sounds funreply 39506/04/2013

R395 When will you ever understand that deleting cookies while posting the same things year after year is a dead giveaway?

by Sounds funreply 39606/04/2013

AC and Ben are a very successful couple. Ben opening another bar....

by Sounds funreply 39706/04/2013

Stupid troll at R395 is infecting the Andy Cohen thread accusing those of us who like AC of starting all of his threads and then attacking him in comments just so we can come in to "defend" him. Only a nut like the anti-AC troll could come up with a twisted idea like that, but that's what she does and has done for years, try to turn things around to make it look like someone else is doing what SHE is the real culprit of. Same old tricks. Nice try sweetie, but we gotcha.

by Sounds funreply 39806/04/2013

Yes R397, they are a successful couple in terms of their work and the strength of their relationship which has proven to be unbreakable and very happy.

by Sounds funreply 39906/04/2013

"Now if only there was a way to keep the crazy voices in your head quiet."

That would apply to all of you deranged lunatics whose stock in trade is pretending you know the intimate details of the lives of people you have never met and never will meet.

by Sounds funreply 40006/04/2013

As far as AC and Ben go, you don't have to meet them or know them at all to recognize they are a happy couple.

by Sounds funreply 40106/04/2013

[quote]That would apply to all of you deranged lunatics whose stock in trade is pretending you know the intimate details of the lives of people you have never met and never will meet.

Notice nobody is saying there is anything wrong about Ben and Anderson. It's all a bunch of mental midgets predicting what they think someone is GOING TO SAY about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Sounds funreply 40206/04/2013

R402 gearing up her next attack on AC and Ben, and pretending that she's not.

by Sounds funreply 40306/04/2013

And R403 proves the case for R402.

by Sounds funreply 40406/04/2013

Bingo! R402 and R404 are the troublemakers here.

by Sounds funreply 40506/04/2013

So Pablo is a partner with Ben in the new bar, too? He posted a photo to his Instagram page that said "new project". He must be a good friend of Ben's since they are now partners in two businesses and seem to travel together on vacation, etc.

by Sounds funreply 40606/05/2013

Maybe he's Ben's best friend. They certainly work well together and know how to create hot bars.

by Sounds funreply 40706/05/2013

Off the current topic now, but I guess since all of the undesirables and plus one crashers were diverted to EB and Bedlam for the party, the big stars who were invited must've been able to enter the firehouse undetected. I wonder if they had guards or security stationed there to keep out the undesirables in that neighborhood. How did they sneak Madonna in? The firehouse must have some kind of secret entrance for stuff like that.

by Sounds funreply 40806/05/2013

R406 They obviously enjoy creating a unique style for each bar and seem to be good be good managers.

by Sounds funreply 40906/06/2013

Bedlam is doing very well, and Ben and Pablo clearly enjoy working together so they decided to continue their partnership for the new bar. It makes sense for them to keep working together since their previous venture was such a success.

by Sounds funreply 41006/06/2013

The last time I was in Bedlam it wasn't exactly top-drawer. Of course, it was a weeknight.

Will the new bar attract the A-List hotties?

by Sounds funreply 41106/07/2013

When I looked at the new space on Google Earth, it looked kind of small like Bedlam from the outside, but that doesn't mean anything.

by Sounds funreply 41206/07/2013

Someone left a comment on Pablo's instagram photo of the new place saying "Bedlam RIP?!?" He didn't reply. Wonder if things aren't as good at Bedlam as some here seem to think they are. I have no idea, but was surprised by that comment.

by Sounds funreply 41306/07/2013

I don't know how things are there except for the occasional tweets about it being crowded on the weekends and sometimes empty during the week, but I guess that's to be expected. It can't be doing any worse than EB and that's been around for years.

by Sounds funreply 41406/07/2013

Bedlam is dead on most nights. It has never caught on the way XL has. And XL has better demographics. Bedlam will close and Anderson will lose his investment and will probably lose even more money on the next bar that will die a quick death. Whatever blackmail photos Ben has on Anderson must be insane.

by Sounds funreply 41506/07/2013

You don't know any of that R415 and your final sentence pretty much says all we need to know about your AC/Ben "insight".

by Sounds funreply 41606/07/2013

[quote]As far as AC and Ben go, you don't have to meet them or know them at all to recognize they are a happy couple.

