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Should I have my BLT on white or rye?

They are THE BEST at Kelly's Diner

When you want to see something on Hulu do you just type the name of the show in a search box there?

P.S. Sounds like RH is definitely going to be a Q and paired with LW's character

by Heather Wreply 60105/04/2013

Nice PS, OP. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you.

by Heather Wreply 104/25/2013

I always preferred the beef stew. I'd cook up a batch while I had Hutch hidden in the back room.

by Heather Wreply 204/25/2013

What will the new name for Pickle-Tracy be? After Nick's comment about the perfect alliteration of Pickle-Lila and then the way Nick and Tracy bonded over their concern for Lulu, I'm thinking they might call it Pickle-Lulu. Pickle-Nickolas or Pickle-Nickle might work, too.

by Heather Wreply 304/25/2013

AMC and OLTL on The View with new clips.

by Heather Wreply 404/25/2013

ES and Julia Barr are on the Today Show tomorrow morning!

by Heather Wreply 504/25/2013

And Darnell Williams is on Watch What Happens on Bravo tonight.

by Heather Wreply 604/25/2013

Doesn't rye have those awful carraway seeds in it?

by Heather Wreply 704/25/2013

Real stealth there OP. Real stealth.

by Heather Wreply 804/25/2013

Variety article. Sounds like Agnes is in the thick of it!

by Heather Wreply 904/25/2013

Pickle-LuLu works!

by Heather Wreply 1004/25/2013

Lucas should be around Maxie's age but I'm not really sure how old Lulu and Maxie are supposed to be these days. Late 20's or early 30's maybe?

by Heather Wreply 1104/25/2013

Maybe pickle Lesley.

by Heather Wreply 1204/25/2013

White. Lots of mayo.

I used to buy one package of bacon a year and eat BLTs til I ran out. Usually wait until summer for the real tomatoes. Has to be crunchy lettuce like good old suburban, no nutritional value iceberg lettuce.

A feast!

by Heather Wreply 1304/25/2013

Heather, back in the days of the ill-fated "waterfront mall," weren't you looking to become a restauranteur yourself? I remember you going on and on about "cold pasta salads" and other exotic fare trying to scare up money.

How did that work out, crazy bitch?

by Heather Wreply 1404/26/2013

Pickle Bovina

by Heather Wreply 1504/26/2013

R14 About as well as your affairs with Pierce Dornan or Ned Ashton.

Or that unfortunate hairstyle you had about 15 years ago.

Or the repeated visits to your plastic surgeon.

There's a reason we used to call you "Monica Whoretermaine," darlin'. It's because you are one.

by Heather Wreply 1604/26/2013

Viki Sleestak is on Today in 4 mins at 9:30

by Heather Wreply 1704/26/2013

It is interesting that they are picking up the storyline five years after the final episode, with David Hayward just having been released from a five-year prison stint - presumably from being wrongly convicted of the cliff-hanger gunshot.

by Heather Wreply 1804/26/2013

No Sleestak on my Today show. : (

by Heather Wreply 1904/26/2013

When does the nurses ball start?

by Heather Wreply 2004/26/2013

It already happened and ended, R20.

by Heather Wreply 2104/26/2013

Rye had fewer carbs. "If it's white, don't bite."

by Heather Wreply 2204/26/2013

Well, lol, R22 that is good advice for most everything in life. ;)

by Heather Wreply 2304/26/2013

New SOD cover story on AMC and OLTL

by Heather Wreply 2404/26/2013

Page 2

by Heather Wreply 2504/26/2013

Page 3

by Heather Wreply 2604/26/2013

Tuc Watkins came out today during a promotional appearance for OLTL on Marie Osmond's show.

by Heather Wreply 2704/26/2013

You beat me to it, R27.

Although I don't think Tuc was ever in, really. And I don't mean that as a snark; I don't remember any bearding attempts and he did the Jim Parsons Hiding In Plain Sight approach.

by Heather Wreply 2804/26/2013

If there's one thing about AMC 2.0 that doesn't quite match up for me, it's that a 30-something JR has a 20-something looking sun, and that Cady McClain, at 43, is playing a grandmother.

by Heather Wreply 2904/26/2013

[quote]Tuc Watkins came out today during a promotional appearance for OLTL on Marie Osmond's show.

I know! I was shocked to learn he has two kids!!

The gay part, not so much.

by Heather Wreply 3004/27/2013

Tuc's got a great body.

by Heather Wreply 3104/27/2013

Andy T fans, behold his Twitter!

One tweet says he "pocket tweeted."

by Heather Wreply 3204/27/2013

Do you think Corbin Bleu hates Zach Effron because Corbin is reduced to a web soap and Zach is an A list movie star? It would be one thing if this was YR, GH, or Days, but a websoap? I feel bad for the guy. Wasn't Pretty Little Liars hiring?

by Heather Wreply 3304/27/2013


by Heather Wreply 3404/27/2013

Words escaped me!

by Heather Wreply 3504/27/2013

These shows are being reviewed as a lot higher end and more primetime ready than the daytime soaps, so no, I think CB made a very savvy choice. They look a damn sight better than anything on the remaining 4 network soaps.

TVG article with AMC giving Francesca James a special video tribute at link

by Heather Wreply 3604/27/2013

Michael Nader is officially back as Dimitri for at least one episode. If the premiere event guest list is any indication we can also expect Billy Clyde Tuggle.

It looks like the kid who played little CJ may also be back on OLTL with his RL sister. She's playing a singer, possibly Sarah. Both were at the premiere and would not give details.

AP video clip

by Heather Wreply 3704/27/2013

I want lots of La Sleestak!

by Heather Wreply 3804/28/2013

"Holy Shit" I think I'm in love! Can't wait for tomorrow. If I die today I'm going to be SO PISSED!

by Heather Wreply 3904/28/2013

Oh, and thanks for that clip R37.

by Heather Wreply 4004/28/2013

I hope Vicki and Clint get an actual story

by Heather Wreply 4104/28/2013

So I wonder if Susan Lucci's character was shot and killed? Would that be the way they explain her absence from this?

by Heather Wreply 4204/28/2013

And tommorrow, depending on the time zone, we can watch start watching these ?

by Heather Wreply 4304/28/2013

AMC will be 5 years forward from those last AMC days.

Yes -starting tomorrow - I think at any time, the shows will be available on Hulu and iTunes.

by Heather Wreply 4404/28/2013

I read OLTL, not sure about AMC will be on Hulu by 2am PST/5 am EST and available for the entire day. I'm not 100% sure but it's probably true.

by Heather Wreply 4504/28/2013

Thanks R44 R45

by Heather Wreply 4604/28/2013

INdividual episodes will be available on Hulu for 10 days before being rolled over exclusively to Hulu Plus.

by Heather Wreply 4704/28/2013

Yes, they are free for the first ten days. Hulu Plus after.

Posted at 5 AM East Coast time every day.

I believe it's FREE on a computer, but only Hulu Plus runs on iPads and smartphones so unfortunately, it appears that one would have to pay to watch it on your commute. (That kinda sucks.)

by Heather Wreply 4804/28/2013

I hate raw tomatoes, but that aside ... white bread??? Sourdough, maybe ...

by Heather Wreply 4904/28/2013

Will they be available on mobile devices on the HuluPlus app? I'd love to watch the new episodes as an escape from my heinous temp job.

by Heather Wreply 5004/28/2013

I'm pretty sure they will be available that way VON

by Heather Wreply 5104/28/2013

Cool. I'm going to be cautiously optimistic about it.

I wasn't wild about that one promo for OLTL that made it look really sexed-up, so it made me nervous.

Wait, so Tad's been in a coma for five years? God, Dixie, just pull the damned plug.

by Heather Wreply 5204/28/2013

[quote]If there's one thing about AMC 2.0 that doesn't quite match up for me, it's that a 30-something JR has a 20-something looking sun, and that Cady McClain, at 43, is playing a grandmother.

When I started watching AMC, the faboo Olivia Birkelund was playing Kelly Ripa's mother.

They have a seven-year age difference.

Everything old is new again.

by Heather Wreply 5304/28/2013

Ron C. told one reporter off the record that from what he's seen the NuOLTL is a mess and will fail horribly.

by Heather Wreply 5404/28/2013

Voice, wasn't Olivia indeed faboo!

She was one hot mess; the way she kept throwing herself at her hunky son in law was a train wreck.

Then, he realized the only way to shut her up was to fuck her.

It was a very graphic scene; at one point she tried to get away, but he wouldn't let her. He just picked her up and carried her to bed; the acting and directing was amazing.

It was hardly rape -- she kept gazing at his eyes and didn't say no. Yet there was something very primal about it.

by Heather Wreply 5504/28/2013

Mm, that's right, her character fucked Grant Aleksander's character.

Anyone with eyes can see why!

by Heather Wreply 5604/28/2013

Everyone else who's seen the new OLTL loves it. But it wouldn't surprise me if Ron said that. He has a very thin skin for criticism online. I love the Pickle Lila story but he is using it as a thinly veiled roman a clef on "poor" GH fighting with Prospect Park and I find that really bitchy.

What's wrong with the sex, VOTN? Everyone looks hot, the new Matthew is a nice piece of ass and I like seeing the vets like Bo and Nora get some action too. Soaps have gotten so tame since the 80s and 90s. I welcome more flesh and more profanity.

There is a cute anecdote on Soap Opera Network from Bob Woods who says the little boy who is playing Natalie's son Liam walked up to him and asked if he was his grandpa.

by Heather Wreply 5704/28/2013

Viki and Dorian have a very big story starting with the premiere. It focuses on the Banner and the decline of print journalism, and Viki and her new star reporter (played by Corbin Bleu) exposing a political scandal which puts them at odds with Senator Dorian Lord Vickers Buchanan of Pennsylvania.

by Heather Wreply 5804/28/2013

Matthew and Destiny's kid does not look biracial. Horrible casting. If they can't get something simple like that right, I might have to agree with Ron.

by Heather Wreply 5904/28/2013

Michele Val Jean So excited for my friends and colleagues on All My Children and One Life To Life. Trailblazers, every one of you. Hope you crash servers tomorrow. Good luck! #prospectpark

by Heather Wreply 6004/28/2013

[quote]ES and Julia Barr are on the Today Show tomorrow morning!

Wish it had been me!

by Heather Wreply 6104/28/2013

[quote]If they can't get something simple like that right, I might have to agree with Ron.

The baby they had for about 3 minutes in the OLTL finale was no more or less dark so your complaint is not valid. Not that I believe Ron ever said that anyway.

by Heather Wreply 6204/28/2013

The OLTL kids are on VH1's morning show on Monday. Tuc's big interview with Marie Osmond also airs tomorrow.

by Heather Wreply 6304/28/2013

[quote]Matthew and Destiny's kid does not look biracial. Horrible casting. If they can't get something simple like that right, I might have to agree with Ron.

Sonny and Carly's son Morgan looks nothing like either of them. GH's casting continues to suck. Should I hold that against Ron?

I'm looking forward to watching AMC and OLTL (sans FV/RC) online.

by Heather Wreply 6404/28/2013

Speaking of rye bread, anyone else detest caraway seeds, and always have to ask first, as I do?

by Heather Wreply 6504/28/2013

The new Morgan is actually pretty cute. But he tweeted a pic of himself with Chad Duell and Chad looks way younger. Next up we have Lauren Frank AND Kristen Alderson in a new role (shudder). FV has hired too many kids. He has always been very fixated on the teens and the new OLTL youth set looks a lot more real and vibrant. I watch GH for soapy fun but I think nuOLTL looks like real quality.

I am just amused Sonny is reduced to chasing after his kids. Spoilers for next week have him busting into Morgan's school and being confronted by his gun-toting boarding school roommate.

by Heather Wreply 6604/28/2013

Clarification: The VH1 special on "Big Morning Buzz" tomorrow is actually a "Family Feud" competition between the casts of AMC and OLTL. With Bob Woods as OLTL's team captain!!

by Heather Wreply 6704/28/2013

Look out for Pickle Eddie

by Heather Wreply 6804/28/2013

R59, by "Matthew" do you mean Matthew Rappaport? He has a child? That does it. I am officially old.

by Heather Wreply 6904/28/2013

[quote]The new Morgan is actually pretty cute.

Cuteness has nothing to do with it. He was cast to play the son of Sonny and Carly and he bears no resemblance to either of them.

From what I've seen of it, the new OLTL looks like it's going to be very good. I always loved the Viki / Dorian wars.

by Heather Wreply 7004/28/2013

When is Venus Ardanowski returning from her year long trip around the world?

by Heather Wreply 7104/28/2013

I'm Team Ron and Frank. If they are against that little websoap then I'm with them. A OLTL reboot shouldn't have even been attempted without Ron and Frank, at least, consulting.

by Heather Wreply 7204/28/2013

Yep, high school senior Matthew knocked up his BFF Destiny in the last year of OLTL. She gave birth in the final episode and they named the boy for Bo's middle child, the late Drew Buchanan. They are both back played by new people. The original actors are both in college. NuMatthew is pretty luscious on the eyes.

by Heather Wreply 7304/28/2013

Andrew Trischitta ‏@ajtrischitta9m Watch VH1 Morning Buzz at 10am! One Life to Live vs All My Children feat. @Rob_Gorrie @kelleyrmissal @LauraHarrier team captain Bob Woods

by Heather Wreply 7404/28/2013

[quote]I'm Team Ron and Frank. If they are against that little websoap then I'm with them. A OLTL reboot shouldn't have even been attempted without Ron and Frank, at least, consulting.

Mary, PLEASE!! They are just another EP and HW and I love GH but they are NOT pure genius. As great as their good stories were there was a lot of OLTL in 2011 I flat out could not watch (and GH is far from perfect itself). This idol worship as though OLTL did not exist before these two came along sickens me. They don't shit gold AND they were not available for the reboot. I will watch ALL THREE and so should you. Besides neither of them have come out and said they are against it.

by Heather Wreply 7504/28/2013

Why is there a new Matthew? Eddie Anderson was perfect. I thought they'd stop pulling that shit now that they don't have to deal with Frons. I hate that shit more than anything about daytime.

I loved Drew Buchanan. And Victor Browne. And Sam Ball. WTF did they have to kill him?

by Heather Wreply 7604/28/2013

[quote]Why is there a new Matthew? Eddie Anderson was perfect.

Eddie is in college and pursuing films out West and didn't want to come back.

by Heather Wreply 7704/28/2013

Oh, well, if it was his decision. But I almost never believe it when they say it was the actor's decision.

by Heather Wreply 7804/28/2013

OLTL was #1 under Ron and Frank, they were OLTL.

by Heather Wreply 7904/28/2013

[quote]Oh, well, if it was his decision. But I almost never believe it when they say it was the actor's decision.

The show was cancelled by then so it was totally his decision. He'd been planning to go to California even before that, though.

by Heather Wreply 8004/28/2013

[quote]OLTL was #1 under Ron and Frank, they were OLTL.

No more than Agnes Nixon, Doris Quinlan, Gordon Russell, Paul Rauch, Linda Gottlieb or Michael Malone. The team replacing them is very good and has history with the show.

by Heather Wreply 8104/28/2013

Who is the team replacing them?

by Heather Wreply 8204/28/2013

The EP is Jennifer Pepperman, who has been with the show on and off since the 90s and was directing at the show in the last several years (FV started as a PA and then director before becoming EP)

The HWs are Thom Racina and Susan Bedsow Horgan who wrote for the show from the 80s through to 1994, when she was Linda Gottlieb's handpicked replacement as EP. She lasted until 1996 after the Disney takeover. Horgan just quit for personal reasons (according to We Love Soaps it was real life family and stress) but her bible and longtime partner Racina remains.

Thom Racina wrote for GH during 1980-1984 with Luke and Laura, the Ice Princess, the Cassadines, Scorpio and Holly before moving to Days and doing Patch and Kayla, Bo and Hope and John Black. He was going to be Michael Malone's co-HW at OL in 1991, but Josh Griffith took the spot.

by Heather Wreply 8304/28/2013

How come you guys are all about Andrew and never pay attention to the fact that *I* turned 18 too? Doesn't anyone want to fuck MY barely legal ass or sniff MY flip-flopped feet?

by Heather Wreply 8404/28/2013

I find Eddie very fuckable.

by Heather Wreply 8504/28/2013

I heard that are ignoring almost all of Ron's work on the show and creating new stories. Why ignore the person who put the show on top again?

by Heather Wreply 8604/28/2013

Eddie was jailbait. The NuMatthew is a dead ringer AND very hot.

by Heather Wreply 8704/28/2013

[quote]I heard that are ignoring almost all of Ron's work on the show and creating new stories. Why ignore the person who put the show on top again?

They're not ignoring what happened on GH and they are definitely not ignoring the cliffhanger at the end of OLTL.

by Heather Wreply 8804/28/2013

The difference between Eddie and Andy T, was that Andy T is hot. Eddie looks like a troll. They tried to recast him several times, but it didn't work out.

by Heather Wreply 8904/28/2013

FV basically replaced Eddie with the Fords.

He was told he could stay frontburner if he could match their physique. Good luck at age 16.

by Heather Wreply 9004/28/2013

Eddie was a better actor than Andy T--- just slightly.

by Heather Wreply 9104/28/2013

If Robert Gorrie is the new Matthew Rappaport, he's not a "dead ringer" at all, R87. Is Matthew going by Rappaport or Buchanan now? Was Sam not his father after all?

by Heather Wreply 9204/28/2013

R90 The Fords. Talk about fuckable. Are they on the new OLTL?

by Heather Wreply 9304/28/2013

Robert Gorrie looks a LOT like Eddie did by the end. And he's gorgeous. Matthew was revealed to be Bo's son, not Sam's ten years ago. Sam was killed by a crazed Lindsay.

The Fords were great to look at but helped kill the show. They're all gone.

by Heather Wreply 9404/28/2013

Rumor is that the premiere episode of OLTL was excellent. AMC was very good as well. Lets see how they do over time.

by Heather Wreply 9504/28/2013

I haven't watched OLTL since Mimi Torchin spoiled the shit out of it in SOW, which came to a head for me Easter weekend when Elian Gonzalez was sent back to Cuba.

I knew what was going to happen for the next three weeks with Lindsay, Will, Nora, and Sam, so I watched the Elian Show, where the suspense actually played out on TV.

When Elian went back, I realized I didn't need to watch OLTL anymore: I could read it at the grocery store. I never watched it again until Kish, which was a disaster, and that's been it.

I'm going to watch this new version of it. I hope I like the difference being on the internet brings.

by Heather Wreply 9604/28/2013

The Florencia Lozano and Kelley Missal Interview – One Life to Live

When One Life to Live has its online premiere on Monday, April 29th on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes, two powerhouse actresses set the stage for some emotional drama that will pull you in and leave you breathless, and maybe speechless, when all-new episodes begin! Of course, we are talking about the talented on-screen mother/daughter duo of Florencia Lozano (Tea Delgado) and Kelley Missal (Dani Manning). When One Life begins anew, viewers will learn what has happened to Tea, who is still reeling from the loss of her husband Victor Jr. and her little baby boy, while Dani is seeking comfort, but has turned to drugs! This sets the stage for turmoil and angst! And, who better to play that than scene-stealing Lozano, and the alluring Missal?

On-Air On-Soaps chatted with Florencia and Kelley to get a preview of: what has happened to two of One Life’s favorite gals when the story resumes in Llanview, their thoughts on the cancellation of the series, and having it brought back to life by Prospect Park, and the undying persistence and power of the shows legions of fans … plus, getting the opportunity to work with Roger Howarth (Todd Manning) again, and Kelley adjusting to the new SORAS’d Matthew in actor Robert Gorrie!

