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I've been invited to a "Boys in the Band" dress-up party this Saturday night.

I have a feeling there will be tons of Cowboys, Harolds, and Emorys. I may decide to buck that trend, buy a cheap purple sweater as go as Michael. My friend Don plans on going as Alan McCarthy, complete with fake blood oozing down his chin!

It's at my friend Peter's place. We're going to dress up and watch the DVD on giant screen TV. Peter has drinking games planned and wants to recreate the telephone game. It should be a total blast. I actually remember seeing the movie when I was 19 when it first came out. Will actually be bittersweet for all of us, as much of the cast and many of friends were lost to AIDS.

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sounds like fun!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 204/25/2013

Sounds dreadful. The movie is a timepeace and a commentary on a certain type of self-loathing gay man. Not completely "of its time," but mostly. Men like this still DO exist. What it is NOT, at least for me, is something to have a party over. I mean, all the sarcasm and cuttting, biting lines dripping with venom are really sad, ultimately. Making fun of them or laughing and drinking when someone recites a classic line sounds damaged and a bit "ghoulish."

I mean, does everybody down a shot when Leonard calls himself a "pockmarked Jew fairy?" I would NOT attend that party. Yuck.

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R3 is TURNING!!!!!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 404/25/2013

Mathematical Proof That Growing Old Means Getting Boring

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I dont understand what this is about.

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[quote]I mean, does everybody down a shot when Leonard calls himself a "pockmarked Jew fairy?" I would NOT attend that party. Yuck

Leonard Frey was the actor, R3. Harold was the character.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 704/25/2013

But OP, I thought you were a young, gym going guy who eats egg whites, is a stockbroker and gets easily offended by cashiers?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 804/25/2013

R8 wins!!

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Senior Citizens night =/

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Lord, I hated that movie back then. I saw it when it first came out (I was 20). The last thing I ever wanted to become was the type of screechy, cranky, over-the-top, shallow people that were portrayed onscreen. As a young guy just coming to terms with his sexuality, it pushed me deeper into the closet for a few years. I didn't want to be like them.

Finally, I realized that being gay did not necessarily mean being like "them."

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Is anyone going as The African Queen?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 1304/25/2013

Just invent one. Be creative.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 1404/25/2013

Just go with your lips stuck to a plastic snowman's ass.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 1504/25/2013

Think outside of the box and go as Maud Adams-the model in the opening credits.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 1604/25/2013

Go as Martha and the Vandellas.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 1704/25/2013

Go as Connie Casserole or Donna Downpour.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 1804/25/2013

[quote]Peter has drinking games planned...

Using Geritol or Ensure.

[quote]...and wants to recreate the telephone game.

Allow extra time for those with cataracts to dial their "Jitterbug" brand cell-phones. Anyone with Alzheimers get a pass.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 1904/25/2013

While the film certainly has its share of campy lines, I never thought of it as a party movie.

It's a much deeper look at internalized hatred. Michael is really f-ed up.

What should be taken from this film is the somewhat positive storyline Of Hank and Larry who worked out their problems and showed some Real love and promise.

Other than that I think you should go as big fat Elaine or Maria Montez And make sure your lipstick is painted over the lip line!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 2004/25/2013

Go as Delbert Botz, DDS!

I am so jealous, send me an invite if in Atlanta and I am so there. And you humorless cunts who don't get how fun this could be... please stay far away from me.

"Boys..." is a classic and paved the way for all those mainstream gays you see on ABC or in "Brokeback", etc. A great period piece. I swear, some of you are the reason there aren't even more films about us; it's considered a lose/lose, politically. Hope you fuckers enjoy invisibility instead.

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Go as a card carrying cunt!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 2204/25/2013

Imagine the geezers who show up as assless chaps I'm guessing...ewwwwwwwww

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 2304/25/2013

Go as a piss elegant COOZ!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 2404/25/2013

R23 Cowboy didn't wear assless chaps.

Watch the movie. It's good.