I don't know about anyone else, but if my BF disrespected me by kissing another man behind my back (and in public on top of that), he would be dropped like a hot rock. I guess some people have less dignity, but whatever floats your boat.

by Sounds funreply 41706/07/2013


Oh Dear!

by Sounds funreply 41806/07/2013

R415 It's baaaack! Yes yes, your predictions are always spot on. The new bar will die a quick death, just like the other bars and like Anderson's career like you have been predicting for years or Anderson and Ben's relationship like you have also been predicting for years and not to forget announcments of new cheating photos and shocking news every couple of weeks.

Poor thing. One can tell you are already getting desperate again because you know that Gloria's exhibition in Toronto and the Daytime Emmys are up and with that more potential agony for you in case pictures of Anderson and Ben will be published.

And keep deleting them cookies, baby!

by Sounds funreply 41906/07/2013

Something on Ben's new bar. It almost sounds as if the previous owners were forced out, they did not want to give up that space.

by Sounds funreply 42006/07/2013

R417, those pics were old, pre-AC and that's why it didn't matter to either of them.

by Sounds funreply 42106/07/2013

I like how the author of the commercialobserver piece first claimed it was Anderson and Ben signing the deal together without providing any sources to back that claim up and then quickly changed the story. It does really sound like the former tenant didn't want to leave. The owner must see more potential in Ben and Pablo's concept. They have two successful bars to show for.

by Sounds funreply 42206/07/2013

R421 When and how was it proven that they were pre-AC?

by Sounds funreply 42306/07/2013

R423 It was never proven and it doesn't matter because if it was not pre-AC they either have an understanding or got over it because they are still together and Anderson has even made his relationship public. And yes, that makes a certain person really really angry.

by Sounds funreply 42406/07/2013

The pics were old. Someone probably sold them to stir up trouble between AC & Ben but it didn't work.

by Sounds funreply 42506/07/2013

You've got that right. That person is really coming on strong in all the AC threads. Once again it just won't go anywhere. We know the truth.

by Sounds funreply 42606/07/2013

I had to LMAO at R415's hilarious claim that Bedlam "has never caught on the way XL has, and that XL has better demographics".

This comment alone shows how little R415 knows about NYC gay nightlife: it's no secret that XL has actually been a big disappointment, and isn't doing well at all these days. Part of the problem is its location, (too far West on 11th Avenue, which makes it a destination place that's only busy on the weekends), but also a lot of it can be attributed to bitter infighting behind the scenes between the various partners. One of them (John Blair) was even pushed out last February in a coup that was reported in the article at the link below.

So no, XL has definitely not "caught on" as poor R415 claims.

by Sounds funreply 42706/07/2013

Fire house being put up for sale. Uh oh ....

by Sounds funreply 42806/07/2013

Is Andy having a "fire sale?" Hee.

Were you serious, R428?

by Sounds funreply 42906/07/2013

R427 And you rarely find comments about Bedlam that don't mention or even complain about how packed it is on Friday and the weekends. Which is the main business time for bars anyway.

But that's the crazy person's usual tactics. Always claim the direct opposite of what is actually the case. Anderson more popular and indespensible for CNN than ever = his career is over. A & B going strong = they broke up. B's bars successful, even got the former tenant of his new location kicked out because owner wanted him in = his bars are a failure and this one will be too. B is an educated man and clever business man = B is stupid. And so forth.

She's just so obvious. If she rants on about something you know the opposite is the case and it pisses her off.

I know it's probably not going to happen because Ben doesn't seem to like red capet walks at all but I wish he would make an exception at the Daytime Emmys just to witness the epic melt down of the crazy person on DL.

by Sounds funreply 43006/07/2013

One of Ben's (really Anderson's, but we will continue with the fiction that Ben actually owns anything) is about to make some shocking allegations. Stay tuned folks. It's gonna get bumpy.

by Sounds funreply 43106/07/2013

R429, R428 is the troll that keeps announcing news cheating pics, disturbing news and all kinds of other bullshit every couple of weeks and needless to say, it never happens.

by Sounds funreply 43206/07/2013

R431 Don't you want to set a specific date or week like the last couple of times you made these announcements and absolutely zero happened? Come on, we want to know the day we can make fun of you.

by Sounds funreply 43306/07/2013

R431, WHY do you do it? You know you're just making up shit!

by Sounds funreply 43406/07/2013

You've got it down to a science R430. That's the way to let them know that all their posturing won't make a dent in the relationship between Ben and Anderson. But you're right about Ben walking the carpet for the Daytime Emmy awards. That would be a good thing.

by Sounds funreply 43506/07/2013

R415/428/R431, when will you ever learn that the mere fact that you take the precaution to delete your cookies before posting your "scoop" immediately destroy any shred of credibility you so desperately crave? You know you're totally obvious to anyone with half a brain, right?

by Sounds funreply 43606/07/2013

I'm not sure if AC is even going to the Daytime Emmys, there's no point.

