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Any Winehouse's Rehab song

I can't listen to it without feeling sad. It's so describes the mentality of an addict in complete denial.

It's fucking tragic.

by Anonymousreply 4505/01/2013

I was totally shocked they did that number on "Glee."

by Anonymousreply 104/25/2013

I'll go to Any Winehouse as long as they have a good selection of California reds.

by Anonymousreply 204/25/2013

Back to Black, You Know I'm No Good and Love is a Losing Game all overshadow it now.

Rehab is great, but it had the air of novelty song about it.

by Anonymousreply 304/25/2013

Goddamn, I miss her.

I think hers was the only truly original voice in 2000s pop music.

And I really thought she was going to be another Keith Richards, living on no matter what drugs she did.

Why did she have to die and LiLo live?

by Anonymousreply 404/25/2013

It's sad that the song was such a pop hit when it really just predicted her death.

by Anonymousreply 504/25/2013

They say that our last names can influence us. I wonder if hers did? She OD'd on booze, I wasn't expecting that. I thought for sure heroin would be involved.

by Anonymousreply 604/25/2013

[quote]Amy Winehouse's voice and vocalizations convey a particular (individual), sexual and ethnic identification with black pop--as the expressive means to work out her neuroses in a pop idiom. Britney Spears' voice and tone is a definitive sign--a Myth of a particular modern girl. Consequently, even when used sparsely, as a piece of an expensive sound, it always contains the song within the Myth of Britney. Adele is all affectation. Amy and Britney bring humanity to decadent reality. Adele is all decadence. Her psychology is worked out at the buffet.

by Anonymousreply 704/25/2013

[quote]Adele is all decadence. Her psychology is worked out at the buffet. I enjoyed this up until this statement. 'Oh really. A fat joke? ' Ugh. Childish.

by Anonymousreply 804/25/2013

It does give one a creepy feeling to hear that song now. It was sung by a drug addict; a drug addict who had all the money in the world to indulge her addiction, an addict who never tried to stop using, a very defiant drug addict ("No, no, no!"). She died of her excesses at a very young age. I guess she just didn't care.

It's very unsettling to hear her singing about not going to rehab. I never understood the appeal of that song even before she died. A drug addict declaring they won't go to rehab? That's just disgusting and very sad.

by Anonymousreply 904/25/2013

[quote]Why did she have to die and LiLo live?

IKR. Sadly LiLo will be another CLove type. Ugh.

by Anonymousreply 1004/25/2013

Just found this...for OP:

The family of Amy Winehouse has signed on to participate in a documentary about the late singer's life. Asif Kapadia will direct the movie which will use lots of unseen footage, home movies and unreleased songs to combine with what we have already seen previously. The family says that Asif's vision was the first they had really liked and that they loved what he did in the movie called Senna about the F1 driver who was killed back in 1994.

by Anonymousreply 1104/25/2013

Tony Bennett called Amy Winehouse,"the greatest jazz-pop vocalist of all time".That's a direct quote. Tony Bennett worked with Sarah Vaughn,Ella Fitzgerald,Bille Holiday,Dinah Washington and Rosemary Clooney,to name just the greats that come to mind. That's a massive compliment. I think every other song on any of her albums is better than "Rehab". Incidentally,if you're a fan and don't already know how good the posthumous third album "Lioness" is, do yourself a favor and get it. I adore her music. I play it in our store a lot. The more time passes since her death, the less she's a punch line to an easy joke. I stopped watching Chelsea Lately,because CH was doing an AW joke almost every night, FOR YEARS! (I think I was right about Chelsea Handler too,because she seems to be OK with her friend Reese Witherspoon being a drunken mess, but made nasty sport out of Amy being one!?). Anyhoo,(HA!) I hate that there won't be anymore music from her,and that she wasn't strong enough to live.

PS, ( I know I'll get "Maryed" for this,but...) if you love her music you'll know she really died of a broken heart.

by Anonymousreply 1204/25/2013

"I stopped watching Chelsea Lately,because CH was doing an AW joke almost every night, FOR YEARS! (I think I was right about Chelsea Handler too,because she seems to be OK with her friend Reese Witherspoon being a drunken mess, but made nasty sport out of Amy being one!?)."

Isn't Chelsea Handler a drunk? Didn't she write a book with 'vodka' in the title? When she was first making the talk show circuit, all she talked about was her love of alcohol.

