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2007 Academy Awards- Best Actress

Mirren won for playing Lizzie the Second, but who do you think should have won?

by Anne Baxter reply 2305/06/2013

Poll didn't work


M, The Devil Wears Prada

Penelope Cruz, Volver

Judi Dench, Notes on a Scandal

Kate Winslet, Little Children

Helen Mirren, The Queen.

by Anne Baxter reply 105/06/2013

The poll didn't work because this question has been asked and answered before, OP.

by Anne Baxter reply 205/06/2013


by Anne Baxter reply 305/06/2013

cruz in volver was the best from that list if you ask me. by something of a margin too. really not into those other nominated performances at all. some i like that year of course not nominated, maggie gyllenhaal-sherrybaby, sarah polly-the secret life of words, sook-yin lee in shortbus

by Anne Baxter reply 405/06/2013

Judi Dench was the best of the five nominees that year. Mirren was probably the weakest.

by Anne Baxter reply 505/06/2013

judi dench, that was some funny shit but why even try and bring oscars into that. meryl, supporting and as mannered/affected as ever. winslet, that movie was hella hard to like and i dont like her when she plays a bitch anyway. mirren sucked, so boring anyone could conceivably play a frigid old cunt if you ask me. penelope cruz it is. shitty year for actresses, only 98 is worse in recent years.. emily watson, blanchett, fuckin gwyeth?! gaggle of ugly cunts that year

by Anne Baxter reply 605/06/2013

Duh? Of course M is deserving, every single year!

by Anne Baxter reply 705/06/2013

I wanna say Kate Winslet, but getting fucked by Patrick Wilson was probably award enough.

by Anne Baxter reply 805/06/2013

I like Mirren, but am not fond of her Queen at all. That said, it would be difficult not to award her even if it did nothing for me. I can't believe she beat Marion at the European Film Awards though, but I suppose if they didn't award her they would be seen as rubbishing the Oscars.

Cruz probably is best but I'm one of the few who wasn't blown away by Volver.

M also could have gotten it here, one place to reward her after some last snubs.

Dench no, much as I'd love to see her get another and in lead. And while I love the film, Little Children is among the weaker Winslets.

by Anne Baxter reply 905/06/2013

[quote]The poll didn't work because this question has been asked and answered before, OP.

What were the results then? I wouldn't mind more of these.

That was a weak year to me, I thought he meant the La Vie year which was very strong but seems too easy.

Ones I find interesting include: 2002 actor (The Pianist), 2005 actor (Capote), 2004 actress (Million Dollar Baby).

by Anne Baxter reply 1005/06/2013

Dench gave an incredible performance, unlike anything else she has done and had to deliver someof the most insane dialogue you've ever heard. The zeitgeist was with Dame Helen, particularly for a first time win.

by Anne Baxter reply 1105/06/2013


She was getting every award that year and it still holds up nicely.

Dench though was magnificant in a very different role for her.

by Anne Baxter reply 1205/06/2013

Of course Mirren should have won. It is a brilliant, nuanced performance, something that obviously went right over your head, OP.

by Anne Baxter reply 1305/06/2013

Any of them would have been fine by me. That is an exceptional group.

by Anne Baxter reply 1405/06/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Anne Baxter reply 1505/06/2013

R13, wow you're awfully defensive. OP never even said he disagreed with Mirren's win.

by Anne Baxter reply 1605/06/2013

[quote]She should have had at least five by now.

Why 5?

by Anne Baxter reply 1705/06/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Anne Baxter reply 1805/06/2013

Mirren should have won and did. Her restraint and intelligence were amazing to watch.

I'd pay to watch Dench cross a street with no traffic, and give her an award just for picking up her newspaper in the morning. But I think Mirren deserved to win. The others, please. Streep was fun but it was a supporting role. Winslet was too messy and out-of-control. Cruz was completely outmatched and got the nomination because of politics.

by Anne Baxter reply 1905/06/2013

I would've voted for Dame Judi. She was fabulous, and she had only won one rinky-dink supporting Oscar. The broad deserves more.

by Anne Baxter reply 2005/06/2013

It should be mentioned that Mirren swept all major four critics awards. LA & NY, plus National Review and Society of Critics.

by Anne Baxter reply 2105/06/2013

It was kinda boring as a year for that reason, Whitaker did much the same didn't he?

by Anne Baxter reply 2205/06/2013

Penelope Cruz gave a fantastic, soulful performance and certainly deserved a nomination.

by Anne Baxter reply 2305/06/2013
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