I wonder if it's true about the restaurant aspect of the bar. Ben may be new to that.

by Sounds funreply 43706/07/2013

From here on out, Ben's going to be referred to as "Anderson Cooper's partner Benjamin Maisini" in any articles written about them. No one has had THAT distinction ever before publicly.

by Sounds funreply 43806/08/2013

Anderson tried to abuse his celebrity status to get Cronuts for his birthday party but was DENIED!!!

by Sounds funreply 43906/08/2013

What I read was that he didn't want to jump ahead in the line for them (celeb privileges) and missed out on the cronuts because of it.

by Sounds funreply 44006/08/2013

There was an article about Andy and Anderson where Andy was asked if he was ever "with" Anderson and he claims they were set up on a date in 94 but they ended up being friends and nothing ever happened. Uhh Andy had that nasty jewfro ponytail in 1994 lol (seriously it was like a cross between fabio and a monchichi,) This was right about the time Andy and Bruce Bozzi became friends (and by friends I mean Bruce fucked Andy, Andy found out he was related to the owner of the Palms and used the connection to get into all the partys at the Palms, Bruce ended up partnered to the head of CAA - Andy keeps Bruce as best friend). Gee guess who reps Andy...CAA (not so coincidental, Cooper is also repped by CAA for speaking engagements).

One big pink mafia out there in nyc. I would be willing to bet with NPH and Burtka moving to NYC, look for Burtka to get a gig on Bravo.

by Sounds funreply 44106/08/2013

r441 Great gossip. Andy is such a social climber.

by Sounds funreply 44206/08/2013

In that article about the new bar from R420's link, the broker who handled the transaction seems to really believe in Ben's vision:

[quote] "We are all excited for them to open, I’m sure they will create something amazing!”

He also mentioned that the previous tenant didn't want to leave, which is what made this deal challenging. Clearly based on Ben's past success with his other bars, the landlord wanted to get rid of his tenant so that he could take over. That's quite the vote of confidence.

by Sounds funreply 44306/08/2013

Andy Cohen has a long history of being BFF's with people who are married to connected people.

Bruce Bozzi - son of Palms owner, partner to head of CAA Julie Chen - married to head of CBS Anderson Cooper - natch Kelly Rippa and Mark Consuelos Kristen Johnson RIcki Lake

He is sort of the male Jill Zaren "I run with a fabulous circle of friends..."

I knew him when he wore cut off daisy dukes, a vest with no shirt underneath and had that aforementioned pony tail, working as a booker for CBS this morning....he was a climber back then too.

by Sounds funreply 44406/08/2013

[quote]I knew him when he wore cut off daisy dukes, a vest with no shirt underneath and had that aforementioned pony tail, working as a booker for CBS this morning....he was a climber back then too.

They showed that photo on Anderson Live but nice try. Girl, you are absolutely obsessed. I like Anderson but who digs through everything she can find about him and even more creepy, about everyone he is associated with even though she has nothing but disdain for that person?

by Sounds funreply 44506/08/2013

[quote]I like Anderson but who digs through everything she can find about him and even more creepy, about everyone he is associated with

That's true. It really is amazing to see the people who dissect every facet of Ben and Anderson's life. They know when they're on vacation and the names of everyone with them. Then they use that to make up stories about what went on when they really don't know. They're glued to Anderson Live so that they can make comments about everything said and done on the show.

by Sounds funreply 44606/08/2013

Any recent pics of AC and Ben?

by Sounds funreply 44706/08/2013

Anyone know why Anderson was in DC yesterday and apparently is still there today?

by Sounds funreply 44806/08/2013

R446 It's always so obvious with you when one hits a nerve. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. In this love/hate dilemma with Anderson, obsessing over him, Ben and everyone he is associated with, addicted to Bravo and every detail of their trashy shows just because Andy is Anderson's BFF. You hate that you are addicted to this crap but you just can't stop. It must be horrible to despise all this but be unable to stop watching, collecting information, reading everything about them. Poor thing.

by Sounds funreply 44906/08/2013

R448 Nope.

by Sounds funreply 45006/08/2013

Maybe he was in D.C. for 60 Minutes.

