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The Killing of Sister George

Thoughts on the play or film? Kathleen Turner is meant to be taking a stab at it.

George making Childie eat the cigar butt colored my view of lesbians forever.

by Mercy Croft reply 805/09/2013

Never saw the play, only the film, which is crassly directed, and Beryl Reid tends to overact as if she's still onstage.

The "notorious" sex scene at the end where Mercy licks Childie's breasts is almost laughable, and wasn't in the play.

There are some funny bits in the piece, but it's painfully dated like almost anything with gay characters from the 60's.

I suppose if someone can attempt to revive a 1930's corpse like THE CHILDREN'S HOUR in London, then someone will attempt SISTER GEORGE.

by Mercy Croft reply 105/08/2013

"Well, hello girls"

by Mercy Croft reply 205/08/2013

Horrible, never watched it all the way through.

by Mercy Croft reply 305/08/2013

Hard to believe now but esteemed actress Eileen Atkins was the original Childie in the play with Beryl, who was just a comedienne before getting this dramatic part.

Susannah York was too young and pretty in the film, it was amusing reading how she and Coral steeled themselves to do the lesbian scene (not too much of a stretch for Coral I imagine ...) which Aldrich insisted they do to spice it up.

Bette Davis wanted to do the film, which would have been all wrong, so she did that other amusing British play The Anniversary instead (the one where she wears the eyepatch).

by Mercy Croft reply 405/08/2013

One of the worst films I had to endure. The couple; George and Childie, is a complete mismatch and turn-off. The Children's Hour was classy and subtle in comparison.

by Mercy Croft reply 505/09/2013

Eileen Atkins, 1965

by Mercy Croft reply 605/09/2013

Kathleen Turner not only starred as George but also directed that revival at the Long Wharf Theatre this past year. The NY Times gave it/her a scathing review so I think she's about done with it now.

by Mercy Croft reply 705/09/2013

It's a play that is of no use whatsoever. It was only written because Joe Orton and others were writing about bitter and sadistic homosexual men. Hey --- how about a play about a bitter and violent homosexual woman?

by Mercy Croft reply 805/09/2013
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