With so many fans concerns of the new One Life being edgier, sexier, and bolder, Missal points out in our conversation that it does come out of story, and it’s not just thrown in gratuitously into the show! While that should come as a relief to many, still others are wondering if Tea will ever come to know the fact that her presumed dead husband, Victor Jr. (Trevor St. John) is alive, after fans discovered the character was being held captive at the end of the ABC One Life finale? Lozano reveals her hopes for her character and the struggles Tea faces with her daughter, who is all grown up and stirring up trouble all over town. It’s t-minus less than 24 hours till the return of One Life to Live! So let’s kick-off the celebration with the fabulous Florencia and Kelley!

MICHAEL: Florencia, how has this tumultuous turn of events been for you? First, One Life is canned by ABC. Next, Prospect Park was going to bring it back, only that did not happen on their first attempt. Next, you head to General Hospital to be a key component of the baby-switch story where Tea’s baby with Victor Jr. is switched with Sam’s baby, thanks in part to Todd Manning! Now Prospect Park has the show in production in a magical way with all systems go for tomorrow’s online debut, and Tea is back in Llanview!

FLORENCIA: First, I have to say, being on General Hospital was a blast. I had a great time. I honestly went with the flow. I didn’t expect One Life to Live to have another life. I am incredibly surprised in a very happy way that we are doing it again. I didn’t have any expectations that we would be doing the show again, and so I didn’t stress on whether it was going to happen, or not. I really didn’t think it would happen and I believed it was dead in the water. So, it’s been amazing to get to go back.

MICHAEL: Tea Delgado has always been one of my favorite characters on One Life to Live. She always has so much gut-wrenching stuff going on, and she can be powerful, and a spitfire to boot! Will we see that again on the new One Life? Will Tea be similar to how she was previously?

FLORENCIA: Oh hell, yes! And, Kelley is fantastic. It’s true! I would say that Kelley, even if you were not chatting with us in this interview. Kelley is getting to do some really fun stuff, and so now it’s really fun to play the mother/daughter material. Tea is of the mindset: “She is getting older … she is challenging. I love her, and she is driving me crazy. There are moments where I want to kill her and she wants to kill me.” There is that grey area, and the complexity of a mother and daughter relationship. That whole dimension of playing Tea is really exciting.

by Heather Wreply 9704/28/2013

[quote]What's wrong with the sex, VOTN? Everyone looks hot, the new Matthew is a nice piece of ass and I like seeing the vets like Bo and Nora get some action too.

I agree that I'm glad that Bo and Nora won't be living chastely, but I guess I'm still trying to wrap my head around the sexualization of Destiny and Matthew. I mean, he knocked her up, clearly they were doing more than just holding hands, but I had skipped the show between Kish's abrupt departure and the final few weeks on the air. In my mind, they're still high school students, and it freaks me out a little to see them half-naked grinding at whatever night spot has replaced Capricorn.

I don't honestly know if seeing this would be more or less shocking if PP had been able to pick up as soon as the show went off the air.

I get that one of the perks of being online is that they can be a little rougher with language and showing more skin, but I don't want it to be all the show is, you know?

by Heather Wreply 9804/28/2013

MICHAEL: Sweet Dani, now I am every concerned! (Laughs) When One Life starts out she has a drug problem, and we see a sexier version of the character. Kelley, you must have been thrilled to have this freedom as an actress?

KELLEY: It’s juicy stuff we are diving into when we check up on Dani. She is older. She is 21 when we catch up with her, and so you can see where that can go. There is Shelter, the new club in Llanview that is focal point. This has been so much fun playing all of these things that I never had the opportunity to do at the old One Life to Live. It’s challenging and really hard, but that’s what I like about it!

MICHAEL: From all appearances, it looks like Dani is front and center when One Life kicks off, and much will revolve around her!

KELLEY: You know, it’s kind of funny. On the old One Life to Live, when you saw Dani last time, there was all this stuff going on around her. She was kind of getting bounced around between all this mayhem within her family, and her boyfriend. She was just so lost. She is still lost, but she is acting out a lot more! You see the internal struggle that she has, instead of her just staying quiet and trying to put on a good face and pretending like things are normal. She is not pretending anymore. It’s really interesting to watch her go off into some rather dangerous situations.

MICHAEL: So Florencia, I heard in a promo clip you said the word, “F**k” as Tea. Were you the first actress that got to throw a swear word on camera?

FLORENCIA: All the other actors are so much more respectful than I am saying, “I still don’t think this is a good idea to do this.” And I go, “Absolutely!” But then the first chance I get to say, “F**k,” I was saying it left and right! (Laughs) Tea takes over and I have to really hold myself back. (Laughs) You know, she gets very upset! (Laughs)

MICHAEL: Tea would be uttering expletives all the time, knowing her as all the viewers do!

FLORENCIA: Exactly! They have had to tell me, “Don’t say that! We have had a couple of others in the episode!” I think actually it’s a good idea that we are able to swear a bit as the characters on the show. I think we have to be careful about it. But it’s fun to have some new parameters, in which we can play that are a little less strict, and hopefully we will make the most of them!

MICHAEL: Kelley, can you address the fans that are concerned that the stuff that Dani goes through is born out of the story, and not just thrown in for shock value? And where there is swearing, and sex, it is bound to the story?

KELLEY: I have said this before, it’s not exemplifying it … it’s storytelling. I personally feel all the things that you see her go through are an important part to her story. It’s really relatable stuff that goes on and very modern. I think that it is a part of the story that needs to be told for her. I don’t think they are just putting it in there for shock value, or to get press, or anything. It’s an important part of her story.

MICHAEL: Will Tea’s loss of her little baby boy, as she was devastated to find out in episodes of General Hospital, carry over onto the new One Life? Will she be dealing with the fallout from all of the loss in her life?

by Heather Wreply 9904/28/2013

FLORENCIA: It’s funny, what you just asked Kelley and what you just asked me. Those two questions are very intertwined. It was a real concern of mine, and I think of a lot of ours, that with this new reboot that it not just be, “OOH! We want to catch people’s attention! And oh, we are going to take our clothes off and swear and try to be the hot new thing!” We worked really hard to anchor everything that happens story wise in our history. To make it make sense within the projectary of what we’ve been playing for many years. The writers, God bless them, are doing their best, but they are just coming on board now. So, it’s our job, as well as it should be to say, “OK, Dani OD’d. Why might she have done that?” Kelley and I worked hard to figure it out. I think Tea was really done being a mother after what happened with her son dying. I think that was such a shock, and such a deep, deep source of grief that she started to really ignore Dani and push her away. We played that, and sort of sketched that into some of the scenes. Then Kelley and I really tried to flesh out this whole element of Dani desperately needing her mother, and wanting her mother, and Tea not being there for her. So the drug problem came out of that. Dani is not a loose cannon for no reason. She is reacting to something that is real. Then Tea starts to go, “Oh, my God. I have been living in this complete haze for the past year! My daughter needs me.” And that is where the guilt, the anger, the rage, the burden of being a mother is, and going: “It’s not always unconditional love for your kid.” Sometimes it’s, “I don’t want to want to feel this way about another human being because it’s just too painful.” The long answer is: I really hope we have done our job. It makes the story seem like it has deep roots and ramifications.

KELLEY: Amen! And to add to that, Dani grew up with her father in Tahiti on the old One Life to Live. It’s almost as if Dani had been fighting her whole life to have a mother. Now she is fighting with herself. I think a lot of times in these situations the child blames themselves, or they look toward themselves for problems like, “What is wrong with me? Why don’t my parents want me?” So, I definitely think we tried to play that, and it’s so easy to play that when I am working with Florencia. Tea and Dani have has their ups and downs, and had their fights, but this is definitely something different and very emotional.

MICHAEL: Did the two of you get to share many scenes with Roger Howarth during the time he was filming at One Life as Todd?

KELLEY: I shared a lot of scenes with Roger!

FLORENCIA: Oh yes! He is in there big time with us! Roger is just endlessly hilarious and surprising. All you have to do is look into his eyes and there is so much to play off of.

KELLEY: He is very honest in everything he does, which is so awesome to play off of! Honestly, I couldn’t believe he came back! I was so excited and so surprised! I worked with him before, and I was excited to work with him again. It was fun, the scenes we did!

MICHAEL: But Dani has major father issues too, because of Victor Jr., Ross, and Todd!

KELLEY: Yeah I guess, but it has almost come to a point with Dani, where she just gives up on a lot of things, including herself. She used to be so shocked at all of the things that used to happen to her, and with all of her “daddy” issues. She was always so shocked. But now, it’s like a really sad acceptance you see in her of: “This is my life. Shit happens to me. I have awful parents.” So you kind of see that, and Dani and Todd’s relationship gets really interesting, and not even in a dark way. But it’s all very confused and weird between them. They say one thing to one another, but it usually means something completely different!

by Heather Wreply 10004/28/2013

MICHAEL: Kelley, you have a new Matthew Buchanan to play off of! First there was the wonderful Eddie Alderson, who is not back with the show, but now we have an older Matthew played by Robert Gorrie. Has it been an adjustment for you? How is working with Robert?

KELLEY: Oh, I love Eddie Alderson with all my heart. I want to marry him some day! And he knows it! (Laughs) When I heard he wasn’t coming back, I was sad. He is out in Los Angeles building a life, and I am happy for him. But meeting the new Matthew, played by Robert Gorrie, we have great chemistry. We love working together, which is good. You see a lot of Dani and Matthew scenes right from the start, and they play off each other a lot.

MICHAEL: Florencia, I have always told you, I think you are one of the most phenomenal actresses ever in this medium. Can we tell your fans that you will definitely figure heavily into story? Please tell me Tea is still a lawyer and not a cocktail waitress? (Laughs)

FLORENCIA: Tea is still a lawyer, never fear! If you need anyone to defend you, she is there. (Laughs) Yes, there is a lot of material for Tea to flail about, and rage at the Gods, and breakdown in tears, and throw things around a hotel room! There is a lot for her to do. But I think what Kelley is talking about in terms of the children and the generation of young people on One Life, sort of saying to the parents and to our generation, “You guys are telling us one thing, but the way you lead by example is a whole other story.” That conflict of: “We want our kids to be one way, but we are not being very good examples of that.” That is a very interesting conflict, and the new incarnation of this show is really mining that for all it’s worth! It’s sort of an old age conflict. The younger generation saying, “You guys have screwed things up for us and you have lied to us! And now you are reaping what you sew!” That struggle is … that we can no longer control our children, and we have messed up their lives. What are we going to do about that now? That has been a lot of fun to play.

MICHAEL: What have the fans said to both of you during the time you have been off-screen? Were they reaching out to you on the street, or via social media?

KELLEY: I connect to my fans a lot through Twitter. I just figured when One Life went off the air that everything there would drop. I did not expect anything from the fans. I did not expect them to follow me and they have! It has been a really touching thing. I am grateful for them. They remind me of all the work I had done, and it keeps you very humble for people reaching out to you all the time with love, respect, and support. The fan base has been amazing! I could not be more grateful to them. And, it is also fun to hear their insight on what they want Dani to do!

MICHAEL: Kelley, are you at all concerned with what the fans might say when they see what happens to Dani on all-new episodes of One Life? Be honest! (Laughs)

KELLEY: You know, I am! It’s not my job to worry about the writing, or where the story is going. It’s my job to be Dani. I have tried my best to put my all into that, and to really do good work. But the fans are always in the back of my head, and I am always thinking about how they are going to react. I do think that they have to realize that it is not going to be the old One Life to Live. It’s going to be different. But I think if they give it a chance, they are really going to be pleasantly surprised. I hope they are going to love it.

MICHAEL: Florencia, you have ardent fans, and also the TNT brigade of fans who loved Tea and Victor Jr. (He was then Todd thus the “TNT”). Have you been in touch with them? What do you think of their unwavering support?

by Heather Wreply 10104/28/2013

FLORENCIA: I did a reading of a play a few weeks ago and my fans were there. And all the time I was off of One Life I would post stuff on my Facebook page. I don’t do Twitter. But I am amazed at how smart, sweet, and supportive they are. I didn’t know who those fans were till I started being on a soap. Then I heard and saw how committed they are, in a way that I don’t think fans of other mediums are committed in quite the same way. Like Kelley said, it’s a blessing and an amazing thing. It’s because of them that we are back and that we have jobs!

MICHAEL: At the end of ABC’s finale cliffhanger of One Life to Live, viewers learned that Victor Jr. was very much alive! How do you think Tea would react to that … if Tea were to see the love of her life, Victor, again? Would you like to have the opportunity to play that out?

FLORENCIA: Yes, of course! Tea has always had in her heart and mind that she is going to be reunited with the love of her life. How she thinks that is, when she saw him being zipped into a body bag, is not really a rational sensibility. It’s something in her that can’t let go of … the dream of Victor Jr. being alive. So, she holds that in her imagination and in her minds eye with real tenacity. And, she would love to see him, of course. She would love to see that for her daughter’s sake as well, not just for her own, but also for her whole family.

by Heather Wreply 10204/28/2013

[quote]I get that one of the perks of being online is that they can be a little rougher with language and showing more skin, but I don't want it to be all the show is, you know?

According to all the interviews it's not just that. Erika Slezak in particular has come out in defense of the new format, so that's enough for me.

And Dani, Matthew, Destiny are all college aged now. They were seniors in January 2012.

by Heather Wreply 10304/28/2013

ES interview

by Heather Wreply 10404/28/2013

Those lucky OLTL actors. Michael Fairman clearly did such a great brownnosing job, none of them will need toilet paper for a month!

by Heather Wreply 10504/28/2013

The New York Times published a story on Sunday about the April 29 launch of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Below are some interesting excerpts including the $80,000 per episode budget and Prospect Park owning the rights to GENERAL HOSPITAL should ABC cancel the show.

On Monday the soap operas ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE will start their second lives, and Jeffrey Kwatinetz and Rich Frank will start to find out if they’re right.

The two men have poured money and nearly two years of their time into an Internet revival of the soaps. They’ve done this because they believe, as Mr. Kwatinetz puts it, that “this is the inflection point for online television.”

Prospect Park is paying an $8.5 million annual license fee for the shows and ABC will share in any profits made by ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Prospect Park also owns the rights to GENERAL HOSPITAL in case ABC ends that one, too.

On ABC the soaps had an hourlong format — roughly 40 minutes of storytelling, 20 minutes of commercials. Each episode cost about $175,000 to produce. Prospect Park has cut that down to about $80,000, partly by switching to a half-hour format, with 25 minutes of story. Paying actors a weekly rate, rather than per performance, and filming both soaps at the same studio in Connecticut, which provides a 30 percent tax incentive to producers, has also helped pare costs.

"The gold standard online is the combination of a passionate, engaged fan and a show they love and want to watch day after day. That combination means great results for viewers, content owners and advertisers," said Andy Forssell, the acting chief executive of Hulu. "You can’t find a better example of this than ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE."

by Heather Wreply 10604/28/2013

That's what Fairman does, R105. He's done lots of brown-nosing with FV and RC.

by Heather Wreply 10704/28/2013

$80,000 an episode? Dear God, I did soap productions in my backyard when I was 12 that cost more per episode. What could they be paying the actors?

by Heather Wreply 10804/28/2013

[quote]Prospect Park also owns the rights to GENERAL HOSPITAL in case ABC ends that one, too.

That puzzles me. They'd have to move production in order to make that even remotely financially viable, but I can't them being able to do it without a big outlay of cash. I can see getting NY actors to relocate to LA, but I can't see it working the other way.

by Heather Wreply 10904/28/2013

Did Gia die on GH? What about Chloe? Wasn't she strangled by Stefan? Why is V no longer on the show? I heard they killed Georgie. That's fucked up. The years with Sarah Brown and the return of the Cassadines were the best.

by Heather Wreply 11004/28/2013

Wow, they really ruined Brenda this time around didn't they? She's pathetic. And kinda psycho...

by Heather Wreply 11104/28/2013

[quote]Wow, they really ruined Brenda this time around didn't they? She's pathetic. And kinda psycho...

Since when has Brenda been any less psycho than the rest of PC's woeful upstanding inhabitants? I mean, get real. Between this pathetically non-riveting pickle relish bullcrap nincompoopery nonsense swirling about, your perpetual mandatory dull-assed no one cares preggo baby daddy SL du jour, the constant abductions and shootings, (and that ain't even the half of it) she fits right in, not that I'm a fan of Miss Priss.

by Heather Wreply 11204/28/2013

Well, if you're an early riser like me, it's time to welcome them back.

by Heather Wreply 11304/29/2013

Wow, both Jack and Dani have said "shit" and then Dani walked in on a guy getting a blowjob in the back room.

No further spoilers. I'm just going to say that I'm still agnostic about this.

by Heather Wreply 11404/29/2013

AMC definitely got the better theme song.

by Heather Wreply 11504/29/2013

Let me tell you about Deb Morgan: Angie and Jesse are clearly going to be the best thing about AMC 2.0.

by Heather Wreply 11604/29/2013

Okay, just finished OLTL.

The positives:

1) They have an extras budget - thank God!

2) The younger set seems real

3) NuMatthew is sexier than Cutter and AndyT

4) The sets seemed nice

The negatives:

1) That opening sucked balls

2) Dorian has gained too much weight and that wig was awful.

3) The David Vickers hi-jinx seem out of place

by Heather Wreply 11704/29/2013

Why is Natalie being called "Mrs. Banks?"

Even if she'd stopped using McBain, wouldn't she have gone back to being Natalie Buchanan?

by Heather Wreply 11804/29/2013

AMC is good. OLTL is incredible.

Stick a fork in the remaining 4 TV soaps. These are far more mature and sophisticated on every level.

by Heather Wreply 11904/29/2013

[quote] Why is Natalie being called "Mrs. Banks?"

She never married John. Jared was her last husband and she went by Banks still in January 2012.

by Heather Wreply 12004/29/2013

Those were fab.

OLTL is ready for primetime.

by Heather Wreply 12104/29/2013

Why would Patrick need to cancel his evening plans to bring Britt for an abortion? They are doctors! Can't they get a morning or afternoon appointment?

by Heather Wreply 12204/29/2013

[quote] AMC is good. OLTL is incredible.

I would switch those, but they both were solid.

I wasn't a fan of the club scenes on OLTL.

I expected less from AMC - no Lucci! No Tad! - and yet, it was really, REALLY amazing. The young actors playing Pete, AJ and Miranda were REALLY good - very natural, I thought. Reminded me of young characters of earlier AMC.

OLTL a mite bumpier but Viki and Dorian alone worth price of admission (though Strasser did indeed look a little ill - and lordy, that wig was hideous).

by Heather Wreply 12304/29/2013

Agnes is heavily involved with both shows (yes, OLTL too). I recognized a lot of her classic archetypes in nuAMC. When she does kids they work.

OLTL was a moody show about damaged people. I think together they blow anything on the nets out of the water. GH is fun soap but compared to these it is giddy ephemera. This is what it looked like when Bill Bell made Y&R and reinvented the wheel. Candid, stylish and daring. Assuming the numbers are good these are gamechangers.

by Heather Wreply 12404/29/2013

Is Tad no longer with us?

by Heather Wreply 12504/29/2013

Tad has been comatose since the shooting.

AMC was the stronger of the two, I thought. I'm not ready to proclaim the wheel reinvented, but I do think there's potential.

by Heather Wreply 12604/29/2013

OLTL was okay, but didn't have the Cartini flair. You could tell the show was missing their unique touch. Robin Strasser looked like a mess. I want nuMatthew in me quite deeply. When he referred to Destiny as his baby mama, I wanted him even more.

by Heather Wreply 12704/29/2013

The "Cartini flair" does not do scenes like the softer ones in today's premiere. It was a much more adult show and not just because of the blowjob. Cartini are all broad strokes and noise.

OLTL is dynamite.

by Heather Wreply 12804/29/2013

What were the softer scenes? The few moments with Clint and Viki? Natalie being sad? The few minutes of Dorian?

I'm grading the episode higher than I might have otherwise, because it was still identifiable as OLTL, and the big reveal at the end of the episode was good.