Anyway, aren't ALL chaps assless?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 2504/25/2013

Cheap purple sweater? The one on the floor is vicuna - wear that one.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 2604/25/2013

I can't believe all the pooh-poohing this movie gets- it's got to be one of the all-time great quotable films.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 2704/25/2013

It is a wonderful movie. If any of you out there have never seen this film you must.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 2804/25/2013

Can I come?

Yes, the movie is antiquated but it's still part of our history. There are Emory's, Michael's, Alan's in this world and that's that.

I agree about going as Emory's dentist crush. Very original.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 2904/25/2013

I'm going to a "Judgment at Nuremberg" dress-up party in two weeks!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 3004/25/2013

This will end in tears.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 3104/25/2013

There's a hunky delivery boy in the cast, too.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 3204/25/2013

Go as a 32-year-old pockmarked Jewish fairy.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 3304/25/2013

I always forget the "ugly," too, R33.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 3404/25/2013

Leonard Frey is a dead ringer for Howard Stern.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 3504/25/2013

I identified with Donald in that movie. The most boring character. Michael's "conscience." I had a little VW and used to drive in through the midtown tunnel just like he did in the beginning of the movie. I dated guys like Michael too. Lots of sweaters.

I thought it was hysterical that Emery was straight in real life....Cliff Gorman. Fabulous portrayal. He died too young.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 3604/25/2013

OP and his friends are going to smoke copious amounts of pot, silly.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 3704/25/2013

SOMEONE at least SOMEONE Must wear some earrings and caftans

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 3804/25/2013

Frederick Combs had an amazing ass.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 3904/25/2013

I'm the smirking carftan in the closet thanking god I get the night off.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 4004/25/2013

Cowboy: I fell on my heels doing chin-ups.

Emery: Shouldn't do chin-ups in heels.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 4104/25/2013

Anyone of these characters can be transported to today or anyday-just put them in different clothes. Like none of us are neurotic, or guilt ridden, or whores, or self hating, or prissy, or quick with a biting tongue, or dilusional, or mean to each other, or alcoholic, or desperate to stay young? Stop kidding yourselves. Brilliant movie, brilliant cast. And so very true.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 4204/25/2013

R18: That should be "Denise Deluge"

Go as the heavy set Italian lady who gives Emory the stink eye as he carries his chafing dish filled with his special "Alice B. Toklas Opium-Baked Lasagna".

Jealous here too, OP. Tell us how it went,

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 4304/25/2013

Alan McCarthy ain't no fag, and I'm just the dame who can prove it!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 4404/25/2013

Lincoln was shot watching this, right?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 4504/25/2013

r42, please. No, many of "us" are NOT any of those things. Don't bootstrap your own issues by trying to pretend like it is still 1969. Brilliant movie. Brilliant cast. NO LONGER "true." Not by a long shot.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 4604/25/2013

I've never seen Boys in the Band. Silly me, I completely confused that title with For The Boys starring Bette Midler.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 4704/25/2013

Larry Luckinball's Hank gets lost among the showier characters, but I think Larry gives the finest performance...very subtle, very nuanced.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 4804/25/2013

Go as a Bette Davis impersonation.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 4904/25/2013

LOL, R44. Pathetic excuse for wit, R45. Best you got?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 5004/25/2013

[quote] I identified with Donald in that movie. The most boring character. Michael's "conscience."

Plus the HOTTEST one!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 5104/25/2013

I liked Donald too, didn't find him boring at all -- just troubled but NOT about being gay (which I figured out about him even as a boy... so it wasn't all bad images, The film and play are far more complex than that anyway).

P.S. I actually learned a great acting trick long ago from Frederick Combs when the hot valet boy gets his car (hot kid, great flirting) -- the sniff as punctuation. I use it all the time, ha.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 5204/25/2013

R52, I've always wondered about that scene. The price for parking the car was 75 cents (!) - Donald gives him a bill and says "keep it" (and sniffs).

How much did he give him? A buck (if so, gee thanks). A Five? (if so, gee THANKS!).

