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Getting laid off of Craigslist

Has anyone gotten sex off of Craigslist? I know you can't confirm that I won't end up chopped up into little pieces and thrown in a dustbin by the person I get it from, but I'm still curious if anyone's done it before. A lot of people put up notices that their mussy needs filled, and they need to find the right dick to do the job.

I've searched everywhere btw. The young ones get laid in record time. I'm hoping for a young one after hooking-up with an older guy, which we did until a few months ago.

by Pingreply 3609/02/2014


by Pingreply 105/08/2013

Hunty, please.

If you can't get laid from CL, you might as well off yourself.

The bar is not set very high at CL.

by Pingreply 205/08/2013

Always meet in a public place. I think if someone is going to be a serial killer, they are not going to want witnesses putting them together with their victim. Also, it gives you a good out if the person turns out to be totally gross and misrepresented themselves on line, which it seems to be something a lot of people on CL do.

by Pingreply 305/08/2013

I don't understand. Did OP get laid off from his job at CraigsList?

by Pingreply 405/08/2013

If you're going to do it, OP, I'd say you'd be smart to follow the advice R2 gave you if you don't want your severed head tossed in some river somewhere.

by Pingreply 505/08/2013

I answered an ad on CL by someone Hispanic and 24, just wanted sucked off. I am in my 60's and seldom respond to ads, just too old to put myself out there.

I emailed him and told him I was an old guy, took my teeth out, swallowed and would give him the best BJ he ever had.

He took my up on it and came over. An army guy in uniform. Cute as shit, took his boots and pants off and I blew him for about 30 minutes. He is very verbal while getting blown. Blew a big load in my mouth. That same week he returned 4 more times and on Friday night came and stripped completely, got into bed and fed me 3 loads of cum during the night.

I can't imagine anyone giving him more pleasure than myself but, I have not heard from him in over a week now. No more dick for daddy.

by Pingreply 605/08/2013

I meant R3 not R2, but it was a pretty funny mistake.

by Pingreply 705/08/2013

'Thread watcher' position of this thread right now:

Air Force's sex-abuse prevention honcho charged with sexual battery

Getting laid off of Craigslist

If you were being held a sex slave

by Pingreply 805/08/2013

LOL! That's DL for you.

by Pingreply 905/08/2013

R8, don't forget Double Penetration, What Guys Can You Pull, and Ball in Chains.

by Pingreply 1005/08/2013

I knew a girl who answered a getting laid ad on Craigslist. But then she died.

by Pingreply 1105/08/2013

And 10 others died with her. Accidentally of course.

by Pingreply 1205/08/2013

Ironically, the only times I've gotten laid from CL is when I've replied to Strictly Platonic ads.

by Pingreply 1305/08/2013

[R4] That is how I read it, too.

by Pingreply 1405/08/2013


by Pingreply 1508/31/2014

Bottom problems.

by Pingreply 1608/31/2014

Better question would be: "Has anyone ever managed to have sex off of craigslist, and left with no STD's"?

by Pingreply 1708/31/2014

Many, many, many, many times.

by Pingreply 1808/31/2014

Yes, yes, and yes.

In fact, I'm posting after just having returned from giving an MMA fighter a two-hour blowjob and rim job. And I loved every fucking minute of it!

Last week, it was a 21 year old college kid who wanted to do nothing more than fuck. No blowjob, no kissing, no touching. He opened the condom, poured on the lube, and rammed me with his 7 inches. And I loved that too!

Yes, I'm a whore, darlins'. Guilty as charged.

by Pingreply 1908/31/2014

The best CL hookup was when I went home for the holidays last year.

I was so incredibly bored, I posted an ad saying, "let's get drunk!"

I had to borrow my dad's pickup truck to drive about a mile down the road to meet this guy. I brought along a bottle of Jack Daniels.

It was thundering and raining, and we sat in the truck and took shots and made out. He blew me, and then I fucked him in the truck.

