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Chris Christie: Svelte At Last, Svelte At Last

Make that soon.

by Bruce S.reply 6405/11/2013

Another one who takes the easy way out.

by Bruce S.reply 105/07/2013

Just keep thinking that, R1.

by Bruce S.reply 205/07/2013

Christie's losing the weight for his family. Yeah right......

by Bruce S.reply 305/07/2013

I admire him. He acknowledges when people do the right thing and criticizes them when they don't, regardless of party affiliation.

by Bruce S.reply 405/07/2013

I don't admire him, R4.

Chris Christie stopped marriage equality in New Jersey. He's going to become the Rudy Guiliani of the northeast -- a Republican talked up about presidential aspirations who won't go anywhere. But thank goodness for tragedy to prolong some of Chris Christie's general success with his career in politics!

He will easily be re-elected in 2013. Many of the state's Democratic voters, not giving a shit about the LGBT, will cross over and re-elect Chris Christie as Governor of New Jersey.

by Bruce S.reply 505/07/2013

Fuck him, r4. He vetoed marriage equality in New Jersey and if not for him, gay people would be legally equal there.

I wish the fat fuck would die. He obviously doesn't have the willpower to put down the fork so he needs expensive surgery. I wish they'd just let him slowly kill himself.

He seems totally gross, like mob-boss, loudmouth, bully gross. Cooperation with Obama as millions poured into the state to help people there after a disaster doesn't really undo his trashiness:

by Bruce S.reply 605/07/2013

A broken clock is right twice a day. Gratitude to Obama for the Sandy response is really the only good thing he's done. Other than that he's been a loud thug, bullying anyone he doesn't agree with rather than engage in any sort of real debate.

by Bruce S.reply 705/07/2013

Unless he is getting psychological couseling in addition to the surgery it's not going to help. When you are 100 - 150 pounds overweight there is more going on than just a love of potato chips.

by Bruce S.reply 805/07/2013

My tax dollars are paying for that asshole's surgery.

by Bruce S.reply 905/07/2013

R5. If it wasn't for Clinton we wouldn't have DOMA, but he is some sort of fucking soothsayer.

by Bruce S.reply 1005/07/2013

Clinton was forced into signing DOMA it passed with an overwhelming majority in a republican controlled house, enough votes to override a veto. So even if he vetoed it, it would have passed. It was also an election year and Clinton got burned on trying to open up the military to gays with the Don't Ask, Don't Tell compromise. Grandstanding on DOMA, knowing it would pass would have possibly put his re-election in jeapordy.

by Bruce S.reply 1105/07/2013

How is gastric bypass cheating? You forever lose a part or all of your stomach (depending on what one you get done), you have all sorts of life long complications (ask Al "I pooped my pants" Roker), and if you don't change your lifestyle you will get fat again (ask Carnie Wilson).

by Bruce S.reply 1205/07/2013

He'll probably follow the Carnie Wilson plan.

by Bruce S.reply 1305/07/2013

He's certainly serious about running for president. He has no chance but he's doing it anyway.

by Bruce S.reply 1405/07/2013

[quote]He's going to become the Rudy Guiliani of the northeast

The northeast already has a Rudy Guiliani. His name is Rudy Guiliani.

by Bruce S.reply 1505/07/2013

R11. Hypocrite..

by Bruce S.reply 1605/07/2013

At least he's no pretending to lose the weight through exercise and self-control. Unlike Huckaby-de-Jeepers.

by Bruce S.reply 1705/07/2013

Great! Now he'll be extra cranky and even more prone to fits of anger.

Fat or skinny, he'll always be a massive douchebag.

by Bruce S.reply 1805/07/2013

Taking the easy way out, such a Republican move.

by Bruce S.reply 1905/07/2013

I disagree with those who think that Christie doesn't have a good shot at the WH in 2016. He has a good chance as anybody.

Fact remains that the GOP hate Obama and they had anyone with a (D) after his/her name. Right now in South Carolina in the reddest of the red counties, Sanford is in a dead heat with Colbert-Busch. Everyone despise him, but they can't bring themselves to vote for a Democrat.

Christie is going to try to be like Romney but with conviction on his [illusory[ moderate record and his ability to transcend politics. That's a highly potent combination.

