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Hi! New To DataLounge. I don't see a thread here about Streisand in Prince Of Tides.

Should I start one? Will it be fabulous?

by Alter of Barbrareply 705/04/2013

Is that the movie where her ugly fake fingernails played the starring role?

by Alter of Barbrareply 105/04/2013

alter = altar?!

by Alter of Barbrareply 205/04/2013

No R1 that was "Nuts."

Kate Nelligan did very well in "The Prince of Tides" She basically played two different roles in a way. Quite something. Babs cast her because she does have an artists eye with such things.

by Alter of Barbrareply 305/04/2013

I've never seen this movie, should I?

by Alter of Barbrareply 405/04/2013

Not to sound like a jealous spoil sport, but why can yoiu as a newbie start threads, and i as a paid member of 4 months cannot? Anyone know how to be approved to start threads?

by Alter of Barbrareply 505/04/2013

It'll probably be very short! Who cares?

by Alter of Barbrareply 605/04/2013

You have to login on the left-hand side of the screen, r5.

You enter the long number that they gave you when you paid your money.

If you have lost this, then you are fucked.

by Alter of Barbrareply 705/04/2013
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