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I don't get it. Why did the US Govt give gazillions of dollars to the 9/11 families but no reparations for slavery? ?

Do the right thing, America.

by Disgusted reply 18605/12/2013

Because the United States didn't become a nation of perpetual victims in the late 20th century.

by Disgusted reply 105/04/2013

Because 9/11 shocked the nation, but taking advantage of minorities is nothing shocking or new. We still do it. We just call it "minimum wage" and Republican tax schemes now.

Why would some greedy fat bastards sitting at the top (all pasty white of course) be willing to part with their "hard earned" (hahaha) dollars for anything if they don't have to? They still don't like Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, etc., but are glad to live on their backs.

by Disgusted reply 205/04/2013

cause the slaves were freed 150 fucking years ago.

by Disgusted reply 305/04/2013


by Disgusted reply 405/04/2013

We give you food stamps, welfare, unemployment, section 8 housing, child care, free medical care, Obamaphones....what the fuck, did we leave something out?

by Disgusted reply 505/04/2013

OP, you're an idiot. Are any of those slaves still around like the 9-11 families? Obviously not, they and their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren are long gone!

by Disgusted reply 605/04/2013

I don't know, why did the US Govt take away all the land for the Native Americans force them on crappy land to survive on nothing for generations. Then why they finally figure out a way to make money, tax, tax tax them.

by Disgusted reply 705/04/2013

Reparations are deserved and rightly so. The 9/11 people getting millions is fucking bullshit by comparison.

by Disgusted reply 805/04/2013

Really, R4? Most black people in the US who are descendants of former slaves are not on welfare, and have never lived in public housing.

Many whites who are not descendants of slaves ARE on welfare.

Obviously you don't understand the concept of "reparations for slavery/Jim Crow."

by Disgusted reply 905/04/2013

As another poster pointed out, kent state was a mere 43 years ago. Give their families some damn compensation!!!!

by Disgusted reply 1005/04/2013

Because 9/11 actually happened to those individuals, and not their great-great-great-grandparents.

by Disgusted reply 1105/04/2013

I have a novel idea. Why don't we just give them a free boat trip back to Uganda?

by Disgusted reply 1205/04/2013

Lets see, we have the richest woman in America, Opera, and the President of the United States both black and you still want shit that happened 200 years ago to be compensated?

Ok, how about we do that in 200 year pay scale. Here is your 15 cents, now go.

by Disgusted reply 1305/04/2013

Don't forget dumbed-down graduation requirements and employee hiring tests.

by Disgusted reply 1405/04/2013

That the direct descendants of the men and women who built this county would benefit is the whole point. They never got paid for their labor.

by Disgusted reply 1505/04/2013

I'm not sure what opera has to do with reparations, but, whatever.

by Disgusted reply 1605/04/2013

AND a free school breakfast AND lunch!

by Disgusted reply 1705/04/2013

R12 + 1

That would actually be the fairest and most earnest attempt and putting things back the way they were.

If the OP was serious he would opt for that not cash for his next blunt.

by Disgusted reply 1805/04/2013

R16, slaves could not work for their own money. 200 years later, not only can they keep what they make, they are some of the richest people in America.

Why would someone like Opera need more compensation from current tax payers when none of us had anything do to with slavery in the first place.

by Disgusted reply 1905/04/2013

What are Obamaphones?

by Disgusted reply 2005/04/2013

Wow. OP's troll bait really has the racists crawling out of their holes.

by Disgusted reply 2105/04/2013

Are you that fucking clueless r20?

by Disgusted reply 2205/04/2013

Give you money? So you can go out and buy more crack and guns? Why don't you go back to school and get an education and keep off the porches and stoops.

by Disgusted reply 2305/04/2013


affirmative action

by Disgusted reply 2405/04/2013

I'm not necessarily in favor of reparations, but cut the racist bullshit about social programs being the equivalent of reparations. Roughly an equal number if blacks and whites are on welfare in this country, so if the program was set up as form of reparations for slavery, kick those white people off the rolls. Also, do something about the majority of African-American citizens, who apparently are getting ripped off because they are not on any form of government assistance.

by Disgusted reply 2505/04/2013

Please include PC absurdness.

by Disgusted reply 2605/04/2013

R25, that is such a bullshit analysis of the numbers. Let's say, as you suggest, an equal number of blacks and whites are on welfare. It still says blacks are predominately loafers because they are only 12% of the population.

by Disgusted reply 2705/04/2013

bu$hco decided to pay off the families of 9/11 so they wouldn't sue the airlines into oblivion.

They also didn't want all of their security fuckups that they ignored to come out during trial. Let's not forget that they were all on vacation the weeks before 9/11 and couldn't be bothered with the reports they DID get that said Osama Bin Laden plans to attack with planes. Any and all trials with the airlines would have become a trial against the government and the bu$h administration

by Disgusted reply 2805/04/2013

Shhhh, r27!

Blacks don't like to hear that statistic.

by Disgusted reply 2905/04/2013

OP, my family is Hispanic and go back generations when California was part of Mexico.

As Americans, we were not part of that whole slave trade the gringo did. Why should I, my family or anyone of us here before all that have to pay for something other people did?