Isn't that garage still in the West Village?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 5304/25/2013

"Keep it" (sniff). I use it in every gig, ha.

Donald was a poor janitor type but maybe 25 cents meant more in 1968. Also the hot kid seems to be playing along/enjoying the attention anyway.

Always thought the point was that, in the end, Donald is much more comfortable with himself despite the failures and the shrink -- especially compared to Michael the more affluent mess. Had many sweet friends that reminded me of Donald, not much ambition but who cared..

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 5404/25/2013

Actually, he's both - he shrinks my head and then combs me out.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 5504/25/2013

What boy band was it about? Cuz I don't like the black ones.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 5604/25/2013

Who is she? Who was she? Who does she hope to be?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 5704/25/2013

"Let's have a salad!"

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 5804/25/2013

Here's the trailer. Something I've always wondered about...can anyone identify the actor who plays the hustler that Emery cruises, at 2:04/2:05, just before he cruises the cowboy? He looks so fucking familiar, but I can't place the name. He's not credited.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 5904/25/2013

Isn't anyone taking a plate up to Alan?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 6004/25/2013

That Hank is a rather attractive fella.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 6104/25/2013

It's transitory, too. It's terribly transitory.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 6204/25/2013

My rabbi tells me it's a knockout.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 6304/25/2013

Robert LaTourneaux (the cowboy) fascinates me. Even though several of the other actors would also die of AIDS-related complication, for some reason, I find his downfall the most tragic, what with the stripping in seedy adult theaters and the escorting.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 6404/25/2013

I saw a shoot of bondage photos of LaTourneaux that looked so sad, I couldn't even find them mildly hot. He was so cute in "Boys..."

I'm sure you know that Cliff Gorman ("Emery") and his wife nursed Robert in his last months until he died. Sweet.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 6504/25/2013

KING...of the pig people!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 6604/26/2013

Frederick Combs from behind in those khakis.

I loved his character.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 6704/26/2013

r50=Justin Stewart

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 6804/26/2013

"Peter has drinking games planned and wants to recreate the telephone game."

This will end in tears...

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 6904/26/2013

There's one thing to be said about masturbation: you certainly don't have to look your best.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 7004/26/2013

Mary, it takes a fairy to make something beautiful.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 7104/26/2013

Every point in this movie is made with a sledgehammer.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 7204/26/2013

You hateful sow.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 7304/26/2013

SUNT! r73

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 7404/26/2013

ÇUNT, that's French with a cedilla.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 7504/26/2013

Hank and Larry are loverzz.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 7604/26/2013

My favorite part of the movie. Love this scene, especially the scream that the really cute guy (part of the couple) lets out when he goes out into the rain. And the Burt Bacharach song is perfect.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 7704/26/2013

Somebody should go as Sylvia Miles Character from Midnight Cowboy filmed around the same time, same neighborhood.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 7804/26/2013

Isn't the woman carrying the casserole someone? Didn't I see that in the Making of the Band doc?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 7904/26/2013

r79 that's Elaine Kaufman, of the restaurant Elaines.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 8004/26/2013

Abnd Maud Adams is the model in the opening.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 8104/26/2013

Thank you, r80!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 8204/26/2013

I'm not a steal. I cost twenty dollars.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 8304/26/2013

Let us know how it went OP!

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by yes, hissssssssssssreply 8504/27/2013

r42, you'll only run into them at GOProud events.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 8604/27/2013

"The Look of Love" was so perfect in that movie. I bought the album. I was mesmerized by this song. Then my mother asked to borrow it for an "overnight" date with my soon-to-be stepfather and I never played it again.

[quote]I'm sure you know that Cliff Gorman ("Emery") and his wife nursed Robert in his last months until he died. Sweet.

I didn't know this. Wow. There are so many stories underneath the stories of this movie. I just remember feeling not liking all the angst, but loving the movie.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 8704/27/2013

Oh yeah? Well why don't you not tell me about it.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 8804/28/2013

For R87. The Look of Love was indeed perfect for this movie.

