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August Osage County: an early review!!!

"Meryl Streep’s work here is among the most astonishing in a career that feels like it tops itself every few years"

"Streep’s work as Violet Weston in “August: Osage County” will be hailed as one of her best performances to date."

#4!!!!! #4!!!!!!!

by Mreply 8712/26/2013

[quote]Abigail Breslin (uncomfortably one-note…she seems nervous, not ballsy as that character should be)

The reviewer seems quite perceptive.

by Mreply 104/24/2013

Julia sucks...

by Mreply 204/25/2013

Trailer is out!

Not liking Streep one bit

by Mreply 305/10/2013

The review was written by someone who is a regular on the Awards Daily forums.

by Mreply 405/10/2013

I hope it does well. If only for Tracy Letts. Love his work and love his out lout liberal Mom.

by Mreply 505/10/2013

It looks as though it could be very good, but I won't be seeing it because I get enough dysfunctional family drama in real life.

by Mreply 605/10/2013

This is the one I thought Streep should/would've got the Oscar for. Why am I taking in past tense for something in the future, she probably will!

Thatcher was a mega impressive feat, but this one isn't so much in her ballpark. She's getting down and dirty and gritty and raw.

Before with the amount of snubs it seemed like Meryl had to play a meth addicted crackwhore to win. Well maybe she'll get her 4th sooner than we think.

by Mreply 705/10/2013

R3 remember the early clip from The Iron Lady. That was to deliberately fool people and set low expectations/negative hype as it was the worst high camp moment.

by Mreply 805/10/2013

After watching the trailer- it looks decent.

I'm happy the accents don't seem too over-the-top. The biggest mistake with productions based on midwest is outsiders assuming this is all the Big South and the having the accents drawled into oblivion.

They didn't focus much on Cumberbatch though.

by Mreply 905/10/2013

Slightly off topic - I saw Meryl at a party last week. She's really aged a lot in the last few years. Very surprising.

by Mreply 1005/10/2013

(Ugh. Sorry for my horrible grammar and spellcheck fail there. Let me try again... )

I'm happy the accents don't seem too over-the-top. The biggest mistake with productions based on midwest is the outside perspective that assumes OK/AK/KS/OH are all part the Big South. Too often the actors accents are drawled into oblivion.

And yes, I have lived in Oklahoma so I was prepared to flinch.

by Mreply 1105/10/2013

Margo Martindale is golden

by Mreply 1205/10/2013

I hate that site R4. Fucking freaks! Awards should be yearly, not daily. Gold derby forums and other blogs are better, I don't need to go into that much depth. The writers for it are good though.

Anyway, I fucking HATE Julia Roberts, her duck lips are protruding even more than usual. She'll distract me for the entire film. Despite the presence of Clooney which is also annoying, that is one helluva cast. I wasn't that interested before but now it sounds a must regardless.

M looks like Anna Magnani. Lets hope she delivers a similar elemental performance. Imagine a repeat of last year and another Meryl/Daniel handover for leading Oscar #3 without even opening the envelope.

by Mreply 1305/10/2013

Jesus, but that looks awful.

by Mreply 1405/10/2013

Margo Martindale originated the role of Truvvy in Steel Magnolias.

She and Dolly Parton look nothing alike!

by Mreply 1505/10/2013

If I didn't know it was based on a play, and it didn't have that cast, it would look like a million other confessional family dysfunction movies, based on that trailer.

by Mreply 1605/10/2013

[quote]Despite the presence of Clooney which is also annoying, that is one helluva cast. I wasn't that interested before but now it sounds a must regardless.

There is no presence of Clooney. He produced it, like he did "Argo", so if this wins best Picture, he gets his third Oscar. Obviously your inordinate hatred for Julia Roberts keeps you from paying attention.

by Mreply 1705/10/2013

R13, that's Dermot Mulroney.

Off to the death panels with you.

by Mreply 1805/10/2013

[quote]R3 remember the early clip from The Iron Lady. That was to deliberately fool people and set low expectations/negative hype as it was the worst high camp moment.

Bitch, please. That IRON LADY clip was not released to drum up negative publicity or reduce expectations. It was clearly to arouse interest like any movie that releases clips leading up to the premiere.

