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How Would Christianity be Different if Patsy Stone Were Jesus?

I'll start:

The Last Supper wouldn't start until well after 10:00 PM, and would consist of Stolichnaya vodka and cigarrettes.

by Edinareply 1504/27/2013

Sorry, I really wanted to like this thread title but it's a fail.

Can we make it How Would England Be Different if Patsy Stone Were Prime Minister Instead of Thatcher?"

That would be funny and somewhat timely.

by Edinareply 104/26/2013

R1. Don't encourage this one trick pony

by Edinareply 204/26/2013

What about "How would Christianity be different if Bubble was Jesus?"

by Edinareply 304/26/2013

You bitches can die for MY sins.

by Edinareply 404/26/2013

She'd be out in the desert turning sand into coke.

by Edinareply 504/26/2013

R5. Well color me Christian.

by Edinareply 604/26/2013

Crucifixes replaced with LaCroix, natch.

by Edinareply 704/26/2013

Udder fail.

by Edinareply 804/26/2013

Jesus will forgive you for suggesting He had a vaginny if you ask him on your knees. Just because all He did was pee with His Holy Thing, it don't mean He wasn't all Man as well as all God.

You people keep it up and at the rapture I'll be soaring up and you probly will just be huddled in the pit trying to look up my saintly robe.

by Edinareply 904/26/2013

The Eucharist would consist of a Bolli-Stoli and a crisp, darling, a crisp.

by Edinareply 1004/26/2013

Instead of donating money to light a candle, you'd pay for the privilege of extinguishing one in a stream of your own piss.

Communion wafers would be dried potpourri.

She would convert Franzia into Veuve Clicquot.

by Edinareply 1104/27/2013

r8 is a stupid cow

by Edinareply 1204/27/2013

Okay, I'll play.

"Do this in memory of me" would be replaced in the liturgy by

"Cheers, thanks a lot."

by Edinareply 1304/27/2013

Instead of saying "Go away and sin no more," she'd scream "Why won't you just die!"

by Edinareply 1404/27/2013

Cocaine Communion with a shot of Stoly.

by Edinareply 1504/27/2013
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