I was shocked to hear she's still in her 30s, she looks like a 45 year old alcoholic! She's really rough looking. I don't find her bitchy 'comedy' funny in the least, she acts like trailer trash.

by Anonymousreply 1304/25/2013

[quote]I think hers was the only truly original voice in 2000s pop music.

Completely agree! Yes, there were others who could sing better, but her sound was unique and her lyrics brilliant. From a music lover's perspective, it's a shame her final library is ultimately quite thin.

by Anonymousreply 1404/25/2013

OP, let us know when, as part of your ongoing sensitivity training, you find that listening to "Don't Worry, Be Happy" helps you not to worry and be happy.

by Anonymousreply 1504/25/2013

[quote]I think I was right about Chelsea Handler too,because she seems to be OK with her friend Reese Witherspoon being a drunken mess, but made nasty sport out of Amy being one!?

Yes, because we all know that Reese has been in and out of rehab for heroin and crack -- and nobody in Vegas thinks she'll see 2014!

by Anonymousreply 1604/25/2013

[quote]Adele is all affectation.

Like Winehouse wasn't. Right down to the silly hair and the sound stolen from black girls in another country.

Hunty, please!

by Anonymousreply 1704/25/2013

All this attention over a one-hit wonder?

I hope Toni Basil gets half this coverage when she passes.

by Anonymousreply 1804/25/2013

[quote]All this attention over a one-hit wonder?

Don't be ignorant. She had more than one hit. She had several hit song and would have had a lot more if she had lived.

by Anonymousreply 1904/25/2013

Adele is simply better than the dead girl. Adele isn't an alcoholic crackhead like the dead girl either. And she was a one hit wonder. Having a top 10 hit in Japan or Germany doesn't count. Someone could take a shit and set it to music and go number 1 in Japan and Germany. Tony Bennet is a joke. No serious musician would say that someone with such an incredibly affected voice is the best anything.

by Anonymousreply 2004/25/2013

[quote]All this attention over a one-hit wonder?

The album 'Back to Black' is a masterpiece. Very few people in this world can claim to have created something, anything, as beautiful and enduring. Amy Winehouse made her mark, lack of output be damned. Hell, James Dean made only three films and he's still around.

by Anonymousreply 2104/25/2013

[quote]Amy Winehouse made her mark, lack of output be damned. Hell, James Dean made only three films and he's still around.

With Dean, you have the benefit of perspective.

With Winehouse, you have current fans.

Will Winehouse be remembered by many in 50 years? Time will only tell. But I bet she will be a minor footnote in history.

by Anonymousreply 2204/25/2013

R16,17,&R20...I know you're two different trolls,and I know it's a waste of typing but..? If you could ask Adele who SHE thinks is a better singer,herself or Amy Winehouse,I can assure you she'd tell you she is awed by Winehouse. R20,that you called Tony Bennett "a joke",is the reason I know you're a shit-stirring troll! R16,17,that you think Adele's loud dramatic(every fucking song!?) over-singing,is "better" than Amy Winehouse tells me several things. A. That you are alcoholic and can not manage your own life! HA! Just kidding! Seriously though, you are obviously the kind of female impersonator who... A. Enjoys her some American Idol. And B. That the genius of a singer like Amy Winehouse comes around once or twice every fifty years,is lost on you. Also,so we are clear,I disparaged your female impersonation skills because you'll never understand that choosing to lip-synch to Adele rather than Amy is one of the reasons you're not working. Incidentally I can't think of a single jazz-pop vocalist who didn't have a substance abuse issue. Oh,and referring to Miss Winehouse as "the dead girl" also belies your bitterness (among other things). So, stay classy!

by Anonymousreply 2304/25/2013

R23, please come back when you find the time so that you can post that crap in English ( and learn to use paragraphs). Amy was an alcoholic crackhead whose head voice was nonexistent. Her voice was terribly affected to the point of sounding cartoonish. She actually sounded like a blues impersonator. She was just extremely inauthentic.

And if Tony Bennet said that crap about this dead bitch, he is a joke ( his voice is nothing special to begin with. He's no Andy Williams or Nat Cole). No serious musician with serious credentials would ever say something like that about Whino. Are you kidding? No sane person would say that she is better than Billie, Ella, Rosemary, and Sarah. Are you out of your mind? Especially Ella. Have you any idea of the kind of range and technical ability Ella possessed? Tony Bennet is a clown. She is unmatched!