I too bought the album Burt Bacharach's "Reach Out" as you can see the LP jacket in the film. The Look of Love is the first track on side B so it makes sense that Bernard plays it.

Reach Out came out in the fall/winter of 1967 so it was still fairly popular by the summer of 1968 when the story takes place.

I guess i'm a little obsessed.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 8904/28/2013

Old gay men playing dress up? How tragic.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 9004/28/2013

Fred Combs' ass was truly a thing of beauty and a joy for quite a while. But if anyone is insterested, he was -- at least sometimes -- primarily a top.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 9104/28/2013

Sooo, did anyone slip out for midnight mass? Disappear upstairs to re-assert their vows? Inquiring minds want to know.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 9204/29/2013

According to Wiki, Harold, Donald, Michael, Cowboy Tex, and Larry all died of Aids in the 80's and early 90's. How tragic.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 9304/29/2013

"Larry" in the sense of the actor who played the character named Larry. The actor who played the character named Hank, who is actually named Larry, is still around. He is seventy-eight.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 9404/29/2013

This thread made me watch this movie for the first time, I couldn't even get through the last 10 minutes and most of the serious bits made me laugh. And is it just me or does the really camp one sound like Little Edie?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 9504/29/2013

You watched all of it except for the last 10 minutes, R95?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 9604/29/2013

I skipped through it after he threw himself on the floor, I know he was going to mass in the end that counts for something right?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 9704/29/2013

But who will bake Emory's (exotic in 1969) lasagna?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 9804/29/2013

I love this movie. I love the period it was filmed in, I love the "Heat Wave" sequence, I love Miss Tammy Grimes' apartment, hell, even the lasagna looks good. (Where was the apartment supposed ot be? Anybody know where Emory was crossing the street?)

One really good detail is that it's summer and for the actual exterior shots, does indeed look quite humid and the actors get more and more sweaty as the night goes on after they close the terrace doors.

As for being a self-loathing play, the only one I really find self-loathing is Michael.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 9904/29/2013

Isn't Tammy Grimes' apt. also used in "Can't Stop the Music"? It looks the same. I too adore this film and the cast is superb. Once had dinner with an actor friend at a little Italian joint on 9th Ave. and he quietly told me that Mart Crowley was seated at the table next to us, alone.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 10004/29/2013

You could go as Dominick Dunne since he dated one of the stars, also Natalie Wood produced the film, since the author was her friend.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 10104/29/2013

When I was coming out in the early 90s, this movie was one that we weren't supposed to like. This and "Cruising" (and the same director at that!)were not positive films. I still don't find "Cruising" to be a great film but love "Boys."

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 10204/29/2013

Hi all. The party was a blast. I played it safe and went as Michael with the purple sweater, but no breakdown. There was about 30 guests in total, with a bunch of Emory and Cowboys. One guy came as Larry with impossibly tight white pants. Nobody dressed as Hank or Donald...sigh! There were a few surprises. Two guys actually came as the parking garage attendant whom Donald encounters in the beginning. One guy came in drag as what he appeared Fran would look like. There were two Delbert Botzes lol with dental costumes. The weirdest, and most offensive one IMO, was a white guy who came in blackface as Bernard. So we watched the film in full, with some guys quoting word for word as we watched and all of us howling at the zingers.

After the movie finished it was game time. I think the host wanted to play the game just so that he could announce "ALRIGHT EVERYONE...GAME TIME!" The host didn't dress as Michael, but that was ok. The game was to call or text our very last hookup whose number we still had and tell them they were a lousy lay. Calling got you 5 point, texting, 2 poiint. Even though some of us are up there in age (50s, 60s), we're all decent looking and get laid semi-regularly. I texted this 30-something whose place I went back to after meeting at Splash (yes, Splash, so kill me) last month. We use some, ahem, recreational enhancements before smooshing. He was looking for an older guy to fuck, but he couldn't stay hard inside me. Just not satisfying. So I texted him, but he didn't reply. Some guys actually had the balls to call. And yes, some of us engaged in some Hank/Larry upstairs action after the game. All in all, a really fun time. I'm glad I went.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 10304/29/2013

Did they serve lasagna and a salad?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 10404/29/2013

Why did you change the game from calling someone you knew and telling them you love them?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 10504/29/2013

The original game from the film was about love.