Andy Cohen does seem like the type who only wants to associate with the rich and successful and he seems like he looks down on the people who made him rich. He's been hosting a lot of these sophisticated events lately and I guess he's trying to eventually distance himself from the low-rent entertainment he created.

by Sounds funreply 45106/08/2013

R451 Why would he not look down on them? He's the puppet player, these people are trashy and so are the people who watch this crap. Just because he knows how to bank in on them doesn't mean he has to associate, be friends with or respect them.

by Sounds funreply 45206/08/2013

[quote]grssrtsgourmet Thanks for stopping by @andersoncooper and Happy DC Pride! Hope you love your blueberry muffin.

Maybe he wanted to go to DC Pride.

by Sounds funreply 45306/08/2013

Yes I know that pic r445 that is why I referenced it. I'm not the person you think I am, I actually did know Cohen in the 90's I worked for CBS in LA. We did a lot of back and fourth with This morning especially working with the talent bookers. First time I met Andy after talking on the phone for months I was kind of shocked. I met him the day that photo was taken that they showed. It was at TV City in La - we were doing a photo shoot for CBS This Morning during the daytime emmys.

by Sounds funreply 45406/08/2013

[quote]I met him the day that photo was taken that they showed.

Oh please.

by Sounds funreply 45506/09/2013

We know very well that there's only one person posting all the negative talk.

by Sounds funreply 45606/09/2013

It's just funny that someone keeps posting all these dire predictions about AC and Ben like some big scoop about them breaking up or selling the firehouse. So crazy.

by Sounds funreply 45706/09/2013

This thread should have been closed a long time ago, immediately after r217 for his race baiting.

by Sounds funreply 45806/09/2013

Whats the latest on AC and Ben? Any sightings recently?

by Sounds funreply 45906/11/2013

No sightings, but I'm sure they're still going around together and a pic or a sighting will turn up eventually.

by Sounds funreply 46006/11/2013

I wonder when Ben's new bar will be ready to open.

by Sounds funreply 46106/12/2013

Probably not for a long time, maybe the earliest will be at the end of the year?

by Sounds funreply 46206/12/2013

We're approaching the first anniversary of AC's coming out. Should we have a thread to discuss the celebration? Should there be a Facebook page to offer congratulations? How should we observe this special anniversary?

by Sounds funreply 46306/12/2013

I'm going to say this and people may disagree with me but ANderson Cooper was never in the closet. Maybe only as a kid before he CAME out to friends and family in high school. It is impossible to be in the closet when your friends family and employers know you are gay. AC said he felt he wasn't in the closet and he's exactly right. We should hold double standards just because a person is famous and expect them or criticize just because they don't want to share private info, every private info to strangers. Those who criticized Anderson should do exactly the same thing and announce to the world you're gay. So there is no anniversary of him coming out in a years time. But over maybe over years ago when he came out to friends and family. Because that is when he came out, he is correct by saying that.

by Sounds funreply 46406/12/2013

R464 Well said. I'd like to see the bitter bitches complaining about him not talking about his private life and minimizing danger when traveling to countries that kill gays announce to the whole world they are gay, with with name, occupation, where they live, pictures and video, public statement, on tv, maximum exposure.

by Sounds funreply 46506/12/2013

I totally agree, R465. With such a dangerous job it was imperative that Anderson remain in the closet. There's no telling what he could have suffered by going overseas as an out gay man to nations where he could have been jailed or worse. Sometimes a person's job results in their remaining closeted. Those of us who are out and proud have to be understanding of the need for some to remain carefully closeted when it could place their life in danger.

by Sounds funreply 46606/12/2013

He's out. End of story.

by Sounds funreply 46706/12/2013

Bullshit. His closet days had nothing to do with traveling to foreign countries. Stop defending him. For the same reasons he closeted himself, is the same reason he's all of a sudden out and proud now.

by Sounds funreply 46806/12/2013

I love the logic of his defenders: when did it suddenly become "ok" for him to come clean? So slavering.

by Sounds funreply 46906/12/2013

He's out. End of story.

I guess this little get together at EB won't be happening at Ben's new bar. NSFW.

by Sounds funreply 47006/13/2013

I wonder if the bitter bitches get on everyone's case about when they come out or is it just Anderson because that would be hypocritical BULLSHIT.

by Sounds funreply 47106/13/2013

That's a really hot pic, R470. EB sounds really fun!

by Sounds funreply 47206/13/2013

You have to have a sense of humor about any AC thread. Here you can see R464 saying "ANderson Cooper was never in the closet." That's followed by AC's psycho stalker saying, "I totally agree" and then she jumps into her usual disconnect where she explains that he WAS in the closet... "not talking about his private life and minimizing danger when traveling to countries that kill gays..."

by Sounds funreply 47306/13/2013

EB is RAW. I don't think Bedlam is like that and Ben's next place probably won't be either unless that's what he wants.

by Sounds funreply 47406/13/2013

R466: using that logic, I guess Christian Amanpour had to stop traveling when she came out as female.

by Sounds funreply 47506/13/2013

I wonder if AC and Ben are going to France this weekend, AC was supposed to be a part of some event in Cannes but maybe that has changed. It's so beautiful there. When will they go to Ben's birthplace Corsica?

by Sounds funreply 47606/13/2013

Had he not remained in that glass closet, he probably wouldn't be looking at a cancellation notice for his daytime show.