How about paying us for California and Nevada, Utah, Colorado as well as most of northern New Mexico and Arizona and Texas.

by Disgusted reply 3005/04/2013

[quote]What are Obamaphones?

A freeper work of fiction.

by Disgusted reply 3105/04/2013

Your clueless R22 Stop watching Faux News

by Disgusted reply 3205/04/2013

I am a socialist and even I don't favor reparations.

by Disgusted reply 3305/04/2013

Work of fiction, R31? Move to New York, there are commercials for Obamaphones every 5 minutes on TV. The best one: some lazy fat guy says, "Now I can call my boss and tell him I'm gonna be late for work!" Seriously.

No asshole, try getting to work on time, save money and buy your own goddamn phone.

by Disgusted reply 3405/04/2013

[quote]Why would someone like Opera need more compensation from current tax payers when none of us had anything do to with slavery in the first place.

Support Opera!!! We need to support culture!!

by Disgusted reply 3505/04/2013

Gee R31, its on TV so it must be true.

Not the brightest bulb in the box are you.

by Disgusted reply 3605/04/2013

I would support Opera but my legs are not that strong.

by Disgusted reply 3705/04/2013

R30 I'm in favor for all descendants of slavery in the US regardless of ethnicity. So if you have ancestors that were slaves then you would be getting some dough as well.

by Disgusted reply 3805/04/2013

Who could forget the obamaphone lady.

Ain't she pretty and smart?

by Disgusted reply 3905/04/2013


Hey Dumbass.

Yes, I do believe that the incessant commercials running on television (and all the outdoor advertising) for free gov't tracphones is true. Are you fucking stupid?

by Disgusted reply 4005/05/2013

He R40, Call me Now!

by Disgusted reply 4105/05/2013

[quote]How about paying us for California and Nevada, Utah, Colorado as well as most of northern New Mexico and Arizona and Texas.

Would you rather be in Mexico now????

by Disgusted reply 4205/05/2013

Yes R42, but I don't have to move, I will be taking California, Nevada, Arizona and change the name back to what it was, MEXICO. Try Google some time, it's very easy.

As a token of my gratitude, you can keep Texas.

by Disgusted reply 4305/05/2013

And by the way R42, all people who reside in those former states will be required to speak the native language... Spanish.

by Disgusted reply 4405/05/2013

You're full of shit r43

by Disgusted reply 4505/05/2013

This thread is very interesting.

Most of you have screamed at me for saying "racist" things about Canada's culture of lazy, welfare-scamming, baby-breeding Indians, but it's ok to say the same things about blacks in America?

Hello, pot? This is kettle, and you've got a little smudge over there...

by Disgusted reply 4605/05/2013

Google the Mexican American War R45. Your a Dumb Ass, you Dumb Ass.

I am not going to do if for you.

So your are basally showing us you are lazy and stupid.

That info is Junior High History. Where did you grow up Texas?

by Disgusted reply 4705/05/2013

You truly are a very special fucking kind of stupid, aren't you R36/R40?

by Disgusted reply 4805/05/2013

[quote] Your a Dumb Ass, you Dumb Ass.

Oh, dear.

by Disgusted reply 4905/05/2013

Can you fucking read, R48? It's a Reagan-era program that Obama has actually tried to reform. George W. Bush was the one who expanded it to cell phones. It's paid for with phone bill fees, not taxes. But keep spitting out those Fox News talking points.

"Obamaphones! I saw it on TV!"


by Disgusted reply 5005/05/2013

r47 you're very good at swearing but your comprehension is in the crapper. I wasn't denying history. I asked you if you'd rather be part of Mexico now and you said "yes". I said you were full of shit which means I think you're a liar or, maybe you're just that dumb.

by Disgusted reply 5105/05/2013

Work of fiction.

by Disgusted reply 5205/05/2013

Call it whatever the hell you want, R50. I don't care if George Washington came up with the idea and FDR, Kennedy, and Reagan all got together and danced an Irish Jig while Bill Clinton had phone sex with Monica over one of these goddamn government phones. The point is, it's a wasteful program.

But let me ask you a question, you ape-brained backwards fucktard. If the government requires a surcharge on everyone's cellphone bill to pay for a government program how is that not a tax? You're either dim or delusional.

And if you think that Obama (or any other politician) is trying to curb these sorts of hand-out programs you are as shit-for-brains as anyone I ever met in my life (and I've met your mom, although we didn't do much talking I'll admit). Yeah, she's a lez. You didn't know that did you?

by Disgusted reply 5305/05/2013

[quote] I don't care if George Washington came up with the idea and FDR, Kennedy, and Reagan all got together and danced an Irish Jig while Bill Clinton had phone sex with Monica over one of these goddamn government phones. The point is, it's a wasteful program.

Then why call them Obamaphones?

Also, you do realise you're on a gay website, yes?

by Disgusted reply 5405/05/2013

R52, who cares? The only thing that article says is false is that Obama created it. Nobody cares. Obama's a lame duck with no power - get over it.

Read the article you just slapped up there - it just confirms everything everyone is trying to say about how wasteful and out of control the program is.

by Disgusted reply 5505/05/2013

R54 Yes I do "realise" that, R54. (Learn how to spell, by the way). I'm a dyke. A bad ass Harley ridin' bull dyke in case you couldn't tell. Are we allowed to post here still or has that changed?

by Disgusted reply 5605/05/2013

Why the fuck do you call them Obamaphones then??