That said, the trailer is crap and M is bad. Her "Is anyone 'sposed to smoke" was cringeworthy.

by Mreply 1905/10/2013

r17 obviously I'm well aware of that, it does say "from AA award winning producer" at the start so it would be quite a feat if I missed that.

But I also have an inordinate hate towards Clooney as well as Roberts, just seeing his name annoyed me. And there is no way this is winning Best Picture.

I said "despite the presence of Clooney" not "the presence of Clooney in this film" so you are guilty of what you criticize.

R18 I agree, Mulroney way hotter than Clooney, that would be one mistake I would never make.

by Mreply 2005/10/2013

Ugh. Dermot Mulroney

by Mreply 2105/10/2013

[quote]It was clearly to arouse interest like any movie that releases clips leading up to the premiere.

Yes but they did take an artistically questionable snippet from it. It was only a teaser though and using that bit from it drummed up heaps of publicity.

It did its job as that bit was intriguing and looked like it could be a hot mess. It was hard to believe how much better the full trailer that followed was - or at least Meryl as Thatcher the PM.

by Mreply 2205/10/2013

My impression of the trailer linked - Roberts is shit in it & very masculine looking.

Streep is magnificent. Ewan - meh. The kid actor - blech.

by Mreply 2305/10/2013

[quote]Roberts is shit in it & very masculine looking.

At least she's consistent.

by Mreply 2405/10/2013

Is the Juliette Lewis part thankless? Otherwise, why would she be cast?

by Mreply 2505/10/2013

"The Bridges Over On Golden Pond"

I hate Julia Roberts. She's never believable or enjoyable in anything.

There's nothing interesting or enigmatic about The South; it's hot, dusty and full of dumb, bigoted rednecks.

This is the kind of movie I rent free from the library and 'watch' as I'm doing other things- just to see how much money they wasted on it.

by Mreply 2605/10/2013

r10: she's SIXTY-THREE, what do you expect?

by Mreply 2705/10/2013

[quote] I hate Julia Roberts. She's never believable or enjoyable in anything.

Who would you cast as Erin Brokovich?

by Mreply 2805/10/2013

Janet McTeer!

by Mreply 2905/10/2013

[quote]There's nothing interesting or enigmatic about The South

We strongly disagree.

by Mreply 3005/10/2013

Don't worry r10, she'll soon get the usual surgery and will look better.

by Mreply 3105/10/2013

"Who would you cast as Erin Brokovich?"

Courtney Love

by Mreply 3205/10/2013

r9, Little Charles isn't really that big a role. I'm sure Benedict Cumberbatch is only in this film so he can expand his career options by proving he can play Americans.

by Mreply 3305/10/2013

Streep is terrible in this trailer. You know you're in trouble if Julia Roberts is doing a better job than you.

Well, maybe they just didn't pick the right scenes for her for the trailer. But right now it smells like another one of her ham-fests.

by Mreply 3405/10/2013

Margo Martindake! Julianne Nicholson! Juliette Lewis! There's lots of talent there to distract from Meryl's folly.

by Mreply 3505/10/2013

I know this is only a trailer, but for those who saw the play, any sense of how the movie will compare?

by Mreply 3605/10/2013

I oddly buy Julia and Meryl as mother and daughter. The meanness and hurt comes through the characters. The trailer has a strange, choppy tone that makes me think a marketing firm hastily put it together.

by Mreply 3705/10/2013

Give me a break. She's doing a Rondi Reed impression. They should have just gotten Reed to do it.

Streep looks like she's doing Judy Davis levels of scenery chewing in this.

by Mreply 3805/10/2013

It all looks very ordinary.

by Mreply 3905/10/2013

The next trailer will come out and you will say it looks better. Then it will come out and you will complain. Then I will be nominated and you will be happy for me. I really can't stand you bitches.

by Mreply 4005/10/2013

R26, the film is not set it the South. It's set in Oklahoma. And there are a legion of Southern authors that make your reductive statement just plain idiotic.

by Mreply 4105/10/2013

r40 is a fraud

M never places a period after her M

Why would she?

by Mreply 4205/10/2013

This reviewer is a bit breathless for my taste. Since when is AOC a "landmark" play?

by Mreply 4305/10/2013

I am not loving the idea of the film after viewing the trailer.

by Mreply 4405/10/2013

if you aren't Academy members, I don't give a damn what you think

by Mreply 4505/10/2013

[quote]I oddly buy Julia and Meryl as mother and daughter.