His glass closet surrounded every episode for the entire first year. Every time anything about gays was mentioned, knowledge of the closet painted him as less than genuine to viewers. After he came out last summer, his entire personality and outlook changed on his show. Sadly, it was too late because the closing notice had arrived.

While it's great that he finally came out to the public, the fact that it took so long can be viewed as a valuable lesson to others.

by Sounds funreply 47706/13/2013

Nobody gives a shit now R477, he is OUT and his life and career are still doing fine, why do you people keep bellyaching about this? Somebody keeps bringing this shit up every other month or so, who the hell cares? Just be glad there's another high profile gay man out and proud, that's what counts. And there's no guarantee his talk show would've been a success if he were out when it first aired.

Maybe you need to learn the lesson of MOVING ON.

by Sounds funreply 47806/13/2013

[quote]Somebody keeps bringing this shit up every other month or so, who the hell cares?

Did you tell that to your history teachers in school. You must have really suffered when they talked about anything in the past.

by Sounds funreply 47906/13/2013

He's out. End of story.

by Sounds funreply 48006/13/2013

He came out late. Lessons to be learned.

by Sounds funreply 48106/13/2013

Coming out is what counts. He's out.

He's out of 360 tonight, it's not live. Maybe he's getting ready to go on vacation.

by Sounds funreply 48206/13/2013

R473 Oh honey, unlike you we don't delete cookies so a click on trolldar should tell you that those are different people. And coming out when he was in highschool is late?

R475 Sure, because females are in danger of being killed in certain places just like out gay people. Couldn't you think of anything dumber?

R482 Gloria's exhibition in Toronto opens today so AC might be there. Where does it say AC360 is not live tonight? Don't they usually just have a special report at 10 but the regular show at 8?

by Sounds funreply 48306/14/2013

This is a puzzlement R483. You say he came out of the closet in high school. At R465, you gave the reasons why he was in the closet in recent years such as foreign travel to countries that kill gays. Did he have a closet with a revolving door?

If, as you say, he came out of the closet in high school, why did he bother with that letter published by Andrew Sullivan? The news media treated that as his coming out. Are you saying that was a hoax?

When he got that award a few months back, media coverage mentioned his coming out last summer. Now, you're saying that's a lie; that he came out in high school.

We still celebrate the fact that Ellen DeGeneres came out to the public in 1997, though it wasn't news to most gay people. It's a major part of gay history in this nation.

I guess you're saying there's nothing to celebrate about Anderson Cooper's coming out since he has always been out from the moment he was in the public view. Fans across the nation admired him for coming out last summer, now we learn it was one big nothing - the Anderson Cooper Coming Out Hoax deserves a whole paragraph in gay history because he really pulled it off.

by Sounds funreply 48406/14/2013

R484, why don't you go find a forum where there are like minded people who agree with you about Anderson, because it doesn't seem that anyone here gives a shit about your little problem with him and frankly, there aren't that many people talking about that problem that only YOU seem to have anywhere else, so it appears you are a one person "I hate how AC came out" machine.

by Sounds funreply 48506/14/2013

I think AC might be in Cannes unless that event he was scheduled to attend was cancelled.

by Sounds funreply 48606/14/2013

Anderson is over. The talk show tanked. Everyone is LOVING Kelly and Michael, whom Oprah Winfrey just anointed the true successors to her throne. He's on shaky ground at CNN. Coming out was nice, but everyone knew it already. And some publicly questioned about the real motives.

Other than a few psychotic fans, everyone has moved on. He needs to take a long break out of the spotlight and think about what he wants. He clearly can't be everything to everyone. And the public doesn't want the vacant airhead routine. Stop the partying, the celebrity friendships. When you make Katie Couric look like Cronkite, it says a lot.

Don't attack the messenger. This is the court of public opinion. Nothing I'm saying hasn't been said already.

by Sounds funreply 48706/14/2013

[quote]so it appears you are a one person "I hate how AC came out" machine.