Don't rule Christie out. Don't dismiss him. He's the guy I'm most worried about.

by Bruce S.reply 2005/07/2013

R11 is a hypocrite.

by Bruce S.reply 2105/07/2013

R21 How does reporting a fact make one a hypocrite?

by Bruce S.reply 2205/07/2013

[quote] How is gastric bypass cheating?

He didn't have gastric bypass. He had the lap band.

by Bruce S.reply 2305/07/2013

[quote]I disagree with those who think that Christie doesn't have a good shot at the WH in 2016.

He will need a very hard turn to the right to have any chance of even being nominated by those neo-nazis, aka repukes.

by Bruce S.reply 2405/07/2013

r24 if that was the case, then why was Romney, arguably the most moderate of that crazy bunch, nominated?

The GOP are desperate to recapture the WH and they've learned their mistake in 2012. So long as Christie talks up gun rights and be moderately anti-abortion (without going overboard or avoid the Akin-esque), he'll get the nomination.

by Bruce S.reply 2505/07/2013

What a waist.

by Bruce S.reply 2605/07/2013

I don't think bariatric surgery is the easy way out, it's the last resort. He's been fat his whole life. My personal feelings about him as a politician and person aside, I give him credit for trying to get his weight under control by whatever means necessary.

by Bruce S.reply 2705/07/2013

r27 don't be naive. He's doing this in preparation for 2016. He knows that his weight is an impediment to his run. People are very judgmental about the obese. They are not going to vote for an obese president. If you cite Taft, well that was a long time ago. Now, we associate obesity with laziness.

by Bruce S.reply 2805/07/2013

r28, I'm not being naive, and I didn't say anything about his motivation for doing it. I agree, he's getting ready to run. I think he was getting ready to run for 2012 when he publicly announced he was dieting. He didn't run and stayed fat. I'm just saying surgery isn't the easy way out. There's an interesting article in today's WSJ written from the POV of a fat man. I'd link it but I can't find it now.

by Bruce S.reply 2905/07/2013

He should ask Carnie Wilson how that went. Lap band surgery doesn't make up for 50+ years of eating like shit. There's no way in hell that this will have a longterm impact on Christie's weight.

by Bruce S.reply 3005/07/2013

R22, if someone other than Clinton had done those things, R11 would be howling at the moon. Remember all of the Clintonistas who were just SURE Barack Obama was a massive homophobe?

by Bruce S.reply 3105/07/2013

He misses seeing his johnson!

by Bruce S.reply 3205/07/2013

Bullshit, R11. He wasn't forced into anything. Clinton was the biggest phony president we've ever had. The damaging legislation passed under his presidency is unbelievable.

Clinton's no friend of the gays, and he's no friend of the blacks. His friends are Chris Christie's friends.

When will people get it through their head that the "war" is between the haves and the have-nots, and not between the Democrats and Republicans?

by Bruce S.reply 3305/07/2013

r33 is too stupid to live. Clinton saved your stupid ass.

by Bruce S.reply 3405/07/2013

Look at the marked differences in Christie's and Obama's physiques

by Bruce S.reply 3505/07/2013

R33 gets it.

by Bruce S.reply 3605/07/2013

There is no doubt that Christie realizes he can't lose weight through diet and exercise. He probably decided to do this because he can't handle this problem after a lifetime of it. Good luck to him.

There is also little doubt that he has his eye on the presidential repug nomination. No way in hell he could get that and win as a morbidly obese man.

by Bruce S.reply 3705/07/2013

Nice try fat boy. We'll never forget the fat blob lurking inside of you. NEVER!

by Bruce S.reply 3805/07/2013

I wonder if seeing himself in that picture with Obama and then all of the touring and [italic]walking[/italic] around that he did for Sandy helped him reach rock bottom and realize he had to do something drastic for his health. I don't think the man has walked as much as he did when he went from site to site, neighborhood to neighborhood for decades. I recall seeing him in orthopedic-type shoes and thinking that he must be in a hell of a lot of pain.

by Bruce S.reply 3905/07/2013

[quote]then why was Romney, arguably the most moderate of that crazy bunch, nominated?

Oh, they won't be doing that again. Haven't you heard? The Republicans lost in 2012 because Mitt wasn't conservative enough. That's what they've been grumbling even as they're giving lip service to the gays and the immigrants.

