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Waaaah- now my Bic Mac will cost more!

Chicago fast food workers go on strike for a day. Could it lead to bigger protests?

by Pedroreply 1004/24/2013

A Bic Mac?

Oh dear.

by Pedroreply 104/24/2013

Fattie drama.

by Pedroreply 204/24/2013

I find Bic Macs too inky.

by Pedroreply 304/24/2013

This could be a huge deal, but could also end with a whimper like the occupy movement.

by Pedroreply 404/24/2013

Yes, Occupy is soooo dead. Just because you are too lazy doesn't mean others are lazy.

by Pedroreply 504/24/2013

Maybe these jobs will go back to what they were intended to be: part-time jobs for high school and college students.

by Pedroreply 604/24/2013

#6, who's going to work the kitchen at 6am? Or lunch hour, when all the kiddies are in school? Or in areas where there are very few teens?

by Pedroreply 704/24/2013

5 posts, r5. That's how much people care about worker's rights these days. Otherwise you would have been r145.

by Pedroreply 804/24/2013

Good for them!

by Pedroreply 904/24/2013

Bic Mac, the newest Transformer. It's a burger you can eat and transforms into a pen for writing.

by Pedroreply 1004/24/2013
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