How can anyone "hate how AC came out" when it's not known R485? R483 says AC came out in high school. The media says AC came out last summer. Is R483 telling a lie? Was the coming out media event last summer a hoax?

Since AC's coming out, gay awards, gay partner is still a part of media interest, you're way off in thinking only one person has an interest in this. Why would the international media continue to write about his gay connectoins if only one person in the entire nation wondered about it?

by Sounds funreply 48806/14/2013

You're over R487, keep dreaming about the "end of Anderson's career", because it's never going to happen. If anyone is psychotic, it's you and your opinion means zero.

R488, no one cares about HOW he came out but YOU. You are obsessing over something that most people couldn't care less about. What counts is that he's out NOW and I don't see anyone on other sites bellyaching about how he came out. This is YOUR problem, not anyone else's.

by Sounds funreply 48906/14/2013

R489 I've not posted one word about you. I'm really not understanding the incredibly hostile rage you are exhibiting.

Are you on medication?

Now I understand I spoke the truth, as demonstrated by your vicious response, which was completely uncalled for. I would kindly suggest you not reply to me any further. We all have opinions, and it's clear that you are not equipped to handle anyone else's but your own.

We're adults. There's no need to attack someone like that.

by Sounds funreply 49006/14/2013

Are you okay R487? I agree, that was uncalled for and completely out of control.

I always think of posting on one of these threads, but the way certain posters just ambush everyone with such foaming on the mouth hatred, I'm always thinking if I post : "Am I next?"

I want to apologize because I felt so bad for you after reading that.

I mean, Wow. I never knew people could get so hateful until I read these threads.

by Sounds funreply 49106/14/2013

R487/490, I would kindly suggest you go peddle your silly opinion elsewhere with people who buy your crap (not likely you'll find it). And R491 can go with you (that is if R491 isn't just you pretending to be someone agreeing with your insanity).

Anderson Cooper is out, he's proud and your foolish arguments against him are pointless and irrelevant.

There's no "hate" here, but there is plenty of crazy and illogical and R487/R490 and R491 are prime examples of it. You can't admit that YOU hate Anderson Cooper and anyone who likes him so you come up with some kind of baloney that NO ONE else cares about. Most people are simply glad he's out and speaking positively about being a gay man.

by Sounds funreply 49206/14/2013

[quote]Now I understand I spoke the truth, as demonstrated by your vicious response, which was completely uncalled for.

No, what's uncalled for is the so-called "truth" you spoke, which is anything BUT that.

by Sounds funreply 49306/14/2013

r487 = DON LEMON

by Sounds funreply 49406/14/2013

Good one R494!

by Sounds funreply 49506/14/2013

It's irrelevant that he's out if he turns into a nobody. Aging guys with biceps, age inappropriate tight t-shorts, and no TV show are a dime a dozen.

by Sounds funreply 49606/14/2013

While Anderson Cooper isn't over, he is considered something of a joke now. And joke may be too harsh. He's lost his gravitas according to CNN research. And he's numbers with women are in free fall. Zucker probably will not re-up him at the end of this current contract. CBS is strongly considering buying out the remainder of his 60 Minutes deal. His only hope right now is a possible Today Show gig, but that is dependent on whether or not Matt Lauer can turn his ship around. He's not over, but the bloom is off the rose, and it didn't have anything to do with coming out.

by Sounds funreply 49706/14/2013

There's good reason for Anderfans to pretend that Cooper didn't come out last summer.

When Ellen came out, she did it to Oprah who was portraying a therapist on her sitcom. Probably half the nation was watching. During that week, Ellen gave interviews to major magazines, and made herself available to the media. Sixteen years later, people still haven't forgotten and still talk about her coming out.

When Cooper came out last summer, he arranged for Andrew Sullivan to post a coming out statement on a blog. Athough a major TV personality, Cooper avoided all TV programs, he avoided the print media, and he not only left town, he fled the country and went into hiding on a boat in the Adriatic Sea.

Is it any wonder that Anderfans want to erase all memory of his coming out?

NOBODY says, "Ellen came out and that's all that matters." That's because there's more to it. She did it with syle, class, grace and dignity. She stood on her own two feet and faced the media.

When someone repeats the Anderfan meme, "Anderson came out and that's all that matters," it's because they want his method of coming out to be erased from memory.

by Sounds funreply 49806/14/2013

R496, R497 and R498 are full of SHIT.