The game you played at your party was about hate.

And we thought the boys I the film were f-ed up!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 10604/29/2013

Make that the boys IN the film.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 10704/29/2013

Why did everyone just do as Michael commanded in the movie? I would have just told him to fuck himself.

And who the fuck throws a party for someone and then proceeds to humiliate and denigrate the guest of honor?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 10804/29/2013

Has gay society become that hateful in the 44 years since this movie That instead of getting points for telling someone you love them, we Now get points for telling someone what a lousy lay they were?

We've come a long way haven't we?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 10904/29/2013

R109, this entire thread might all be an elaborate troll post (I don't think there are that many people, literally, in any given city who would know all about this movie and then make the effort to dress up for a party about it. It's all far too contrived.) but I suspected this OP was a horrible, vapid person from the tenor of his original post. People really called to tell someone something so hateful? And that's supposed to be funny? If this is true, I am so glad I don't know any of those awful people.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 11004/29/2013

I also find it contrived that a bunch of men in their 50's and 60's are not only having "hookups" (Who has hookups at that age? And who calls them that?) but keeping their phone numbers handy. You know, just so they might need them for a party game. I hope this is all made up. I shudder to think groups of men like this exist in 2013.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 11104/29/2013

30 drinking gay guys sat around and attentively watched a two and a half hour movie, much of it quite dramatic? Sure, Mary.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 11204/29/2013

Please, you are all being grade a çunts, just like the play.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 11304/29/2013

[quote]The game was to call or text our very last hookup whose number we still had and tell them they were a lousy lay.

You're appalling. Sad enough at the premise of the party, but the game was just juvenile and pointlessly cruel.

Next time make it a Mean Girls party. It's perfect for you. Creep.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 11404/29/2013

The party sounds creepy. The film is creepy and gross too.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 11504/29/2013

Then we had to go ass-to-ass with a double ended dildo while everyone else shone flashlights in our faces and chanted "ass to ass! ass to ass!"

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 11604/29/2013

Did it rain and thunder? Did you smoke pot? Did you line dance? Were there lanterns?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 11704/29/2013

[quote]Then we had to go ass-to-ass with a double ended dildo while everyone else shone flashlights in our faces and chanted "ass to ass! ass to ass!"

Isn't that from Requiem for a Dream?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 11804/29/2013

Life. Life's a goddamn laugh riot.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 11904/29/2013

It really IS a good movie and the people in it all have redeeming qualities.

The only one with any real self hatred for being gay is Michael - the rest of the group is living and dealing with life.

Now the OP is a douche bag troll of the first order.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 12004/29/2013

And who led the Heatwave number?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 12104/29/2013

Nobody went as me?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 12204/29/2013

I watched again thanks to OP (troll or not), and I'm glad I did. It's fascinating, and I love the time-capsule feel of the streets and apartment. (Interesting that Friedkin's next was 'French Connection', which also captured NY with relish.)

As drama it grips: pace and structure are expertly managed.

I too thought it unlikely that everyone would go along with Michael's sadistic game. But then I recalled that I've been in unappealing 'social' situations where leaving would look like weakness. Some sort of group dynamic kicks in.

Also, everyone was variously relaxed, couldn't be bothered to move. Michael was the would-be alpha male, host in his big apartment, intent on assertion, especially in the presence of Harold. To an extent his guests were rabbits in headlights.

Bernard's humiliation soon expresses the audience's ambivalence about the scene. But Michael later re-asserts by stating re: Alan that anyone could have left at any time. He bullies the audience for a while too.

