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Does Caroline Knapp's work hold up?

I loved "Drinking A Love Story." But delving deep into her other books, about eating issues and loneliness/bonding with dogs, I find that she seems to lack a certain sense of humor and had a TON of issues that she couldn't quite put in perspective. I still love "Drinking" but was bummed to not love her other work.


by Cambridgereply 504/25/2013

Her other books were published after her death, which leads me to believe they were not her finished, polished prose. Post mortem money grab by her publisher and attempts at lengthening her legacy by her loved ones. Still, not her completed work.

by Cambridgereply 104/24/2013

one of my favorite books is the one written by gail caldwell about her friendship with caroline knapp ('let's take the long way home'). what a beautiful book with wonderful insights into what friendship means.

by Cambridgereply 204/24/2013

No, she wrote several other books before her death -- Appetites, Pack of Two, and Alice K's Guide to Life.

by Cambridgereply 304/24/2013

I've never ready any of her other books but I liked the part when she describes driving in the car feeling tense because she wants a drink and thinking "this is the real me - the person driving this car right now." Not the person you want your co-workers and/or family to think you are - but who you really are.

by Cambridgereply 404/24/2013


by Cambridgereply 504/25/2013
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