He's out. His career is fine and you all (or maybe just ONE troll) are completely transparent. The only jokes are you people trying so hard to sell a line of bull that is restricted to DL AC haters only. Be gone.

by Sounds funreply 49906/14/2013

[quote]The only jokes are you people trying so hard to sell a line of bull that is restricted to DL AC haters only

You're the one who is boiling over with hate. Why are you so afraid to read the truth?

Do you hate the fact that Ellen's coming out is highly regarded by most gay people? Do you really think your hatred of that truth will matter?

You probably hate the fact that people won't forget that AC fled the country when his coming out statement was put on a blog. No doubt, you hate everyone who realizes the truth of that.

It's obvious, R499, that you're overflowing with hate and can't deal with reality. Your "full of SHIT" meltdown clearly shows that you have some serious problems with the truth.

The fact that I think that AC has done some very good things won't make me sit there and ignore his actions last summer.

by Sounds funreply 50006/14/2013

R500, your problem with how AC came out is YOUR PROBLEM. The REALITY is that you are the only one who won't let go of that ax you have to grind. Not a shred of "truth" in anything you have said here. The only obvious thing is that you have issues with Anderson, period, not that HE has done a single thing wrong, because he hasn't. This is not a "meltdown", this is someone pointing out pure bullshit when they see it and the bullshit is coming from YOU and your ludicrous complaint about AC that you imagine others share. Well, that's where you are dead wrong. He's out, people are glad about that and no one but you has a problem with it. You're probably the same fool who creates all these dumb threads about AC/Kelly Ripa/Andy Cohen, all hoping for someone to join you in your hatred of them all. Perhaps it's time for you to see a mental health professional for this. Maybe it's PAST time for that because you are clearly a lost cause. Anderson's gay, out, proud and happy, you on the other hand are drowning in a sea of bitterness over something that most people wouldn't give a second thought to and HAVEN'T.

by Sounds funreply 50106/14/2013

R484/R488/R498 He came out in highschool. Are you saying that the 99,9% of gays and lesbians who came out to their family, friends and co-workers never came out? No, you are just playing stupid. Everyone already knew, the media, or should I rather say that part of the gay community that always demands all gay public figures declare that part of their private life to the public, called that declaration his coming out, which is not only disrespectful towards him but also to the majority of gay and lesbians who apparently are not out unless they make an official worldwide statement.

R487 /R497

Still addicted to deleting cookies, aren't you? Crazy lady, you have been declaring the end of Anderson's career for years now. Everytime you just make shit up out of thin air and your predictions are usually the direct opposite of what is actually the case.

You: Anderson is on shaky ground at CNN and probably won't get a new contract.

Reality: CNN is on shaky ground without Anderson, who has by far the highest ratings, was very quick to state on-air that he is not leaving when the Today rumors came up.

You: 60 Minutes wants to get rid of him.

Reality: Anderson guarantees high ratings and exposure for 60 Minutes. Rumors are that he might take over the show at some point.

You: He lost his gravitas.

Reality: Always listed in rakings of the most trusted journalists and people in the US.

You: He's over.

Reality: He's extremely popular, causes a circus whenever he reports from the streets, being interviewed by him is like a trophy. Interviewees even praise him live on air.

You: Look, Chris Cuomo filled in for AC tonight. He's going to take over the 8 p.m. time slot.

Reality: LOL

You: Anderson and Ben broke up.

Reality: Still together after four years, Anderson acknowledges Ben at the GLAAD Awards, even talks on CNN about his partner.

This list could go on for ages.

by Sounds funreply 50206/15/2013

R502, it was YOU who provided excuses for why Anderson Cooper was in the closet.

YOU explained how he had be "minimizing danger when traveling to countries that kill gays." Why would you be offereing excuses for him to be in the closet a few days ago and now you're attempting to claim that he wasn't in the closet when he was reporting from overseas.

Why do you attempt to combine his telling a few friends in h.S. that he's gay with people who are OPENLY gay, OUT and PROUD? Your lie is an insult to all who have been openly gay with their life, not hiding from the public in a glass closet. Yes, he is OUT now, so that's all history, but YOU want to rewrite history - and that's the problem. It's YOU, not Anderson Cooper.

Your overwhelming desire to erase his coming out via Andrew Sullivan is very telling.

Before you throw up another smokescreen: He's out. He's with Ben. He acknowledged Ben at the GLAAD awards. He has a well produced and popular 360 show. He has a great sense of humor. He treats his mother with respect. He loves his dog. He's best friends with Andy Cohen and Kelly Ripa. He works out at the gym and keeps in good shape. He has two nice homes on Long Island. The firehouse is a great place to live. He came out to the public less than a year ago.

by Sounds funreply 50306/15/2013

R503 I wonder why the psychos always delete cookies? And why does that ruffle your feathers so badly? Maybe you could use some anger management therapy.