Are they paying you for this bullshit, or are you just dumb enough to believe it?

by Disgusted reply 5705/05/2013

Actually, r56, -ise is also correct. You must be a 12 year old dyke if you sling "your mom" jokes over the internet.

Please get cancer.

by Disgusted reply 5805/05/2013

[quote]But let me ask you a question, you ape-brained backwards fucktard. If the government requires a surcharge on everyone's cellphone bill to pay for a government program how is that not a tax? You're either dim or delusional.

Paying taxes is something the government requires of its citizens.

Owning a cellphone is not. You choose to own a cellphone, so you pay the fee.

You really are breathtakingly stupid, do you know that?

by Disgusted reply 5905/05/2013

R57 you have a worse case of BPD then Jodi Arias. First you're up at R11 railing against reparations then you're down at R57 calling me a troll. Get a grip, pencil dick!

Let's review, shall we.

R5 called them "Obamaphones" R20 asked what "Obamaphones" were R36 said they are a work of fiction

Then several other people chimed in all using the same term. None of the substance of the conversation ever made reference to Obama or where the phones got started. The conversation was about the PHONES not what they should be called. So I used the term "Obamaphone" once because that's what we were referring to them as - never in the context of politics, always in the context of policy (try to learn the difference, it would make you more tolerable).

You're just too fucking stupid, though, aren't you.

by Disgusted reply 6005/05/2013

[quote] R52, who cares?

You spent the last 2 hours calling them Obamaphones, so I think you care very much about connecting the program to Obama, even though its almost 30 years old and was both started and expanded under Republican presidents.

by Disgusted reply 6105/05/2013

-ise is correct only in the context of British spelling, which only passes muster if you use it consistently throughout your writing, which you don't. Go goop yourself you pretentious ass-clown.

Cancer? Beat both cervical and breast - bring on the next one mofo. This bitch is strong!

by Disgusted reply 6205/05/2013


This might be a shock to your racist mind but not all of Mexico wants to come here or be American.

I know, you are clutching your pearls for me to just even suggest that.

The truth is, There are many happy, wealthy intelligent people in Mexico who take pride in their country. Ever been to Mexico City? I thought not.

You do know that a lot of Mexicans who work here go back to Mexico because they want to live there right? Lots of American retire there how do you explain that in your little "must be dumb to want to go back to Mexico" rant.

by Disgusted reply 6305/05/2013

They don't require you to buy a yacht either, you chillingly misinformed, uneducated inbread ignoramus. But when you do, there's a special tax on it! Just like the phone tax.

Are you really this stupid or are you "Punking" us?

by Disgusted reply 6405/05/2013

R60, one can be against reparations but support Obama. One can also do those things (or not) and recognize an obvious troll like you.

It's a very black and white world you live in, isn't it? That must be very simplistic for you.

by Disgusted reply 6505/05/2013

I used the term ONCE, at R34, after it had already been used several times.

But you know what, you go girl. You prove to the world who started this program, miss thang! Smell you, you sassy bitch - you taught the world a lesson today! Take yourself out to lunch and tell them Sue sent ya and to put it on my tab!

Oy vey!

by Disgusted reply 6605/05/2013

You are so thick R65 you remind me of when a cow mates with its own offspring - the issue just sort of drools and pees all over the place until it choked on its own feces and dies.

Nobody on this thread ever said anything against Obama. This thread never *had anything to do with Obama*. I called you BPD because you come here to state a firm opinion then turn around and call a dyke a troll for doing the same damn thing!

by Disgusted reply 6705/05/2013

Obamaphone Lady wakes up!

by Disgusted reply 6805/05/2013

Whats your problem R66? You used the term once twice who cares? You got your point across and people responded to it.

Not political yet you use a positions name? Bitch Please.

They why not the Reagan Phone or the Bush Phone or Government phone?

It's a good thing your home videos are preserved on the internet.

by Disgusted reply 6905/05/2013

I like the blue Obamaphones.

by Disgusted reply 7005/05/2013

What is your point R68? Alex Jones of Infowars is a wing-nut making money by spreading conspiracy theories to wing-nut jobs.

Here is one caught on cam:

by Disgusted reply 7105/05/2013

Because you dimwit R69, whether you like it or not that is the name that is currently used in the press for the program in articles in center/left leaning publications like Washington Post and Politico. It's become part of the vernacular when discussing the program in general (not who started it).

As to who coined the phrase, it was "community organizers" trying to sign people up for the program that decided to call it an "Obamaphone" to get more people to sign up because Obama was hip and popular around the time the program expanded its outreach. You never thought about that did you? The term came from the streets and got reported in the press, not the other way around. You think that woman in the video is a "freeper" and that's where she got the term.

Get a grip, you delusional precious little simpleton!

by Disgusted reply 7205/05/2013

The slavery era in the US is, like the Holocaust, one of those historical issues that has been severely distorted over time.

Yes, there were white slaves.

Yes, slavery has occurred throughout history, on all continents, and is colorblind. Trading or selling your captured enemy into slavery was a common tactic, including among the black Africans who helped supply those who ended up in the US and Caribbean.

