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I think my neighbor is killing cats

Since he started renting a room from a friend in the house next door, the stray cats I'd been feeding for years have all gradually disappeared. He's home all day, sitting on the porch (he has a tubercular, hacking cough so I think he may be on some disability).

Sunday he sauntered over while I was trimming hedges and made small talk. He suddenly said, "Hey what happened to that one white cat? We used to feed it chicken". I told him that she just disappeared one day.

I once heard a cat howl and hiss and when I looked around I saw the cat darting away seemingly frightened. And the neighbor was standing on the back porch of that house.

Recently one of the last ones has been nursing a sore leg, hobbling around. I don't know if it's broke or what.

I swear if he's hurting or killing cats I will fucking murder him. Are there any laws against killing cats?

by Mereply 305/08/2013

Of course there are. Animal cruelty laws apply. But it's more likely he is lonely and trying to befriend them. Hate to tell you, but when they are strays they often just disappear.

by Mereply 105/07/2013

If you have a serious well thought out theory please call the animal cops. This sort of thing happens all the time. YES! You can do prison time for animal abuse.

I feed 5 feral neighborhood cats daily, and although ferals have a life expectancy of 3 years, they are all still here 4 years later. Something is rotten in Denmark OP. All he has to do is put a little almond smelling cyanide in a ball of meat, or spray them in the face with a mini hairspray bottle filled with cyanide. If YOU EVER find one dead, as gross as it would be, please take it to the SPCA for an autopsy explaining your concerns. The worst part is that the aforementioned methods are terribly painful. He'd be less of a sadist if he were to shoot them in the head.

by Mereply 205/08/2013

I have never found a single one dead. It's like they just evaporated.

by Mereply 305/08/2013
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