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BI ~ Hollywood’s Most Difficult Mother

No one wants to work with Hollywood’s most difficult mother. She now has a reputation among child care agencies for being the most unpopular celebrity nanny employer and many now only send to her the nannies on their staff who specialise in dealing with mega bitch moms.

She is surprisingly less organised than you would think, often requesting services with no lead time and expecting to be offered priority treatment. When the nanny arrives, she often won’t speak to the person directly, communicating via her assistant, and often implying that the person isn’t attractive enough, and because of this, may or may not sell her out. Because only ugly people compromise confidentiality, I guess?

She confiscates cell phones. She also demands to go through the nanny’s private messages. After a dinner party once, when she and her friends were particularly mouthy, backstabbing several prominent actors and actresses, she demanded to search the nanny who had stayed late -- without prior notice -- so as to make sure she wasn’t bugged and threatened legal action for no reason. Speaking of working hours, she has been known to require extra time but isn’t willing to pay for it, rationalising her request by blaming the person for an imaginary offensive -- like missing diapers or a bent branch/stem in the garden. Ie. “I notice that the whatever bush over there looks a little trampled. You weren’t careful enough. You are staying an extra two hours.”

She is known to be verbally abusive and impatient. She once watched a nanny pick up spilled baby food all over the floor while tapping her hand on the counter and criticising the person’s physique and intellect as the reason for why it was taking so long. Many nannies in LA, hearing horror stories from their peers, have turned potential work placements with her because they don’t want to bother with the drama.

Not Jennifer Garner.

by Anonymousreply 2605/05/2013

"She is surprisingly less organised than you would think"

Who would we expect to be organized? Gwyneth?

by Anonymousreply 105/05/2013

Gwyneth doesn't live in LA. My vote is Reese.

by Anonymousreply 205/05/2013

I'm guessing Reese.

by Anonymousreply 305/05/2013

I don't think it's Gwyneth either but she does live, at least part time, in LA.

by Anonymousreply 405/05/2013

It's Reese.

by Anonymousreply 505/05/2013

Reese "Do you know who I am?" Witherspoon

by Anonymousreply 605/05/2013

Probably not an actress, we wouldn't expect them to be "organized". A different kind of celebrity, perhaps.

by Anonymousreply 705/05/2013

Not Jennifer Garner is a clue that it's in that group.

Garner is friends with Reese.

by Anonymousreply 805/05/2013

We all have Reese on the brain. Let's branch out a bit.

by Anonymousreply 905/05/2013

Julia Roberts

by Anonymousreply 1005/05/2013

Kris Jenner with the grand kids

by Anonymousreply 1105/05/2013

You're going to arrest me?

by Anonymousreply 1205/05/2013

I can see it being Reese, but I'll guess Heidi Klum based on the following Lainey BI that is definitely Klum.

She’s supposed to be the doting mother. Ask the people who help her with her kids. They certainly don’t agree.

First of all she’s never around. And when she’s present she’s distant, not only not involved, but almost irresponsible about it. One of her children may have developmental challenges. As such, diet can exacerbate the issue. Since she can only spend so much time with her children, and often slotted in like appointments in her schedule, she doesn’t bother observing the food requirements that can help with the child’s behaviour. Mom supplies junk food because it’s quick and dirty so that she can get out of there that much faster. When the kid acts out because of the sh-t he’s just consumed, she’s incapable of dealing with it and takes off anyway.

It’s left then to the staff to raise her family. How does she treat them? Nannies’ cell phones are confiscated at 8am and not returned until 10pm. There’s a trusting and kind working environment, non? Totally encourages loyalty.

As you expect, bosses like this always play favourites. Her favourite? Curiously enough, it’s the bodyguard. He’s been seen rubbing her feet. Of course that had nothing to do with the separation ...even though the foot massages have been happening for a while now.

by Anonymousreply 1305/05/2013

Do you know who I am?

by Anonymousreply 1405/05/2013

Pretty sure this BI is from Lainey too

by Anonymousreply 1505/05/2013

Reese. All the references to legal shit gives it away (Legally Blonde), plus the school marmish finger tapping on the counter (Election, Tracy Flick character).

by Anonymousreply 1605/05/2013

It's Sharon Stone.

by Anonymousreply 1705/05/2013

"Elemen, who was hired in October 2006 and was promoted to head live-in nanny two years later, was dismissed in February 2011"

How many nannies do you have to have to name one of them the Head Live-In Nanny? I would say that assumes multiple live-in AND live-out child care staff. Jaysus.

by Anonymousreply 1805/05/2013

Rachel Zoe

by Anonymousreply 1905/05/2013

Miss Jeremy Renner

by Anonymousreply 2005/05/2013

Reese Witherspoon. Lainey said that Reese has always been a bitch and rude to people, and then she followed up with this barely blind item.

by Anonymousreply 2105/05/2013

The problem is Lamey doesn't know shit. This could be Angelina too but Lamey worships her.

by Anonymousreply 2205/05/2013

Is it Angelina Jolie and Mindy Cohn? Mindy might not have read the fine print when becoming a godparent.

by Anonymousreply 2305/05/2013

[quote]Reese "Do you know who I am?" Witherspoon

Are you a fucking moron? I never would say anything so trite. I asked, "Do you know my name?"

by Anonymousreply 2405/05/2013

Reese...back in the other thread about her, insiders who worked with her basically said she did that to everyone around her and treated her assistants like total shit.

by Anonymousreply 2505/05/2013

I knew you bitches would be all over this Mother From Hell BI like white on rice.

Agree that it's Reese, and no way is it Sharon Stone, because no one in their right mind would ever assume that that histrionic nutcase would be "organized".

by Anonymousreply 2605/05/2013
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