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Ace Young Looks Better With Shorter Hair

The American Idol cutie gets hotter as he ages. And he still has that amazing six pack.

Did anyone see him naked in Hair?

by Nickreply 3106/04/2013


by Nickreply 106/02/2013

I know someone who worked with him in Grease who said he's a total sweetheart.

And, yea, he gets hotter and hotter.

And, no, no gay vibe (you know someone is bound to ask)

by Nickreply 206/02/2013


by Nickreply 306/03/2013

r3, that is gay face for days.

by Nickreply 406/03/2013

I agree with the title, but he's not what I'd call hot. He's that type that women are told they're supposed to like.

by Nickreply 506/03/2013

And no photos of him naked in "HAIR" either.

by Nickreply 606/03/2013

Diana di Garmo (was that her name?) looks much better now in that photo that she's skinny, I have to say. She probably looks anorexic in real life though.

by Nickreply 706/03/2013

Definitely looked cuter with the hair.

by Nickreply 806/03/2013

r8, I think you're one of the women r5 was talking about.

by Nickreply 906/03/2013

Please tell me that isn't a HOODIE tuxedo. How did he go from hippie to guido? Much cuter before.

by Nickreply 1006/03/2013

R8 isn't a woman!

by Nickreply 1106/03/2013

Sometihng about them together doesn't sit right. He's too hot for her. No straight man is sexually attracted to Diana Digarmo. He married his best hag. She's a beard and she doesn't know it, poor thing.

by Nickreply 1206/03/2013

Can you imagine her sucking his hairy cock

by Nickreply 1306/03/2013

He looks better with the chest hair.

by Nickreply 1406/03/2013

I love guys with bodies like that. Slim and lean yet muscular.

by Nickreply 1506/03/2013

Was he penis shy like Mr. Audra McDonald was in "Hair"? What a strange performance. We are zonked out stoned hippies ripping our clothes off at a be in yet we always keep our pp covered.

by Nickreply 1606/03/2013

to the tune of Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

by Nickreply 1706/03/2013

[quote]No straight man is sexually attracted to Diana Digarmo.

Who the fuck are you to say what a straight guy is attracted to?

by Nickreply 1806/03/2013

r18 deserves a MARY!

by Nickreply 1906/03/2013

They usually do. Only some people can pull off long hair.

by Nickreply 2006/03/2013

he has nice armpit hair

by Nickreply 2106/03/2013

Hippies didn't manscape. We let it all hang out. I'd pay just to see the hairy bush I hope is there.

by Nickreply 2206/03/2013

How does one get that skinny and, well... not die?

I think even if I ate nothing all day, every day, I'd still never be that skinny.

How the fuck does a person look that good, without suffering from starvation?

I really, really want to know.


by Nickreply 2306/03/2013

[quote]How the fuck does a person look that good, without suffering from starvation?

Who says they aren't suffering?

by Nickreply 2406/03/2013

f23, because they go to the gym and go out and live life instead of sitting at home on Datalounge.

by Nickreply 2506/03/2013

Good looking boy. Quick butt shot in "Hair" clip

by Nickreply 2606/04/2013

r2, you surely jest....

if he doesn't smell cookies, I don't who does!

nice enough to look at, but trey fey.

by Nickreply 2706/04/2013

says r25....while sitting around on DL

by Nickreply 2806/04/2013

@ the 2:52 mark

by Nickreply 2906/04/2013

OP, we've gotten on to you before for linking to Rumorfix with a URL. You're clearly a PR plant.

by Nickreply 3006/04/2013

Ace and Diana just got married this weekend. Here is his wedding outfit. He's certainly original.

by Nickreply 3106/04/2013
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