Adele's voice is 10 times better and only someone who doesn't know anything about singing would say otherwise. Adele's beautiful, silky, smoky head voice and beautiful tones make Whino sound like an amateur. Whino's lower register was nice but that's about it. So yes you wasted your time writing that crap.

by Anonymousreply 2404/25/2013

You bitches fight over unnecessary things. Everybody has their opinions and perceptions. Some will like Amy, others will like Adele, and some will like someone else altogether. It's also possible to like both. Everything doesn't have to be either/or. Bennett has his opinion. I don't agree with it at all, but it's his opinion. I think Amy was good, she worked with what she had, but the aforementioned Jazz vocalist were in another stratosphere vocally. And they didn't enjoy the technological advancements we enjoy today and they were still THAT good.

by Anonymousreply 2504/25/2013

[quote]you think Adele's loud dramatic(every fucking song!?) over-singing

Yeah. Like Aguilera she belts on every single song, so she's not quite the more subtle alternative to the likes of Xtina as people say.

I like Adull up to a point - 21 was good, if overplayed and such a downer you have to be in the mood, big improvement on her shiteous early stuff.

But she is no Amy who with just BTB and her iconic look, retro or not, cruised into legendville. Adele just has a beehive as well. Janis has hardly any material either, Hendrix doesn't have much. Quality and impact over quantity.

by Anonymousreply 2604/25/2013

[quote]the sound stolen from black girls in another country.

Thank goodness! I was afraid the separatist racial sound police might have missed a thread. Whew!

by Anonymousreply 2704/25/2013

I think calling Amy Whinehouse a legend is premature and ( no offense) maybe even a little wishful thinking on the part of her devoted fans. I don't think that any credible and objective person truly considers Amy Whinehouse a legend at this point. Dying young doesn't make one a legend. However, people tend to throw words around like that a lot these days ( along with amazing, great...) so it has lost its meaning. It's just a throw away word. We want everything yesterday and right away these days. Maybe she's a true legend in England.

Amy didn't really do anything special or particularly well to be considered a legend ( I mean that's a huge thing). A number of female blues/soul/jazz singers did it before her, did it better, and did it more and I hate to say it because this word follows Amy around probably more than any other singer, but authentically.

A big complaint about Amy's voice is that it was nice but it was also very affected. And honestly, it wasn't her natural singing voice. That issue alone would keep her from being considered a legitimate legend. A singer or vocalist must be believable and authentic.

I have a preference for old singers, most between 1920s-1980. I don't get too caught up in most contemporary singers. Although, I do think that Jill Scott has the most complete, well trained, versatile voices of her time. THAT is a stunning and legendary voice. She could hang with Vaughan, Holiday, Fitzgerald, Simone, Clooney.... Also, Lauryn Hill when she was sane. I also like Joss Stone, Tori Amos and a few others. Of course I also love Whitney, Barbra, Roberta Flack, ( the best control ever) Anita Baker, Carole King.... But I guess they would be considered singers from back when.

I believe that Amy was a good singer but I wouldn't call myself a fan. However, I wouldn't call myself an Adele fan either. I think Adele's voice is more complete than Amy's voice. However, Amy had beautiful blue notes, better than Adele's. As someone mentioned, Amy had limitations ( most singers do) but she worked well within them. But I would say that Adele has the slightly better voice because again it's more complete( she has head voice and mid register that Amy didn't have) and sounds more authentic.

But this doesn't mean that you must agree with me. Everybody looks for something different in a voice. Some people like complete, technically perfect voices while others like some imperfections in a voice, a voice more in tune with the emotion of the song rather than technique. Some people like both (me). I've always wonder what people who use shouting as a put-down for a female singer think about opera? They're called the money notes for a reason. Adele is nothing like Christina, not even a little bit. For one, she sells albums. Just my 2 on this topic.

by Anonymousreply 2804/25/2013

[quote]I also like Joss Stone

Speaking of affected...

by Anonymousreply 2904/26/2013

Not even close to being as affected as Amy was. In fact I can't think of a single singer as affected as Amy.

by Anonymousreply 3004/26/2013

By the way, Amy sounds just like Lauryn Hill on Rehab funnily enough.

She was influenced by those jazz singers like Dinah Washington and those you cite so that was the way she sung, whether you want to say channelling your influences is "affected" or not.

