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Kent State shootings

May 4, 1970.


by Mary Ann Vecchioreply 705/04/2013

In which the Ohio National Guard killed 4 and wounded 9 unarmed students who were protesting escalation of the Vietnam war?

The Governor called 'em in. Now it would be handled by better trained SWAT units, presumably. As it was, turning ill-trained youngsters with loaded weapons on students was a nightmare.

President Nixon on down, it was a paranoid time for these war mongers, and their little citizen militia. No problem shooting their peers at all, and that's a history lesson for all those current paranoid gun nuts who think the 2nd Amendment is there to let them try to overthrow the government. GI Joe's got an itchy trigger finger.

by Mary Ann Vecchioreply 105/04/2013

The photograph.

by Mary Ann Vecchioreply 205/04/2013

Bill Ayers are you posting on DL?

by Mary Ann Vecchioreply 305/04/2013

The soldiers lied about why they shot and America overwhelmingly supported the soldiers.

by Mary Ann Vecchioreply 405/04/2013

4 dead in O-hi-o

by Mary Ann Vecchioreply 505/04/2013

If the students had had guns...

by Mary Ann Vecchioreply 605/04/2013

That really scared parents across this country. Protest like that never had steam afterward.

by Mary Ann Vecchioreply 705/04/2013
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