Michael's pathetic humbling on the phone underlines Harold's earlier remark about not playing the game as well as he thinks. Harold can largely master his self-hatred, Michael isn't close.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 12304/29/2013

Some humorless old bags on here.

To anyone questioning the guests playing the game in the film/play - think of it like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. In real life, Nick and Honey would have left 30 minutes into the evening.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 12404/29/2013

I am pretty sure they all stay for Michael's little telephone game because They are either drunk or high, it's raining in New York and its almost Impossible to get any where in the rain in NY, they are there with their Friends, they are comfortable and they are intrigued by Allen and where that's going. But the biggest reason they all stay is that if they left we wouldn't have A movie!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 12505/03/2013

Interesting analysis R123. I had forgotten about Bernard's humiliation. He had to smile through at a bunch of arrogant, vicious queens saying horrible things. His hurt feelings were palpable to me.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 12605/03/2013

I saw it only once when I was a teen. After it was over, I went to my room and cried because I thought that I just what my life an adult gay man would be. It pushed me further into the closet and completely fucked with my head. It wasnt until I was in college and met other gay guys my age who didnt act like that when I realized things would be okay. I did learn a valuable lesson though: anytime you encounter a gay guy who is even the slightest bit like anyone in that picture, run as far away from them as possible.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 12705/03/2013

r127, I have news for you, these characters still represent many gay guys today. The recently out ex-straight guy (Hank), the insatiable slut (Larry), the unapologetic flamer (Emery), the religious self-loather (Michael), the insecure ugly guy who "punishes" himself for not being attractive in a culture of beautiful men (Harold), the pretty but dumb whore (cowboy), and the underachiever (Donald). You're telling me you know nobody like this? The film gets a bad rap for its self-loathing characters, but in reality, only Michael was shown hating himself for his homosexuality. The other guys had personal hang-ups, but they weren't inherently related to their being gay.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 12805/03/2013

R128 got it right!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 12905/03/2013

R121. Denise Deluge

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 13005/03/2013

Now you can re-enact the sequel!

Oh, wait; it was a boring flop, just like your "party."

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 13105/03/2013

The OP sounds like a hateful troll and his recounting of that hideous party sounds like an inauthentic story about something that didn't happen.

However...I was excited to read the comments about this film, one which has fascinated me for years. I watched a documentary about it on Netflix last year and it was really informative, especially hearing Mart Crowley explain how difficult it was to make and its groundbreaking run on the stage. Such a time capsule.

It also happens to be set right around the time that "Mad Men" is approaching in their current season, so it got me thinking about Sal and the men he might've encountered at that time.

It's not en vogue to say that you like this movie at all, but I think it is still very much a valuable piece of gay cinema ("Cruising" as well, quite honestly). Leonard Frey, at the very least, should've been nominated for Best Supporting Actor that year, as he was three years later for "Fiddler on the Roof."

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 13205/04/2013

[quote]I actually remember seeing the movie when I was 19 when it first came out.

You don't sound like any 62 year old that I know.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 13305/04/2013

Why was the Bernard character even in the play? Just so they could have a token black guy in the mix that the other vicious queens could say racist things about?

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 13405/04/2013

For many gay men of color in 1968, the fact that Bernard was even in the play was a monumental revelation!

A gay black man.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 13505/05/2013

Don't forget the cracked crab.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 13605/24/2013

OP for next time:

Wear a pair of monogrammed, bejeweled kneepads.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 13705/24/2013

R34 There was not ONE vicious Queen in this film.

Michael had a lot of problems but the other gents were doing ok -

Sort of.

I sugget that you actually watch the movie.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 13805/24/2013

Make that to R134!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 13905/24/2013

Just think of how much that apartment would cost in today's market!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 14005/24/2013

That apartment is another character in the film.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 14105/24/2013

I tried to google the apartment and couldn't find any information on it other than that it was Tammy Grimes apartment.

No real estate pics or anything. Not even any pics from when Grimes lived there.

LOVE that apartment!! WANT that apartment!!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 14205/24/2013

Just watched the documentary 'Making The Boys' this week. I thought it was really interesting.