No, huge plantations and utter brutality were not the norm. In the American south just before the Civil War only 25% of households had slaves and of those the vast majority had between one and nine slaves. Often slaves would be paid for work they did for third parties or, in industrial settings, work in excess of their day quota. Slaves were allowed to purchase their freedom and free blacks sometimes owned slaves of their own.

I'd be willing to bet that those shouting loudest for reparations can't even trace their lineage back to slave times. Most blacks in the US today aren't descended from slaves of the US slave era but are from later immigration.

by Disgusted reply 7305/05/2013

OK win-nug R72, then by your thinking we should all go back to calling the "Tea Party" the "Tea Baggers". Because, the original term was start by their own followers. Then finally someone used "the google" and found out what the label means to the rest of the world.

You probably are a Teabagger anyway.

by Disgusted reply 7405/05/2013

R40 has been drinking tainted Koolade.

by Disgusted reply 7505/05/2013

R74: Huh?

by Disgusted reply 7605/05/2013

Well you put a glossy coat on that R73. Yes there were slaves of all races but there is a difference winning a war and forcing their people into slavery and just going to Africa and rounding up people unprovoked and shipping them off to another land.

Also, it is true that slaves could buy their freedom but, that option only came near the end of slavery. Even then is was out of range for most to do so. Also, it was illegal to teach a slave to read or write.

Female slaves were offered a chance to buy their way out only if the produced 15 kids to replace them.

Finally 25% of households is a lot. By todays standards, if we still had slave, it would be 75 million people.

by Disgusted reply 7705/05/2013

R75 It's Crystal Light for this bad ass momma, not Kool Aid. And it's a hell of a lot tastier than that cocktail of piss and diarrhea you swill out of the toilet every night before the orderliesput you back in the straight-jacket and molest you. Just close your eyes and pretend it's Obama doing all those things to you baby - you'll come in no time! Then they'll leave you alone :)

Keep dishing it out, you feeble retrograde ejaculator. Bitch, you can't touch this!

by Disgusted reply 7805/05/2013

Wait, Americans "went to Africa and rounded up people unprovoked and shipped them off to another land?"


You're funny, R77. You had me going there for a second - I thought you actually believed that!

by Disgusted reply 7905/05/2013

Can we get back to the concept of repatriation to country/continent of origin discussion?

by Disgusted reply 8005/05/2013

Wouldn't the Brits pay the reparations, or the bulk thereof - since slavery existed much more so during the colony era as opposed to the states era?

by Disgusted reply 8105/05/2013

Slavery aside, the Jim Crow laws,... now an apology is in order for that shit.

by Disgusted reply 8205/05/2013

I will bet that most of those who want reparations cannot even name 5 countries in Africa. Re Obama phones....does the gov't pay the phone bills as well or just for the phone?

by Disgusted reply 8305/05/2013

They have been getting reparations since 1965.

by Disgusted reply 8405/05/2013

The solution is really quite simple: All those, like OP, who are in agreement that Americans of African descent are owed reparation money should get together and create a fund to which they would voluntarily donate whatever amount of money they wish to put in. At the end of whatever time period they have deemed adequate to collect the donations, that fund would then be equally divided among all of the U.S. citizens who are able to give proof that they are a descendant of at least one person who had been a slave. That would be fair and effective, no? But for some reason, it seems no one has yet been motivated enough to get the ball rolling on something like this.

by Disgusted reply 8505/05/2013

Have other countries, particularly African countries, paid reparations to descendants of slaves?

by Disgusted reply 8605/05/2013

I think the US did and are paying reparations. It's called welfare

by Disgusted reply 8705/05/2013

OP is right. The disparity in wealthy between whites and minorities is so extreme that we should do a one-off to fix it.

by Disgusted reply 8805/05/2013

A one off? A one off of what?

by Disgusted reply 8905/05/2013


by Disgusted reply 9005/05/2013

Give them yours. We all know it wouldn't be a one-off. There is no such thing as one off or temporary when it comes to free money from the government.

by Disgusted reply 9105/05/2013

Did the government ever compensate the slaveowners for their slaves after the war?

I know from history class that in the years immediately prior to rebellion, this was one proposal on the table, viz., compensation.

by Disgusted reply 9205/05/2013

We fought a war to free them.

That was enough.

by Disgusted reply 9305/05/2013

The money would be blown in a weekend and wed be back at square one.

by Disgusted reply 9405/05/2013

Ask Boston.

by Disgusted reply 9505/05/2013

Apples, meet oranges.

by Disgusted reply 9605/05/2013

R94. It would be a good couple of days for the car and television industry!!

by Disgusted reply 9705/05/2013

Why OP? Because the government still thinks it can get away with not admitting what it did on 9.11. The cat's out of the bag on slavery.

by Disgusted reply 9805/05/2013

R28, You are correct. There was clear and specific evidence of the day and time and details of 9/11 well in advance that was 100% totally ignored by Bush et al.

by Disgusted reply 9905/05/2013

"Obamaphones" were designed for disabled people who could not afford a cell phone to contact their doctor in an emergency. Welfare and government aid does not cover phone costs. In fact you cannot even get welfare without a valid phone number. Pay phones in many cities are now a rarity.