And what was Amy's "natural voice", we never got to hear anything but the one live and on record, where's the evidence of fakeness? You could say all English white soul singers from Dusty to George Michael are affected if you're using that argument cause they all sang with the standard American accent, very different from their real voice.

by Anonymousreply 3104/26/2013

At first I thought you weren't quite grasping what I meant by affected, but then you end your post agreeing with me. However, Dusty and George Michael were/are nowhere near as affected as Amy. I'm not saying that Amy was a bad singer, she had a good voice with beautiful blue notes. But she also had one of the most affected voices I've personally ever heard. Maybe there is someone out there more affected than she was, but I've never heard them.

And you can sing any genre of music and sound affected, it's not about a particular genre ( even in old Hollywood films actors/actresses spoke in a very affected manner). Country singers from places like Ohio, Nevada or even Australia (Keith Urban) are also affected. They affect that country twang that isn't natural. Hip Hop artists often sound affected, Rock & Roll artists, on and on. Amy's blue notes were beautiful but they weren't natural, they were very affected. Sounding affected is not unusual in music. Many listeners object to someone sounding overly affected because they tend to prefer authenticity. However, Amy still has a solid fan base and received a lot of accolades in spite of the affected thing. She was affected but she sounded nice anyway. However, it is something that gets brought up a lot when discussing Amy. And I think it's because her affectation was kind of on the extreme end.

by Anonymousreply 3204/26/2013

I enjoy reading the posts of people who know a bit about singing technique. As a fan, Amy's affectation didn't worry me - I thought her sound and her lyrics were an interesting mix.

I like Adele too, and am glad she's successful, considering the number of non-talents earning big money. She seems very genuine and appreciative of her success. I think Adele's songs are more relatable for most people, but Amy's songs are far more interesting, particularly lyrically. Adele's lyrics are pretty bland.

And I agree that Rehab is one of the weaker tracks on Back to Black.

by Anonymousreply 3304/26/2013

R32 it's difficult to counter that Amy is affected when you put it like that, but it was never something I really thought of.

She does have an unusual distinctive sound/tone which would register as contrived to some but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing and I wouldn't use it as a stick to beat her with. I think the fact she sounded like no one else has helped to give her this legend status (you're correct that it's more so in her home country).

I definitely am annoyed by singers I find affected and putting it on yet it never bothered me with Amy probably because she was real in what she said and did, no artifice at all there. Her clones following in the wake of her success bothered me more: Duffy, Paloma Faith et al.

Adele was initially bracketed in this group, both went to the Brits music performance school and did similar style of music. Adele soon distinguished herself with 21 and I have to wonder how Amy took Adele's phenomenal success, it can't have helped. And yes, Amy's final struggles has sadly obfuscated her musical legacy for now.

Anyway like R33 I'm always interested to read from people who have tech knowledge about singing.

by Anonymousreply 3404/26/2013

I was probably unfairly harsh with my criticism of the legend comments with my wishful thinking comments. Sometimes you don't realize how something comes across until you post it and read it. And we have no way of editing posts here. I just think legend is a huge thing to call someone and people throw the term around recklessly today, but maybe Amy is a legend in her own way. In the years to come, if we see a lot of new young female singers citing Amy as their inspiration, then it may mean that she really is a legend.

Some people have said that if it weren't for Amy there wouldn't have been a Gaga and Adele wouldn't have had the recent success she's had.

by Anonymousreply 3504/26/2013

So tired of hearing about this overrated one-hit wonder hack. She was a skank. Her face was enough to make you vomit.

by Anonymousreply 3604/26/2013

will they ever make a biopic about her.?

by Anonymousreply 3704/26/2013

Then, don't listen to it, OP. Problem solved.

by Anonymousreply 3804/26/2013

R37, meet R11

by Anonymousreply 3904/26/2013

she was psycho. So was her shitty husband Blake. There was a story about them ripping off a small time drug dealer (knowing he'd get his ass beaten and worse from his boss) and them calling him and laughing at him in the hospital. Shitty people all around. Pete "this guy just jumped out my window, swear" Doherty.

by Anonymousreply 4004/26/2013

Is it head voice Eddie?!

by Anonymousreply 4104/26/2013

She earned Keith Richards' admiration.

by Anonymousreply 4205/01/2013


by Anonymousreply 4305/01/2013

Well, here's another "joke"for R20 's list...!? Let's see, 1. Tony Bennett (calls Winehouse "greatest jazz/pop vocalist of all time").

2. Keith Richards (calls Winehouse the ONLY contemporary singer "worth rating "!).

Who will be next on R20 's list?....stay tuned!

by Anonymousreply 4405/01/2013

and now kriss kross has died :(

by Anonymousreply 4505/01/2013
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