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NYC Dining Itinerary - Please Review

I'm going to be in NY for the week mid-May and I've devised what should be a good itinerary, but I am open to ideas.

Monday: Parm (from the Torrisi folks) Tue: The new ABC Cocina Wed: Mario's on Arthur Avenue, Bronx Thursday: Momofuku Ssam Bar Friday: the NoMad Saturday I'll be free for lunch and dinner, oh boy! I'm thinking Nom Wah Tea Parlor for a greasy dim sum lunch, followed by something light for dinner - maybe a salad and soup at Scarpetta.

How does this sound?? Fly out at 9pm Sat.

by Bite the Big Apple.reply 905/09/2013

Are you fat, OP? You type FAT.

by Bite the Big Apple.reply 105/06/2013

This must be some basement dweller in flyover land's compilation of restaurant choices gleaned from reading food blogs. It just does not make any sense. For example, Scarpetta is known for it's home made pasta. Why would one choose to go there for soup and salad? Really?

Overall, there are much better dining choices throughout NYC although Momofuku Ssam Bar is worth a try.

I guess that anything's a step up from the food court in the mall....right OP?

by Bite the Big Apple.reply 205/06/2013

Wow, r2. I actually listed several of the best and most innovative restaurants in the city right now. ABC Cocina just opened. I'm curious to see how Jean Georges V. handles tacos. NoMad is firing on all cylinders right now. Nom Wah is a tried-and-true, delicious dim sum parlor. Scarpetta's pasta is indeed excellent, but I've also enjoyed their salads. You seem like a bitter, mean little person. Enjoy your cold Lean Cuisine, BABY.

by Bite the Big Apple.reply 305/07/2013

Can't imagine a brief visit that includes schlepping out to Arthur Avenue. One goes there in the interest of stuffing one's face, not to eat great food.

by Bite the Big Apple.reply 405/07/2013


by Bite the Big Apple.reply 505/07/2013

Dear OP

There is more to NYC than dining. Ha however your choices are pretty good...I've hear 25 years and used to own a restaurant in TriBeca...that's my street cred. The only thing I'd rethink is NoMad...and like the previous queen said Scarpetta for soup and salad.

by Bite the Big Apple.reply 605/07/2013

What, no Rao's???

by Bite the Big Apple.reply 705/07/2013

Nomad sucks; been twice. It's been way over-hyped. And, if you're a real "foodie" it wouldn't be on your list. If you're really interested in Jean George, go to Jean George at the Trump, not ABC Cocina for tacos for Christ's Sake. Oh, and Lean Cuisine is what they eat in Flyover Land. are nothing more than a pretentious basement dweller. Get a clue.

by Bite the Big Apple.reply 805/09/2013

You are going to eat serious meals every night? Too much for me.

by Bite the Big Apple.reply 905/09/2013
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