I'm curious to see if they'll gain new viewers without losing the older ones. I can imagine a life-long OLTL fan being put off by the blowjob.

And, erm, how old is the actor playing AJ?

Weirdly Petey seemed perfectly heterosexual on his scene with the girl, but with Opal, it was "Ping. Ping! PING!"

by Heather Wreply 12904/29/2013

That Tea scene in her baby's old room was incredibly elegant. Yes, Cartini would have done that with teeth gnashing and wailing. That is their level. Instead silence.

Everyone got little character studies like that. Natalie alone. David Vickers finally realizing he is the fool. Todd and Blair locking eyes. Danielle's descent. Poignant and mature.

I like RC. But he doesn't know how to write like this.

by Heather Wreply 13004/29/2013

I think Tad is dead and JR is in the coma.

by Heather Wreply 13104/29/2013

AJ is legal.

I checked.

by Heather Wreply 13204/29/2013

OLTL was indeed fantastic. I also loved AMC. I thought AMC felt 'shorter' in some ways. OLTL moved the plot along really quickly and in an intriguing manner.

Dorian/Viki was classic. Todd/Blair still had chemistry. Dani was reminiscent of Marty Saybrooke which I LOVED. Todd needed a daughter like fucked up party girl Marty Saybrooke to haunt him. I loved TSJ returning as Victor even though I hated TSJ as Todd and didn't give a shit what was done with his character under RC. I hated that the story was ridiculous under RC. Here there is more mystery and possible gravitas. Loved Tea Delgado and she was someone I hated under RC since he made her scream and overemote when clearly she has the talent to play subtle scenes like she did in the nursery. Her scene with Dani was fabulous and we could see why Dani is spiraling. Love the new Matthew and the new guy fits really well. Cutter and Natalie are superhot and Natalie looks to be interesting again. Thank god she lost 160 pounds of John McBain.

AMC was different, less fast but also good. I can't believe they found really good young actors for those pivotal roles. Can't wait to see what the deal is with David and everyone else. Love that the benchmark couples are there Jessie/Angie, Brooke/Adam. I didn't even miss the fact we didn't have Erica. She's not needed for this set of story.

SO happy my OLTL IS BACK! Far away from craptini's shitty ass shallow writing. Hopeful for the first time in years that we might get something deep again (a la Michael Malone).

by Heather Wreply 13304/29/2013

I think it's possible to love both shows and styles (OLTL and GH). I'll always be so grateful for what Ron and Frank did for OL and I love how they've saved GH. It is fun five days a week. But their range is very limited. And GH has issues which are all about them and their old weaknesses.

In both cases they lovingly restored two shows precious to me but their sensibility is sheer comic book. And I love my comics as VOTN well knows but I don't think they're the future. This is the OLTL I remember from the 90s or something like it. The difference between this and what Ron does is oil and water. And that's okay, it really is. I love both. But Ron hasn't had that kind of depth or restraint in years like I saw in 27 minutes this morning.

by Heather Wreply 13404/29/2013

Where are my hip waders? The new OLTL was OK, but all this hyperbole is overkill. I smell shills.

by Heather Wreply 13504/29/2013

Any shirtless or feets scenes on the first OLTL? (And actually, can we get a running alert on this thread on any day when there are such scenes? And obviously that goes double if the ever show ass!)

by Heather Wreply 13604/29/2013

I liked OLTL enough to watch again. I don't know who most of the characters are anymore, so I won't comment on much at this time. I have some questions, though.

Is Bo and Nora's apartment the place where Sarah used to live?

Who is the manager of the club?

Is Matthew gay?

by Heather Wreply 13704/29/2013

My beloved Trevor is back! And Tea! Love her.

by Heather Wreply 13804/29/2013

AMC and OLTL are #1 HuLu today.

They are #6 on ITunes

That's awesome

by Heather Wreply 13904/29/2013

Now that Tuc is out, they really should push David out of the closet. I never once bought the eccentric passion of Dorian and David. She his fag hag.

My fantasy scenario for the last Dorian story arc on the old OLTL (when we thought it would never be seen again) was David coming out and he and Dorian admitting they both always knew. Dorian moves to Washinton, and in her last episode, comes face-to-face with ex-husband Herb Callison in a restaurant, where they get reacquainted. The very last scene we would see of Dorian is the camera panning out while she and Herb engaged in one of their witty clashes and ther scene fades to black - a, a'la The Sopranos.

I'd love for Herb to come back in Dorian's life. Is Anthony Call still alive/active?

by Heather Wreply 14004/29/2013

"Who is Alejandro Jerome?" --Ron Carlivati, via twitter.

Rumour has it that Roger Howarth will be playing this new member of the Jerome family and not a Quartermaine; Maura West's Ava will be his wife, not a blood member for the Jerome family.

Another rumour swirling ... is Sam's father a Jerome?

by Heather Wreply 14104/29/2013

[quote]That Tea scene in her baby's old room was incredibly elegant

You're right, and I had totally forgotten about it. I guess it's just because the scenes at the Club Formerly Known As Capricorn were kind of noisy and not really in a way I thought worked. Also was Capricorn always in a basement?

I wish they'd gotten Robin Strasser to dial it down a little. I know she is who she is, but I wish Dorian hadn't been set on 11 for her first appearance on two years.

by Heather Wreply 14204/29/2013

Maura West is headed to Port Charles?


by Heather Wreply 14304/29/2013

TSJ is a beautiful man.

by Heather Wreply 14404/29/2013

Robin has been at 11 for 10 years. JFP forcing her out hurt her terribly and she has been playing to the rafters since. I suspect out of fear she will be disposed of again.

Shelter looked more like a refurbished version of Rex's club Ultra Violet to me, but they did mention that Blair had totally rebuilt the Capricorn site.

It's so nice to see Kelley Missal allowed to do something other than scream and spout exposition.

by Heather Wreply 14504/29/2013

Not impressed with today's GH episode. The mob is coming back into the picture. Sonny is lovable gruff mob man. AJ sounded like Billy Warlock's sleazy arrested developed version, and getting his keister kicked by Sonny was not amusing to watch. And the tweens are't even remotely interesting.

Grade: Y for Yuck.

by Heather Wreply 14604/29/2013

I was surprised by how much I liked AJ and Miranda.

I didn't care for Petey and Celia at all. And I was not surprised by that.

by Heather Wreply 14704/29/2013

Isn't today the beginning of sweeps? Cause GH sucked.

by Heather Wreply 14804/29/2013

I love all of these suspicious I hate Cartini posts and the GH sucks posts on the first day of a Cartini free OLTL, which didn't sparkle the way a Cartini episode would have.

A little transparent, if you ask me. Ron and Frank are the best things to happen to soaps since Harding Lemay and Paul Rauch.

by Heather Wreply 14904/29/2013

So because they can, they will say shit right off the bat and that will make it more cutting edge? Sorry, but if all they are going to do is shock value you can have it. I only watched AMC because I never cared much for OLTL and I hate the Buchanans. They already have A.J. Chandler dropping towel playing a well-placed guitar which was really not necessary so I guess they will be using this sort of thing to show how daring they are. From the opening credits, JR looks around 40. Petey is rather strange looking and not a very good actor. Who the hell is Cassandra and why should I care that she is missing. Nice to see Angie and Jessie but it felt like a different show.

by Heather Wreply 15004/29/2013

Ron needs to get back on twitter instead of visiting DL;)

But seriously, we've always ragged on Ron. He's got positives and negatives. Being shallow and plot driven is a negative. Enjoyable campy scenes are a positive. FV does more with little money than many could. Doesn't mean they are the best shit since sliced bread. Some of us actually think other writers have been way better than ReRon. I'm sure Ron considers other GH?OLTL writers better than him. No biggie. Fans are clearly excited at getting OLTL and AMC back and happier yet that we can see it without campy shallow Ron fucking it up for us. Leave him at GH. I tune in when Anna or Duke are around or when it's written by Scott Sickles and avoid Sabrina, Carly or Sonny days. No biggie.

I do wish that Ron would have developed AJ/Liz without doing his typical stupidity (having AJ/Carly fuck this week....BORING).

by Heather Wreply 15104/29/2013

I am sure comparisons were inevitable but the PP shows still did not have the polished look a network show does. Too many newbies and young kids. There have been some RC haters on the soap central boards posting non-stop about GH now going down the tubes and how much better the new PP reboots are going to be. Very tiresome.

by Heather Wreply 15204/29/2013

R70 Number One in what universe?! The ratings went up near the end BUT the show was cancelled because it wasn't doing well the last few years.

The pickle Lila story is so silly. Yes, Sean Kanan and Jane Eliot are playing it for camp and doing a good job from that angle but otherwise it's petty of Carlivati to attack PP like that. Oh and he doesn't like the new OLTL? Many people didn't like his version either. Or his version of GH for that matter. The return of Stavros Cassadine was by far the campiest,comic bookiest thing we've ever seen on GH. at least John Colicos and Thaao Penghlis played it straight when they did the Ice Princess story. Kelker Kelly is a good daytime actor BUT his rustiness as an actor was more than evident.

The sets are not that bad but the sets make Days Of Our Lives look like a major motion picture in comparison!Hey at 80,000 bucks per episode what did you expect?

by Heather Wreply 15304/29/2013

I have the feeling that they found the guy playing Matthew from Frank's stable of guys. He fits the type to a tee.

by Heather Wreply 15404/29/2013

"They already have A.J. Chandler dropping towel playing a well-placed guitar which was really not necessary so I guess they will be using this sort of thing to show how daring they are."

Did they show his ass, r150? If they didn't, I don't see what's more daring about that than they could have done on TV.

by Heather Wreply 15504/29/2013

So I'm the only one wondering if, after the line "Is Miranda Montgomery a vagatarian?" if Mrs Patrick Campbell is writing for AMC?

by Heather Wreply 15604/29/2013

[quote]I'd love for Herb to come back in Dorian's life. Is Anthony Call still alive/active?

He turned down several offers to return, including at the end of OLTL Classic. His wife was the show's continuity supervisor for years, and may still be.

by Heather Wreply 15704/29/2013

Anyone else heard the rumor that AMC's AJ will be gay ? I read that somewhere but I can't remember where. Anyone else see a resemblance between him and Anthony Rapp ?

I liked OLTL's reboot but I loved AMC's.

Cassie is Angie's daughter for whoever asked.

by Heather Wreply 15804/29/2013

The rumor I read was that a male character on OLTL would be bisexual. The male character is 'more mature' than Jack Manning. Don't know if this means that the character is of similar age to Jack or that the character is the new guy (Jeffery King) who's just older than Jack.

AJ is slated for Bianca's kid. People have made comments online that AJ looks gay not that the character will be gay.

by Heather Wreply 15904/29/2013

[quote] I think Tad is dead and JR is in the coma.

I could be wrong, but I thought it had been spoiled that Tad was in the coma.

Also, Michael Knight is thinking about coming back but wants to see how things play out first. I wouldn't think they'd kill him off.

I know of one character who has died (we should be finding out tomorrow who that is).

AJ was hot, and so was Petey.

by Heather Wreply 16004/29/2013

Nevrr watched OLTL and I actually enjoyed that better than AMC! AMC was very good though. No regular Susan Lucci? Not AMC.

by Heather Wreply 16104/29/2013

[quote] No regular Susan Lucci? Not AMC.

I didn't miss her, to be honest.

by Heather Wreply 16204/29/2013

So, we have Erica, Jack, Kendall, Liza, Ruth, Marian, Stuart, Ryan, and Greenlee unaccounted for. Did I miss anyone? I know at least one of the deaths.

Do they have separate staffs of directors and tech people and so forth? I noticed Chris Goutman directed the location stuff for AMC, and I have to say, at least to me personally, it looked a lot better than the location work on OLTL.

by Heather Wreply 16304/29/2013

[quote]I didn't miss her, to be honest.

I quit watching AMC when it turned into the Susan Lucci Show. I loved Phoebe, Adam and Brooke and some other characters, but never Erika and her horrible daughter Kendall. I truly despised Ryan and Greenlea.

by Heather Wreply 16404/29/2013

This thing about the sets looking cheap? I thought both shows looked great! OLTL's sets looked like they are really lived in by the characters, Quite impressive. I did not AMC's look as much, other than the outdoor stuff. The lighting did have that cheap pink tone that Days has, but even the lighting was quite decent.

by Heather Wreply 16504/29/2013

The Shelter set on OLTL was off the hook excellent

by Heather Wreply 16604/29/2013

Here's the new OLTL opening with that gdawful Snoop Dog replaced with the 80s theme by Paebo Bryson!!! But where is Tina?

by Heather Wreply 16704/29/2013

Who are these Sonny and Carly people?

by Heather Wreply 16804/29/2013


by Heather Wreply 16904/29/2013


I'm afraid she's a novelist, now, my dear.

by Heather Wreply 17004/29/2013

Marian will be on at some point, as will Stuart.

You're correct on the others, Voice.

It was also my understanding that with budgets and the shorter time frame that they'll be rotating people in and out. I think Alicia Minshew has talked about coming back later. So has Michael Knight.

by Heather Wreply 17104/29/2013

Not one peep from Frank and Ron on Twitter about the reboots. Not even a good luck or break or leg. Hmmmmm....

by Heather Wreply 17204/29/2013

R170, that book sounds awful. Simon Prentiss RUINED her!

by Heather Wreply 17304/29/2013

I gotta say one thing: Boy, was I wrong about how the sets looked. I didn't think they looked that great on my computer screen (OLTL) or my phone (AMC), but I popped both shows up on my Roku, and they look fantastic on TV.

I still think they could have spent a few extra dollars on the opening sequences. AMC's looked like an especially nice Powerpoint presentation, and OLTL's was...well, the less said about it....

by Heather Wreply 17404/29/2013

I think TJ and Sean need to be written off. The little girls who plays Molly has tons of chemistry with cutie pie Rafe. They can bring back Sean as Justus or something and have him team up with Tracey against AJ.

by Heather Wreply 17504/29/2013

The sets did look great on TV. I popped it on there first and then checked it out on my tablet. Much better on tv which is why I don't get the bitching about the sets. They look expensive given the 5cents it seems to cost to make these shows everyday.

Funny about the griping as to the 'openings'. I don't really care about what a show does in terms of the opening. The new ones for AMC and OLTL are fine. They gave new viewers ideas as to which characters connect to one another or are expected to be paired up. There was nothing else to it.

My favorite soap openings were always the generic ones like the GH ambulance or the OLTL one where it was just music and it starts with a generic blonde opening her eyes and then we see flowers and body parts. Honestly I prefer not to see the characters in these openings b/c it takes away the fluid vibe. Besides it's best to not worry if someone leaves that the opening has to be changed.

It is funny that fans are all up in arms about something as dumb as this though. The OLTL was very different from anyone before, the AMC was similar to the old ones and just updated a bit. The outside shots were good b/c it gave Pine Valley a small town feel. The shots in Shelter were fine b/c it gave the audience the club vibe. Reminded me of the downstairs of Mars (early 90's club in NYC).

by Heather Wreply 17604/29/2013

Britt looks to be in her second trimester, can she ever get an abortion?

AJ and Carly have so much chemistry. And he's right, why is she hyper-focused on who Michael is fucking.

There is a rumor that the mob is coming back in a big way. Are people upset about this?

by Heather Wreply 17704/29/2013

I give OLTL a B+ except for the end scenes, A+ all the way. I had a feeling who the guy in the hoodie was Victor but when it was true at the end my heart skiped a beat. All and all they did a really good job and I can't wait to tune in tomorrow and that's what it's all about, isn't it.

AMC I didn't watch before and don't plan on watching it now.

OLTL online and GH on TV are my entertainment loves.

by Heather Wreply 17804/29/2013

R128, who is Victor, new Todd?

by Heather Wreply 17904/29/2013

Victor is Todd's twin and the one everyone thought was Todd for 8 years. For all we know he might still turn out to be Todd but I doubt they're going there, especially with RH going back to GH.

For the record I was not a TSJ fan until the two Todd's story began on OLTL in 2011. I really felt for Victor and began to appreciate TSJ's acting. Now he's a favorite and I'm rooting for Victor to get his wife and kids back including the child Tea thinks is dead. I hope all this time Victor had him.

by Heather Wreply 18004/29/2013

They are *twins*? Were we supposed to have pretended that TSJ's Todd looked like RH's Todd all those years? Or did we think they were fraternal twins eight years ago?

This stinks worse than John and Roman on DOOL.

I wish they'd kept TSJ and said to hell with RH.

by Heather Wreply 18104/29/2013

I thought this was the all things GH thread.

by Heather Wreply 18204/29/2013

They were identical. Victor Jr. was the "special" twin. Evil Irene Manning raised him herself, then swapped him out for Todd ten years ago to further her evil renegade Blackwater schemes. Brainwashing Victor to believe he was Todd and take over his brother's empire for her, and changing his face with plastic surgery in order to elude Mitch Laurence.

I just watch the stories, folks.

I thought the night shoot on OLTL was incredibly well done. I haven't seen anything like that on daytime in forever.

by Heather Wreply 18304/29/2013

[quote]I wish they'd kept TSJ and said to hell with RH.

I think they should have ditched TSJ/Victor.

by Heather Wreply 18404/29/2013

OLTL seem to be keeping both RH and TSJ which will work out well. TSJ does outside work and probably doesn't want the hassle of always having to be there to tape OLTL, RH will do GH in addition to OLTL thus he'll be busy too. It will allow us to have Cutter or some other hot 30 year old get some airtime while OLTL plays the Manning vs. Lord thing for months to come. Neither of these guys will thus eat the show and the little we get will go along way to entertain us.

by Heather Wreply 18504/29/2013

I think we need to have someone volunteer to start posting as Julia Barr's Cheek Implants.

Also, did they just do a severe makeup job on her, or has Lindsay Hartley had some bad work done?

by Heather Wreply 18604/29/2013

OLTL doesn't know how to shoot night scenes.

by Heather Wreply 18704/29/2013

Am I the only one routing for AJ? If Sonny becomes the almighty mobster again then I'm out of here.

by Heather Wreply 18804/29/2013

i think we might need to find a way to differentiate between AJs Quartermain and Chandler.

Either that, or start a separate thread for AMC and OLTL. Which, I think we could exploit a loophole by claiming that they're web series, not soaps.

by Heather Wreply 18904/29/2013

I thought Lindsay looked great.

I do hope Julia's face settles.

by Heather Wreply 19004/29/2013

R189, create a HULU thread.

by Heather Wreply 19104/29/2013

If the mob comes back in a big way on GH, I am again outta here! I detest Sonny and think MB is the most overrated actor ever on daytime. His Al Pacino impression is laughable and the fact that so many gorgeous women find this midget the end all, be all is only something that would happen on a soap. He can barely string a sentence together without stumbling all over his words and he is always looking at a telepromptor. I don't think RC is a particularly good writer; he seems to be all over the place with half-told stories and over the top campiness but he earned my eternal devotion for downsizing Sonny's airtime and killing off his robotic hitman. Now it looks like we are edging back to the same old, same old - Sonny can beat everyone up who would more than likely make mincemeat out of him in reality and more mobs are coming to town. Nice while it lasted!

by Heather Wreply 19204/29/2013

I doubt we can get away with two right now.

There's enough overlap between the two audiences on DL that I'm staying put. I watch both.

by Heather Wreply 19304/29/2013

If no one wants to be Julia Barr's Cheek Implants, would someone want to be Kassie dePaiva's Tig Ol' Biddies?

I am not knocking Kassie in any way. Like Lynn Herring, she has an amazing body for a woman her age, but the only thing I could think of when I saw that dress was "Look at these!"

by Heather Wreply 19404/29/2013

The look on my Blair's face seemed to hope against hope that one of her beloved country ditties could get a dubstep remix.

I know she hasn't been tapped yet but I expect Ilene Kristen to return. I miss Roxy.