He has been out and proud since highschool. Normal people who are out and proud don't have to declare their sexual orientation to the whole world. They do not have to come out to the public. They are no celebrities, not a public figure, not popular, not one of the most if not the most recognizable reporter. And the public has no right to demand of any public figure to come out and publish any aspect of their private life. Are you too dumb to be able to see a difference between coming out and making a public official declaration to the whole world that 99.9% of gays and lesbians never have to and never will make?

He as been out since highschool, he did the extra public declaration that the public is not entitled to and none of the holier-than-thou gays ever have to do last summer.

Calling that his coming out as if he hadn't been out before is disrespectful towards him and also to all the out gays and lesbians who also ever only came out to their family, friends and co-workers.

Not sure what the rest of your ramblings have to do with anything unless you are the same person as R487 / R497.

by Sounds funreply 50406/15/2013

[quote]Your overwhelming desire to erase his coming out via Andrew Sullivan is very telling.

Your overwhelming obsession with this is very telling about you R503.

by Sounds funreply 50506/15/2013

Thank you R502 and R504 for the dose of reality.

by Sounds funreply 50606/15/2013

This thread is like a bad acid trip. But I'm going to give the crazy edge to the Anderson worshipers, because I think they really believe what they're typing.

by Sounds funreply 50706/15/2013

R503 believes what she's saying R507 and what she says is BULLSHIT, so both you and her are NUTS.

by Sounds funreply 50806/15/2013

Ben's "bar boy" in negotiations for a tell-all. Should be interesting.

by Sounds funreply 50906/15/2013


by Sounds funreply 51006/15/2013

The Anderson defenders and haters can't be reasoned with.

They all forget for years that most people on DL said he didn't have to issue a press release or do a magazine cover, that all he had to do was stop refusing to answer the question when asked -- as in way back to when GLAAD gave him an award for a coming out story and asked if it was okay if they said he was gay and he said no. And to stop making up excuses for not answering the question.

Yes, you twits, one can be out to a close circle of friends and family and be closeted to others. Many of those people are on DL not out at work or to some people in their lives. Most people don't only have one coming out - I still occasionally have people make an assumption about me being straight and have to correct them. The only way you could think there's "one" coming out is if you've never come out and are still waiting for your first one.

What happened between 2002 and 2012 when GLAAD first couldn't say he was out and then could? He took a step to come out to the public and made it okay.

And the world didn't just suddenly become safer for him to tell the public he was gay. He made that up before but did the right thing by coming clean and putting and end to all the hypocrisy.

Can't you let this silly squabble go?

by Sounds funreply 51106/15/2013

He's out and I don't care HOW he came out or the past is unimportant.

by Sounds funreply 51206/15/2013

Thank you r511 for a rational and well reasoned response.

by Sounds funreply 51306/15/2013

What's "rational" is that MOST people don't care about how it was done as long as he finally did it.

by Sounds funreply 51406/15/2013

There's only one person in the world who takes issue with the way AC came out last year, and that loon keeps whining about it on DL to this day. Apart from her, all the reactions to Anderson's eloquently written statement I've come across both online and in print have been overwhelmingly positive. The fact that the crazy person who's always criticizing him for the way he came out keeps deleting her cookies is another indication that she's trying to hide something, namely her irrational obsession with Anderson Cooper. Sadly for her, she is fooling no one at this point.

by Sounds funreply 51506/16/2013

Actually there seems to be two people who deny that he came out last year, R515. She returns to AC threads on a regular basis to deny he came out last year. Then the other, if not the same person posting from a different computer, agrees that he didn't come out last year.

How can anyone doubt that after much prodding from the gay community, AC came out last summer to great acclaim in the media. It's soon time to mark his one year anniversary as an out gay man. It really is a cause for celebration.

by Sounds funreply 51606/16/2013

So.... who is invited to the big brunch at the Firehouse before the parade on Pride Sunday?

Ben is going to whip up some scrumptious egg-white omelets! Cause their hottie friends from David Barton are off the carbs until the big Pines party. Hee.

by Sounds funreply 51706/16/2013

R509, I don't think it's as scandolous as he hopes. Or maybe I should say no one will be surprized considering Anderson has paid for this kind of thing before.

by Sounds funreply 51806/16/2013
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