Some say the free cell phones, with a limited number of minutes of talk time allowed per month, are now given out to anyone who knows how to falsify government aid applications, and not to the truly needy and sick. Ironically those who need it the most for survival are the least able to fill out the forms.

by Disgusted reply 10005/05/2013

Gay people deserve reparations for all the benefits we've been denied.

by Disgusted reply 10105/05/2013

Obamaphones are actually Bushphones.

by Disgusted reply 10205/05/2013

Free cell phones are an offshoot of the old legislation when cell phones didn't exist and everyone had landlines.

It was decided then that paying customers should subsidize other classes of customers who could not afford a regular phone for the same reasons: contacting their doctor and healthcare professionals in an emergency.

Telephone companies liked this regulation because it meant universal service for everyone.

Then they decided that they liked cellular service because it was much cheaper to deliver rather than using hard wires.

But they didn't want to give up the revenue stream of subsidized service. So they got their lobbyist to create what is now known as an "Obama phone" to the right wing Obama haters.

As someone mentioned upthread, this extension into cellular phones came about during the Bush Administration.

So you see, children, it's all about mo' money for corporations and Republicans love of same.

by Disgusted reply 10305/05/2013

Whatever freepers, you're losers, and you're on your way out.

Good riddance to you.

by Disgusted reply 10405/05/2013

Yes r5 , your head on a platter

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if it weren't for the Christians seeing you as abominations and you weren't considered social freaks, about 99% of you White male gays would be just as bigoted and racist as conservative America

by Disgusted reply 10505/05/2013

Takes a bigot to know a bigot, huh, r105. Speak for yourself, not others.

by Disgusted reply 10605/05/2013

R105, don't be fooled by a few trolls.

R5 (trolldar him) is the Early AM racist troll who's been here awhile. Ineffective. Has-been. Dinosaur.


by Disgusted reply 10705/05/2013

r19 I'm not particularly for reparations but you really don't get it. The Whites and their descendants HAVE benefited from slavery and the racist system America was built upon (check the Constitutions original definition of Black as three fifths of a man). The White privilege and power still puts most Whites at an advantage. The slave owners were compensated after the abolishment of slavery which gave them extra wealth, not to mention the institutionalized racism that put their children and descendants at a disadvantage (The Civil Rights laws had to address this in the '60s, even if it was not eliminated socially until the new millennium). Reparations may be a drastic measure but DON'T YOU DARE MINIMIZE AND DISMISS what I or my people and our ancestors have gone through.

You people really are disgusting

by Disgusted reply 10805/05/2013

R108. Compensation only happened in DC.

by Disgusted reply 10905/05/2013

I don't get it. Why do Dataloungers keep falling for troll posts, day after day, year after year?

by Disgusted reply 11005/05/2013

The government did not give gazillions of dollars to 9/11 families with no strings attached. They only got the money if they promised not to sue the government or the airlines.

by Disgusted reply 11105/05/2013

They Neo-Cons attacked the USA on 9/11 and raided the US Treasury to buy the silence of the victims' families.

I want reparations from the Neo-Cons for the Iraq War.

by Disgusted reply 11205/05/2013

It's not all about slavery, or at least it shouldn't be. That century after slavery was abolished but blacks were free in name only certainly didn't help things.

by Disgusted reply 11305/05/2013

Because the planes didn't hit a poor black neighborhood.

by Disgusted reply 11405/05/2013

r105 and r108 here. To those who arent the troll or the racists please forgive my rantings.

It really is emotional sometimes because as a Black gay I have heard form older gays how White gay clubs refused them entrance. I guess they were too "urban" for them. It has cause some distrust in me of White gays because I have to wonder what you guy really do think about other minorities. I mean the "please dont let them be Black..." replies I see in some threads and how easy it is to fall back on stereotypes when it comes to brown people really has me disappointed sometimes on this site. I do like the topics of discussion and the "pointless" bitchery on this site but I do have to wonder whether you guys really think that way of people like because it comes up so often, almost as if some of these generalizations are the truth about Blacks.

by Disgusted reply 11505/05/2013

Thank you, R110. Really makes you wonder.

by Disgusted reply 11605/05/2013

But R115, please understand that it's only a couple of people making those posts. Apart from trolldar, (they have a few proxies) they're fairly obvious because they use the exact same wording in their posts or refer to the same things in their posts. They're the same people who will make a "fag" or "'mo" joke in another thread. Trolls are trolls. They want to upset you, so don't let them.

One of the racists will be make a post, change proxies and then make another about 3 posts later. It's like clockwork. I've been here a long while, and the patterns are obvious. One other, as has been referred to, spouts racist swill in the early morning, around 2:00 AM. Clockwork.

"Divide and conquer" has always been a freeper tactic. Don't fall for it.

by Disgusted reply 11705/05/2013

Thanks for the explanation r117 although I've heard that situation posed before, I often wonder why would someone, even a troll go through all that trouble just to make the same posts over and over again on a thread. It just seems pointless to me. It made more sense that many other with similar views would feel more confident in making these anonymous statements, especially of someone else had previously started the ball rolling.

by Disgusted reply 11805/05/2013

The "Obamaphone" program has been around for decades, but it was previously only for landline telephones, otherwise known as the monthly surcharge for "Universal Lifeline Service" on your telephone bill. It was expanded to cover cell phones by GW Bush.

by Disgusted reply 11905/05/2013

Don't be fooled about who gets the ball rolling.