Just noticed they played a track by Watch The Duck as Dani ODed, that was awesome.

You have to wonder how they thought crossovers with GH would work. Ron never wrote anything this hard-edged for the kids. Even when I like his teens it's strictly Babysitters Club. Starr would be like an alien from Planet Disney here.

by Heather Wreply 19504/29/2013

I don't care about openings in the least but that OLTL opening was pretty embarrassing. Watching everyone dance around like idiots was hysterical.

by Heather Wreply 19604/29/2013

So what's the story with AMC? What happened 5 years ago? Who killed who? Who is in the hospital?

Who's the hot gay guy who's creepy grandmother was keeping a scrapbook for him? Actors name please.

by Heather Wreply 19704/29/2013

Nevermind, I found out who he is!

by Heather Wreply 19804/29/2013

The hot guy is Pete Cortlandt, son of the late tycoon Palmer Cortlandt. The grandma was his mom, Opal. Both Opal and Palmer rose from nouveau riche hick beginnings to wealth. Pete went off and made his own business like his father and has just returned home.

What happened 5 years ago was JR Chandler (son of Adam, the rich guy with white hair) embarked on a shooting spree in the finale of the show on TV. He was a crazed alcoholic who blamed the world for his problems whose wife had left him for another woman, the mother of Miranda, the teen girl in the premiere. (Her mom, Bianca, is on tomorrow) JR's son AJ was the blond kid who was raised by the family and has been BFF with Miranda since they were tiny.

We don't yet know how JR's rampage ended or who was shot.

Rob Wilson was shockingly good for an untrained actor. And he resembles a young James Mitchell.

by Heather Wreply 19904/29/2013

R199, thanks.

Was JR the guy returning to Pine Valley?

Who is Rob Wilson? Was he AJ? I liked him and the girl. I thought the acting on AMC was much better. I've never watched either shows. My soap history is I watched General Hospital from Sarah Brown's premiere episode to her final episode.

I gotta say, they feel a bit cheap. Especially AMC. Which isn't really a bad thing but AMC's writing seems REALLY sentimental.

by Heather Wreply 20004/29/2013

[quote]Who is Rob Wilson? Was he AJ? I liked him and the girl. I thought the acting on AMC was much better

Rob Wilson is Pete(y) the hot guy with the Porsche. He got a break by being picked to appear as a male model on The Price Is Right last year (I totally voted for him). I believe he's from Boston and he's very, very pretty.

AJ is played by Eric Nelson. He was really good too.

by Heather Wreply 20104/29/2013

No, the man returning home was David Hayward, a scheming doctor who is sometimes good and sometimes evil. He was the town pariah for his dirty deeds but redeemed himself near the end of the TV run by using experimental medicine to restore many "dead" characters to health, including Dixie, the lonely blonde who was mooning over a picture. She was once a very young mom to JR who philandering Adam knocked up in the late 80s. AJ is her grandson.

We don't know where JR is yet. Dr. David also had a torrid romance with Cara, the doctor who fantasized about him in the locker room. When AMC ended on TV she was pregnant with his child.

Rob Wilson is the male model on The Price Is Right. He plays Pete. Eric Nelsen is naked AJ.

AMC has always been the more homey, sentimental show while OLTL is dark and brooding about the misfits and class divide. I thought the shows looked great, better than current GH but JMO. There sure weren't that many extras at the Nursrs Ball 2013.

by Heather Wreply 20204/29/2013

[quote] I am not knocking Kassie in any way. Like Lynn Herring, she has an amazing body for a woman her age, but the only thing I could think of when I saw that dress was "Look at these!"

Yeah, my first thought seeing Kassie was "Wow, those looked like they just came out of the showroom." I guess we know what she did on her time off.

by Heather Wreply 20304/29/2013

Oh, duh, Rob Wilson is Petey! I even posted a link to him! Excuse me, I'm stoned.

He's very cute, despite his over plucked eyebrows. I'm 23 and my eyebrows are fine, stop plucking dudes.

Do we know if JR is coming back?

I watched these both for the first time and I'm finding AMC much Mrs interesting, though the dialogue, as I said before, is very poorly written.

by Heather Wreply 20404/29/2013

No one asked me, but I would have done updates on AMC and OLTL's classic openings, which were short simple and too the point. I would have a disembodied female hand reopen that photo album. I would have done a simple One Life to Live title over a bunch of clouds. That dancing and powerpoint bullshit was just awful. The theme songs were awful too. Not catchy or fun.

On to GH, I liked the mob, but I didn't like Sonny punching AJ today.

by Heather Wreply 20504/29/2013

Who 's playing AJ on GH now? When I watched it was mostly Billy Warlock. Lol I hated him. Not the actor, who was very good, but the character. Such a weasel. I love how Carly HATED him and would constantly humiliate him. He and Sarah Brown were great together, though to be honesty, Brown had chemistry with everyone.

by Heather Wreply 20604/29/2013

[quote] Do we know if JR is coming back?

He is but instead of Jacob Young's yummyness, the new dude looks like some khaki pantsed hetero bore.

by Heather Wreply 20704/29/2013

Steve Kanan is playing AJ now. He was one of the original actors of the role mostly identified with it before Billy Warlock took over. Kanan is also known for his role of Deacon Sharpe, the man who fucked both Brooke Logan and Nikki Newman, on B&B and Y&R respectively.

I'm guessing ABC is forcing FV to keep Maurice Bernard. Sonny's role has diminshed considerably, and he was treated as a supporting character to Kelli Sullivan for over a year. The mob angle was glossed over and all but forgotten after the silly Scully soryline. Brenda's last appearence served to dismantle the legendary Sonny and Brenda saga that Guza carried to mythic heights. There seemed to be a deliberate attempt to almost push MB out like they did SB. oalNow, it looks like Sonny is coming back in full force. There most be politics going on somewhere.

by Heather Wreply 20804/29/2013

One surprise - Destiny!?!

by Heather Wreply 20904/29/2013

r207 = Coltin Scott-Martines

by Heather Wreply 21004/29/2013

Jacob Young is a bloated mess with a weird looking face now. He aged horribly.

by Heather Wreply 21104/29/2013

Jacob Young was the replacement Lucky right? And Coltin Scott was the recast Nikolas. Ugh. Those recasts were awful.

by Heather Wreply 21204/29/2013

It would be really cool if the characters on the new reboots were allowed to fart every now and then.

by Heather Wreply 21304/29/2013

[quote]It would be really cool if the characters on the new reboots were allowed to fart every now and then.

They do in the Canadian version.

by Heather Wreply 21404/29/2013

AMC worked best showcasing eccentic rich snobs like Phoebe, Palmer and Natalie (the BRILLIANT Kate Collins). I think the reason AMC became a classic was the sophisticated and hilarious dialogue that was a constant where the audience is given the chance to laugh at the characters. Erica's narcissism for instance was not glorified originally - she was showcased to be a particularly vacuous and self absorbed woman who wanted the world's adoration because her father walked out. When we lost that, lost the subtext and the psychological intricacies, the show lost its way and became another sentimental soulless product without a vision. Watching the new AMC opening was an exercise in torture - it is THAT corny approach that will strangle the new show from birth. And that smiling lady at the beginning will never be the real Opal!

by Heather Wreply 21504/30/2013

Well, within the first few minutes, Chewy McNip will get to decide who is a better lust object, Pete(y) or AJ.

by Heather Wreply 21604/30/2013

Honestly, R213 why is it so taboo? Farts and tonsil stones and other stinky whatnots are part of life after all, aren't they? I'd actually like to see a tonsil stones story on one of these shows - probably AMC as they were always the ones to tackle what's taboo. A lot of people don't even know what they are - hell a lot of *dentists* don't even know what they are.

by Heather Wreply 21704/30/2013

Language: "Shitty" from Todd and Destiny, and Blair called Todd an asshole.

Which, you know, he kind of deserved.

Apparently Port Charles is now thousands of miles away from Llanview.

by Heather Wreply 21804/30/2013

r218 - since Port Charles is based on Rochester, NY and Llanview is based on Rosemont, PA... there is 247 miles between them.

I assume Roger Howarth adlibbed that line about being thousands of miles away because he assumed Port Charles was in California, where GH is actually shot?

by Heather Wreply 21904/30/2013

Made it through the first episode of oltl using a usb phone tether that constantly cuts off every other minute so it took me close to an hour to watch. Despite the technical difficulties i enjoyed it. I skipped around to the TSJ parts on the second episode and though i obviously missed a lot besides tea they did not see to have a big reaction to him coming back.

I look forward to seeing how victor escaped.

Tsj troll do you mind sharing him or do we need to fight to the death? Any chance of a return from brody? I miss him.

The triscuitt is still a terrible actor hasnt changed much same haircut and all.

by Heather Wreply 22004/30/2013

I don't understand the people who keep having a difficult time watching this. Go to Hulu, click on the link, disable your adblock software and watch. Ultimately, the fact that the viewers can't get it to work, is what's going to kill this thing. They've actually done ads and how to watch it. It makes me kind of embarrassed.

by Heather Wreply 22104/30/2013

The best part, R221 is that the videos on "how to watch Hulu are on Hulu!

by Heather Wreply 22204/30/2013

R221 no one but grannies and the stupidest of fraus is having a problem watching on Hulu.

by Heather Wreply 22304/30/2013

If you were refering to me R220 My only difficulties watching were due to my internet connection coming from a smartphone tethered through a trial version of an app.

If you weren't refering to me,well old people often lack in computer savvy. My mom is 43 and even she can't open up internet explorer without help (that she uses ie in the first place is telling)

Anyway watching some old oltl on soap net. That eli sure is a raging psycho cunt, that hannah isnt ar behind him either.

I don't find numatthew attractive but that's likely because he looks exactly like my half brother.

by Heather Wreply 22404/30/2013

Robert Gorrie is my new object of lust.

You may be right R223, but I've been to a couple of boards where there are threads about having problems watching it. I was shocked.

by Heather Wreply 22504/30/2013

When is Blair going to get to SING a biddy? Why isn't she singing on the opening night of Shelter?

by Heather Wreply 22604/30/2013

I forgot all about Mad Margaret.

by Heather Wreply 22704/30/2013

[quote]Tsj troll do you mind sharing him or do we need to fight to the death? Any chance of a return from brody? I miss him.

But of course! :)

Haven't watched today's episode yet. Is there a Victor reveal at the disco?

by Heather Wreply 22804/30/2013

Two days in and I'm already sick of the Todd Show. His little bitchslap fight with Victor was ridiculous.

I'm actually finding myself more interested in AMC. Where the hell is JR? Did he set David up for the shooting? The only weak points so far are the lame graphics on the open and this Celia (Lopez) Fitzgerald person.

by Heather Wreply 22904/30/2013

The new Starr is a singer so I suppose we will be getting mom/daughter duets. She has to be a better singer than Pickle-Bovina.

by Heather Wreply 23004/30/2013

What do you mean the Todd show? He was excellent, understated and acerbic and the scene where the boy went to hug Victor was hilarious. I didn't like that guy saying "Oh Shit!" in front of Victoria. Totally disrespectful to a woman of breeding. She should have slapped him and reminded him of his station.

by Heather Wreply 23104/30/2013

Agreed, R229. I like the GH Todd much better - much less serious and more like comic relief.

So what was up with the totally lackluster reveal that Victor is alive? Everyone is just like "okay no big deal." Tea can't believe it for 15 seconds until he says "don't ask why just accept it." Now if Ron and Frank had done this that you know it would have been EPIC. Just shows how good they are.

That said, I do think OLTL will find its groove, especially since future storylines will be handled by a solo headwriter (Racina) instead of co-headwriters (Horgan got shitcanned), which never seems to work out well in practice.

by Heather Wreply 23204/30/2013

It seems like people are going in hard on the new OLTL. Several places are panning it and saying that the AMC reboot is much better. Are they Cartinistans? What's going on?

by Heather Wreply 23304/30/2013

Most boards I've seen think OLTL is the frontrunner and better show. The only people really hating on it are a few of the bitchy bloggers and insecure fangirls. NuOLTL even won over Daytime Confidential and they are serious Team Ron and Frank.

I think both are great. I like AMC's slower story too.

by Heather Wreply 23404/30/2013

I'm excited to see OLTL develop without the overrated Cartinti touch. I wish Gordon Russell, the greatest headwriter that show ever had, was alive to see this.

After all, Gordon gave us this:

by Heather Wreply 23504/30/2013

Any idea who Cecily is and who's her benefactor?

Who's picture was in her locket?

Thisn arc reminds me of how Palmer used to treat Nina.

by Heather Wreply 23604/30/2013

Although I have no plans to keep watching (as I never watched the original), I agree that AMC is better judging from the first 2 eps. OLTL IMHO totally missed the boat today on the Victor reveal - too much melodrama/not enough intrigue. It fell flat.

by Heather Wreply 23704/30/2013

I'm a homosexual male and I feel attracted to Cady McClain watching this new AMC. Sexually. What does that mean?

by Heather Wreply 23804/30/2013

OLTL was obviously eager to put the ABC cliffhanger behind them and get down to new business with Victor, Todd and the evil agency. As long as the spy story continues to be good I will forgive the rushed reveal. Trevor looks hot as hell. And David Vickers is a fleshed out character again, loved him with Dorian discussing the scandal.

by Heather Wreply 23904/30/2013

[qupte]OLTL IMHO totally missed the boat today on the Victor reveal - too much melodrama/not enough intrigue. It fell flat.

I agree. There's a happy place in between this and dragging out for so long that we just don't care anymore (which is what RC would have done). There was no suspense and no reaction. Viki didn't seem to care her brother was alive, Blair cared more about Todd's ego than the father of her other son or her good friend Tea. Is this the consequence of having a half-hour show?

by Heather Wreply 24004/30/2013

To avoid a food faux pas, BLTs are traditionally served on white bread, not rye. Those who go against tradition deserve to be shamed in public square for their ignorance of what is politically correct.

by Heather Wreply 24104/30/2013

R240 you are going to make me put on my housecoat and smoke a Pall Mall.

Daytime was at its zenith during the days of the half hour soap. Beautifully written, emotional arcs unfolded over 22 minutes of pure soapy goodness. To say that lackluster reveal was a product of the shortened format is unfair. That was a writing problem. Hopefully they will figure this out.

by Heather Wreply 24204/30/2013

Less a problem more a sacrifice to free them up for all new storylines IMO. RC would have milked Victor Jr lurking in the shadows for 6 weeks. But it didn't surprise me the new writers jettisoned his baggage to tell the story of the brothers and Victor's imprisonment (at the "black sites" Dorian uncovered) their own way.

by Heather Wreply 24304/30/2013

I've had 'em on raisin bread.

Oh and Victor back from the dead was a big letdown. No one seemed very surprised. Viki didn't even do one of her famous gasps. I think RC would have done a better job.

I also think they've over used shit and its variations. Time to move on to fuck.

by Heather Wreply 24404/30/2013

I know I'm in the minority but I much preferred Princi's Dorian in the 90's to Strasser's.

by Heather Wreply 24504/30/2013

[quote]To say that lackluster reveal was a product of the shortened format is unfair

No need to don your gown, r242. I didn't say it was the half-hour format, I only asked if it could be. The only half-hour soap I've ever seen is B&B, so surely you can understand my skepticism.

Of course you're right, the writing is to blame. I was just hoping they'd come out of the gate a little stronger. I'll give them 243's benefit of the doubt that they just wanted to move on and set up more story.

I'll still be watching.

by Heather Wreply 24604/30/2013

I thought Day 1 was very strong. Day 2 seemed like they wanted to get Victor back in place and get on with the story.

by Heather Wreply 24704/30/2013

Can I mention that with AMC aged storylines they can never cross over again can they? Well maybe if a character gets killed on AMC, they can actually be 5 years before somewhere in llanview.

I don't like that. Because I was rather into the parents not so much want this to be all about their children already.

by Heather Wreply 24804/30/2013

I don't think that's how it works, R248. It's more like the whole show got "SORASED." It's still 2013, you just pretend 5 years went by.

by Heather Wreply 24904/30/2013

[quote]Can I mention that with AMC aged storylines they can never cross over again can they? Well maybe if a character gets killed on AMC, they can actually be 5 years before somewhere in llanview.

Well, soap opera time is wibbly-wobbly at best. Hence, Dixie Cooney Martin, World's Sexiest Grandma.

by Heather Wreply 25004/30/2013

They can still cross over. AMC is treating it as 5 years later in fluid soap terms but the year is 2013. It's supposed to be the same present as OLTL.

Eric Nelsen shirtless in soccer shorts. I could say it ten times fast.

by Heather Wreply 25104/30/2013

Only on a soap could I be playing a Great Grandmother. At my age, really!

by Heather Wreply 25204/30/2013

Also, they have really matured David and Dorian's relationship for the better. RS is taking her sweet time adjusting to less broad writing, though. Bless. I really like her story though, and the clear link to Victor.

NuDestiny is a lot better than Previously Established Destiny.

by Heather Wreply 25304/30/2013

David is fucking his camera guy while Dorian's in Washington.

So, the question remains: Have either AJ or Pete(y) displaced reigning champ Chandler Massey as King of Daytime Nipple Placement?

by Heather Wreply 25404/30/2013

I'm watching AMC now and damn the Hubbards just look like the de-aged.

by Heather Wreply 25504/30/2013

There isn't a set of tits on Earth that could dethrone Chandler's.

I liked the Les Mis reference with Eden Riegel today. IIRC she starred in it as a child on Broadway, as Cosette.

by Heather Wreply 25604/30/2013

[quote]I'm watching AMC now and damn the Hubbards just look like the de-aged.

Let me tell you about Deb Morgan: Black don't crack.

by Heather Wreply 25704/30/2013

I knew Petey was destined to be gay. Right? He seems gay and he just walked in the door.

by Heather Wreply 25804/30/2013

Body or not (and what a body) EN would never have been cast as AJ on ABC. He's truly unique. He seems neurotic like Dixie. Cady McClain was so heartbreaking today, BTW.

The Celia story seems like Agnes Nixon gothic. All in all the kids on both shows make the GH teens seem so artificial to me.

by Heather Wreply 25904/30/2013

[quote]you are going to make me put on my housecoat and smoke a Pall Mall. LOL R242! May I join you? I remember (I was a wee tot) the half hour shows although, didn't some of them continue on and not expand to a full hour until the late 80's?

by Heather Wreply 26004/30/2013

Why do you think he wouldn't have been cast? The bird face?

by Heather Wreply 26104/30/2013

[quote]But it didn't surprise me the new writers jettisoned his baggage to tell the story of the brothers and Victor's imprisonment (at the "black sites" Dorian uncovered) their own way

Could one of the reasons be that Roger is on OLTL for a few weeks and they needed to bring some closure before he departs (sheds his "Todd")and plays a whole new character on GH?

by Heather Wreply 26204/30/2013

Both RH and TSJ are listed as regulars. Roger struck a deal to continue doing both shows going forward.

by Heather Wreply 26304/30/2013

Any chance of OLTL bringing back Tina and Gabrielle? They practically invented the 'frenemie'.

by Heather Wreply 26404/30/2013

Partly his geek cute looks but also just personality. Under Brian Frons AMC also tossed aside the scrumptious Bobby Steggert. He played Edmund and Maria (and Kelsey Jefferson's) son Sam but got dumped when someone decided he wasn't hot enough for Leven Rambin (Lily). Who ditched the show to become a hot mess on the front page of Perez Hilton a year later anyway.

by Heather Wreply 26504/30/2013

Did not know that R263. Thanks. Wonder why they didn't do that for Starr? Or, does she not want to be too far away from her new boyfriend, the actor playing Michael?

by Heather Wreply 26604/30/2013

But Bobby at least got Raul Esparza in real life even if it was a brief affair.

by Heather Wreply 26704/30/2013

I haven't followed AMC or OLTL in years ... now that they're online, will they have nudity and cursing?

by Heather Wreply 26804/30/2013

[quote]I haven't followed AMC or OLTL in years ... now that they're online, will they have nudity and cursing?

