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Anne Hathaway And Hubby Are Drug Addicts

Release them pictures!!!

by Finish her!reply 7805/06/2013

Not the dread marijuana! Don't they know that according to "Go Ask Alice" it can KILL you?

by Finish her!reply 105/04/2013

Interesting. Well that explains a lot about her. She's high most of the time.

by Finish her!reply 205/04/2013

Drug addict? It's weed you moron.

by Finish her!reply 305/04/2013

Mary-joo-wanna ... THE SMOKE OF HELL!

by Finish her!reply 405/04/2013

[quote]Drug addict? It's weed you moron.

Oh, dear.

by Finish her!reply 505/04/2013

If she does smoke weed, I just gained a little respect for her.

by Finish her!reply 605/04/2013

Addiction to pot is very very very VERY rare. OP either doesn't know what the word "addict" means, or is very old.

by Finish her!reply 705/04/2013

Ease up R5, he was stoned when he wrote it.

by Finish her!reply 805/04/2013

MJ can be addictive, just like anything. People are addicted to food for goodness sake. Everything can be addictive. MJ can also be a gateway drug.

by Finish her!reply 905/04/2013

r7 is right, OP is wrong.

by Finish her!reply 1005/04/2013

Smoking weed makes you a drug addict!?? Then like 2/3 of the US are drug addicts.

by Finish her!reply 1105/04/2013

[quote]MJ can also be a gateway drug.

That's what just Nancy Reagan told me!

by Finish her!reply 1205/04/2013

I was just doing "research" for a role I'm up for.

by Finish her!reply 1305/04/2013

Go ask AnnE!

by Finish her!reply 1405/04/2013

Uh, R13, we all know it's "AnnE". Evidently, you're an imposter.

by Finish her!reply 1505/04/2013

[quote]Then like 2/3 of the US are drug addicts.

Most people don't smoke weed, dumbass. And yes, weed is a drug.

by Finish her!reply 1605/04/2013

R16, yes they do.

by Finish her!reply 1705/04/2013

link r17. Let's see it.

by Finish her!reply 1805/04/2013

This comment is interesting:

[quote]I say, give the guy a break, he’s married to Anne Hathaway. C’mon now, I’d be surprised he hasn’t started shooting up after having to hear (from Anne) about her Oscar win. BTW, is he also getting a blowjob in that car? There was a recent blind item about a certain actress who had just won an award whose husband is gay, and she’s fine with that since she only got married to be out of the dating pool. Hmm.

by Finish her!reply 1905/04/2013

It can be laced with stuff, who knows what else they're into and she has admitted to doing drugs in the past.

by Finish her!reply 2005/04/2013

Anne isn't even in any of the pictures, so you don't even know if she does it or not.

Some of you live to tear down this woman for some insane, irrational reason. Meanwhile, she still has her Oscar and is laughing all the way to the bank.

by Finish her!reply 2105/04/2013

r21 obviously didn't read the article. They're definitely going to leak. Her husband has been know to be a drug addict for ages.

by Finish her!reply 2205/04/2013

I'm sorry, but smoking weed is not a big deal. Yes it's a drug, but labelling someone a drug addict because they smoke it is fucking stupid.

by Finish her!reply 2305/04/2013

r23, it's not only weed, and furthermore, she prsents herself as a Goody Two-Shoes. Who the fuck does that in a car, during the daytime, out in public, when you and your wife are celebs? Right there you know there are problems.

by Finish her!reply 2405/04/2013

R24, what do you mean it's not only weed? First of all, there's NOTHING with Anne in these pics, and the only pics are of weed, so if you hate Anne so much, hate her for REAL reasons, and quit trying to make sit up to hate her. Cuz if your hate is rational, you shouldn't have to rely on rumors and fantasies in your head to do so.

by Finish her!reply 2505/04/2013


Barbra Streisand and hubby, actor James Brolin occasionally have a cocktail before dinner!


They even been known have drinks while sitting around the pool! Practically in public!

It's all downhill from hear for the mega famous singer! "Friends" are worried!

by Finish her!reply 2605/04/2013

"Addiction to pot is rare" - HA! You are an addicted pothead in denial. I have yet to meet a pothead who was NOT addicted.

They whine like babies when they temporarily run out of pot.