Note the time of this thread, and when R5 gets rolling.

How come so many racists are up at 2:00 in the morning posting? Because it's not "so many."

Some of the worst racist and phobic posts have been posted at 2:00 AM. There's nothing that will convince me that this is a coincidence.

by Disgusted reply 12005/05/2013

Yes, the cellphone program was started by Reagan, and then super-funded by Bush.

But don't expect freepers to let facts get in their way.

by Disgusted reply 12105/05/2013

I'm astonished this is at 120 posts.

by Disgusted reply 12205/05/2013

The program has NEARLY TRIPLED in size from $800 million in 2009 to 2.2 billion in 2012.

So, yes, it's fair to call them Obamaphones!

by Disgusted reply 12305/05/2013

What the 9/11 families got was "hush money" to keep them from asking questions.

by Disgusted reply 12405/05/2013

Gee, r123 do you think that The Great Depression II with Republican George Bush at the helm of the ship of state might have had something to do with people giving up traditional phone service (because they could no longer afford it) and naturally took advantage of Reagan's Lifeline program?

You logic is like trying to blame the huge uptick on unemployment benefits on Obama. You probably do this as well.

by Disgusted reply 12505/05/2013

OP you sound like a fool. Show me one single person from slave days who is still alive and I'll say wholeheartedly, GIVE HIM THE MONEY!! Otherwise these bums today who just want some free money from the tax payers can fuck off.

by Disgusted reply 12605/05/2013

You should fuck off R126. It's a tort case and damages should be awarded. It's not the families of slaves that are asking to be compensated because the Know it won't happen. I just know its the right thing to do.

by Disgusted reply 12705/05/2013

R127. How do you just know that. What is the formula? What would be the burden of proof to qualify? Who pays? Does everyone, regardless of how long they have been in the US and whether or not their ancestors chuck in the same amount? Do tell how you just know all of this.

by Disgusted reply 12805/05/2013

R127, it's well past the statute of limitations. Even then, if it's not families of slaves that are asking to be compensated then they having no standing in the case.

by Disgusted reply 12905/05/2013

Black people aren't even the ones talking about reparations. So...

by Disgusted reply 13005/05/2013

Just because the statute of limitations is up doesn't mean it's not a tort case .

by Disgusted reply 13105/05/2013

So...if someone is bi-racial do they get half the money?

by Disgusted reply 13205/05/2013

Reparations should definitely be paid, but not to individuals. It would make more sense to provide free education at any private or public university for minorities, free health care; 0% interest home and business loans, and a 50-year income and sales tax vacation.

The problem isn't whether a minority person was around when white Americans were actively enslaving blacks, committing genocide against American Indians; imprisoning Japanese in internment camps, or lynching Chinese - it's that the world the minority person is born into today is quite different than it would have been had there been none of these white supremacy policies by US governments that allowed all of this to happen.

Basically, whites have actively profited at the expense of minorities until very recently, but minorities are still disadvantaged because whites have had such a head start. The point of reparations is to level the field by having whites reimburse minorities for the advantages they stole from them.

by Disgusted reply 13305/05/2013

Jesus, some of you are really hardcore racists.

by Disgusted reply 13405/05/2013

What was so wrong about slavery anyway? Didn't these people get food to eat, shelter at night and clothes on their back?

by Disgusted reply 13505/05/2013

It just chaps my hide that there hasn't even been an attempt to address the issue. Okay thread closed.

by Disgusted reply 13605/05/2013

The only people with an honest beef are the Native Americans. The rest can all just stfu and go home.

by Disgusted reply 13705/05/2013

As part of the soon to be public Midget Manifesto, they will be seeking reparations as one of their key pillars of activity.

Dark days are ahead.

by Disgusted reply 13805/05/2013

Octoroons everywhere are hastily revising their lineage!

by Disgusted reply 13905/05/2013

Aren't all the slaves dead? You can't give them money.

by Disgusted reply 14005/05/2013

Do t beat yourself up OP, unless of course you are mixed race and then have at it. Just make sure your minority half wins

by Disgusted reply 14105/05/2013

How would this work for multiracial people? Most AAs have some white ancestry, so would the reparations be apportioned according to bloodlines? If so, wouldn't many white-identified and white-appearing people come "out of the woodwork" claiming 1/16, 1/32 or even 1/64 descent from a slave?

Also, how will descendants of slaves be identified? Barack Obama is a prime example of an AA who is not descended from slaves. The government can't just assume every black person in the US is descended from slaves.

Many AAs migrated from the Carribean. They are likely descended from slaves, but they weren't US slaves. Surely we can't be held accountable for someone's ancestor who was slave to a foreign power.

Finally, many AAs are directly descended from free blacks. In the early days of colonial America, many were not slaves but indentured servants who worked to buy their freedom. Some might be able to claim descent from an earlier slave relative, but surely someone whose family was freed generations or even centuries before Emancipation is not eligible for the same reparations as one whose was in bondage up until the very end.