Yes and yes.

I mean, we probably won't see peen, but we've already gotten to see the mostly-naked AJ Chandler, and Eric Nelson was clearly not wearing much more than a cock sock when he was filmed.

by Heather Wreply 26904/30/2013

...not that I was looking that intently or anything.

by Heather Wreply 27004/30/2013

I was very disappointed we didn't get a clear shot of Babe Carey's baby boy's ass. I feel as though the terrorists have won.

The cursing has a quota. The actors have talked a lot about only being able to curse so much per episode, and today's hospital scene with Tea on OLTL originally had her cursing Matthew out with an F-bomb according to an iTunes preview. I also wonder how much the FX TV deal in Canada (and possibly stateside very soon) plays into that.

by Heather Wreply 27104/30/2013

Is Bob Guza writing GH again?

Last couple of episodes have been mob-shit and Corinthos action.

by Heather Wreply 27204/30/2013

GH sucks.

by Heather Wreply 27304/30/2013

[quote]I liked the Les Mis reference with Eden Riegel today. IIRC she starred in it as a child on Broadway, as Cosette.

No kidding. Man, I can't imagine her as Cosette or even singing for that matter. Isn't Cosette supposed to be very beautiful? I mean no offense. She's okay but a beauty she's not nor was she as a child.

by Heather Wreply 27404/30/2013

[quote]Both RH and TSJ are listed as regulars. Roger struck a deal to continue doing both shows going forward.

Listed where?


by Heather Wreply 27504/30/2013

r274, the adult Cosettes were supposed to be pretty, but I don't think it was ever a requirement for the child ones - the kid is dirty and in rags anyway, so I don't think whether she was pretty or not ever really registered.

by Heather Wreply 27604/30/2013

[quote]The cursing has a quota. The actors have talked a lot about only being able to curse so much per episode, and today's hospital scene with Tea on OLTL originally had her cursing Matthew out with an F-bomb according to an iTunes preview. I also wonder how much the FX TV deal in Canada (and possibly stateside very soon) plays into that.

Then it's a perfect match, because FX allows both cursing and nudity!

by Heather Wreply 27704/30/2013

R277 Does FX now allow penile nudity?

by Heather Wreply 27804/30/2013

Earth to R277 - there's not going to be any "penile nudity" on these shows. The whole internet is full of penises. Literally. Soaps aren't trying to compete with the rest of the internet to show penises. It would drive more people off than it drew in. So keep dreaming, then go take a cold shower and watch Dante's Cove or something of you must.

by Heather Wreply 27904/30/2013

[quote]Does FX now allow penile nudity?

I'm not sure if I've ever seen it straight on, but I've def seen shadowy bits of wang from behind and side. Nip/Tuck was on FX and they probably pushed every limit possible.

by Heather Wreply 28004/30/2013

dont worry gayz, still workin on gettin pp to let me show my big fat monster dick!!

every day i tell the producer "my gayz love jerkin off 2 me!! we gotta give them a reward for thier loyalty!!"

by Heather Wreply 28104/30/2013

Sorry, that's R278 not R277.

by Heather Wreply 28204/30/2013

I really hope the new soaps won't have swearing just for the sake of swearing. I think that when there's a profound lack of talent in the writing department, they will resort to gimmicks of this nature.

by Heather Wreply 28304/30/2013

Already it sounds ridiculous for so many characters to use just one swear word, shit or shitty. I'm waiting for someone to drop the MF bomb, lol. I wonder if they will be allowed to throw in some god damns. If they edited out Tea's F bomb I'm pissed. That one I was looking forward to and hoping eventually to hear Viki use it.

by Heather Wreply 28404/30/2013

Just when I had given up hope, R281.

Keep fighting the good fight, Triscuit. I wanna see that huge donkey boner of yours grace our screens as soon as you get the green light!

by Heather Wreply 28504/30/2013

Re: TSJ and RH. RH signed a contract with OLTL. It's been reported at SON that he is signed to both OLTL and GH. He's playing a different character on GH. That was the reason ABC didn't want to show the OLTL ad b/c they wanted RH cut from the ad. Since he's a regular on contract with OLTL, OLTL refused to do that.

According to SON and others, he's doing both shows. TSJ was a secret thus his contract information was not released. Presumably he cut a similar deal to RH in that he has outs to do other shows. Since OLTL only films for a month and then takes a five weeks off, both actors can do other work since they are not tied to a daily grind. GH also has dark weeks thus it's expected not to be a big deal for RH since he can film OLTL while GH is dark.

Since AMC and OLTL apparently want to use the big stars in different arcs it's assumed that some actors will come to the 2nd arc which will begin filming in a few weeks. Characters like Tad might return in a few months when the actor signs on. As long as they don't sign Greenlee, Rex, or the other show eaters, we should have two shows balancing different stories instead of the usual show eaters.

by Heather Wreply 28604/30/2013

[quote]That one I was looking forward to and hoping eventually to hear Viki use it.

I don't think that is something we will ever here!

by Heather Wreply 28704/30/2013

I prefer my BLTs on rye.

by Heather Wreply 28804/30/2013

[quote]If they edited out Tea's F bomb I'm pissed.

They did. A shame because it sounded very realistic, unlike all of the shits that are being tossed around.

Dani: Where's my shit? Matthew: My dad took your shit. Dani: Awww, shit!

by Heather Wreply 28904/30/2013

Here's a Heather Webber BLT montage:

by Heather Wreply 29004/30/2013

Here's a Tea Delgado getting slapped around montage:

by Heather Wreply 29104/30/2013

Montage of pimp slaps:

by Heather Wreply 29204/30/2013

How can they bring a mob story back when everyone knows that's what ruined GH in the first place. Could it just be a way to bring back Morgan?

by Heather Wreply 29304/30/2013

Andy T, you need to grow your hair back out. In the meantime I will be lusting after Robert Gorrie.

by Heather Wreply 29404/30/2013

This is the Morgan you all are talking about? Hope it's a recast. This little boy screams queen

by Heather Wreply 29504/30/2013

And take off that douchebag hat.

by Heather Wreply 29604/30/2013

Andy "Baby's Arm" Trischitta strips the Weez buck naked in front of his Jack's disciples. Bet he teats his lays with the same disrespect when he's done rearranging their plumbing.

by Heather Wreply 29704/30/2013

So Jack is basically an asshole? Who was/is Shane Morasco?

by Heather Wreply 29804/30/2013

A gorgeous asshole r298.

by Heather Wreply 29904/30/2013

Stupid move to bring the mob back front-and-centre, even if it is reaching into Duke and Anna's past to do it. Btw, could Alejandro Jerome be Duke and Olivia's child?

As much as I did not at all enjoy today's episode of GH, that rough kiss AJ pulled Carly into makes me think Steve Kanan would be a hot desperate porny fuck. He looks like he would be fun in bed.

by Heather Wreply 30004/30/2013

ATWT's Magnussen received a Tony nom today.


by Heather Wreply 30104/30/2013

Jack's sort of a take-charge guy, R298. A bit territorial. Problems with authority. Testosterone levels maybe a little on the high side or possibly an extra Y chromosome.

by Heather Wreply 30204/30/2013

So I take it that Kristina Corinthos-Davis is officially the Chuck Cunningham of daytime?

by Heather Wreply 30304/30/2013

r298, Shane Morasco was a weak kid at school that Jack and his preppy buddies maliciously bullied, eventually driving the kid to contemplate suicide. Jack's determination to hurt Shane ended up killing Shane's mother Gigi, accidentally trapping her in a room with a gas leak that was intended to be a cruel prank on Shane. Near the end of the series, it was revealed that it wasn't Gigi who had died, but her presumed dead sister Stacey Morasco, who had plastic surgery to assume Gigi's life. Jack never paid for his crime. Apparently, it was ok to kill Stacey because she was psychotic.

Jack's sociopathic obsession with Shane was homoerotic to alot of viewers.

by Heather Wreply 30404/30/2013

How come no one was shocked that a guy returned from the dead? I know Erika Slezak doesn't care for TSJ, but there could have been a scene between them.

by Heather Wreply 30504/30/2013

Ep 2 had tons of holes in it. Lots of story chunks were missing and it felt really choppy. Not too thrilled if this is the way it's going to progress.

Also, maybe it's my imagination, but it feels like they doubled-up on the ads. Every five minutes there was another freakin' commercial break!

by Heather Wreply 30604/30/2013

r305 I thought that was strange as well, Neither Viki or Blair seemed too shocked... maybe it was shock

by Heather Wreply 30704/30/2013

It was very poorly handled, R305. They really owe us something as viewers for that.

I'd settle for an revenge arc where Weezy locks Trischitta outside in a jockstrap. Jack can spend the week running around town looking for his clothes, eventually forgetting he is bare-ass and starting a new fashion trend in the process - just in time for summer in Llanview.

by Heather Wreply 30804/30/2013

If anyone here owns a restaurant, this is for you:

Bitch, what is with shredded lettuce in salads? Shredded lettuce is for tacos and pita sandwiches. Salad is eaten with a fork and shredded lettuce is not fork-friendly, you stupes.

Cut that shit OUT.

by Heather Wreply 30904/30/2013

80k/episode deosn't buy baby greens, R309. We may be back on the air, but salad days these are not.

by Heather Wreply 31004/30/2013

Not you're imagination R306. Day 2 = a story that really sucked, sub par acting and way more commercials. I'll give them the next 3 days but if it continues this way I'm done with it after Friday. I'll take the ABC, RC version over this any day. Thank goodness GH is still on and will probably stay my one and only soap.

by Heather Wreply 31104/30/2013

I hope they flesh this out more tomorrow. Victor and Todd glaring at each other was funny, but not satisfying. I did like that Jack hugged Victor and not Todd.

On to AMC. Did anyone else notice that Pine Valley feels like one of those mainline small towns again. How old is Petey? 20 or 21? What about Bramwell Hall is that a new school or something in AMC lore? What is up with Brooke's cheeks? And lastly, there doesn't seem to be a bad girl on the show yet.

by Heather Wreply 31204/30/2013

The bad girl they wanted is otherwise engaged at the moment, R312. Not possible to fill those particular shoes.

by Heather Wreply 31304/30/2013

Thanks, R304. Jack was someone I wanted to like--there are so few in this town. I don't know if I'm going to get any more on board than I've been anytime post-Rappaport. Especially if they're going to play such shitty music during so many scenes.

I'll stick with Will and Sonny, and hating Nick.

by Heather Wreply 31404/30/2013

Does by one remember when Emma Caulfield was on GH in the late 90s? She and Carly were frenemies, and she fucked Tony and she had a weird shoe obsession.

by Heather Wreply 31504/30/2013

R315 Yup. I see she sometimes tweets things about GH if she catches it. She doesn't seem to be a fan.

by Heather Wreply 31604/30/2013

[quote]According to SON and others, he's doing both shows. TSJ was a secret thus his contract information was not released. Presumably he cut a similar deal to RH in that he has outs to do other shows.

I've only seen it reported by SON that he'll be doing both shows after he returns to GH. No one else has touched the story. It sounds like fanfic and wishful thinking to me.

by Heather Wreply 31704/30/2013

R317 It's possible though. Doesn't OLTL have an odd shooting schedule now?

by Heather Wreply 31804/30/2013

So how solid are these soaps? For some reason I get the feeling that money is a huge problem with PP nd this will all come crashing down. Is that crazy?

by Heather Wreply 31904/30/2013

Erika S. also said that RH will be back. SON had the story from the beginning that RH signed while people kept on saying that he wouldn't. It's not 'fanfic' that he's doing both shows. Besides, if he weren't on contract he wouldn't be under the 'contract' actors or in the opening credits.

I've seen actors do two shows at once. It's not like soaps are using actors every day. Almost every 'big name' is signed for less than 100 appearances a year and they wind up taping 2-3 episodes per day which means they get their shit down a week a month and are then out. Especially GH which does that stupid shit where we never see the big names. Anna has been MIA for weeks, Connie was gone for two months, even Sonny comes on and then disappears for a long period. Doubt GH is going to use RH that much given all the people/story they are trying to juggle.

by Heather Wreply 32004/30/2013

PP is working on getting this shows on tv. They already have Canada and are working on US.

PP feels more solid than GH. Stupid ABC might foolishly get rid of GH in two years if it feels it's getting too expensive.

So supposedly Maura West is slated for a short stint. So sad. I prefer her to Laura Wright and the chick who plays ConnieKate.

by Heather Wreply 32104/30/2013

Sure, it's possible r318. But nobody knows for sure. My point was that only one outlet has reported it and it's crickets from everyone else.

I thought non-compete clauses were standard on soap contracts. I don't see why GH would fight so hard to get Howarth and then allow him to do another soap, but that's just an assumption - kind of like thinking he's contracted beyond the first cycle because he's in the opening credits. Maybe OL isn't considered a daytime show so it's cool.

by Heather Wreply 32204/30/2013

R315 is that the same Emma Caulfield who was on Beverly Hills 90210 as Brandon's girlfriend Susan?

by Heather Wreply 32304/30/2013

ABC and PP are still in bed with one another. PP will still get first dibs on GH if ABC cancels it. Actors do soaps and online soaps at the same time. As long as they have the time to do it, they can do it. Besides, Howarth has always done the same shit, which is look out for himself and make the network beg for him. I'm sure his people handled both entities like they always do, which is him getting the perks. No one knows how well a new character will work.

I still think ABC should have fought for Michael Easton and let the other two off the hook. One new character is more easy to integrate in the canvas than three, four or five new ones as RC is doing this month.

by Heather Wreply 32404/30/2013

Has Jamey Giddens reported on RH doing both shows. He seems to have legit sources and is always reporting breaking news.

by Heather Wreply 32504/30/2013

Jamey Giddens was reporting until recently that his 'sources' (RC and FV) told him that PP would never get the shows on the air. Jamey is hilarious but he cut his nose off with PP so his only sources are RC who basically sells him whatever goods he wants DC to report. Meanwhile, SON has gotten the story directly from PP and has been on the money from the get, thus if they say there was a deal, there is a deal. RH's people even said that he would do both shows but since PP was being pushy about 'Todd' not being able to appear on the same day on both shows it seems GH decided it would just create new characters for everyone so that this power play wouldn't happen.

by Heather Wreply 32604/30/2013

Didn't Jamey Giddens recently get into a fight with the owner of the SON board of some scoop or something? I think he had a major meltdown over it.

by Heather Wreply 32704/30/2013

Jamey and his buddies on those weird soap fanboy sites hate SON. Jamey has a meltdown at the drop of a hat and went HAM when SON first reported on RH. Called them incompetent.

Two months later the whole story comes out and Jamey won't say shit. He congratulated SON on the good scoop. All those self styled soap reporters are just batshit fans.

by Heather Wreply 32804/30/2013

I like Jamey but he can go OTT at a drop of a hat. He did go a bit nuts on SON for the RH report and some PP scoops although I think he was complimentary when SON had the scoop that Susan B (writer) quit OLTL. Jamey tried to imply that she quit for other reasons than the one's given to SON but I think at this point he realizes that SON is getting the scoops b/c he and others of the soap press are acting like idiots since they feel RC has gotten insulted.

Recently Giddens had a small piece with Thom R. where TR mentioned that DC hates him/PP and Jamey tried to kiss some ass but obviously PP and their writers know which sites were being supportive or not to the shows. Of course now all soap sites are being supportive but for months on end it was mostly SON breaking scoops (obviously given to them by PP suits) and everyone else bitching that SON were wrong. SON said that a top suit gave them the RH scoops and they were on target with the contract scoop thus I'm guessing they know something others don't b/c they were friendly with the PP brass.

by Heather Wreply 32904/30/2013

All those soap sites were hating on PP for months. SON got the scoop because it was the only site where the mental patients these sites call staff weren't going buck wild on social media vilifying PP for standing in the way of RC and FV's grand vision. It's high school all over again for these people.

Now most of them have cooled down and realized it is okay to like both.

by Heather Wreply 33004/30/2013

What are RC and FV?

by Heather Wreply 33104/30/2013

Why do the like Ron and Frank so much?

by Heather Wreply 33204/30/2013

Jamey's really losing it over PP's direct line to SON. Apparently, SON told him to back off re-posting their scoops right away, because now when they break a PP story, he waits a couple days to "confirm independently" (e.g. wait for the news to trickle over to ABC and gets Ron's 2nd hand version) before he posts - even removing the same news from the boards if someone posts it.

Meanwhile, if someone else breaks a story (TV Guide esp.) Jamey's on it like a fat girl on line at 16 Handles. He went apeshit a couple weeks ago when TV Guide broke RKK's return as Stavros. So early afternoon he plasters DC with a huge "SHOCKER: RKK RETURNS...etc." (with a big pic of RKK's face) Now it's Jamey's site but he knows he's got a lot of West Coast readers and evening watchers and DC is not known as a "Spoiler" site in the pure sense. A few readers mentioned in the comments that this ruined the surprise for them. Well..... Jamey straight up LOST IT.

He went on and on about how he has to stay competitive and post the scoops right away and how he has a business to run and if his readers don't like it then they should just stay off the internet. Of course Jamey can never make a simple blanket announcement so he personally attack the loudest complainers one by one. He even made some bizarre accusation that one commenter had it out for him and had been posting negative things allover the site - which turned out to be a total figment of Jamey's imagination.

I swear that girl needs some help.

by Heather Wreply 33304/30/2013

Oh please. I just watched today. What are they doing? It was getting good and now they're back to this mob shit? This sucks.

by Heather Wreply 33404/30/2013

r331, RC/FV are the writer (Ron Carlivati) and executive producer (Frank Valentini) of GH who Jamey Giddens and other soap press worship. RC and FV were feeding the soap press their slanted side of the story and these idiots were acting like PP committed a major crime for continuing OLTL without Frank and Ron and b/c PP wanted their OLTL characters back. Yeah, shocking a show wanted two main male lead characters back.

The whole thing with Ron is that he's so ADD. I'm sure he's going to do some story with these OLTL3 and then lose interest and go back to his Luke/Laura dream and then return to his Quartermaine story while given no heart or movement to any of these three tales. Sad. I miss my Anna/Duke and hearing that Sonny is getting more airtime and that the mob will be big story again is not making things better.

by Heather Wreply 33504/30/2013

What really is sad is how Jamey and especially the other girl just bulldoze over DC's owner on their podcasts. It is not as harmless as they claim. The self righteous rants about how GH owes them for their success because of free PR are also unsettling.

Like too many untrained online reporters they have come to believe they are part of the story and friends and equals to the celebs and executives. When you are acting crazy and cussing out the head of PR at ABC Daytime on your public social network profile you are not an adult ready for primetime.

by Heather Wreply 33604/30/2013

I think ABC wants to mix the mob back in a little bit. The *vocal* fans may not like it, but it's been GH's bread and butter for like 15 years and I think ABC is just trying to work with Ron and Frank to get the best mix of elements up there so that there's something for everyone. I don't think the show has any plans to go "mob" in a big way.

I think they'e just integrating it back into their repertoire and the way Ron writes is to rotate the stories so it may seem for a couple weeks like the mob is back big-time. GH's ratings are up about 35% since Ron started writing in Jan 2012. They're not trying to mess with that, they're just trying to further improve - that's all.

by Heather Wreply 33704/30/2013

R335, so they did GH AND OLTL?

by Heather Wreply 33804/30/2013

[quote][R335], so they did GH AND OLTL?

They ran OLTL during its twilight on television, and then once Prospect Park's initial attempt to launch stalled, moved over to GH. My recollection is FV went first, and Ron followed him once OLTL was actually off the air.

by Heather Wreply 33904/30/2013

I think it may have been the other way arund, VON. If I recall, first Wolf got canned and they brought in Ron. Then once OLTL wrapped, they canned Jill and brought in Frank. Now of course she's over at Y/R with Steve.

by Heather Wreply 34004/30/2013

Ron and Frank did the OLTL renaissance from 2007 to January 2012, then moved to GH together (not separate) and saved the show. But in the meantime they also turned out as much shit as gold.

