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What's with Jeff Glor's hair ?

It looked liked he was losing it , and doing a comb-over, and I saw him last night, and now it looks more real , and full . Anyone ?

by Sy Sperlingreply 802/09/2014

Get some sleep, hon.

by Sy Sperlingreply 104/23/2013


by Sy Sperlingreply 204/23/2013

Why is he an on-air personality at all? He has a wooden personality, monotone voice, humorless.

by Sy Sperlingreply 304/23/2013

It looked the same as usual when I was fucking him this morning.

by Sy Sperlingreply 404/23/2013

His hair looks like a birds nest! Needs a new stylist. :)

by Sy Sperlingreply 510/06/2013

Enjoyed scoping out the new hairline this morning!

by Sy Sperlingreply 610/24/2013

Jeff Glor needs a new hair stylist!!!! Cant believe they allow that on a national broadcast

by Sy Sperlingreply 702/09/2014

Jeff can call my stylist.

by Sy Sperlingreply 802/09/2014
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