These are just some of the questions that lead me to think this is not such a simple issue. It would be impossible to fairly and accurately distribute reparations today.

by Disgusted reply 14205/06/2013

[quote]That the direct descendants of the men and women who built this county would benefit is the whole point. They never got paid for their labor.

God, there are people stupid enough to think that slaves "built this country"?

by Disgusted reply 14305/06/2013

Well, smell you, R142!

by Disgusted reply 14405/06/2013

[quote] God, there are people stupid enough to think that slaves "built this country"?

Your stupidity is sad. The only thing sadder is your willingness to display it.

by Disgusted reply 14505/06/2013

Lots of people "built this country". Slaves did a lot of it but so did many poor immigrant groups. The Irish-, Italian- and Chinese-Americans make this same claim, as do other groups. All can legitimately point to some project or effort, like railroads, city-building or taming the West, that their "people" were overwhelmingly involved in, but America was built by Americans, no hyphens.

by Disgusted reply 14605/06/2013

Because there haven't been slaves in 150 years. It's kind of late now.

by Disgusted reply 14705/06/2013

Fuck you, OP, you troll. No reasonable, rational African American considers reparation as anything but an intellectual game.

But I think gay people deserve payment for systematic, ongoing denial of civil rights, which costs us a great deal of money and loss of both liberty and pursuit of happiness.

by Disgusted reply 14805/06/2013

I hate to say it, because it makes me no better than some of the miserable gays on here, but as a black person the racial hatred on here makes me glad to see gays hated on and denied their rights. At least you get to see what the hatred feels like.

by Disgusted reply 14905/06/2013

My ancestors came in after 1900 at the turn of the century and faced their own issues in terms of discrimination. They came here before welfare, not speaking English, and were forced to assimilate and work hard to support their families despite awful working and housing conditions. Where are my reparations???

I obviously say that jokingly as I do not expect the government to send me a check for such nonsense. That being said, I in no way, shape or form want my taxes going to pay for "victims of slavery". My ancestors never owned slaves and faced their own challenges coming to this country.

Between welfare and affirmative action, more than enough has been done by U.S. government in terms of aid. Reparations is just another way to receive a free handout.

Enough Is Enough Already!!!

by Disgusted reply 15005/06/2013

R148, I think I posted more than once that descendants of slavery aren't ASKING for anything. I agree with you, it poses an intellectual dilemma at this point in time. That was the point of my post although I didn't make it clear enough. I just remember watching one of the 9/11 widows on a talk show one day telling us all how she spent her 8 million dollar settlement on bags and shoes. (her husband was killed) If taxpayers can be ok with this but not some type of compensation for the victims of slavery (AGAIN, KENT STATE WAS A MERE 43 years ago.)There is at least 1 high school in the country that had their FIRST integrated prom this year 2013! It boggles the mind.

The Unites States has never even apologized.

It is equally disgusting that the colonists, so by paying taxes to the british govt that they moved across the ocean and robbed, raped and spoiled, killed and tortured innocents for financial gain are hailed as "great men"

by Disgusted reply 15105/06/2013

That should be "so offended"

by Disgusted reply 15205/06/2013

I honestly hope OP isn't really a lesbian and is just a freeper. I would be embarrassed because she's confirming every stereotype of lesbian that gets thrown around here. Not to mention that she's an angry ignorant person.

by Disgusted reply 15305/06/2013

The public payout to the 9/11 families was in exchange for their agreeing not to sue everyone in sight, especially the airlines.

by Disgusted reply 15405/06/2013

If the slaves built this country, then their descendants are destroying it!

by Disgusted reply 15505/06/2013

R155. Sing it louder!

by Disgusted reply 15605/06/2013

Some say reparations = hiring quotas/affirmative action.

by Disgusted reply 15705/06/2013

OP, that's what Liberia was supposed to be -- a country in Africa that was set up to be the home of freed slaves from America. The capital city, Monrovia, was named after US president James Monroe who supported the idea of having freed slaves return to Africa. English is the official language and mostly everyone have English names/surnames. It's like one big Atlanta.

by Disgusted reply 15805/06/2013

Hey, we women put up with more shit. The government would even take away our US citizenship if we married someone who wasn't a US citizen. Male ex-slaves got the vote before we did. We STILL don't have pay equity!

by Disgusted reply 15905/06/2013

But really, it has only been slightly more than 50 years since blacks could be legitimately called "free" in this country. People citing AA and welfare are idiots. Since the 80s, social benefit programs have been severely eroded or even abolished. So, at best, you're talking 25 years (1965-1990) where even the most remote attempt to right the wrongs of the past was attempted. 25 years out of nearly 400 years of subjugation.

by Disgusted reply 16005/06/2013

Thanks R160.

by Disgusted reply 16105/06/2013

I had to sit through THREE showings of Lindsey Lohan in "Georgia Rule". Where are MY reparations??

by Disgusted reply 16205/06/2013

Don't exaggerate the timeline.

150,000 slaves arrived from Africa after U.S. independence, all but ten thousand by 1809.

Of the 350,000 slaves arriving before that time, about 10,000 arrived before 1715 and the rest after.

So for the overwhelming U.S. slave descendants, slavery started less than 300 years ago, but more than 200 years ago.

