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Jada Pinkett-Smith and Queen Latifah: downlow lesbicouple?

They co-starred in "Set It Off", but now Mrs. Will Smith will executive produce her new talk show- scheduled to debut this Fall.

Will Dana be the next Oprah? Or will it fail like her last one?

by Booreply 305/10/2013

Jada Pinkett-Smith-Owens has a nice ring to it. JPSO. Catchy.

And the jam-up? PSO-Fah? LaJada? QueenJada?

I've got it!


by Booreply 105/09/2013

Surely Queen can do better!

by Booreply 205/10/2013

That's what I was gonna post, r2.

by Booreply 305/10/2013
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