They love soaps but they have long term deficiencies that have plagued them on both shows. Rape stories with consent issues (Connie and Jessica on GH and OLTL, and now Lulu is going down the same track) and inappropriate comedy, very broad characters, a lack of follow through and an overdependence on plot that steamrolls too much character development. Frank in particular is obsessed with showcasing the very vanilla teens and Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning/Unknown GH Character who will totally not be a disaster).

I love them when they're good. I think they are what GH needs. But anyone being honest knows they are not the only game in town or the golden gods. And already the PP youngsters I'm seeing are far more appealing and realistic. It's just hard to work up enthusiasm for Sabrina vs Britt or Rafe and Molly with Ron shortchanging another AA character. Now, Maura West I am excited for.

by Heather Wreply 34104/30/2013

Oh, and what they're doing with Dani, Tea and David on OLTL is way ahead of RC's take on those characters. Ron is very theatrical. Since 2010 so much of his characterizations are either screaming or Soupy Sales. Fortunately GH was in dire need of levity and a lighter touch.

by Heather Wreply 34204/30/2013

Ron and Frank are products of 80s soaps. They like camp, they like cheese, and they like crazy. They do plot, they don't do character. It seems to work out for them, because Hogan Sheffer writes the exact same way, but gets panned for it.

by Heather Wreply 34304/30/2013

If RC could only write with heart he could blend some of the GH elements from the 1980's that some of us liked (action adventure camp with romance). Sadly, Ron doesn't do heart or 'character', he does plot point, plot point. He also has some weird issues with women and repeats the same story over and over again (e.g. women with DID getting raped for shits and giggles), which is why his nickname is ReRon. For example, any other writer would have slowly built AJ/Liz and then added character angst no triangle needed since character angst could be the issue to keep them apart. Alas, Ron doesn't develop their story but brings in external incomprehensible angst or does these wacked out insta romances which make no sense (e.g. Sabrina/Patrick). Ron likes to fit his plot into the character b/c his mind seems to work based on what are the funny scenes/lines and then get the character to do it without considering if it fits.

by Heather Wreply 34404/30/2013

I don't understand the constant harping on rape. If a character has DID and the alter agrees to have sex, there is no rape. If teen Jessica wants to fuck Ford, it's not rape. Soap fans didn't use to be this weird about stuff like this, they understood the story and what was and wasn't rape.

by Heather Wreply 34504/30/2013

As someone who sat through Hogan's tenure on Days, R343 I just think there's no comparison at all. Hogan has no sense of timing or momentum - he's not a storyteller.

Ron, no matter what kind of stories he writes (and I think this ubiquitous repeated plot/character distinction is often artificial), his talent is that he can keep you watching from segment to segment, day to day, week to week - but unlike someone like Reilly (on Passions and 2nd stint on Daya) who would just tease you forever and fake you out, Ron actually delivers the payoffs consistently.

I don't think it's necessarily that Ron is so *great* as it is that there are so many mediocre Soap writers out there. He's just very consistently competent and fans appreciate that when you look at the other writers we've seen.

As for featuring the teens and Sabrina/Britt/ Felix, etc. that is all ABC's doing. They know you have to keep fresh viewers of new ages and demographics coming in for a show to survive long term - that's what they're trying to do. Given the amount of that Ron is required to feature I think he's done a remarkable job (and Frank as well with casting) integrating characterless like those and also Ellie, Molly, TJ, Rafe etc. It's not easy making teens watchable or introducing so many new characters to a huge canvas - I think they've succeeded remarkably well given the challenge.

by Heather Wreply 34604/30/2013

The thing R345 is that it's written for giggles, like a joke. I think fans (both men and women) feel weirded out when men KNOWINGLY fuck a woman who's not cognizant or mentally sane at the time. If Johnny had not known or Ford had not known, I think it would have been forgiven but for fans, the fact these guys knowingly fucked a woman who if she was in her right mind would not fuck them, it skeeves us.

It's just like a guy fucking a chick who's so drunk she has no idea what she's doing, it brings up consent issues. It's not a 'funny' or cute story especially since these characters (e.g. Connie) HAD been raped in adolescence so why do this now. Ron also did the Victor (at the time Todd) having sex with Marty. That turned A LOT of people off b/c Marty didn't remember that Todd raped her and 'Todd/Victor' thought he was Todd and knew that Marty would not have sex with him if she remembered that he raped her. See how Ron repeated the same shit again. A woman who's mentally ill or with amnesia having sex with a man who wants her and knew her prior to her illness thus he knows that she wouldn't do it if she was truly aware of what is going on.

by Heather Wreply 34704/30/2013

So who's writing AMC and OLTL and what are their soap creds?

by Heather Wreply 34804/30/2013

Out of the newbies, TJ actor is talented but per Ron's usual, the bus is coming for him. Just like Ellie who many of us like, she'll get the Marty Saybrooke psycho bus moment. Sabrina is completely artificial. Britt is interesting but she's the 'evul'. Rafe is cute.

The one's with talent and possibility (TJ, Ellie, Britt, Felix) get shit writing/propping of inane characters and will obviously get bussed for the 'favorites' (i.e. Sabrina, Rafe). Compare that to the newbies on AMC or the young scene on OLTL which is two days old but more realistic than anything Ron has ever written.

by Heather Wreply 34904/30/2013

What do y'all think about nuDestiny? Old Destiny was more in your face. This one is more girly and measured. I can't tell if she still loves Matthew or not. And Bo and Nora are sending her checks to raise the kid. Thoughts on nuDestiny anyone?

by Heather Wreply 35004/30/2013

In 1983 Ron's viewpoint on those consent issues was common on daytime. Not 30 years later. He has never acknowledged it was a problem.

GH has virtually no story oversight from ABC now with Frons gone. And going back to OLTL I know the preoccupation with Kristen A and the kids was and continues to be Frank as much as Frons. They write them the same as the cloying quartet on their OLTL. Very caffeinated.

Sabrina is a Ron thing. I like Teresa Castillo but it's officially too much, especially since the ball. That's his style when part of the audience rebels: push harder. Her and Felix are fun actual "relationship" with Patrick is really strange and hollow.

by Heather Wreply 35104/30/2013

NuDestiny is raw but has talent. I like her. She still has moxie.

by Heather Wreply 35204/30/2013

OLTL is written by superscribe Thom Racina. He of the supercouples (Luke/Laura, Ice Princess/GH, Days 80's supercouples, had Brad Pitt living in his house as a houseboy for two YEARS back in the day).

by Heather Wreply 35304/30/2013

NuDestiny is very pretty and she's got some of the old Destiny sweetness. Both Destiny's are amateurish but NuDestiny looks like she'll work. Her only issue is that she's tall as hell so she towers over her two possible love interests. You can see it in her opening credits thing where she's wearing flats but still taller than the guys.

I don't think she loves Matthew like 'in love'. I think she cares for him but I never thought old Destiny loved Matthew either. I love nuMatthew even though I really liked the other kid too. NuMatthew's such an asshole reminiscent of oldMatt.

by Heather Wreply 35404/30/2013

I'm hoping that TJ gets the bus. Rafe and Molly have chemistry and Rafe is just so fucking cute. TJ is just meh.

nuMatthew is awesome. Old Matthew was all wrong for that part. This guy is fire and is sexy. This should have been the guy Dani had to choose over Baby Ford (Lenny Platt). Who's hotter Baby Ford or nuMatthew?

by Heather Wreply 35504/30/2013

R348 The headwriter for OLTL is vet Thom Racina who wrote for GH'S glory days in the early 80s and wrote the Luke and Laura wedding ep. He was also headwriter on Days in the latter 80s and wrote the Bo/Hope and Patch/Kayla stories.

He also wrote for Santa Barbra and Generations

Another one on the OLTL writing team is Jessica Klein who was headwriter for As The World Turns and showrunner (writer and producer) of Beverly Hills 90210.

She LOVES doing drug storylines she did them on ATWT and 90210.

So the Dani drug addict SL doesn't surprise me at all.

No idea about the AMC writers.

by Heather Wreply 35604/30/2013

Every network show daytime or nighttime has tons of input from the network. Even the OLTL cast members have commented how different it is at PP without the network involved. The process is now streamlined now that Frons is gone (he was too involved), and it's better than Days/Y&R where you've got two sets of EP's, Sony, and a Network, but yes ABC is very involved in things like who gets featured.

That said, I am sure FV is on the same page - he's a smart guy and he knows you have to replenish the audience constantly with new eyeballs while retaining the ones you have.

by Heather Wreply 35704/30/2013

The drug story is Racina and Susie Horgan. Klein is just dialogue or breakdowns.

by Heather Wreply 35804/30/2013

I think the actress who plays Sabrina could have been kick ass in a well written role. She's very pretty and has chemistry with everyone who's not a love interest. The actors are not the problem, it's the stupid writing for the newbies that sucks. Patrick should have hooked up with Liz or Maxie or NuLu and built a relationship and then bam, bring Robin back and tear it down. Instead, FV acts like we all thought Patrick and Liz were 'sibling like'. Ridiculous.

Patrick could fuck Sam or Liz and that would have been hotter and more realistic than this Sabrina suckfest. Sabrina could have been the daughter of a mob boss and hooked up with Michael or better yet, hook up Ellie with Michael and have her be holding a secret. They should have kept Trey. Felix could have been a gay Hardy and be something more than Sabrina's fairy godfather who listens to her immature dreck.

by Heather Wreply 35904/30/2013

Are these soaps eligible for Daytime Emmys?

by Heather Wreply 36004/30/2013

Good lord this Petey guy is hot, but I can't tell yet if he's got n ass.

by Heather Wreply 36104/30/2013

So should I bother tuning into OLTL? I used to love it but I kind of enjoy not being attached to it anymore.

by Heather Wreply 36204/30/2013

are they cunts, I believe so.

by Heather Wreply 36304/30/2013

Haha, I had totally forgotten how unconvincing Triscuit was as an intimidating bully - thanks, r297!

by Heather Wreply 36404/30/2013

"Who's hotter Baby Ford or nuMatthew?"

r355, NOBODY is hotter than working-class Brooklyn dockworker Lenny Platt.

I'm still utterly devastated that I didn't hear in time about the Off-Off-Broadway play where he showed off his feets live and in person.

by Heather Wreply 36504/30/2013

So glad to see that Opal still has a gay son.

And it looks like Dixie has a gay grandson.

by Heather Wreply 36604/30/2013

Is Pete gay? The actor is clearly gay, but is the character supposed to be? Because he seems into that highschool chick that looks like Megan from Mad Men.

by Heather Wreply 36704/30/2013

It looks like Opal is living in a redressed La Boule.

by Heather Wreply 36804/30/2013

OLTL feels like a continuation of the show mainly because so many of the actors have returned.

AMC feels like a reboot since so many new actors/characters are there and so many of the key characters (Erica, Jack, Tad, Jake, Kendall) are absent.

Perhaps the reason that Viki and Blaire didn't have a much of a surprised reaction to Victor (TSJ) return is because he's already revealed himself to them. Maybe we'll see that in flashbacks.

by Heather Wreply 36904/30/2013

I'm dying to hear how loony bird Allison Perkins fits in with the CIA Black Ops unit.

by Heather Wreply 37004/30/2013

They have got to change that theme! Just because Snoop Dogg is a fan there's no need to pander to him by making his sucky music your theme tune!

by Heather Wreply 37105/01/2013

I was wondering why a thread about a BLT had over 300 replies. I should have known it was a soap troll!

by Heather Wreply 37205/01/2013

The third episode of AMC and OLTL was even better. Each day they get better and better.

I am so happy these shows are back.

by Heather Wreply 37305/01/2013

Today was the best so far for OLTL. Loved the Todd/Victor interaction and Dorian/Viki. Loved seeing little Sam show David how to text.

NuMatt is hot and would love for him to appear shirtless every episode.

As for Baby Ford why can't he return after filming "Still Holding His Diploma". He could now be doing gay porn, and hook up with Jeffery (the very earnest Banner reporter).

by Heather Wreply 37405/01/2013

I think Baby Ford was hotter than Middle Ford. Pectastic Ford was the hottest by far. As to how nuMatthew stacks up. He's hotter than Middle Ford and on par with Baby Ford. Pectastic Ford is the hottest of them all.

by Heather Wreply 37505/01/2013

David and Angie still have serious heat.

by Heather Wreply 37605/01/2013

Soap thread.

Webmaster, the soap trolls keep posting these new threads that sit on the front page for months.

Please help us out here.

by Heather Wreply 37705/01/2013

OLTL today was great. The whole Todd vs Victor thing is just starting. I'll have to watch AMC after work but OLTL is great breakfast viewing.

nuMatt is much hotter than Baby Ford, let's be for real here.

by Heather Wreply 37805/01/2013

The OLTL theme is not that bad. I'm warming up to it. I'm sure the Peabo Bryson theme was jarring to vieweres when it debuted in 1984. The AMC theme is the one that seems more out of place to me. I wish they had kept the classic theme and just modernized it some.

by Heather Wreply 37905/01/2013

The mention of Barry Shire today warmed my heart.

Loved Opal meddling and the dynamics with the Chandlers and Pete and Celia. All that and the dark sexual undercurrent of the mystery of Celia's morally upright guardian feels like timeless soap opera.

I can't tell if Sal Stowers is any good as Cass yet but it looks like Jesse and Zach should be checking all the Golden Corrals in a 50 mile radius.

Why is Jordi Vilasuso evidently not on contract as Griffin? He's only gotten hotter and more seasoned as an actor with age. I hated him on GL but on AMC he is extremely appealing.

by Heather Wreply 38005/01/2013

"Shit" from Zach, "Shit" from Angie, almost an f-bomb from Jesse.

by Heather Wreply 38105/01/2013

I hate this swearing! It's so pretentious and reeks of desperation.

by Heather Wreply 38205/01/2013

An AMC character is supposed to be killed off within the first few weeks r381. It may be....I notice they are recycling a lot of the extras between the two shows. That doctor in the background on AMC today played the doc talking to Tea at Llanview Hospital yesterday. The coffee shop extras seem interchangeable as well.

by Heather Wreply 38305/01/2013

Daytime Emmy noms announced.

by Heather Wreply 38405/01/2013

I think they may be dubbing out the fucks because a deal to air FX USA might already be done. That's the one expletive that doesn't pass on FX.

I sure miss it though. And I don't find the cursing forced.

Both shows are really good today. OLTL is slowing down and letting people breathe. I loved the Cramer strategy session and god, Florencia and Kassie look good. Not to mention NuMatthew in that black top trading questionable glances with Todd.

"I just got jelly on the chair and I'm blaming you."

by Heather Wreply 38505/01/2013


Soap Discussion

One Life to Live Discussion

General Hospital Discussion

All My Children Discussion

Chat About Soaps!

by Heather Wreply 38605/01/2013

Where the hell is Finola on the Emmy list? She's the only redeeming component of GH. Why does Michelle Stafford get nominated every bloody year? All she ever does is shout her lines and try and upstage the actress her character is bullying.

by Heather Wreply 38705/01/2013

Thanks, R385. I got some laughs out of the noms, but I always do.

by Heather Wreply 38805/01/2013

Google Search Google+Soaps


Soap Discussion

One Life to Live Discussion

General Hospital Discussion

All My Children Discussion

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by Heather Wreply 38905/01/2013

R387 and R390, stop doing that shit.

by Heather Wreply 39005/01/2013

r378 would love segregated schools.

by Heather Wreply 39105/01/2013

Soap threads are good.

by Heather Wreply 39205/01/2013

Come to

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by Heather Wreply 39305/01/2013

394 Whatever you are trying to start, please understand this: Get a life or get some help.

by Heather Wreply 39405/01/2013

Glad to see Jason Thompson nominated and Mumbling Maurice overlooked even though he had the cojones to put his name out there. Sorry, but the chick who played NuKristina? I am truly blindsided by that one. GH did not do too well acting wise but RC got 2 noms - for OLTL and GH. He will win one of them. From Y&R, MM deserves it, but what is with this Bryton dude every year? KKL is not supporting, she is the show!

by Heather Wreply 39505/01/2013

Finola should most definitely be on the list.Glad to see Thompson too. I'm just so glad that Bernard, Geary and Burton were not on there. But the guy that plays Spinelli -really?

by Heather Wreply 39605/01/2013

Finola should be there. And even though I'm going to catch hell for this comment, so should Kelly Sullivan.

by Heather Wreply 39705/01/2013

I like Kelly Sullivan but she is pure ham and cheese. Still, she'd be a better nom than Kristen Alderson and NuKristina, prison scullery wench. Those two are even worse than Natalia Livingston.

by Heather Wreply 39805/01/2013

Looks like this is it for Jeanne Cooper. Corbin Bernsen sounds resigned and giving up hope on Facebook.

by Heather Wreply 39905/01/2013

We're also overlooking GH's other big omission: Jane Eliot.

by Heather Wreply 40005/01/2013

Jane and Laura should have been nominated.

The former OL scripters at GH are tweeting in praise of OLTL 2.0. Carlivati is silent. Oh well.

by Heather Wreply 40105/01/2013

Ron's also an attorney, R402 and his storylines are at the center of a $25 million lawsuit between PP and ABC. I'm sure that's why he is not commenting. Either on his own counsel, or on ABC's advice, he's decided not to comment on anything OLTL/PP related for legal reasons only. FV also said a while back that ABC has asked him not to comment about anything OLTL/PP.

by Heather Wreply 40205/01/2013

Come to

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One Life to Live Discussion

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by Heather Wreply 40305/01/2013

Where was Triscuit today? He should have been up in Matthew's face about his sister's overdose.

by Heather Wreply 40405/01/2013

On the old one hour format you pretty much knew who was going to be on that day from the sscenes before and immediately after the show credits bump. Now on the 24 minute format, characters may pop up in one segment as Bo did today near the end. Like that. Not predictable like the old format.

by Heather Wreply 40505/01/2013

R405, don't you mean why wasn't Matthew up in Tricuit's crotch?

by Heather Wreply 40605/01/2013

Good point, R407. Maybe Jack took advantage of his family being at the hospital to host a circle jerk and show off that freakish dong, reminding his lesser-endowed buddies who's king.

by Heather Wreply 40705/01/2013

Okay, La Boulaie is clearly Courtlandt Manor. I actually think that's the one set that's not really faithful to its predecessor. Llanfair and especially Bo and Nora's apartment look very good, but clearly Blair took her breakup with Tomas/Lorenzo so hard, she chopped about three feet off the length of her living room.

Still, that's a minor complaint. Really nice scene with Viki and Todd.

by Heather Wreply 40805/01/2013

[quote]On the old one hour format you pretty much knew who was going to be on that day from the sscenes before and immediately after the show credits bump. Now on the 24 minute format, characters may pop up in one segment as Bo did today near the end. Like that. Not predictable like the old format.

New Union Rules.

Old rules: Actors get paid for every show that airs. Film 3 shows in 1 day, get paid for 3 shows. (1 day of work).

New PP negotiated union rules: Actors get paid for the days they WORK. Film 3 shows in 1 day, get paid for 1 day.

Allows MASSIVE flexibility with the cast. They are also doing multi-week story arcs with beginnings and endings.

by Heather Wreply 40905/01/2013

In the interview Jane Elliott did with TV Guide's Michael Logan, she revealed she does not submit her name for nomination.

The exception was after she left GH and she submitted her name to piss of Gloria Monty after she refused Jane a $50 raise.

The article also includes Geary and Kin Shriner and is a great read.

by Heather Wreply 41005/01/2013

La Boulaie is pretty close to specs except for the foyer. The props are right but the grand stairway is gone. I love the drawing room. I assume Dorian came back from DC and made it over hence her new no food rule.