However, official freedom came almost 150 years ago, giving a period of enslavement of 50-150 years, or 100 years on average. Granted, they were still "subjugated" for another 100 years, but it has been 50 years since the Civil Rights Act.

by Disgusted reply 16305/06/2013

Sarah Palin welcomes you to Alaska with 100 acres and a mule.

by Disgusted reply 16405/06/2013

And people say we are over race in this country. The racists all found each other after Obama came into office. Ahh, gotta love the freepers and their keyboard courage. It's such a delightful thing. Try saying one of these snide remarks to a black person's face & see if you live to tell the tale.

by Disgusted reply 16505/06/2013

Fuck you, racist homophobe at R149. I'm a gay white male and I *TRY* not to be racist. I say *TRY* because I recognize a little xenophobia is inherent to human nature and because we all can do things that hurt others unconsciously, but I do always try to do the right thing regardless of someone's race or ethnicity. I make a conscious effort to judge each person as an individual and not let the things I've witnessed and endured first-hand as an inner-city white resident of a large city with a large African American population affect my feelings towards an entire race. I was beaten up regularly by black kids in HS, I've been mugged, hassled constantly and endured a home invasion all by black men. I also ride the bus and subway daily to work, 'NUFF SAID.

I still thought nothing of buying a house with black neighbors on several sides, and I try to stay conscious of my white privilege and to always give everyone the same fair chances and equal shots. Hell, I even support affirmative action, despite suffering more than one career setback while less qualified applicants were promoted as obvious quotas. I still recognize I probably got more breaks along the way than they did, but it doesn't negate the sting of knowing I worked longer, harder and performed better, but still got held back because of my skin color.

If I can endure that and still not hate black people--in fact, to continue to endure it daily and then to actually defend and empathize with black people--than I think you can take a few obvious race-baiting trolls on an anonymous website without revoking your support for equal rights for gay people.

So fuck you, you shit-stirring homophobe. You're as racist as Archie Bunker for conflating all gay white men with racists.

by Disgusted reply 16605/07/2013

I love you R166.

by Disgusted reply 16705/07/2013

R149, Don't let them turn you into them. Always remember what they are capable of.

by Disgusted reply 16805/07/2013

Just because they wanted to attend school.

by Disgusted reply 16905/07/2013

I cannot watch Eyes on the prize its too gut-wrenching.

by Disgusted reply 17005/07/2013

Several of my ancestors were killed in the Spanish Inquisition. I want MY reparations, god dammit!

The Romans fed a couple of my ancestors to the fucking lions. I want reparations for that too.

Buncha fuckin' crybabies!

by Disgusted reply 17105/07/2013


by Disgusted reply 17205/07/2013

Idiot troll @ R171 oh yeah that is an apt comparison.

by Disgusted reply 17305/07/2013

Lauryn Hill told a judge in her tax evasion case yesterday that she is "the child of former slaves and I got into an economic paradigm and had that imposed on me."

Lauryn's parents were and English teacher and a computer programmer. She grew up in a posh NJ suburb where she was close pals with Zach Braff. She was accepted to Columbia where she studied until she dropped out to star on CBS TV's As the World Turns and then a bunch of hit movies including Sister Act. Then she became a huge platinum selling singer. Hey, I want that economic paradigm imposed on me!

Anyway, after hearing and considering Lauryn's diatribe, the judge did revise Lauryn's - she added mandatory mental health treatment onto the jail time she had already imposed!

Some people just can't catch a break.

by Disgusted reply 17405/07/2013

I think Lauryn Hill went into hiding and someone was after her. Or she is a paranoid or both.

by Disgusted reply 17505/07/2013

Lauryn Hill fired up a never-ending doobie with Bob Marley's son in '98 and is due to land back on earth in 3-2-1....

by Disgusted reply 17605/07/2013

What would it hurt to pay the decendants of the slaves 1.5 million dollars each? It sounds like a lot, but it would be a drop in the bucket for them and would help the economy at the same time. Reparations HAVE to be paid and it WILL happen, like it or not. It's only right. I have confidence and I think most of America agrees with me.

by Disgusted reply 17705/07/2013

[quote] 1.5 million dollars each

For an accident of birth basically?

by Disgusted reply 17805/07/2013

R177 is making fun, R178.

by Disgusted reply 17905/07/2013

Not $1.5 mlllion.

If it had been done in the late 90s it would have been $40,000 per household. Now, unfortunately, the gap between white and black households is something like $90,000.

by Disgusted reply 18005/07/2013


by Disgusted reply 18105/07/2013

It is a known fact Hill is mentally ill... a paranoid schizophrenic ... who has refrained her own lawyer from declaring that face as exculpatory.

by Disgusted reply 18205/07/2013

R177 I would love to know what burden of proof would be required to get the $1.5M. Also curious how you think this wouldn't amount to much money. I'm guessing you weren't a math major?

by Disgusted reply 18305/07/2013

her face and facts

by Disgusted reply 18405/07/2013

I had an ancestor who was hung for witchcraft in Salem. He had land, animals, and property seized.

I would like a pig for reparations. A fat one.

by Disgusted reply 18505/11/2013

R185, this isn't a dating thread.

by Disgusted reply 18605/12/2013
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