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If you were being held a sex slave

In a house in some dying rust belt ghetto... how would you escape?

by Amberreply 1005/09/2013

I wouldn't have moved to Staten Island in the first place.

by Amberreply 105/08/2013

Like I'd be anywhere near Kansas City, Kansas in the first place!

by Amberreply 205/08/2013

"How would you escape?"

I wouldn't.

by Amberreply 405/08/2013

R3 is hilarious.

by Amberreply 505/08/2013

I'd pretend I was a tragic Tennessee William heroine and look wistfully at the gates that hold me in the prison and the chains that keep me in bondage.

by Amberreply 605/08/2013

R6 wins.

by Amberreply 705/08/2013

I would run into the arms of a black man

by Amberreply 805/08/2013

You seem to be confused about the actual role I would be playing in the scenario.

by Amberreply 905/08/2013

lol R9.

by Amberreply 1005/09/2013
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