I was surprised that it seemed Mart Crowley made a virtual fortune (for the time perhaps) off of the piece.

Then he really started rolling in the dough when he got involved with 'Hart and Hart'.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 14305/24/2013

Having seen it again I came across BITB's entry in 'The Oxford Dictionary of Plays.' Last paragraph includes this:

"Although of no great dramatic merit (Crowley wrote no other successful plays), BITB caused a stir on Off-Broadway, ensuring it 1,000 performances...Crowley's play was the first opportunity for mainstream heterosexual audiences to witness overt homosexual interaction on stage, which unfortunately tended to reinforce a stereotype of frustrated bitchiness in the gay community."

Yes, because 'Streetcar', 'Salesman' and 'Virginia Woolf' all display the bliss of overt heterosexual interaction on stage. BITB should really have made nice, just like those plays.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 14405/25/2013

No R144, It was pitch perfect for it's time. Written in 1967 and produced in 1968.

If you listen to the history of the creation of the play, Crowley wrote the play as gritty and real primarily because of those plays that you listed.

If I remember correctly there was an article at the time that called out these gay authors and condemned them for writing veiled representations of gay characters.

Crowley read this and decided to write about the real thing from his perspective.

Lets face it, we are still talking about this play 40 years later and I think the characters still ring true today!

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 14505/25/2013

To me it really copied a lot of WAOVW. But there's different lovable characters in there, the brilliant Jewish guy Harold. I love brilliant nerdy Jewish men, especially those that can pay their rent like Harold.

Emory & Alan make up actually, and I like that a lot despite earlier incivilities.

Donald doesn't want to be with a borderline personality disordered person like Michael.

Bernard and Emory leave together and seem to take care of each other, and that is touching.

Alan calls his wife Fran, tells her he loves her & goes back to her. There was a lot of "is he closeted" questions about him but no, he's not gay I don't think.

Larry & Hank seem to work things out in the movie. It's really funny that IRL Hank's name is Larry and he's married to Lucie Arnaz, another thread on DL. IRL they would not last imho.

Michael needs a lot of therapy and in this day and age, would need therapeutic drugs for his rage attacks and BPD.

There's a lot of sweetness there a lot of sadness, but it seems to be about Michael's BPD attack night, much like WAOVW is about Martha's drunken BPD attack night. If anyone has ever seen the Mad Magazine take off on WAOVW it's priceless and great.

Oh and BITB is on youtube in it's entirety, where I watched it.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 14605/25/2013

OK, R145, I should (in DL house-style) have added an 'eye-roll' at the end of my post at R144.

The Oxford precis seemed to me lazy and inaccurate. BITB is powerful and memorable precisely because it's as dark and harsh as any established drama of heterosexual 'interaction.' In such cases the 'bliss' I (sarcastically) mentioned is usually fleeting at best.

And (as I said at R123) BITB certainly isn't 'of no great dramatic merit.' Admittedly I've never seen it on stage, which I'd like to do. Casting a new production would make a good DL thread. For his final play at the Old Vic, Spacey should revive the work, and play Michael. As if.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 14705/26/2013

Love this movie. Everyone should see it if only to clear up the misinformation regarding the film.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 14807/21/2013

When i first saw it in the late 80s, it depressed the hell out of me.

I'm afraid if I saw it now I'd be depressed again about how, in some ways, very little has changed. Gay people can marry and be out, but there's still a lot of dysfunction/self-hatred.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 14907/21/2013

R142 the building that the apartment was in was purchased in the 90s i think and the new owners converted the building back into a one family building.

It was originally built as a one family dwelling in the early part of the 20th century but converted into apartments in the 40s or 50s with the top floor a duplex.

You can google maps it and the building still looks exactly the same from the street as it did in the movie. Front door and all.

I looked all over the internet and there are NO pictures of the apartment interiors at all from when Tammy Grimes lived there.

by yes, hissssssssssssreply 15011/20/2013
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