I don't. I see they put makeup on Streep to make her look older. Like Streep and MacLaine in "Postcards from the Edge", the age difference isn't enough for me to buy them as mother and daughter. They needed someone younger than Roberts.

by Mreply 4605/11/2013

There is exactly an 18 year age difference between Streep & Roberts.

by Mreply 4705/11/2013

[quote]There is exactly an 18 year age difference between Streep & Roberts.

Well, you know how actresses age in mysterious ways. There's an eighteen age difference between the age Roberts claims and Streep, (whose age checks out with her time at Vassar).

by Mreply 4805/11/2013

It appears the other "August: Osage County" thread does not exist.

by Mreply 4905/11/2013

[quote]I'm well aware of that, it does say "from AA award winning producer"

Isn't AA supposed to be 'anonymous'????

by Mreply 5005/11/2013

I like the music. Can I just buy the album instead of watching the movie?

by Mreply 5105/11/2013

Question: Who should've played Roberts' role?

by Mreply 5205/11/2013

Julianne Moore or Laura Linney.

by Mreply 5305/11/2013

Kate Winslet?

by Mreply 5405/11/2013

"the film is not set it the South. It's set in Oklahoma."

Honeychile, anything south of Indianapolis is The South.

by Mreply 5505/11/2013

Thanks, R53 and R54.

by Mreply 5605/11/2013

There are a lot of tasteless people who might confuse this with real art. That's my biggest worry. The show was sublime. This movie....not so much. And Streep would get fawned over farting on screen.

The trailer, aside from looking badly directed, also is over the top in all the worst ways. Meryl is belting to the bleachers in a bad wig and Julia is miscast. The only saving grace will be if her lips swell up to twice their size during a crying scene.

In short, they should have just filmed the Broadway cast.

This is giant pile of poo.

by Mreply 5705/11/2013

I will see the film. I have heard too many good things from indusrty screenings. People that vehemently hate are just not trustworthy.

by Mreply 5805/11/2013

"This movie....not so much."

My judgment (based on the 2-minute trailer) is final. There is nothing more to see here. Move along, peasants.

by Mreply 5905/11/2013

[quote]The only saving grace will be if her lips swell up to twice their size during a crying scene.

What aspect ratio are they shooting this in?

by Mreply 6005/11/2013

"People that vehemently hate are just not trustworthy."

Oh, go sob in a Kleenex, precious.

"What aspect ratio are they shooting this in?"

Well, they have to thin Margo Martindale out to three hundred pounds and make Roberts look young.

My guess is four jars of vaseline with a nylon filter.

by Mreply 6105/11/2013

Holly Hunter, R28

by Mreply 6205/11/2013

I do and do for YOU PEOPLE and this is the thanks I get!!

by Mreply 6305/11/2013

This age of movie marketing is weird.

by Mreply 6405/11/2013

John Wells is a TV director so.....

by Mreply 6505/11/2013

Did Gordon "The Godfather" Willis do the cinematography??

by Mreply 6605/11/2013

It seems odd PowerPoint presentation where they forgot or deleted slides. The cinematography and score of the final film should be top shelf.

by Mreply 6705/11/2013

The trailer is terrible. I hope the film is better.

by Mreply 6805/12/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Mreply 6905/12/2013

[quote]Honeychile, anything south of Indianapolis is The South.


by Mreply 7005/13/2013

Reviews out of TIFF are quite muted.

Ben Kenigsberg ‏@benkenigsberg 33s

AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY: Sappy score, heavy directorial hand flatten the humor and spikiness. Cooks when it stays claustrophobic/"stagebound."

Linda Holmes ‏@nprmonkeysee 43s

Dear everyone who gets tired of Meryl Streep winning Oscars: Sooooorrryyyyyy. #augustosagecounty #TIFF13

Aaron Hillis ‏@cobblehillis 4m

AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY: '90s-style Weinstein award bait w/o the spark to nab what Harvey craves. Predictably top-notch acting, though

Hollywood Elsewhere ‏@wellshwood 1m

I would call "August" Osage County" a strongly hit double...okay, a triple due to fielder error. Whereas the play was a wowser grand slam.

