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Lee Pace WILL Be In Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

He auditioned months back for the lead, but Chris Pratt got the part.

But even better, he just got cast as the villain! I think Lee will play a great bad guy.

by Zachary Levireply 1905/04/2015

That's awesome. I love seeing hot str8 guys on the silver screen.

by Zachary Levireply 104/23/2013

R1Lee Pace IS HOT no matter how, gay/straight/ bi/out/in the closet...the jealous out & proud queens can cry in the corner.

by Zachary Levireply 204/23/2013

They can cry becuz they can't have him - he's Grade-A str8!

by Zachary Levireply 304/23/2013

Fiona = jealous queen.

by Zachary Levireply 404/23/2013

They need to do a film where all the men from the avengers and the other marvels films stand a line and spread their cheeks, the entire film would be close up shots of each hole.

by Zachary Levireply 504/23/2013

I'm Queen of your castle, bitch.

by Zachary Levireply 604/23/2013

Careful Fiona, or I'm gunna sit on your face.

by Zachary Levireply 704/23/2013

John Goodman obvs. wouldn't want to do that to a lady.

by Zachary Levireply 804/23/2013

R5, I'd see it in 3D just for Chris Evans and Tom Hiddelston.

by Zachary Levireply 904/23/2013

Boy Lee just keeps passing his hole to the right people. And yes, he does. I know.

by Zachary Levireply 1004/23/2013

Um, James Gunn is the furthest thing from gay.

by Zachary Levireply 1104/23/2013

R10 Damn! I wanted to believe it but you sounds copy-paste, unfortunately.

by Zachary Levireply 1204/24/2013

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by Zachary Levireply 1305/21/2014

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by Zachary Levireply 1410/29/2014

R14, GO back to China, bitch.

by Zachary Levireply 1510/29/2014

R14 - you're one of those losers who posted all over the boards of the Marvel movies at IMDb selling your cheap, nasty replica clothes aren't you? Piss off.

by Zachary Levireply 1610/29/2014

I personally feel guardians of the galaxy is the best movies of marvel so far! lets see what they are going to deliver in its 2nd part. We all are waiting very badly

by Zachary Levireply 1705/04/2015

R27 fuck off, stop bumping ancient threads'.

by Zachary Levireply 1805/04/2015


John Goodman just sat on my whole head!


by Zachary Levireply 1905/04/2015
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