Wondering if she is happy with this story, thinking everyone hates her good-girl image.

by Finish her!reply 2705/04/2013

This also seems like a really reliable, upstanding publication. I'm glad we're so quick to believe what we want to believe, no matter what the source.

by Finish her!reply 2805/04/2013

Marijuana is not a drug? Really? I don't care if you're a regular user, but call it what it really is. There's no need to whitewash it.

by Finish her!reply 2905/04/2013

Of course marijuana is a drug, just like alcohol and caffeine. Of course, weed is far less addictive and harmful than either one of these legal and ubiquitous drugs.

R26 has the right idea.

by Finish her!reply 3005/04/2013

W&W R26 !

by Finish her!reply 3105/04/2013

R16, I don't smoke weed, and even I know more people do than dont.

by Finish her!reply 3205/04/2013

Well, according to this survey in 2011, 6.9% of Americans use marijuana. That's hardly 2/3 as r11 claims. I don't doubt the percentage will continue to rise as more states are legalizing its use and the befuddling claims by some users that it's not really a drug or addictive at all.

by Finish her!reply 3305/04/2013

[quote] Addiction to pot is very very very VERY rare.

Physical "addiction" with severe life-threatening withdrawal symptoms? Rare to unheard-of.

People who decide they just "like" to smoke weed every day and "can stop anytime they want" but never do (and they get really lost and depressed without it). Not rare at all.

by Finish her!reply 3405/04/2013

People don't get addicted to weed. They fall in love with it.

by Finish her!reply 3505/04/2013

In 2010, I was at Coachella and Anne was right behind me while we watching Grizzly Bear. She was high (I'm guessing E) as a kite. Of course, so was I.

by Finish her!reply 3605/04/2013

If you were high, R36, then how do you know she was high?

by Finish her!reply 3705/04/2013

@R37 Highdar - it's real

by Finish her!reply 3805/04/2013

It was obvious R37. Being high on E isn't like being drunk. You're high, but still somewhat lucid. Especially if you aren't peaking (which I wasn't). So, I could still easily discern who was high and who wasn't.

by Finish her!reply 3905/04/2013

noooooooo I luv Anne

by Finish her!reply 4005/04/2013

It's the weed with roots in hell.

by Finish her!reply 4105/04/2013

Why the fuck would you be on E to watch Grizzly Bear of all bands? Weirdos.

by Finish her!reply 4205/04/2013

I heart R42.

by Finish her!reply 4305/04/2013

R26, Miss Streisand demands to know how you found out what you wrote about. Miss Streisand values her privacy and refuses to have plebs discuss what she may or may not do with her husband.

by Finish her!reply 4405/04/2013

Um, because it was fun, R42? They played a mellow, grooving set. Not exactly Tiesto, but it was great.

by Finish her!reply 4505/04/2013

[quote]it's not only weed, and furthermore, she prsents herself as a Goody Two-Shoes.

What are you twelve? Honey, "The Princess Diaries" was twelve years ago and it was an acting role. Rent "Havoc", if you're old enough. She doesn't "present herself" as anything but a person. You Nitwit.

by Finish her!reply 4605/04/2013

All I can do is repeat:

[quote]"Friends" are worried.

My sources are strictly confidential. I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you or them...umm...or something.

I am an American! I can say whatever I want!

by Finish her!reply 4705/04/2013

"Career-shaking"? If the photograph of Anne blowing her boyfriend on the deck of a yacht with at least three other persons present didn't shatter her squeaky-clean image, nothing will.

by Finish her!reply 4805/04/2013

[quote]I am an American! I can say whatever I want!

Hello, Miss Streisand? We have reason to believe that R26/R47 who's been posting unsubstantiated gossip about you is none other than Reese Witherspoon.

by Finish her!reply 4905/04/2013

Does Anne's husband have a job? What does he do?

by Finish her!reply 5005/04/2013

She looks more manly than her husband.

by Finish her!reply 5105/04/2013

AnnE'e husband is an erstwhile jewelry designer, who's now been elevated to movie producer status on AnnE's next film project, alongside the likes of Oscar-winner Jonathan Demme. Quite a big promotion there.

by Finish her!reply 5205/04/2013

Obviously he's a dealer, R50.

by Finish her!reply 5305/04/2013

Sure R9 A link to a website run by the government is soooooo trustworthy. Not.

