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Adam Lambert, his music and I need to know what to buy.

I saw that thread here on DL about the jumpers on the Golden Gate bridge and noticed Adam Lambert was the singer of that haunting song.

I'm an elder, I vaguely know who the guy is: Runner up on Idol, gay, flamboyant.

Can anyone familiar with his available work direct me to which CDs to test out and buy of his? Thanks in advance.

by Now, who is this GaGa?reply 205/08/2013

For Your Entertainment I assume was the best. Whataya Want From Me was the best song he probably peaked with the haunting song ( also featured in Danny Darko)...

by Now, who is this GaGa?reply 105/08/2013

Trespassing was the better album of the two he's released so far, IMO. Best songs: Chokehold, Broken English. Shady, Underneath, Outlaws of Love, Nirvana.

For Your Entertainment: Whataya want from me, Fever, FYE, Sleepwalker, Aftermath, Broken Open.

by Now, who is this GaGa?reply 205/08/2013
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