Christie might well be their best bet, but the hard liners won't stand for him. He fucking hugged Obama. He's got Obama cooties!

by Bruce S.reply 4005/07/2013

Christie can win easily.

by Bruce S.reply 4105/07/2013

He hasn't been fat his whole life. You were all drooling over his college photos. Repulicans hate him b/c they have an idea that he's not conservative enough. He is but they don't let facts get in the way of it. They blamed him for Romney losing. The red states are in the south and those guys aren't voting for a guy who talks like that. Plus, he has anger and keeping his mouth shut issues. He's also prone to lying and has some very real mob skeletons.

by Bruce S.reply 4205/07/2013

Mistake. Mark my words. people will not like the way he looks much thinner, maybe 200#. "ewwww" As grotesque as he is now, we are used to it.

by Bruce S.reply 4305/07/2013

But in the water he's a very skinny lady!

by Bruce S.reply 4405/07/2013

Just curious if there are any photos of Christie when he was young and/or thinner. Or was he always a big guy?

by Bruce S.reply 4505/08/2013

Here you go R45. And yes he could win.

by Bruce S.reply 4605/08/2013

DLers were drooling over that photo?

by Bruce S.reply 4705/08/2013

He will look really gross "thin". His face is all wrinkly and bumpy already. When he gets that deflated look, he'll look like a corpse. His already dark circles will become ghoulish and his lips will look livery.

by Bruce S.reply 4805/08/2013

Yes, R47, it was around the time of Sandy when he didn't shit the bed a la Bush and is somehow a hero. Just for saying, "Hey thanks, Obama."

Some DLers will drool over a serial killer or gang rapist.

by Bruce S.reply 4905/08/2013

In the old days, when someone wanted to wordlessly convey that a person was a mobster, they'd put an index finger on the side of their nose and push their nose to the side. In the case of Christie, nature has already done that for him.

by Bruce S.reply 5005/08/2013

R50 Thats the elephant in the room (no pun intended) If Christie was ever to set his sights beyond NJ, it would not take the media long to uncover some rather shaky things about him. The Meadowland's Xanadu project is just the tip of the iceberg.

by Bruce S.reply 5105/08/2013

Yes the governor of my state has lots in his background that won't stand a grueling nomination vetting.

by Bruce S.reply 5205/08/2013

His face does have a lot of those warty bumps that fat people get. Th

by Bruce S.reply 5305/08/2013

R52, is it worse than Gerry Ferraro's husband? I remember the media dragging her through the mud for that, back in '84 or '88.

Our old Governor, the charming Edwin Edwards (who coined the "dead woman or live boy" political aphorism), practically flaunted his ties to NOLA, NV, and SF racketeers.

by Bruce S.reply 5405/08/2013

His wife's name Is Mary Pat.

That's never a good name.

by Bruce S.reply 5505/08/2013

What's a "BJ Concert" mentioned in his hs photo.

by Bruce S.reply 5605/08/2013

Was Christie EVER thin or was he that chubby little kid who always got picked on?

by Bruce S.reply 5705/08/2013

R57, coincidentally, just put up a photo link of Chris Christi throught the years.

by Bruce S.reply 5805/08/2013

Lap band and gastric bypass are very different. I'm sorry he's given in to the pressure for surgery to get the right look, but he, at least, won't have the health issues that go with the gastric bypass.

by Bruce S.reply 5905/08/2013

He still looks morbidly obese to me.

by Bruce S.reply 6005/08/2013

Can we still call him Gov. Crisco?

But no matter how funny that is, I can't bear to contemplate the possibility of Pres. Crisco (or even V.P. Crisco).

by Bruce S.reply 6105/08/2013

So while he was complaining about Clinton's doctor daring to say he needed to lose weight he was secretly planning to get weight loss sUrgery. Didn't he say at the time he was healthly and there were no health concerns?

Fucking hippo-crit.

by Bruce S.reply 6205/08/2013

Will he be sporting spandex after he loses it all?

by Bruce S.reply 6305/10/2013

R4, R10, and R16 is a racist Freeper Troll appearing, beginning at r-34, on the thread "Hillary Clinton Owns 2016 Dem Nomination: Quinnipiac National Poll."

[italic]"95% of black, racist?, voters went to Obama."

* * *

"45% of whites voted for Obama. Racism works both ways."[/italic]

by Bruce S.reply 6405/11/2013
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