by Finish her!reply 5405/04/2013

AnnE's Oscar dress was still the ugliest thing on the red carpet ever.

by Finish her!reply 5505/04/2013

Anne, spurn the demon weed!

by Finish her!reply 5605/04/2013

The husband's drastic weight loss makes me suspect it is more than weed that is being used.

by Finish her!reply 5705/04/2013

Will AnnE be buried in pleats?

by Finish her!reply 5805/04/2013

Another Best Supporting Actress down the drain....Mira, Mercedes, sad.

by Finish her!reply 5905/04/2013

This is not funny. I don't know how you people can treat this devastating revelation as a fun story. Don't you know that Cannabis sativa is a gateway drug, and Anne is now in dire need of tough love from all her fans in order to prevent her from moving to the next level of her descent into Charles Mansonhoodedness. What if it were YOUR baby she was going to cut out of your womb? Would that make you laugh too? You people make me sick. This is a STAR we're talking about. An OSCAR WINNING (supporting) ACTRESS. And now maybe you can see that her singing performance the The Miserables that won her that award was actually just her being strung out.

by Finish her!reply 6005/04/2013

I know we're not supposed to care because it's "only" weed. But doesn't it bother anyone else that he's sparking up in the car? I guess it's possible the driver isn't taking any hits... But I don't want people driving stoned anymore than I want them driving drunk, Reese.

by Finish her!reply 6105/05/2013

Holy Crap OP. Are you Nancy Reagan? Even my old Aunt Fanny doesn't view weed smokers as drug addicts. Grow up.

by Finish her!reply 6205/05/2013

[quote]"Career-shaking"? If the photograph of Anne blowing her boyfriend on the deck of a yacht with at least three other persons present didn't shatter her squeaky-clean image, nothing will.


by Finish her!reply 6305/05/2013

R62, I'm assuming most posts here are parodies.

At least I hope so.

by Finish her!reply 6405/05/2013

What else is he going to do all day?

by Finish her!reply 6505/05/2013

So, she's doing pot in the car with her husband and is also doing E at Coachella. She might not be technically "addicted" but she's got a huge problem. She's not Rihanna, she's Anne Hathaway and she is a real celeb, she's doing pot in public in a car. There's a disconnect there with her, a huge disconnect.

I predict her downfall has already started.

by Finish her!reply 6605/05/2013

This is the chick who sucked her boyfriends cock in public on a boat. She bares her tits in most of her movies. The only ones who give her this "Goody" image are the people who want an excuse to hate her irrationally. So she smokes some pot and maybe takes E at a party. Big fucking deal. Yawn.

by Finish her!reply 6705/05/2013

Is that tabloid from Puritan New England?

by Finish her!reply 6805/05/2013

pics [67]?

by Finish her!reply 6905/05/2013

I smoke pot, just like my gay brother.

by Finish her!reply 7005/05/2013

R69, here:

by Finish her!reply 7105/05/2013

She also loves anal r70. Only giving, not receiving.

by Finish her!reply 7205/05/2013

Is she blowing the criminal ex-finace? You know, the one she really loved as opposed to the beard she married for the good publicity; or the one so classy he lights up a doobie in a car?

by Finish her!reply 7305/05/2013

r71 either his dong is a mile long for her to be blowing him or she's just cuddling-playing around with him in those pics. He clearly has his shorts on, and there's someone sunbathing directly next to him. Even AnnE isn't that declasse dears.

by Finish her!reply 7405/05/2013

Right R74, they're clearly just cuddling.

by Finish her!reply 7505/06/2013

I'm with you, r74. Her boyfriend must have the longest dick ever if she's sucking him. Even in the last photo she's nowhere near his dick.

by Finish her!reply 7605/06/2013

R74 and R76 - middle-aged women who have never sucked a dick. She's clearly blowing him.

More interesting to me is a) the fact that she seems to have married a gay jewelry designer, and b) that she's using harder drugs than pot.

She's free to take whatever drugs she wants, I'm no puritan. Also, it's worth noting that I've never seen/heard her extolling the dubious virtues of sober living. She's less of a hypocrite than some, too bad she's so repulsive in other ways.

by Finish her!reply 7705/06/2013

He's talking on the phone while getting a blow job?

by Finish her!reply 7805/06/2013
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