Hollywood Elsewhere ‏@wellshwood 30s

The bottom line is that "August: Osage County" is very possibly a Best Picture contender but it doesn't hold a candle to "12 Years A Slave."

Lou Lumenick ‏@LouLumenick 39m

AUGUST: OSAGE: Streep rules as mother of all dysfuctional screen moms.

Lou Lumenick ‏@LouLumenick 57s

Margo Martindale's great, but Benedict Cumberbatch as her hapless son? Sticks out like a sore thumb.

Mara Reinstein ‏@MaraReinstein 42s

Help! I didn't love August: Osage County. Maybe because my own family is nuttier. Great performances though

by Mreply 7109/09/2013

Hollywood Elsewhere ‏@wellshwood 1m Roberts was actually pretty good. Held her own. Good work. But Streep, Martindale, Nicholson & Lewis are the shit.

by Mreply 7209/09/2013

I'm bored with Meryl Streep.

by Mreply 7309/09/2013

I thought this would get better reviews...

by Mreply 7409/09/2013

Meryl Streep's film choice have become weaker and weaker. She finds strong roles for herself but her controlling nature stops her from finding and appearing in the best material with great directors.

Too bad.

by Mreply 7509/09/2013

I just saw this in LA at a film festival, Movies for Grownups. It's an exhausting film and this family is so dysfunctional it makes most families look like Leave it to Beaver. The venom is unbelievable.

I think as a play it was probably more powerful for one reason - the character of Barbara is now played by Julia Roberts. It's a huge role. Roberts almost pulls it off, probably because of the powerful acting that surrounds her. For a role like that, almost isn't good enough. Amy Morton must have been fierce on Broadway.

The rest of the acting is top-notch. I don't understand comparing it to 12 Years a Slave, which I also saw - they are completely different in every way. As far as the Oscars, I think 12 Years would take any award away over any film - but that's not my prediction, just what probably should happen.

Benedict Cumberbatch was in both 12 Years and in August and he was fantastic in both. He is absolutely adorable in August as a total loser, and his scene where he sings to Julianne Nicholson is wonderful. In 12 years, he's a decent landowner, and he's marvelous. 12 Years is a beautifully made film. I understand it's not as violent as Django - nevertheless, it gets the point across. Chiwetel Ejiofor is magnificent, as is Fassbender and Lupita Nyong'o. Lots of nominations will come out of that film.

by Mreply 7611/23/2013

I can't wait to see this movie. People hate on Meryl but she is a genuine movie draw.

by Mreply 7711/23/2013

That part should have been Patty Duke's

by Mreply 7811/23/2013

A friend of mine saw it today.

I asked, "camp classic?"

He agreed emphatically.

He singled out Julia Roberts and her new face for special attention.

by Mreply 7911/23/2013

Who is Patty Duke?

by Mreply 8011/23/2013

R80 - Seriously?

by Mreply 8111/23/2013

Never heard of her. Is she an elder gay favorite from the 20th century?

by Mreply 8211/23/2013

While I didn't LOVE the film I did like it and thought DL fav Julie Roberts held her own. M is M, great as always.

by Mreply 8312/26/2013

Why are people saying Meryl is "great, as always?" I get the impression she's hammy. I mean, stick a fork in it and it'll squeal like a stuck, you-know-what.

In fact, more and more these past few years, Meryl seems to be phoning it in. Admittedly, since it's Meryl, phoning it in looks good on her.

But for too many years, she plays "types" or stereotypes, and doesn't give us anything fresh or interesting in her interpretation of her characters. This is not the woman who did Sophie's Choice, or The Dingo Ate My Baby. Not even close.

by Mreply 8412/26/2013

Whenever I start to doubt Meryl's talent or get annoyed by her, I just think of her performance in "The Bridges of Madison County" which is simply spectacular. One of her most well-deserved nominations.

by Mreply 8512/26/2013

Is this movie an adaptation of "Mama's Family"?

by Mreply 8612/26/2013

Meryl Streep is Thelma Harper

Julia Roberts is Naomi

Dermot Mulroney is Vinton

Margo Martindale is Iola

Abigail Breslin is Bubba

by Mreply 8712/26/2013
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