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Sunil Tripathi’s body found; missing student was wrongly linked to Boston bombings

[quote]Health Department spokeswoman Dara Chadwick says the body of 22-year-old Sunil Tripathi was identified Thursday morning through a forensic dental exam. The cause of death has not been determined.

By: The Associated Press

Published on Thu Apr 25 2013

PROVIDENCE, R.I.— A body pulled from waters off a Providence park was that of a 22-year-old Brown University student missing since last month, the Rhode Island medical examiner's office said Thursday. Sunil Tripathi was identified through a forensic dental exam, but a cause of death has not been determined, said Dara Chadwick, a spokeswoman for the state health department.

Tripathi's family, of Bryn Mawr, Pa., said it was overcome with grief but grateful for the outpouring of support relatives got over the last month.

“As we carry indescribable grief, we also feel incredible gratitude,” the Tripathi family said in a statement on a Facebook page set up to help find Tripathi, who went by Sunny. “To each one of you — from our hometown to many distant lands — we extend our thanks for the words of encouragement, for your thoughts, for your hands, for your prayers, and for the love you have so generously shared.”

Tripathi's body was found Tuesday by members of the Brown crew team off of India Point Park and was brought to shore by its coach, Providence Police Cmdr. Thomas Oates said.

Tripathi's family had been searching for him since mid-March with help from the FBI and fellow Brown students. His sister, Sangeeta, said he left his phone, wallet and other belongings in his apartment near campus and simply disappeared. He was on leave from the Ivy League school, where he was studying philosophy, and had been going through a difficult time, she said.

Last week, speculation swirled on the Internet, including on the site Reddit, that Tripathi was the second of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings because some thought he resembled one of the people in photos released by the FBI. That person turned out to be 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, authorities said.

Reddit later apologized to Tripathi's family for fueling “online witch hunts and dangerous speculation which spiraled into very negative consequences for innocent parties.”

Tripathi's family said in its statement Thursday that the last month “has changed our lives forever, and we hope it will change yours too.”

The family went on: “Take care of one another. Be gentle, be compassionate. Be open to letting someone in when it is you who is faltering. Lend your hand. We need it. The world needs it.”

by : (reply 1404/26/2013

I'm gonna be honest:

In a thread that was deleted on the night of the bombers' last stand, there were people speculating about Sunil Tripathi's involvement in the marathon bombing...and I was among those who suspected him! I feel guilty now, but it just goes to show that mob mentality breeds when people throw common sense out the window.

by : (reply 104/25/2013

The quality of your analysis is on a par with the mentality of someone who makes lazy excuses for being part of a virtual mob.

And "gonna" just seals the fact you're an insufferable cunt.

by : (reply 204/25/2013

R1 and the stupid, irresponsible brats at Reddit killed him. You all have blood on your hand. Tell us how you plan to live with this fact for the rest of your pathetic life?

by : (reply 304/25/2013

That boy was a suicide the minute he walked out of his dorm room minus wallet and cellphone.

He probably has been dead from weeks or days.

by : (reply 404/25/2013

[quote] Tripathi's body was found Tuesday by members of the Brown crew team off of India Point Park and was brought to shore by its coach, Providence police Cmdr Thomas Oates said. He said the body had been in the water for "some time".

I was reading Reddit when it was reported that the police scanners said Tripathi's name and that of another (Mike?), and I repeated what I heard - that the police had stated that Tripathi was a suspect - here on Datalounge too. What worries me - other than distress to their families - is that just the semblance of an authority (the police scanners) meant that no one doubted the reddit source "transcribing" the scanners. Once the police said it (as people believed them to have said), it was "true" that that person was a suspect. That was the over-riding sentiment on Reddit and also my own. I really hope that the fact that the body had been in the water "for some time" means that Tripathi was spared this additional burden.

It wasn't the police that had said it after all; it was someone "pranking" the real-time transcription of the action from the police scanners.

by : (reply 504/25/2013

r1 thanks for your honesty, but you should feel guilty. Everyone in that thread got carried away and shouted down anyone who told them not to trust reddit.

by : (reply 604/25/2013

I think we should give R1 some credit for his honesty.

And R3, while I feel bad for this guy and wanted him to return safely, he had been suffering from depression for months or years and probably had done himself in before the Boston bombings even happened. : ( It's unlikely he ever heard what people said about him last week.

by : (reply 704/26/2013

I (R6) also feel terrible about it. I remember my intention at the time was to point out that the major reported suspects were not Muslim, as the screaming/bile against Muslims here had become uncontainable. While I read it on Reddit, I swear I also saw it on Salon that night, which lent credence for me. Which is not really an excuse.

I hold still that the anti-Islam (or any belief system) raving here and elsewhere was also inexcusable. I personally was convinced it was domestic terrorism (and in a way it was) done by Tea Party right-wingers (right-wingers, yes, but not Tea Party types in this instance).

by : (reply 804/26/2013

Sorry, I am R5, not R6.

by : (reply 904/26/2013

Perhaps it's best if the Reddit/4chan "sleuths" stick to going after animal abusers rather than continuously ruining the lives and reputations of innocent people like this guy and that 17 year old runner who just went to enjoy the marathon.

Anonymity breeds cruelty.

by : (reply 1004/26/2013

Speak for yourself bitches, I said twice on the other thread he was not the guy. You could tell just by looking at him. If you read faces as good as you read a penis you would have seen that.

I have been vindicated!

The only sad thing is the guy had to die. Depression is a terrible thing.

by : (reply 1104/26/2013

Was Sunil gay? There's a guy in this video who has gay face. He doesn't look related to him, but he appears at key moments in the video and he says "I love you" to Sunil at the end.

by : (reply 1204/26/2013

Early on the thread someone smart said Sunil was too tall, I didn't change my mind until the cops named the suspects as brothers....

I don't think it was so terrible Sunil was named I thought nit would bring more a ttention to his case and maybe he would be found...

by : (reply 1304/26/2013

Evidently the parents are the only one to ever lose a child in less than favorable circumstances. At least THEY believe they are.

by : (reply 1404/26/2013
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