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How often do you rebalance your 401k/IRA?

Just curious. I lazily selected one of those "2035" (year you want to retire) auto plans but maybe I should be the process? Yet I have no clue.

by English majorreply 405/04/2013

Daily on business days In the morning before the market opens, and then again after it closes.

by English majorreply 105/04/2013

Don't do anything until you watch this.

by English majorreply 205/04/2013

Unless you are a real pro, what you are doing is fine for your age. If you were older however I would recommend you pay more attention. The auto plans for those who are retiring sooner carry a lot more bonds in them and the bond market has a lot more risk than it used to. If the bond market goes south some people are really going to get hammered.

by English majorreply 305/04/2013

I just recently switched to one of those retirement date based allocation models... and then I realized our company's 401K administrator is charging an extra .1% a quarter to do that for us!

Is that a ripoff? Why shouldn't I just imitate their model and do it myself?

by English majorreply 405/04/2013
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