The Cramer stuff and Todd and Dani were the best of the day. Really different from Ron and more effortless. It's weird that Ron created Danielle as a showcase for Tea, but his writing for the teens is so superficial that Dani has always been an afterthought until now. It helps that Starr is gone, gone, gone.

by Heather Wreply 41105/01/2013

Francesca James who plays Evelyn on AMC use to play a different role on that sopa before she left to become a director. Anyone remember who she played?

I have forgotten so much. They mention Caleb. Refresh my memory who was that?

Has Lindsey Hartley (Cara) had work done or lost weight? Her cheekbones look so severe.

I love GayPete!

by Heather Wreply 41205/01/2013

[quote]It helps that Starr is gone, gone, gone.

R412- Starr has been recast. Some singer. Someone posted her name in one of the previous threads.

by Heather Wreply 41305/01/2013

I think James played 2 characters, Kitty and her twin Kelly, although that might have been on OLTL. I think she was on both and it was back in the 70s or early 80s.

by Heather Wreply 41405/01/2013

OMG, Starr is still going to sing. That deserves one of those new big OLTL "SHIT."

They've got a lousy half hour and they're going to waste it with Starr and/or Blair singing!

Can you fast foward on Hulu?

by Heather Wreply 41505/01/2013

[quote] Has Lindsey Hartley (Cara) had work done or lost weight?

Definitely had some work done - she still looks beautiful but a little "Pam Anderson" with the shiny botox forehead and the lips.

by Heather Wreply 41605/01/2013

[quote]Francesca James who plays Evelyn on AMC use to play a different role on that sopa before she left to become a director. Anyone remember who she played?

She played first Kitty Tyler, and then her twin sister Kelly Tyler.

She was also the show's executive producer for a few years, and was a regular director for them up until the end.

[quote]Has Lindsey Hartley (Cara) had work done or lost weight? Her cheekbones look so severe.

She generously donated all of her body fat to plump up Julia Barr's cheeks.

by Heather Wreply 41705/01/2013

Losing a man like this is bound to shake a girl's confidence.

by Heather Wreply 41805/01/2013

There is no recast Starr. Some fans thought so but the singer in question is confirmed to be playing a short term new role. Shelter will be featuring regular musical acts like her due to PP's music connections.

There is also Amber Skye, sister of the young man who played CJ Roberts in the 90s. Skye is a recording artist who will be appearing at Shelter as a new character. Both Amber and her RL brother were at the OLTL premiere but would not confirm if he is back as well or if she is playing CJ's sister Sarah (who was a singer)

Blair will be doing a country ditty at Shelter soon though - when the club has a power outage.

by Heather Wreply 41905/01/2013

Actually, I think she dumped him.

One other question: They're obviously not paying AFTRA scale. Do they still have to abide by other union rules?

by Heather Wreply 42005/01/2013

They're not cheapskates, I know that much. Michael E. Knight said he was made a very generous offer to return but has opted out for the moment due to some sort of mysterious midlife crisis.

No comment.

by Heather Wreply 42105/01/2013

KELLY: Asa's having a heart attack. BLAIR: Good. KELLY: Blair!!! BLAIR: DIE, ASA.

by Heather Wreply 42205/01/2013

Why does TSJ have gray in his beard, but not in his hair?

Does Erika Slezak really not like TSJ? Their scene lacked warmth.

by Heather Wreply 42305/01/2013

PP negotiated a special pay scale with SAG-AFTRA for new media but I don't know the numbers. PP has not disclosed any financial numbers.

by Heather Wreply 42405/01/2013

The only good stuff today was AJ and Carly. The two are seriously fun together.

Monica is doing exactly what Carly did with Michael. I'm looking forward to Monica and Carly duking it out.

We now know there were three embryos - the first Maxie miscarried, the other two are frozen. Britt, of course, has Dante and Lulu's baby in that skanky womb of hers.

So I take it from that last scene with Franco's mother that KA will be playing Lauren Franco?

by Heather Wreply 42505/01/2013

r422, he sounds like a freaking drama queen. Somebody his age offers him a job, he should take it.

by Heather Wreply 42605/01/2013

Dimitri is Cecilia's benefactor, right? I bet she's Anton and Kendall's kid.

Angie wants to fuck David, right?

I like all the product placement by Apple.

by Heather Wreply 42705/01/2013

I know right. When I heard he turned them down I wondered what the hell is he doing that he can't come back to AMC?

by Heather Wreply 42805/01/2013

Rumours of returns: Stavros is not dead; Brenda and Jax will be back in the summer; Ethan as well; no word on a definite return of Robert and Robin, but the story hasn't been dropped and Holly and Jerry will be a part of this story. Frisco and Bobbi have been invited back when the story allows. FV is determined to work things out with Jonathon Jackson.

by Heather Wreply 42905/01/2013

Maura West's Eva Jerome is a short term stint -her character is rumoured to be killed off.

by Heather Wreply 43005/01/2013

Actors "rates" mostly remain the same. Some even got raises.

The difference is in the actors get paid per day worked, not show aired.

minimum days are now guaranteed per 3 month cycle instead of per week. 4 cycles per year.

Most actor's take home pay will be the same or higher. But... they will be working more (hours) for it.

PP gets more actor screen time and flexibility for the money. Actors get more income stability and more screen time.

Most actors are working 2 days a week, even if they're filming 4 shows.

PP wanted to put actors on salary (like the rest of the working world) but the union refused.

by Heather Wreply 43105/01/2013

RH, KA and ME return the week of May 13th. Alderson first airs on Monday, Howarth mid-week, and Easton on Friday.

by Heather Wreply 43205/01/2013

Wow, R431, Carly just can't catch a break. If the Maura lovers are right, and they are many, she may turn this into a situation where people love her character so much, ABC won't want to get rid of her. Andy deserves no less.

by Heather Wreply 43305/01/2013

Are they still staying ME is going to be playing someone with a relation to Caleb? Because, look, I loved PC, and I'm in favor of more Lucy, but this could get old really, really quickly.

I'm about a week behind the current episode. I keep promising myself I'm going to catch up, but I never do.

by Heather Wreply 43405/01/2013

[quote]Dimitri is Cecilia's benefactor, right? I bet she's Anton and Kendall's kid.

I don't recall Anton and Kendall ever had a kid. She could be Dimitri and Alexandra's daughter. I was already thinking she must be connected to PV family past or present.

by Heather Wreply 43505/01/2013

Is that "Teresita," R417?

by Heather Wreply 43605/01/2013

Kendall was missing for a few years. She could have had Anton's baby.

by Heather Wreply 43705/01/2013

What is all this stuff about Triscuit's "baby arm" dong?

by Heather Wreply 43805/01/2013

KA is playing Serena Baldwin or Lauren Franco depends on who you ask. RH is playing a Cassadine or a Jerome depends on who you ask. ME is playing a Morley other words no one really knows for sure lots of rumors.

by Heather Wreply 43905/01/2013

Y&R should bring Maura back, this time as Grace Turner.

by Heather Wreply 44005/01/2013

And let her eat carrots, R441.

Grace Turner always reminded me of Jessica Rabbit.

by Heather Wreply 44105/01/2013

I watched Y&R yesterday and there was a two minute confrontation scene between Josh Morrow and Steve Burton. The acting was absolutely appalling. They were wooden, strained, unremarkable, vacuous. They are absolutely dire.

by Heather Wreply 44205/01/2013

Burton must fuck JFP. He's sooooooooooooo awful.

by Heather Wreply 44305/01/2013

Has K. Alderson cut or colored her hair to change her appearance? Wear glasses? Will she be on stilts so she looks taller than she actually is?

Curious to see how the three pull off brand new characters. It's not like they have been off the air for 20 years like I was.

by Heather Wreply 44405/01/2013

[quote]What is all this stuff about Triscuit's "baby arm" dong?

It's bigger than Eddie Alderson's little baby peen. That's for sure.

by Heather Wreply 44505/01/2013

[quote] What is all this stuff about Triscuit's "baby arm" dong?

Me and my twin!

by Heather Wreply 44605/01/2013

He is a cute little Triscuit (a word I used instead of twinkie when I was one).

by Heather Wreply 44705/01/2013

[quote]Burton must fuck JFP. He's sooooooooooooo awful.

Burton is bound to be one of the worst fucks ever. Not only does he have a micropenis, he is totally incapable of connecting with his own body, much less anyone else's.

by Heather Wreply 44805/01/2013

[quote] Burton is bound to be one of the worst fucks ever.

Chances are he doesn't even take his pants off - probably just pulls it through his fly.

by Heather Wreply 44905/01/2013

Actually most contract actors on AMC and OLTL are working 4-5 days a week in 5 week rotations.

The deal PP struck with SAG is actually quite brilliant because you can work the shit out if an actor for that day and you end up shooting a bunch of scenes for a bunch of episodes in advance.

Supposedly Erika Slezak is the highest paid cast member on both shows and she's reportedly getting paid $5,000 a day.

Say she tapes scenes all 5 days for 5 weeks during the OLTL cycle that's $25,000 a week and $125,000 for 5 weeks work.

Of course she doesn't get paid at all for the 5 weeks that AMC is taping

But suoposedly OLTL will tape for 24 weeks out of the year.

That's a salary of $600,000 a year for Slezak.

by Heather Wreply 45005/01/2013

r445, like it was posted in the previous thread, FV has hired the wardrobe and makeup department of the old Carol Burnett Show that Carol, Vicki, Tim and Harvey so depended on.

by Heather Wreply 45105/01/2013

[quote]But suoposedly OLTL will tape for 24 weeks out of the year.

That's a salary of $600,000 a year for Slezak.

How the fuck are they making money off this? Hulu runs about four ads during the show? Don't get me wrong I love my shows and I want this to work but I just don't understand the business model completely.

by Heather Wreply 45205/01/2013

You must have Hulu+ R453. They run 2 to 2.5 minutes of spots every act on regular Hulu.

by Heather Wreply 45305/01/2013

Has any of the new reboots ended up on YT yet?

by Heather Wreply 45405/01/2013

Don't be an asshole, r455. Watch them on Hulu for free. These shows need the support.

by Heather Wreply 45505/01/2013

I think I'm going to give up on OLTL and just watch AMC. I need my Petey.

by Heather Wreply 45605/01/2013

GH was good today. AJ is the first fat guy I've ever found sexy. I bet he threw a mean fuck up into Carly.

by Heather Wreply 45705/01/2013

Love nuAMC and nuOLTL both. I've shitcanned Y&R until that useless ass Burton is gone, so this works out very well for me. And yeah, please don't pirate these shows. They don't have regular-viewer eyeballs like the broadcast soaps.

by Heather Wreply 45805/01/2013

[quote]You must have Hulu+ [R453]. They run 2 to 2.5 minutes of spots every act on regular Hulu.

I had no idea it was that much, that's about as much as broadcast. I have Plus for the convenience of watching on my TV and I get four 30 second spots during the show.

by Heather Wreply 45905/01/2013

lolz r446!! i used ta laugh so much at eddie aldersons tiny little microdick when wed hit the showers 2gether after workouts. i dont know whose was smaller, his or weezys! they were both totes jealous of my enormous donkey cock tho, they used ta stare at it in the showers all the time. on rare accasians when they really begged me id let them touch it to see how heavy a huge cock actually was. no homo though LOL!!!

by Heather Wreply 46005/01/2013

That's an awesome story Triscuit! Now that you're 18, do you get hit on a lot on the set? It seems like everyone knows you're packing a real tummy buster down there.

by Heather Wreply 46105/01/2013

This thread is the worst soap thread in ages.

by Heather Wreply 46205/01/2013

The actor who played Billy Clyde Tuggle was at the launch party.

In my dreams he is Celia's benefactor. He makes sense as someone not wanting her to associate with prostitutes. Most think it's Dimitri but he adored Bianca and would never have issue with someone working for the Miranda Center.

If Billy Clyde returns my head may seriously roll off its axis. He was one of the best villians/characters ever.

by Heather Wreply 46305/01/2013

I am a gonna put some picle tracy on my blt

by Heather Wreply 46405/02/2013

What about Kate Collins? What are the chances of bringing our favorite rich bitch Natalie back from the grave so her and Janet can go at it again? Kate always reminded me of a young Constance Ford.

by Heather Wreply 46505/02/2013

Id like to be the filling in a rafe and jack sandwich

by Heather Wreply 46605/02/2013

Another good episode for AMC and OLTL.

I give them both a solid A- for the week.

by Heather Wreply 46705/02/2013

Trevor's fc/sf/ca must be doing cartwheels right about now.

by Heather Wreply 46805/02/2013

Vimal and Rama deciding to have an open marriage strikes me as being the most adult thing either of the shows have addressed thus far, not the salty language or amount of skin.

by Heather Wreply 46905/02/2013

The Viki and Jeffrey King stuff is excellent. The push and pull with them and the intrigue of the CIA story is character driven. I also love what they have done with David.

The Two Todds are still smoking. And Rama is a blast. I just wish the walls of Shelter didn't look like an actual FEMA shelter. Still, for a startup the sets are mostly great.

Andy T. may have actually improved.

I wish Blair could have mentioned Carly by name.

by Heather Wreply 47005/02/2013

Er, the exterior of Shelter looks dicey. The interior is fantastic.

I like the open marriage story but it was introduced so fast. Otherwise I think it and the paper wars/CIA scandal/Todds conspiracy are the best stories on daytime/anytime.

by Heather Wreply 47105/02/2013

Only saw the first episode of Amc so far. I didnt get any gayness.coming from.pete. Aj was the one with gay voice. Does his gayness later?

Loved the third episode of OLTL. Still hoping they reveal a bit more about victors time in captivty.

by Heather Wreply 47205/02/2013

[quote]Trevor's fc/sf/ca must be doing cartwheels right about now.

Haven't watched it yet VOTN! Will when I get back after running errands this morning... they are talking snow ???!! here tonight. LOL

Now there are just 4 episodes per week instead of 5, right?

by Heather Wreply 47305/02/2013

What is "TSJ fc/sf/ca"?

by Heather Wreply 47405/02/2013

"Trevor St. John's furry chest/smooth feets/compact ass"

by Heather Wreply 47505/02/2013

Oh, my. Thanks, VOTN.

by Heather Wreply 47605/02/2013

Today's OLTL was the best half hour of soap I've seen in a while. I loved all of it. I'm loving Corbin Bleu and I've always had a soft spot for Rama, so I'm really glad they brought her back. David is still funny but he's far less clownish than he used to be. They still need to dial Dorian back just a smidge.

And of course my girl Tea was rocking with her hot bod today. She and Victor were on fire. I almost felt voyeuristic watching their love scene.

by Heather Wreply 47705/02/2013

"DAVID, THEY WANT ME ON MEET THE PRE------" "Dorian! MEET the Press." "Viki... how DARE you show your face here?!" "Dorian, I was merely-" "CUT the crap!!!"

by Heather Wreply 47805/02/2013

Did they show TSJ's feets?

by Heather Wreply 47905/02/2013

Do you suppose the reason that Miranda doesn't have any seeming sexual/romantic interest in AJ is because she thinks of him like a brother, or because she thinks he's gay? Because I kind of get the latter vibe from her.

by Heather Wreply 48005/02/2013

No, 480. Just the furry chest.

by Heather Wreply 48105/02/2013

GH was better yesterday. I loved the Carly/AJ/Elizabeth/Monica scenes.

by Heather Wreply 48205/02/2013

It's too bad Erika Slezak didn't get an Emmy nomination for her final year of eligibility; that would have been nice.

by Heather Wreply 48305/02/2013

Sean Kanan is pretty fit fat. I wouldn't kick him out of bed. FV has been fairly equal opportunity with everyone from SK to Bradford Anderson and Felix doffing their clothes. The kid playing Rafe still looks 12, though.

I hope OLTL ups the skin quotient next week. AMC is ahead, but I know from the trailer that Matthew and Jeffrey have some serious naked time coming up.

Nikolas's renewed infatuation with Elizabeth is a really bad idea.

by Heather Wreply 48405/02/2013

AndyT was shaking his ass today in the club and no mention of it??

by Heather Wreply 48505/02/2013

Prediction: Something happens to Miranda to turn her into a raging bitch. I'm thinking rape or something involving her gay mom.

by Heather Wreply 48605/02/2013

My week was made when Dorian called Viki a sow, a cow and a bitch!

by Heather Wreply 48705/02/2013

So there are five episodes a week instead of four? I see there is one for OLTL. Where did I get the idea they were only doing four per week?

by Heather Wreply 48805/03/2013

They're not proper episodes. They're more like recaps with segments like the wrap ups after The Walking Dead.

by Heather Wreply 48905/03/2013

I zoned out on that recap show.

Listen, if it's true Michael Nader is back as Dimitri for the Cassandra story, OLTL bringing back Scott Evans should be no problem.

by Heather Wreply 49005/03/2013

Planned Parenthood of Port Charles: Enjoy our convenient evening hours!

by Heather Wreply 49105/03/2013

[quote] they were both totes jealous of my enormous donkey cock tho!

Pics or it didn't happen. LOL

by Heather Wreply 49205/03/2013

They can't seriously intend to have Roger Howarth play a Latino mobster named Alejandro Jerome. Did these people forget Todd's Latin lover persona, "Rod"?

by Heather Wreply 49305/03/2013

Roger Howarth is very ugly and one-dimensional as an actor. Is he really a fan favorite? His ears gross me out.

by Heather Wreply 49405/03/2013

r495 I never got the popularity of Tony Geary back in the early 80s. Sure, he was a good actor, but he didn't look like a soap heart throb was supposed to look like. Felt like only half of the package.

Ditto Roger Howarth in the 1990s. Good actor, but that long stringy hair, I thought he was quite unattractive. Again, only half the package.

Came to like Geary in the 90s when Luke and Laura returned.

Only came to like Howarth in the past two years, also upon his return to playing Todd. A large part of what works for me is they're allowing him to show a more comedic side tis go round.

by Heather Wreply 49505/03/2013

Fellas, I think I found an actor who is worse than our beloved AndyT.

'Hunter' on All My Children.

by Heather Wreply 49605/03/2013

I think Hunter is much prettier than Triscuit. And he has a cute, high-pitched little lisp.

by Heather Wreply 49705/03/2013

R498, I believe R497 was talking about acting talent, not cuteness.

by Heather Wreply 49805/03/2013

Yes, r499 - it was perfectly clear he was comparing their acting talent.

So I followed up by comparing their cuteness. Conversations sometimes roll like that.

by Heather Wreply 49905/03/2013

That's how they go from interesting to superficial, R500.

by Heather Wreply 50005/03/2013

I just went back and watched the final ALL MY CHILDREN episode on youtube. There was so much I had forgotten.

by Heather Wreply 50105/03/2013

It's a shame he's not really his bio-spawn, because Triscuit is a much better match to Special Needs Victor. TSJ may be cute, but he's really quite one-note. It's always that same pouty, sullen, mouth-breathing, duh affect.

by Heather Wreply 50205/03/2013

Leslie Charleson looked great in the last couple of days - not so plastic.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Monica and Carly together. If there is anyone Monica should not be lecturing to, it's Carly, but that is the point: Monica knows Carly through-and-through because she was the same as her. Hope they pit them more against each other: it's the only time I really like Laura Wright.

And I agree with the poster who said Liz and Nikolas is a bad idea. I agree. But if it isn't Liz, it will be Sabrina.

I loved the Nik-Laura scenes - Laura really does come off as rational and common sensical; nice to have that in a town full of obsessed and inappropriate mothers. But I really am not looking forward to Prince Nik ruling his roost from that stupid spooky house again. Nikolas hasn't been interesting in years - the only time was when he first appeared and was pitted against Luke and Lucky.

by Heather Wreply 50305/03/2013

Is that guy who kidnapped Carly and kept her locked up still around? Rick maybe? He was with Zliz at the time and I think she's the one who discovered Carly. He was hot.

by Heather Wreply 50405/03/2013

Both shows had a good week. So far I'm hooked...

