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Nomi Malone: A Great Role Model

She's not anyone's whore...DARLIN'!!!

by Cristal Connorsreply 704/26/2013

She *is* a whore, darlin'. And nobody's role model!

by Cristal Connorsreply 104/26/2013

I'm glad Louis landed at Buzzfeed, where he's doing great work, after the craziness of Gawker.

by Cristal Connorsreply 204/26/2013

[bold]I'M A DANCER![/BOLD]

by Cristal Connorsreply 304/26/2013

Yes, R2, if there was Pulitzer for listicles, Louis would be a shoo-in for this piece! Poached gifs and a few dull sentence fragments -- truly "great work".

by Cristal Connorsreply 404/26/2013

Just pointing crazy Showgirls things out is pretty lame. That well is dry. but anything Nomi-related is always welcome.

by Cristal Connorsreply 504/26/2013

closing the bold tag [/bold]

by Cristal Connorsreply 604/26/2013

Closing[/bold] the bold tag.[/bold]

by Cristal Connorsreply 704/26/2013
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