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Odd celeb sightings on the (A) train this week...yours?

Do you know who Richard Kind is? You would if you saw him...he's been in tons of TV machine shows and moving pictures. He sat across from me studying a script. The odd thing was the hair on his arms was half black and half grey...

Yesterday I saw Ugly Betty's father. Still a hot Daddy in person. Somebody recognized him and said hello and Daddy was very gracious...

Who have you seen lately ?

by Rona Barrettreply 2205/04/2013

Richard Kind does radio spots about places to recycle rechargeable batteries.

by Rona Barrettreply 104/30/2013

Ugly Betty's dad was gracious? Doesn't he sort of have to be? I mean, he should be dropping to his knees in gratitude that anyone recognized him at all?

by Rona Barrettreply 204/30/2013

I saw Kind coming out of the theater where he's appearing in "The Big Knife" the Clifford Odets revival. He pings, even though he's got two kids.

by Rona Barrettreply 304/30/2013

A woman had sex with Richard Kind? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

by Rona Barrettreply 404/30/2013

Why do descriptions of celebrity encounters always involve the word "gracious"?

You don't really hear it used in too many other contexts (except maybe talking about a hostess).

by Rona Barrettreply 504/30/2013

RK is Barbra's cousin!

by Rona Barrettreply 604/30/2013

I saw Richard Kind on the upper west side at Starbucks last year. Looked like a crazy old man - completely disheveled.

by Rona Barrettreply 704/30/2013

Kind used to be one of George Clooney's posse of old friends that struggled to make it in show business from a while back.

I assume he is still one of the gang, I remember seeing pics of the guys with George and his pig. (No, I mean a real pig who died not too long ago.)

by Rona Barrettreply 804/30/2013

Here is the pig:

by Rona Barrettreply 904/30/2013

RK lives on the UWS, I see him all the time. Very nice guy. I saw Debra Voigt in the subway just recently and that was a shock.

by Rona Barrettreply 1004/30/2013

As I recall from a New Yorker profile of Clooney a few years ago, it mentioned that despite the People Magazine appearance of Brad and Matt being George's best friends, they were at best "show business" friends while Richard Kind was his real friend.

That being said, seeing opera singer Deborah Voigt is very cool.

Though not on the A train, on the N train, I have seen Olympia Dukakis, and more recently a really nice, tall Chris Noth on the D train.

by Rona Barrettreply 1104/30/2013

No one ever recognizes me!

by Rona Barrettreply 1204/30/2013

I have often seen Linda Hunt on the subway, for years.

They're all D List, but I have now seen half a dozen Project Runway contestants on the uptown A a number of times: Emilio, Jack Whatshisface, Namzia (sp?). Guess they all live in Harlem or the Heights.

by Rona Barrettreply 1304/30/2013

I see so many celebrities downtown, especially in the Village and in Soho.

I've seen everyone from Keith Richards to Bowie & Iman, the ultra annoying Kelly Ripa (she looks horrid in person, her skin has a weird yellowish tone and she is completely anorexic), Sting (when he lived on Broadway), Damon Wayans shopping at the old Tower Records on West 4th, Richard Butler from the Psychedelic Furs, well, mostly musicians. I used to see the late actress Bebe Betsch on the N train, IIRC, her actress daughter dater River Phoenix. I'd also see Estelle Parsons and musician Joe Jackson on the N train.

On any given day, you can probably seen a celeb or famous musician downtown.

When I used to live in the East 50s, as a teenager, I regularly saw Carly Simon and James Taylor, they weren't walking together, though I think they were still married at the time because I'd see Carly while she was pregnant, I saw James on the RR (the former name of the N train) going downtown, David Steinberg crossing Lexington Avenue and David McCallum always going into an apartment building on 57th Street near Second Avenue.

I later found out that David McCallum lived in that building which was a few blocks from where I lived at the time. IIRC, after he divorced, Jill Ireland, McCallum was married to a model, Kathy Carpenter, not sure if they are still married.

by Rona Barrettreply 1404/30/2013

I saw Robin Byrd on the crosstown 42nd St. bus once. She looked good and cheerful as usual.

by Rona Barrettreply 1504/30/2013

"I have often seen Linda Hunt on the subway, for years."

Weee you sitting and she standing?

by Rona Barrettreply 1604/30/2013

Yesterday I saw that hooked nosed guy on the Good Wife...he was plain looking but hot.

Some fat Frau was yapping away at him and you could see he just wanted out..

by Rona Barrettreply 1705/02/2013

I saw Lucy Liu the other day walking her dog. She looked pissed.

by Rona Barrettreply 1805/02/2013

I haven't seen any celebrities lately but two years ago I saw Tom Selleck on the R train in Brooklyn. He got off at the 77th street stop. Blue Bloods films in Bay Ridge. I also saw Rutina Wesley AKA Tara on True Blood on the R train. She got off at 86th street in Brooklyn.I assume she was going to Century 21. He was wearing sunglasses and when no one seemed to recognize him ( I did but didn't speak to him) he removed the glasses. He hasn't aged well. She looked really cute. No make-up. Hair pulled back in a pony tail. She was reading a script. No one reacted to her either. I don't bother famous people when I see them in New York. I think they are entitled to privacy just like the rest of us. Oh, I forgot about Michael Cera. He was on the D train in Brooklyn with two nerdy friends. They were having a discussion about tomatoes. He IS every nerdy character he's ever played. Kind of cute.

by Rona Barrettreply 1905/02/2013

I forgot about Gavin Rossdale. I saw him at the Broadway/Lafayette station in Manhattan about a year ago. It was late. He was on the Brooklyn bound platform. He got on an F train. He is tall, fit, handsome, sported a nice tan and his hair was pulled back in a pony tail. He was wearing jeans and a wrinkled linen sports coat. He was fixated on his phone. No one bothered him.

by Rona Barrettreply 2005/02/2013

Yesterday morning I got on the uptown #1 at Canal. Dr. Joy Browne was across from me reading some papers.

by Rona Barrettreply 2105/04/2013

r19, the Police Commishioners house is at Harbor View Terrace and 82nd Street. Interiors are shot at Broadway Stages in Greenpoint.

by Rona Barrettreply 2205/04/2013
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