Booze, condoms, lube, sucking, and fucking in a pickup truck. YEE HAW!!! I felt like a motherfucking Hillbilly in upstate NY, but boy, was that fucking fun!

I still think of that crazy night every now and then. Oh, Craiglist!

by Pingreply 2008/31/2014

Oh, craigslist, my Craigslist

by Pingreply 2108/31/2014

How'd that work out for you R18? Stories?

by Pingreply 2208/31/2014

Try Grindr (but don't be ANY older than 35). Lots of hot guys who just wanna fuck. If I wake up horny, I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be balls deep in a hot fit college guy within an hour.

by Pingreply 2308/31/2014


But what about bisexual transvestites like myself, who are looking for OTHER transvestites? Will I find them on Grindr as well?

by Pingreply 2408/31/2014

R24, maybe. Most likely you'll get blocked pretty quickly.

by Pingreply 2508/31/2014

R25 That's what I thought.

by Pingreply 2608/31/2014

I did when I was younger (around 23, 27 now), probably hooked up with around 15 guys. No bad experiences, had a few regular fuck buddies come from it. No STDs. The best fuck buddy was this dude named Mario. He was a grad student at the local university, very bright and funny. Clean cut, muscular Latino guy. He was hot as hell and I caught feelings and fucked it up.

Also fucked a 19 year old college kid who was Native American and fucking gorgeous, and had the biggest thickest cock I've seen yet. It was a little strange because while I was pounding him I kept glancing at a framed picture of a family portrait of him with his mom and dad and younger siblings. They all looked so wholesome and happy.

Weirdest experience - an older guy, he looked around 40 in his picture but when I got there he was at least 50 or so. I wasn't attracted to him at all, but he told me he just wanted to finger me and eat my ass while I jacked off. I felt guilty afterward and figured I'd give him a handjob so at least he could get off, but he didn't want that so I left. He texted me a couple times but I told him it was just a one time thing.

Don't think I'd do the craigslist thing anymore though. I could have run into a psycho, but was pretty naive and too horny to give it much thought.

by Pingreply 2708/31/2014

I'm curious and would LOVE to get a nice warm gummer off of criaglist, but I'm scared of the head queens who troll for cock all day long, they're BOUND to have the herps. lol, no thx jeff.

by Pingreply 2808/31/2014

Any number of times.

by Pingreply 2908/31/2014

Yes, he was actually nice, but lied about being single. But a stone cold freak in bed!

by Pingreply 3008/31/2014

OP got laid off of Craig's List because everyone complained about him

by Pingreply 3108/31/2014

[quote] Try Grindr

Grindr sucks. It's so limited.

You have to use your cell phone, and it has to be a certain and specific type of phone to be able to use the Grindr app. Fuck that.

CL is so much easier. Post, fish, and wait. If you live in a city with a decent sized population, you'll get replies, for sure.

The best thing about CL is that straight curious guys always troll the M4M section, so if they are intrigued by your ad, they'll respond. Or they might post something and you respond.

Either way, it's an easy way to hook up. Probably the easiest online.

by Pingreply 3209/01/2014

r32 is correct. Craigslist is easy as hell.

by Pingreply 3309/01/2014

Something cute I read on Craigslist last night.

[quote] i know it's been almost a year but i just cant forget what happened. i met you here last year, i think i responded your ad. but anyway, i came to pick u up at your place late night and we were supposed to get some food and play in my car but on our way out, we kissed and lost control driving and crashed to one of your neighbor's fence. LOL. yeah u even called the cops and i called my folks to pick me up. its crazy coz we dont even know each other and just played it cool to my folks. i hope u read this coz i really wanted to know u more. email me back if u think youre the one im talking about. fyi, that was my first kiss. lmk your street name so i know its u.

Ahhh, young love. lol

by Pingreply 3409/02/2014

Craigslist is very easy if you want older, out of shape men. I can't comment on every city obviously, but most of the NY/NJ ads are fake.

by Pingreply 3509/02/2014

We have had sufficient.

by Pingreply 3609/02/2014
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