C'mon PP bring on the male nudity! How about starting with Scott Evans?

by Heather Wreply 50505/03/2013

The Victor and Tea sex scene was incredibly erotic. There was a moment where he got behind her and put his hands in her pants, around her hips and into her front and Florencia threw her hands up against the wall in pleasure. Hotter than any porno. Completely erotic and brilliantly done.

by Heather Wreply 50605/03/2013

I have a deep, abiding need to see legit rear nudity from Matthew, Jeffrey, AJ and Big Pete and his apps.

About GH. I think the idea of Carly/A.J. (Quartermaine)/Elizabeth being a throwback to Monica, Rick and Lesley is sound but RC doesn't let the story build or develop before he throws in the kitchen sink. We needed to see A.J. and Elizabeth build more, even if I do hope A.J. and Carly are the endgame. This first sexual liaison shouldn't have happened til November.

Snoop Dogg appears on OLTL in a couple weeks. He is a devoted fan who watched with his grandmother. As part of the PR launch Erika Slezak told a great story: During the days Snoop last visited OLTL she was not on-set, and he was using her dressing room. Upon her return, she discovered a note. "Miss Viki: Snoop Dogg loves you."

by Heather Wreply 50705/03/2013

"DEAR GOD, you ARE Ted Clayon's daughter - come back to HAUNT ME!!!!"

by Heather Wreply 50805/03/2013

OLTL has been good. I Really love Todd on GH with BLT Loving Heather. Rama needs Noodle Ramen. Never Liked her.

by Heather Wreply 50905/03/2013

Robin Mattson said that acting with Roger Howarth reminded her of working with Justin Deas on "Santa Barbara". If Robin were 15 years younger, they could have had remarkable sexual chemistry!

by Heather Wreply 51005/03/2013

See what Robin means about the Justin/Roger comparison?

by Heather Wreply 51105/03/2013

Very much so, R512! I never watched SB but I remember Justin from his days as Bucky on Ryan's Hope and I liked him in that.

by Heather Wreply 51205/03/2013

My Review:

I have to admit that I thought this was going to be a bust, but both shows were great.

AMC feels like a soap again. The young storyline is great. Angie and David have real chemistry. My only issue with AMC is the storyline with the kidnapped black chick. It seems out of place. It also proves that AMC didn't need Erica eating the show all these years. My grade for AMC will be A-.

OLTL seems to be a little more grounded. Not that OLTL was bad before, but now there is actual depth now. It's not all winks and giggles. The only real bad thing about OLTL is, surprisingly, Robin Strasser. Even without the hideous wardrobe and the wig, she needs to take it down at least two or three notches. I'm not a huge fan of some mysterious group watching Victor, but that's just Thom Racina being Thom Racina. My grade for OLTL will be A.

by Heather Wreply 51305/03/2013

Thanks, R512. Uncanny how much Roger is similar to Deas. Robin Mattson is as compelling an actress now as she was then - never a bad performance. Hope Roger and Robin work together a lot going forward with his new character on GH.

by Heather Wreply 51405/03/2013

What aren't you enjoying about Robin?

by Heather Wreply 51505/03/2013

Strasser, not Mattson!

by Heather Wreply 51605/03/2013

R514, I agree somewhat about Strasser. I feel like this storyline w/ the senator intrigue, Black Ops etc. is much more tailored to Elaine Princi's strengths than Strasser's. Princi was more menacing while Strasser is more cartoonish.

by Heather Wreply 51705/03/2013

In Strasser's defence, I just think she's giddy to be playing Dorian again like a child finding its favorite toy having lost it. Not to refer to Tuc Watkins as a toy, but you get my drift! I am just so thrilled for Robin getting this role back again, I don't give a shit if she's chewing the scenery and misjudging the tone of the material. She's done enough magnificent work as this character to get a free pass as far as I'm concerned:

by Heather Wreply 51805/03/2013

By the way, if anybody missed it, several years ago Strasser crossed over to AMC as Dorian and had a sensational rapport with her male doppelganger Adam Chandler. Here are two exceptional performers playing off each other like second nature:

by Heather Wreply 51905/03/2013

The thing is, the whole government conspiracy/CIA prison angle really originated with Ron Carlivati on the ABC show when the two Todds saga began. It's always been there. He waa going to pick it up on GH and tie it to the Cassadines, and wrap the OLTL storyline up on his new gig.

The new writing team's take on it, at least, seems significantly more spooky and topical. Irene having a prison in the Louisiana swamp filled with a load of old characters (Patrick Thornhart?) was goofy, and explained.

by Heather Wreply 52005/03/2013

Actually, NEVER explained.

by Heather Wreply 52105/03/2013

[quote] her male doppelganger Adam Chandler

I can barely tell these two apart!

by Heather Wreply 52205/03/2013

Where can I download torrents for General Hospital ? I want to start watching it again, and I can find torrents of sporadic episodes on the big siters, but if I'm going to start watching I want to be able I can get every day's episode. Anyone know a site?

by Heather Wreply 52305/03/2013

Robin deserved an Emmy nom when Dorian discovered Mel had been killed.

by Heather Wreply 52405/03/2013

R524, are you in a foreign country? If not, you can watch GH on ABC's site at the link. Scroll down to Daytime and you'll see it listed.

There are several people who YouTube every GH episode.

by Heather Wreply 52505/03/2013

You can watch GH on youtube, hulu, or ABC's site.

by Heather Wreply 52605/03/2013

I have to say AMC had a strong week. The five year time jump was a very savvy idea. And I agree you don't even miss you know who.

by Heather Wreply 52705/03/2013

[quote]It's too bad Erika Slezak didn't get an Emmy nomination for her final year of eligibility; that would have been nice.

She'll be eligible next year too.

by Heather Wreply 52805/03/2013

[quote]They can't seriously intend to have Roger Howarth play a Latino mobster named Alejandro Jerome. Did these people forget Todd's Latin lover persona, "Rod"?

Maybe I'm crazy but when RH had the deep tan with no high lights last summer he almost had an ethnic look about it. I don't find it a stretch.

by Heather Wreply 52905/03/2013

The actors on OLTL and AMC are not eligible to for Emmys.

by Heather Wreply 53005/03/2013

I thought NATAS said AMC and OLTL would be eligible for Emmy's next year?

by Heather Wreply 53105/03/2013

I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was another soap thread.

by Heather Wreply 53205/03/2013

The shows will be eligible for Emmys in a Web category, but there aren't any categories for the actors.

by Heather Wreply 53305/03/2013

Oh well thats just ridiculous! The primetime emmys are allowing the Netflix shows to be eligible why is daytime different?

by Heather Wreply 53405/03/2013

Does Ryan Bittle (J.R.)have some kind of funky nail fungus? Did anyone else notice this?

by Heather Wreply 53505/03/2013

Latino's can be any ethnicity really. I am a latvian latino by way of argentina. Many black and asian latinos as well.

I once stood in line talking with a friend who is black dominican. There were two hispanics of native descent saying all sorts of very private things, thinking the white boy and black girl didn't understand a word, boy were they embarassed when they found out otherwise.

I don't see how it would be much..different than ted king as alcazar and delgado.

by Heather Wreply 53605/04/2013

It's like when Tony Geary brought another character onto GH - Bill Eckert. The physical transformation was extraordinary. I hear Kristen Alderson's going to play Roger's daughter again.... wait for it....

Kiki Jerome.

by Heather Wreply 53705/04/2013

Almost time for another thread.

by Heather Wreply 53805/04/2013

Howarth is not going to play a character named Alejandro. That is just a code name.

We will supposedly shocked at who he really plays.

by Heather Wreply 53905/04/2013

AJ and Carly have chemistry but he's so fat and gross I can't tolerate even looking at him. Loved how they used Monica this week. LC finally had something to sink her teeth into.

Liz and Nik are gorgeous together and full of romantic chemistry. They need to go there with them and Lucky be damned. Guza propped Lucky way too much.

Keep Nikolas naked and I'll be a happy boy.

by Heather Wreply 54005/04/2013

RH will be playing Ted Channing. He moves to town with his hippie daughter Sun.

by Heather Wreply 54105/04/2013

Loving the new OLTL!

by Heather Wreply 54205/04/2013

[quote]We will supposedly shocked at who he really plays.


by Heather Wreply 54305/04/2013

A Quartermaine?

by Heather Wreply 54405/04/2013

Ronald is such a hack. Lord.

The new OLTL/AMC put GH to shame.

by Heather Wreply 54505/04/2013

If Roger plays Franco that will be genius!

by Heather Wreply 54605/04/2013

After yesterday's episode I'm getting ready to stop watching GH again. Sonny the almighty mobster has returned which to me is unwatchable. He's a bully and an ass so why are we supposed to like him. Olivia was pimping him and the school headmaster was being berated for not wanting a mobster in his school.Too bad I thought the writers were finally getting it.

by Heather Wreply 54705/04/2013

Loved seeing Johnny Z again yesterday. Was that his last episode or does he have any more? I'm gonna miss that guy so much!

by Heather Wreply 54805/04/2013

Agree with r546. RC sucks. FV needs a writer worthy to be his partner. Ron's not that.

by Heather Wreply 54905/04/2013

[quote] AJ and Carly have chemistry but he's so fat and gross I can't tolerate even looking at him.

So the manorexics from the DAYS thread are now here, talking about how fat a normal sized man is. Oh, goody.

by Heather Wreply 55005/04/2013

Sean Kanan is sexy as hell. If thats what a 46 year old slab of beef looks like then sign me up!

by Heather Wreply 55105/04/2013

Even " fat" Sean Kanan is sexy i love his face.

I have been watching too many soaps had a.dream that they brought jason back with his original personality. He and sam got a happy ending

By the end he was a doctor and danny was a teen. That was when the real.danny came strolling in and i woke up.

Did someone upthread imply victor the third was still alive?

I blame them.

by Heather Wreply 55205/04/2013

I told you bitches it was JR in the coma, not Tad!

Maybe he left Dixie and took Kate because he just couldn't stand Dixie's devotion to her deadbeat comatose son.

by Heather Wreply 55305/04/2013

I'm glad they brought Kanan back. I always liked him in the AJ role over Billy Warlock.

by Heather Wreply 55405/04/2013

[italic]You can watch GH on youtube, hulu, or ABC's site.[/italic]

I have ATT Uverse and recently discovered their On Demand offers the last five episodes of GH for viewing.

Compared to Comcast, On Demand with Uverse sucks. However, I don't remember Comcast offering any of the daytime soaps.

by Heather Wreply 55505/04/2013

R554 Indeed you were right!

I think your speculation about Tad might be right, too, if they decide to bring Tad back (or more accurately, if MEK decides to come back).

by Heather Wreply 55605/04/2013

[quote]So the manorexics from the DAYS thread are now here, talking about how fat a normal sized man is. Oh, goody.

No offense, but Sean is kind of fat. Not obese, but he should shape up. They've even started putting it in the scripts and making fun of his weight. Days is usually the guy candy soap, other than the guy boy with the dark hair, who is fat over on Days? I can't think of any.

by Heather Wreply 55705/04/2013

When is RH supposed to return to screen?

by Heather Wreply 55805/04/2013

This week R559- Kristin on Monday- Roger on Wed and Easton on Friday I believe.

by Heather Wreply 55905/04/2013

AJ is definitely fat. He's not sloppy fat, but he's fat.

by Heather Wreply 56005/04/2013

Oh Lawd, 80 year old Brooke Logan is pregnant again.

by Heather Wreply 56105/04/2013

I love the idea of making Carly and AJ a 21st century version of Monica and Alan, but I admit, as much as I have been loving GH since FV and RC took over, RC is not the writer to give us a story with the kind of depth that made the Lesley-Rick-Alan-Monica quadrangle one of the best ever in daytime history.

Carly and AJ should not have made love until sexual tension and anger built over a longer time period. Monica should have been watching it build and dread the inevitable instead of having all of this just happen in a couple of episodes.

by Heather Wreply 56205/04/2013

I loved that classic Monica monologue - "We'd lie in bed and laugh about you Lesley - after making the kind of love that you poor fool are incapable of, and it's called PASSION!"

by Heather Wreply 56305/04/2013

While it's true that Cartini lacks depth, the truth is soaps don't have the time to tell a story like Rick/Monica/Leslie/Alan anymore and the audience doesn't have the patience. No soap can play the beats because the fans will complain.

by Heather Wreply 56405/04/2013

Shell Kepler's decomposing corpse?

Okay, this was funny. SICK SICK SICK

But funny. lol

Rest in Peace, Shell.. We will all be decomposing soon enough.

I loved nosy gossiping Amy!

by Heather Wreply 56505/04/2013

Honesty, anyone seriously complaining about the roller-coaster ride Ron has taken us on over the last 15 months just likes to complain.

by Heather Wreply 56605/04/2013

Look, I understand if the current state of GH isn't your cup of tea. But I can only speak for myself because in a year, we've gone from me swearing I'd never watch a soap again to watching not only GH but the resurrected OLTL and AMC. And all of that is because someone here started a thread the day John Ingle's last episode aired and I made myself watch it.

I probably would have tuned into AMC and OLTL 2.0, but I don't know if I would have stayed past the first day if GH hadn't gotten me reinvested.

by Heather Wreply 56705/04/2013


Michael Logan of TV Guide tweeted regarding Roger Howarth's character: "Hot Question of the Day- Is Roger Howarth returning to GH as someone we already know? All I can say is that, when I heard, it made my jaw drop. It's either crazy or brilliant, or knowing [Ron Carlivati] BOTH!"

Regarding Michael Easton's character, Logan said: "Right now I can only say that, relatively speaking, it's a fascinating choice."

Note of interest: Roger Howarth and Robin Mattson (Heather) taped some scenes together. We all know that Heather Webber has been locked up in mental hospitals over the years, did you know that Olivia Jerome was too?

by Heather Wreply 56805/04/2013

Previews for May show Luke and Laura getting it on with a full-mouth kiss, which suckerpunches those rift rumours of Francis not wanting to kiss Geary years ago.

by Heather Wreply 56905/04/2013

SPOILER: Roger Howarth will be playing Venus Ardanowski, back from her year long trip around the world with Simon Prentiss.

by Heather Wreply 57005/04/2013

It would be awesome if he was playing Jason who was reverted back to his Quartermane identity!

by Heather Wreply 57105/04/2013

RH = Steven Lars

by Heather Wreply 57205/04/2013

[quote]And all of that is because someone here started a thread the day John Ingle's last episode aired and I made myself watch it.

I do what I can.

by Heather Wreply 57305/04/2013

[quote] Oh Lawd, 80 year old Brooke Logan is pregnant again

Oh, NO they DIDN'T. B&B keeps losing what little threads of credibility it has.

by Heather Wreply 57405/04/2013

They really need to get Carly involved in some storyline that doesn't involve Sonny, Michael and/or AJ. I mean, I get the hatefucking, but in her scenes with Sabrina and Felix, she transformed from a fried-haired, iron-taloned harpie into an actual human being. I could actually like that Carly.

by Heather Wreply 57505/04/2013

Carly has always needed a gay best friend to talk to. The whole "Jason is my best friend" thing never rang true.

All the scenes with Carly and Felix have been fabulous so far.

by Heather Wreply 57605/04/2013

If Roger comes back as Jason that would be a great way to hook RH and LW back up.

by Heather Wreply 57705/04/2013

One of the things I'm loving about the new AMC is the sense of Pine Valley being a small town is back.

That small town feel was such an important part of the show for the first 20 or so years. You had shops like the Boutique and the Serving Spoon and restaurants like the Goalpost.

But gradually, the small town feel gave way to a corporate felling with Marick Enterprises, Cambias Enterprises, Fusion Cosmetics and Zack's Casino replacing them.

by Heather Wreply 57805/04/2013

Roger can't be Jason. Roger is too old to play Jason and Jason is well built and understated. Roger can't do any of that.

by Heather Wreply 57905/04/2013

Roger could be "Mr. Tod," the gay manager of the MetroCourt's salon, who becomes her new best friend.

by Heather Wreply 58005/04/2013

Roger's less two years older than Steve. How is he too old? Body type doesn't matter - they had pint sized Billy Warlock replace Sean Kanan (and then reversed it).

I'd love to see Roger's take on Jason - and I think it may be true. What else would fit this:

[quote] All I can say is that, when I heard, it made my jaw drop. It's either crazy or brilliant, or knowing [Ron Carlivati] BOTH!"

by Heather Wreply 58105/04/2013

They would be insane to recast Jason. Roger Howarth is talented, but there is no way that he could play Jason. He's just not that good.

by Heather Wreply 58205/04/2013

Time to start a new thread.

What's the new title going to be?

Sean Kanan is fit fat

Which is tastier? Pickle Tracy or Pickle Lila

Spoon Island is a strange place to live by Nikolas

Who should I let be my fag hag, Sabrina or Carly? by Felix

I like living at the Metro Court by Anna, Duke, Todd, et all

Who should I fall for, Milo or Dante by Lulu

by Heather Wreply 58305/04/2013

There is no way in hell Roger will be playing Jason. Maybe he'll be playing Lorenzo Alcazar aka Tomas Delgado after plastic surgery?

by Heather Wreply 58405/04/2013

Why don't we try for something subtle again and call it "Hotel Living" by Anna Devane?

by Heather Wreply 58505/04/2013

[quote] Who should I let be my fag hag, Sabrina or Carly? by Felix


by Heather Wreply 58605/04/2013

Also, I think someone also needs to join Kassie DePaiva's Tig Ol Bitties and start posting as Tyler Christopher's Hair Transplant.

by Heather Wreply 58705/04/2013

That's not jaw-dropping, R585. Jason (or possibly Franco) is.

by Heather Wreply 58805/04/2013

I think it should be called Where the FUCK is V Ardanowski?

by Heather Wreply 58905/04/2013

The new title should be subtle, like...

'Did you grow up in a town with mob activity"

By, Lucas Jones.

by Heather Wreply 59005/04/2013

I'm wondering if RH is the REAL Jason twin(That Heather sold or raised)

by Heather Wreply 59105/04/2013

Rumor is he is Franco. Either the "real" Franco, or the one the audience already knows and is sick of.

It would then stand to reason that KA is Lauren Frank. Which makes this all sound that much more embarrassing.

Just no.

by Heather Wreply 59205/04/2013

How will Roger playing a new role affect the continuity between GH and OLTL? Also, will Todd ever be mentioned on GH again or are they trying to pretend it never happened? Will this be a continuity disaster of Port Charles vampiric proportions?

by Heather Wreply 59305/04/2013

I like that, R591.

"Reports: After a Year of Decline, Mob Activity on the Rise in Upstate NY."

by Heather Wreply 59405/04/2013

Who now owns the character of Skye Chandler Davidson Quartermaine Jacks? ABC or Prospect Park?

by Heather Wreply 59505/04/2013

I like R595's title.

by Heather Wreply 59605/04/2013

Oh that's excellent R595. Excellent. A+

by Heather Wreply 59705/04/2013

[quote]Honesty, anyone seriously complaining about the roller-coaster ride Ron has taken us on over the last 15 months just likes to complain.

If I want a roller-coaster ride, I'll go to an amusement park. I don't watch soaps for cheap thrills, although it's an apt description of RC's plot point to plot point writing suckage.

by Heather Wreply 59805/04/2013

I can not stand how fat Kanan is.He is gross. You are in the business where how you look is as important as your ability.

He wasn't this fat on B&B. It's long past time for him to shape up.

I don't want RH to play Jason. Killing off Jason and marginalizing Sonny have been the 2 best plot points RC has come up with.

by Heather Wreply 59905/04/2013


by Heather Wreply 60005/04/2013
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