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Judge The Dance Contest

Which contestants are the best in the 1984 American Bandstand dance contest?

(pardon name/spelling inaccuracies)

#1 - Brenda Johnson, 19 & Terrell Heffner, 20

#2 - Grace Tan, 20 & Ruben Tan, 19

#3 - Lisa Houff, 15 & Joe Toako,19

#4 - Karen Vu,19 & Jed Arihara,19

#5 - Lisa Fulton,18 & Mark Vincent Nordyke, 19

#6 - Michele Gonzales,15 & Anthony Octorr, 19

by Joe Toako's sizemeatreply 405/19/2013

Could you imagine the reaction of all the mothers in America if the prize of seduction fragranced records were awarded today?

by Joe Toako's sizemeatreply 105/09/2013

The horror... the horror... the horror...

by Joe Toako's sizemeatreply 205/09/2013

Couple number 3. What exactly did he have stuffed down his pants?

by Joe Toako's sizemeatreply 305/18/2013


by Joe Toako's sizemeatreply 405/19/2013
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