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Provincetown: Question for those in the know

I will be going to Provincetown in June. I have heard about gay and/or nude beaches. Herring Cove, for example. Does it really have a nude beach area? My bf and I would like to experience this. I am looking for authentic information from people who have been there somewhat recently.

Any other nice gay or nude beaches in Provincetown or on the Cape? Thanks for any info you can provide.

by Anonymousreply 405/09/2013

June can be chilly. Last number of years there was more enforcement of the no nudity laws, so you could get a ticket.

by Anonymousreply 105/07/2013

June is a bit chilly for nudity; one does like to look one's best, after all.

by Anonymousreply 205/07/2013

The traditional gay nude beach at Herring Cove is between the parking lot and the first lighthouse at Land's end. Closer to the parking lot is clothed and mostly lesbian. As you move farther down it becomes more gay and less clothed. Follow the lead of others already there. Keep your swimming trunks handy and enjoy the freedom. I haven't been there in a few years but it was always my experience that you have plenty of time to cover up if you see the park rangers coming. Fellow sunbathers will usually give a warning also.

by Anonymousreply 305/09/2013

The easiest way to the nude beach is to bike out to where the bikes are locked by the fence, hike out through the salt marsh and head to the left toward Wood End Light. It's about a 25 minute walk. If you go directly over the dunes after the marsh, it tends to be more pretty/muscle boy, not nude. The further left you go, the less likely people are to be clothed, then there's a point where it's pretty sparsely populated. The dunes out that way have little clearings where solo sunbathers set up camp, too, and there's lots of cruising and not infrequently sex going on. The rangers have been ticketing on the beach for nudity, usually approaching on ATVs, and will make arrests for lewd behavior. Enforcement was there but wasn't too bad last summer.

Late in the day, after 6, the beach is really beautiful, and those who are left are more comfortable stripping down closer to the central area.

There are no other nude beaches on the Cape. I think there's another unofficial one on the Vineyard.

by Anonymousreply 405/09/2013
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