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Bitch is just trolling at this point

Gwyneth facing backlash over her grown-up bikinis for girls aged FOUR: Range for sale exclusively on star's website

Gwyneth Paltrow has been accused of sexualising children after endorsing a range of bikinis for girls as young as four.

The actress has long been a fan of Melissa Odabash’s creations, described by Vogue as the ‘Ferraris of swimwear’.

The designer’s sought-after bikinis have won her a host of celebrity followers – from Rihanna to Kelly Brook.

But her new two-piece for little girls, which is sold exclusively on Miss Paltrow’s Goop lifestyle website, has caused concern among children’s campaigners who claim it is just another attempt to make them grow up too quickly.

The halterneck swimsuit, which costs £30, is covered in ruffles and appears to be available in both black and navy. It comes in sizes for girls of four, six and eight.

The range, labelled Melissa Odabash for Goop, also includes a romper suit described as ‘super-cute’ and a kaftan with a deep v-neck collar.

The website says the design is perfect for little girls who want to match their mothers, as the top is an exact copy of the adult version – also sold on the website.

by Anonymousreply 004/22/2013
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